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favorite hobby: blocking the accounts that promote tweets.

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@greg_shill @onanov @CityOfIowaCity Someone needs to sue the crap out of the city for unsafe intersections. Nothing… @EmptyVessel_NZ I use 44.1khz because CDs. PS I haven't burned a CD in years. Also slightly smaller files with no audible difference. @aerielist JOE BIDEN IS A COP @meemocomma @joemuggs @TudorAcid @SamuelLockeWard Have we reached peak stupid yet? @McClellandShane Worst John Lennon karaoke ever. @czduchin @FeministaJones This has been popping up a lot -- it's 3 years old. Yeah it's great, but did it take people 3 years to notice it? @KimStrassel @hughhewitt Won't buy your book, won't read it, just the synopsis is nothing but rehashing specious GO… @ericowensdc @AndyRichter @jaketapper How did Jake Tapper get @-ed in this thread? @LindseyGrahamSC Then I watched the Turkish tanks shell the town on live TV this morning. You're a fraud, Lindsay. @frankiefatgold Here comes the hit pumpster she's the lyrical gungster. @danatelsrow How do I know it's you writing that tweet? How do I know it's me writing this tweet? @violetakaviolet Tee to the Hee, Sweet Pea! @SenJoniErnst He's your president and he betrayed the Kurds. Wring your hands all you want, you're 100% complicit in their massacre. @LindseyGrahamSC @BernieSanders @ewarren Jesus Lindsay you're a terrible liar. This is such complete bullshit. You… @LindseyGrahamSC You insufferable fucknut, you are deliberately mis-representing what happened with the Iraqi troop…
@lyzl You compared the chairman of the Iowa GOP to Ted Bundy! Well played! @lyzl you compared Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the @iowagop to Ted Bundy. WELL PLAYED! @LauraRBelin Wait, did they resign because they were mad about Carson King being outed for racist tweets? Or were t… @BigB0bbyT ta m8! @dalecornish I have the OG CD for this, NASA ARAB melted my brain when I first heard it. PS you can just download… @BigB0bbyT This is great. I wonder if the download will show up. @BigB0bbyT which one? PS I have 57 hours, 3 minutes and 37 seconds of Autechre on my removable person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @PhilipSherburne Probably the one article I'm most proud of is the one about the Grateful Dead. @PhilipSherburne is literally Exfoliation that goes too far. @carlcraignet Making music is a deep avocation. Collecting gear is a hobby, like collecting beanie babies. Boring… @PhilipSherburne I write music criticism -- on a much more local scale -- and as such I overvalue critics of all so… @PhilipSherburne "the pages turn more heavily here than they did in his last two books, “Leaving the Sea” (2014) an… @ghoulieschool I'm over here trying to cook up the best non-stalker-ish platonic crush on you. Like all those guys… of my friends suspended by @Twitter for 1st Amendment protected political speech. No doubt because hundred… @MaraWilson My obsession is Disney movies from the 'bad years' of the 70s & 80s. They were bad, but in a gutless, h… @ghoulieschool I love that you flirt with the entire internet.
@ghoulieschool Fair enough. I don't want to be argumentative or mansplainy. I respect you and your opinions, even if I don't always agree. @ghoulieschool The media, creative and otherwise, is controlled by men. So servicing the female gaze, as well as th… @ghoulieschool The power dynamic is different for women looking at men. If it were an equal power relation, it woul…
@IAGovernor Kim Reynolds is basically Scott Walker, just with a less stupid face. @TheCFullerton @joshgondelman How fast is your pursuer? @joshgondelman I think there's a secret verse where says never eat at a restaurant called "Mom's" and never play ca… @joemuggs Be the idiot that rights this wrong. @AndyRichter @NY_Wiseass No Sleep til Costco Hot Dog! @joemuggs They're very funny but not nearly dumb enough. Even the looniest British humor has guard rails. Mike Judg… @joemuggs Cornholio is one character I can only imagine an American creating. No disrespect to UK creatives, but it… said on Letterkenny that the only thing whiter than complaining about flying is complaining about Uber. But it… @Massacooramaan IDM got its name from the mailing list, and was started to focus on the Warp AI series. So 1.we wer… @meganamram Business idea: rent-a-baby @ilanabryne I was once stuck with my grandma in the Mojave desert when her VW threw a rod, and we only had hot Fres…
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@peterkirn says nice things about my music, for which I'll heart him forever. @aerielist One great thing with collabs is having 4 hands for live jamming! @jujujordash @blackmadonnachi Free music works best as an ephemeral shared experience. Few can do spontaneous free… @jujujordash He's at his best when he's working instinctually. @jujujordash We had Richie Hawtin perform at the university of Iowa and the academic hook was a Q&A with Richie tha…
@ChuckGrassley You're going down in history as a willing enabler of the worst president in our history. Shame on you.
