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I build SEO friendly websites. marketing is my shizzle. I am an unapologetic conservative who supports Trump and our law enforcement. Need marketing help? DM me

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If you haven’t been to @PrairieLights you should check it out. am a Christian, American, I believe in God, Country, Family, Married, I support and respect our military, veteran…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸Woman witnessed one Biden ballot ran atleast 9 to 10 times numerous times without being discarded! This happened at…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸I am just gonna go ahead and admit it. I love BACON!! @Jollyrabbit4 @1blantdaddy @Bacon_Ranch_ 🤣 @1blantdaddy @Bacon_Ranch_ I love bacon! @1blantdaddy @RealTribble Got him
BREAKING - President Trump released a 45-minute long video statement claiming the United States election system is…
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Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸Is it too late? @RepublicSemper @BreitbartNews @GavinNewsom It may be too late @TheyCallMeDoc1 @Egg1e7 @proudboy172 @congatime @TBearBrock @micheleros @BuygunsMerica @GnostRexa Thank you for your support @chakeryShow us the videos of the ballot drop boxes.Another smart, brave sister who speaks truth during the #MichiganHearing Only a #racist #Democrat party would si…
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Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸General Flynn can probably hazard a guess or two about who was involved. Remember the 0’Biden administration wanted…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸 @Raiden3pt0 @ThatGirl0070 @_Testy2 @fookcu_f @CarolinaIsAlpha @LanceMigliaccio @Tpeee60 @SusanIverach @melbadger1 This election is symbolic of 2020, we just don't know what our fate is. Will we be a free nation or a controlle…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸 @fookcu_f @G_TheOriginal @LuvFairC @20bean20 @_Testy2 @HHere4trump @EG4USA @LilRichie420 @FehPinky @OGKBEAR Follow. RT’re either going to see an epic defeat of the neo feudalistic Globalist techno-oligarchy or a dismal 4 years🙀 👉How are you feeling MAGA?
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸 @EinsteinsMagic This ain’t over! Trump will win!. @SenTedCruz urges the US Supreme Court to hear an emergency appeal on the Pennsylvania election challenge.The democrats told us to watch out for the “blue wave” but all I have seen is a mud puddle.So? Looking at this "blue wave" that wasn't....can't seem to shake the exchange of eye glances between @GayleKing &…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸Over 74 million Patriots voted Trump. No way in hell we lose to fake illegal some dead voters... This is simple mat… me surprised! NOT! This is theft on the largest scale. And we have a DOJ which does nothing! I am pissed. It'…
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Proverbs 12:19 Keep the fa…
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Absolutely one of my Favorite Patriots. Always trying to help everyone. Please add and retweet. @Anabe71713436 👈🏼🙏🏼❤🇺🇸
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸Thank you so much @1blantdaddy @JAFO1776 @chakery I follow back @1blantdaddy They are swampbots... I just made that up the word swampbots @1blantdaddy @JAFO1776 You are a good human being my friend @PS__Patriot Texas is the best!Look you itches... Once I get this cortisone cream on its game over for you. @galwaygirl715 @1blantdaddy @FLPatriot321 I am following you please FB. @4_DJT @KLB1USA @fookcu_f @PaulMer53 @lugohely @PookztA @TheGrayRider @CTFGHO @Debwrightjones @G_TheOriginal’s 2020 and we can’t figure out how to count votes without outsourcing it to another country?With your RT’s we can get #cnntapes trending on Twitter.#cnntapes is trending #6! Thank you @JamesOKeefeIII I can’t wait to hear the #cnntapes that you will begin to release tonight at 7PM EST… police officers have been shot this year, 44 killed. Up 29% from 2018. This must stop NOW. @1blantdaddy @Pixie06006172 Got her follow back @chakery @1blantdaddy @ShyChump Got herRT if you are one of 74 million that still stand proudly with President @realDonaldTrump @1blantdaddy 🙋‍♀️ @1blantdaddy Get streamlights @1blantdaddy I can’t thank you enough @1blantdaddy you are always looking out for others never asking for anything… can’t thank @1blantdaddy enough. This guy is a true leader always helping other Patriots. County Supervisor dines at restaurant hours after voting to ban outdoor dining. #LiberalLogic @1blantdaddy @SteveSchmidt9 @chakery I follow more than those that follow back. @1blantdaddy Congratulations!
@NigelWStokes1 You’re special aren’t you? How about operation warp speed? The stock market isn’t excited about #SleepyJoeDow posts biggest monthly gain since 1987. Ronald Reagan was in office. Trump is winning. @Emmyg_official Follow back though. @1blantdaddy @Diddle_Mags Got him follow back @chakery @1blantdaddy @7777Pure Yes she does follow backJust over 620 followers for this Great Patriot. Please add and retweet. @1HOTTOY 👈🏼🙏🏼❤🇺🇸
Retweeted by Malcom Chakery 🇺🇸 @1blantdaddy @1HOTTOY @chakeryThe media and big tech squashed Biden scandal during the 2020 presidential election. Hiding scandals from voters eq… he is. @TomiLahren Keep fighting!Remember back in 2016 when @CNN believed in election fraud. No articles like that this time around.’s do this @1blantdaddy @ChiefScesney @1blantdaddy @chakeryThe computer repair shop behind Hunter Biden’s laptop has had to close their shop after receiving death threats. How effed up is that.Prosecutors in Minneapolis have offered to reduce Myon Burrell’s 45-year sentence by 15 years in the fatal shooting… fireplace is 🔥 @trisagoras @chakeryPresident Trump being presidential wishing Biden well with his injury.Biden will be in a walking-boot for several weeks. @1blantdaddy @LLinWood Follow @chakeryJoe Biden took in $132 million in dark money during the election. That’s six times more than Donald Trump, who rec…
@1blantdaddy Hang in thereJoe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle. They better get him his life alert device soon.AUDIT THE VOTES26 days till Christmas #christmas #christmastree #christmasdecor @ Dallas, Texas @JennaEllisEsq Drain it!!Biden should concede @CoachBear1 @SamuelLJackson *choice @smalltownvoice @mpaigelacy Follow back @CathyHolladay1 @chakeryGuess who’s back.. The Elf on Shelf posts are coming.... #elfontheshelf2020 crazy as hell thinking he won.
@muffintopsss @chakeryThe swamp does NOT care about middle class working Americans. Trump does! That’s the tweet. RT
Everything you need to know before you head over to Prairie Lights Christmas light experience this year in Grand Pr… America News Network @OANN is offline. @1blantdaddy You're more popular than #sleepyjoe @TheAnaBraga @realTrumpClone Biden is a joke @TheAnaBraga @1blantdaddy @1blantdaddy get one for Ana!Supporting small business has always been important to me. By shopping locally, you help keep the revenue in your l… @CalliNorton Do you help with the @GregAbbott_TX campaign or know someone that you can point me in contact with? Pe…