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Retweeted by pika @ariiqna @sullengirI_ what do I get in return..? @sullengirI_ @ariiqna with u?? @aIexmvm yes bro @sullengirI_ @ariiqna chris @ariiqna anything..? @IPBC holy @minsu1k @EquitX jesushxh client work. @EquitX
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@ephrc me me @sIaughterhill luvosmanSomeone new is joining Ultraviolet this week.. 🏆 Why should it be you? 👀
Retweeted by pika @prismbIade @UltravioletArts @tycIoak goatNexus Cloak // @.tycIoak Support is heavily appreciated <3
Retweeted by pika @parallelauri @SynergyRTR @OUTCA5T honestly @belovedsouI man I want the scakk header @ariiqna ✌️ @ariiqna I’m not playing among us @ariiqna what @ariiqna you’re weird @fainthart worth? @cayyd @sprezzy @ants7k @2aisaa @1triaI @ayv3ry @lyn12354 @Efzzy @bankuv don't ever tag me in this shit ever again
who's gonna get this to 300 @prismbIade ast tsuki now uvjoined uv!
Retweeted by pikaWelcome back @fetams & @prismbIade !
Retweeted by pika @diverse24k @aip0m he don't know @SynergyRTR happy birthday famnew edit :D 🍯
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Retweeted by pika @sprezzy @frgmoxchi manetheHOUSEisBURNING
Retweeted by pika @belovedsouI !persona 5 royal!
Retweeted by pika @miso2x @uvsect @d9nieI_ @uvsect @belovedsouI @uvsect 🥰 @uvsect @1triaIWho’s your favorite Ultraviolet member? @ them and make their day. 💜
Retweeted by pika @cydr so sick'𝘀𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗹' is now up for bids exclusively on @withFND as a 1/1. ✨✨ New owner gets a physical copy of the piece…
Retweeted by pika @buffrell rip saur🥲throwing silver games on an alt
Retweeted by pika @buffrell stealing
@roxxpsd_ @UltravioletArts welcome!Joined @UltravioletArts ❤️
Retweeted by pikawelcome @roxxpsd_
Retweeted by pika @sIaughterhill the only thing that's bothering me is there's so much text @sIaughterhill reading rn I'm still fairly at the beginning cause I just started after watching s1 @bloodpsd how are you @takemycaIIs 🥺 @takemycaIIs had fun! @bloodpsd blood !! @kreexe @ronzifr heat @ariiqna @catboysaka carry on @ariiqna @catboysaka ??????
@sizls SIZ DAY @1triaI @ariiqna and I think you got multiple🍔🥤 @1triaI @ariiqna shut the fuck up @swinnergy swinn she's 16 @SynergyVisual @ariiqna @osakas88 it's gonna hit you tonight but tbh as long as you eat it'll just be arm pain @live2dgirls kazutora :c @ilyfick @UltravioletArts :/hello retweet please..
Retweeted by pika @uhmilaa @LucidxSquad mila!! @ariiqna bump @ariiqna i gave you the world. @ariiqna @ultravichika @ariiqna @sullengirI_ i guess she really is racist @znctt @ariiqna @sullengirI_ @ultravichika the uv is supposed to be after @ariiqna @sullengirI_ @ultravichika I asked first @ariiqna @sullengirI_ @ultravichika can we dateDREAMS WE NEVER HAD @uvsect i just wanna be there when i wake up
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@xukwo goat @buffrell @watermink @owlahs her too @watermink @buffrell @owlahs I've always liked that one girl that was covering her mouth in the war-ish in karakura Town @watermink @buffrell @owlahs she fine all that matter @watermink @buffrell @owlahs WHAT @buffrell @watermink @owlahs soi fon is so 😫 @arxiina
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@exhearts goatEva type First time using AI so any feedback is appreciated
Retweeted by pika @oMinitsui you want that? @oMinitsui the ggo hoe? @oMinitsui I meant what character @oMinitsui what the fuck do you want @ObeySummr 2 different sizes I can't fit for bothanyone wanna commission me on a demon slayer jjk or naruto header (reply w characters)anyone wanna commission me on a demon slayer or naruto header (reply w characters) @albeexo king shitLETS GOOOO!!!!!
Retweeted by pikaLink ports to be a cool guy (:
Retweeted by pikaheres my free and last pack "love you" it contains all my personal ccs, tips, filters, to…
Retweeted by pika @takemycaIIs what are you sayingmy dawg
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@Iune_ @ariiqna yeah?new port rt
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