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Why so green and lonely? And lonely, and lonely?

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"Mom's sick rn"
one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by D'Onofrio trolling. Kudos @joshgondelman Turn up for what!!? @communoah @theleilaraven You're twetering wrong!Jackass tea steeping. @cmclymer That's a picture of jackass tea steeping. @ChuckWendig Trying to mash down garbage in a can & stabbing my hand on a broken olive oil bottle. Looked like mout… @pierrotechnique The math is fascinating though, and deep connections everywhere. Auto tune came out of math develo… @pierrotechnique Man trying to understand those microtonal scale lattices does my head in. Have gone back to just… @Chris_Randall Every tech support person is exactly like the dudes on the IT Crowd. @SoozUK As an American observer the best I can say about Theresa May is that she wasn't nearly as horrible as Thatcher.
This is fine! I'm an idiot, and didn't read the fine print, but they'll create an account for you and then charge you for nothing.Just so you know @stampscom is a fucking scam. If you sign up, it isn't clear (or it wasn't to me) they're immediat… @modernistwitch ... but if you just take a little, it fucks you up real good!It is transparent gaslighting to go after @JoeBiden for things that @realDonaldTrump has actually done, admitted do… @TampagirlC19655 @acnewsitics @NikkiHaley Was that deleted or is it a fake? It isn't there now. Try this search "(… @NikkiHaley So yeah you live in an imaginary world where the @GOP is fighting for the rights of minorities?Playing with Zoom backgrounds, it seems like they expect people to have a solid backdrop. Can't accomdate, but as t… MIND QUESTION: On Windows 10 it's possible to resize a window to where the grab handles are off-screen, so yo… @jpawgmafia Going into the grad student computer lab and watching my friend chat online in real time with her boyfr… died doing what he loved. Getting awkward haircuts at rock-bottom prices.
Retweeted by кησω-ιт-αℓℓ мαηηєяιѕм @joemuggs Boris Johnson is what happens when an open tin of posh narcissism is forgotten at the back of the fridge…
@macwrites Cabbage Patching Mac brings all the Daleks to the yard. @mountain_goats Whoa, that looks like the Taco Bell on Meridian in San Jose, when I was kid. I ate a fuckton of tac… @editaurus That being said, I can think of nowhere that "while" can't substitute for "whilst" @djchloeharris @editaurus First known use of whilst in print was 14th Century, so well played sir. @editaurus I would contend that there's no mot that is never bon. Someday you'll need to whilst and can't because w… @telefontelaviv We see what we see. If you think we're going to count asterisks and make numerically accurate jokes, THINK AGAIN SIR. @PhilipSherburne @thrilljockey @goldn__retrieve @hellospiral @jonathansielaff @cirrus_oxide Modular, Pedal Steel, a… @telefontelaviv Who is this Cheese Sex person? @PhotonzZz That happens if I smoked before recording.It is a tragically missed opportunity that @LessThanJake and @betterthanezra never did a split 7" called "Less Than… @editaurus @NW_Music_Scene My composer mom turns 89 this fall, and I sent her a link to Accretion Mass and she said… @C_Stroop I'm working on a sequel, "The Adequate But Unimpressive Gatsby" and it's a tale of epic mediocrity for our parlous times. @SoozleMcDoozle @ChuckWendig There are 3 of the UK series, and they wrap up the story arcs definitively, but leave… @terfhearse I don't know. I just know that before the 1930s it wasn't controversial. The Chicago ones I've seen are… @terfhearse It might be pre-wwII there are swastika decorations on old houses all over Chicago. @aerielist You are Stardust you are golden! @frankiefatgold Thanks for that stor& happy birthday!