.@SenJoniErnst is so going to be a one term Senator. @hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi History will not be kind to you Hugh. @joemuggs don't let your son see this one... @JoshuaGlazer @TitontonD Honestly there are fantastic venues in Berlin where anyone with the money to get in can ju… @Lustifer @chinchillaah Any time shit-dick. @Lustifer @chinchillaah Well bless your heart. No day is complete without being called a dumbass by a rando on Twitter. @chinchillaah Unlike English, all European languages gender EVERYTHING and native speakers are used to their everyd… @xeni I believe that you're tied to the eternal mother-ray of sass. Keep beaming it out! @TLinder You're on Twitter! How did I not know this???? @peterkirn Artist's conception @lajeer This is comedy gold. @BigB0bbyT @blackmadonnachi Holding you in the light if you're living with the black dog. (and not the musical Blac… @peterkirn @BigB0bbyT @blackmadonnachi Subjectively, to me, CBD does what weed does in terms of global feeling of w… @peterkirn @blackmadonnachi @BigB0bbyT I can't stop injecting Ringer's Lactate! @DiscoComments Yakkity SaxTwitter showing me Trump tweets because Randy Quaid liked them is somehow the most Twitter thing ever. #unfollowtrumpSaid the man who has never encountered a mirror. @roberttheakston @CLK55 My brother found a place to get water imported from Scotland for his single malts. The idea…
@BigB0bbyT Also look for African Black Soap. @BigB0bbyT In the US Dr Bonners.When I think of artists I can listen to for extended periods I can think of 3 off the top of my head: Anne Briggs, Coil and @Tony_Surgeon @blackmadonnachi @BigB0bbyT Sertraline has helped people in my family, particularly those with the depression/anxie… @aerielist love the chipmunk voice offbeats and typewriter hihats. @blackmadonnachi @BigB0bbyT Plus I'm sincerely glad when people are helped by them. I just don't think everyone ne… @blackmadonnachi @BigB0bbyT CBD makes me feel better in ways SSRIs never did, and I was on several for years. I'm… @BigB0bbyT Try CBD before going on antidepressants. The drug companies struggle to find statistically significant… @violetakaviolet PS I'd be starstruck to meet you! 💕 @violetakaviolet Have realistic expectations of your idols. Some are lovely to me, some of them are having a bad… @blackmadonnachi We are with you in your time of trouble. @ghoulieschool 😁 @aerielist The replies to this. You hurt white guy feelings!I don't see anyone reporting that it's clear that Erdogan knew how to manipulate Trump into betraying the Kurds. Er… @SenJoniErnst And yet you and your GOP colleagues will do nothing, and people will die. @gary_w_ellis @AdamBSullivan @LauraRBelin I'm all for more women in high office, but if they are as terrible for Io… @gary_w_ellis @AdamBSullivan @LauraRBelin I really disagree with you on this, but then I think the Iowa GOP has the… @_noncompliant_ I've been told it's a shame I'm straight because I'd be such a bear icon ;-) @_noncompliant_ Waiting for the first label with a pudgy guy torso on the label. Though I bet it's already been done.
@Chris_Randall I got a hardshell roller suitcase that had protective plastic on it, which I didn't realize until it… you Grassleys one and all. is anyone surprised that Donald Trump isn't bothered by genocide. @fysicaltherapy Stipulated that this is a completely relevant, important thread, but I'm READY FOR YOUR CLOWN THOUGHTS.You know that you basically just buy a star on the walk of fame don't you? @BryanDeanWright @foxandfriends You have an obvious political bias, in that you can't seem to see that Trump is a h…