5 people followed me // automatically checked by @ChuckWendig Set several acres of dry weeds on fire. No lasting damage but I immediately knew it was really bad. @SoozUK Singer of songs, rescuer of frogs, coronator of streets. What can't you do? @AriFleischer @AriFleischer I was going to try for a witty rejoinder, but nothing is as pithy and direct as "Fuck you" I have no… @HileyAnticipatd @jemelehill @JEFordNCTOY LOL I think you got this, without any help from Uncle Joe.The issue wasn’t what Joe Biden said, because it was accurate. The issue was that it came from Biden. It also was c…
Retweeted by кησω-ιт-αℓℓ мαηηєяιѕм @magicalbody Fantastic, all great music I DON'T know, my favorite kind of playlist. F*ck those YT commercials though, they harsh my buzz! @lynne_nugent I don't know what % is you and K's presentation and what's native A & D brilliance, but I'm thinking… @HeerJeet His impression is all about the jutting lower lip, something I've never seen Trump do. Trump has such wh… the bass line that comes in at about 6:40 may be my favorite bassline of the last deadline. Simple and perfect!A discussion @octo_octa was on reminded me to re-listen to this, which always makes me cry. In the best possible w… is helpful though got 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, foggy about 3 & 8. But then I'm not the one telling her she doesn't know enough about guns...… @mikeservito @octo_octa @likeholywine Unless you've really done the deep dive it's possible to hear a ton of terrib… @SdotBledsoe @MeLaMachinko Listening to your Soundcloud rn ;-) @SdotBledsoe @MeLaMachinko You do what you want, it's a free country. It will be a better country for everyone if T… @MeLaMachinko I'm a white dude from Iowa in my 60s. If I notice it, anyone paying attention should notice it. I th… @MeLaMachinko He was *THAT* close to slapping him on the back and saying "My *n-word*!" @MeLaMachinko I think Joe was trying for folksy, and ended up at out of touch vaguely racist uncle, blacking it up… @MeLaMachinko What bothered me as much as the cack-handed sentiment of what he said, was that he didn't use "ain't"… @SenJoniErnst Your whole "simulating compassion" act would work better if you weren't so smug and obviously putting on a show. @LindseyGrahamSC @JoeBiden It is the case that one must be white, ill-educated, and racist to support your agenda.… @TudorAcid Oh great another poll that doesn't have my answer as a possible choice. @ChuckGrassley Yeah, again with the sternly worded promises to do something that will end up in no action whatsoeve… @BigB0bbyT It took a nation of millions to let fruit rot. @Chris_Randall dynamic_cast to the rescue! Klobuchar vetted for VP? Won't happen. She'll be hoist on her own salad comb. @Chris_Randall All the way back to the Apple 3, Apple is the abusive husband of computer companies. @peterkirn @Chris_Randall A cross platform audio software developer can't afford to drop Apple. @HoratioSkald I remember $50 quarter pounds.
@lyzl the kids are all right (my niece marlena) @mikeservito @ghostly Waiting for Kenny Dixon Jr Jr @digitallofi Once I found Live and got past the learning curve, I didn't really look for anything better. I've used… @timeblind @PhilipSherburne I loved Cath Carroll! No idea you were involved! @meemocomma Literally nothing I've ever heard before from Jewish people including jewish members of my family but OK. @gideonsean That perfect mixture of cold logic and pure daffiness. The idea that fictional beings wouldn't put an… @StevenHartka Intent of the artist when they make something shouldn't matter, but I swear I can hear it when the mo… @Rushthewriter I don't think I've ever been to NYC and NOT seen someone randomly wearing an Iowa sweatshirt. Plus w… @gideonsean @macwrites A whole doctoral dissertation could be written about Adam West's performance. He actually _… @gideonsean @macwrites It was always so delightfully meta. The villains were just so over the top, and West played… @macwrites Only movie I ever walked out of was "Batman & Robin." It takes a lot to make sitting in a dark room eati… @StevenHartka Also, musical fashions change so fast, you can always go back and explore aspects of an old style the… @StevenHartka All music is built on the scaffold of the past. Sometimes the best music is the least innovative. Ot… @nicolebyer You're fine in every way I care about. Don't talk yourself down to a man who isn't listening, even as… with a #MAGA hat now is going to deny they ever did after Trump leaves office. We need a constitutional am… @aerielist Reading your tweets and waiting for the @ghostly night manager to get on the tweter.Donald Trump is morbidly obtuse.
Retweeted by кησω-ιт-αℓℓ мαηηєяιѕм @owillis I come from a long line of white people, and this simply does not compute. This means that even now, half… @ArtHousePtx @means_tv @gdigitalzsmooth Tell the people who are upset about BDS that Israel has safe, legal abortio… DEFINITELY understand why people have complaints about the Democratic Party. But riddle me this, Batman: Would… @joemuggs One of them has irritable bowel syndrome and the other one has bladder control issues. They wear matching nappies though. @joemuggs As soon as someone can afford a personal assistant and a driver, they start going off like Camembert past it's sell-by. @frankiefatgold White soul, even Irish white soul, just makes me sad. Call me racist but it takes 1000 Mick Huckna… @frankiefatgold There's a level of celebrity and wealth where people don't get checked by those around them, and th… @frankiefatgold His war on music has been ongoing. @byshefon @IWriteAllDay_ Solange is amazing in every dimension. I've never seen this hairdo though, reminds me of… @LauraRBelin They're transitioning from informing the public to hiding information from the public. It's the "Don't… @joemuggs LOL. All culture is gay culture, silly goose!