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@Idontlikethem2 U haven’t said anything intresting good bye @Idontlikethem2 u sound retarded what we dont need is u LOL kindly end ur existing itd be very beneficial @bbylapras valorant time @Idontlikethem2 the Aryan era never started bro get ur head out of the gutter what crime rates LOL @Idontlikethem2 ur an unfortunate burden to the rest of the world sadly u cant see past anything else and u hide behind a burner account LOL @Idontlikethem2 @wholelottacock LOL ur a nazi arent tell me u are im spot on arent i and i believe germany has germ… @wholelottacock im bored rn only reason im entertaining it @Idontlikethem2 @wholelottacock it might be an amazing country but u just happen to sully it name by living and being a resident there @Idontlikethem2 @wholelottacock 😂😂😂😂 ur country failed u kid @wholelottacock @Idontlikethem2 LMFAO idc he can suck on my nuts @Idontlikethem2 @wholelottacock who r u @wholelottacock called somebody a chink and hang from a fan @Scufer_ FR @BlingCakess they did @BlingCakess me too @Scufer_ i told sometold to neck rope and called them a chink but riot doesnt get that im korean/chinese @bbylapras ohhhhhh they dont make u hand it in? @bbylapras is the apron cute though @bbylapras nah i fw with the starbucks bag14 day ban on val time to get better @icedmatchalotte @ayyeitsleii LETS HANG OUT
2022 some ass val ! @icedmatchalotte stink stink* @lolmochiiii hoo @lolmochiiii 👻10:36
Retweeted by caleb @h2nnyu new hunny u ploadskipping school for mid clips
Retweeted by caleb @icedmatchalotte yeah crazy for u 😍 @icedmatchalotte wanna hang out even though im sick @icedmatchalotte max max
Retweeted by caleb @h2nnyu i made it LOLanybody wann aplay siege ranky (friends)
@h2nnyu @sevvn yeah that was a big thing for me as well i was training like 20 cm on kovaaks to just prac my micros @h2nnyu @sevvn lmk how u like it @h2nnyu @sevvn yeah its good i was on it or a little as well ive used anythng from .19 to .27 on 1600 i like .2 as well ngl when i play low @h2nnyu @sevvn break into it promise its worth @h2nnyu @sevvn its like 30 cm its doable @h2nnyu @sevvn Ye @sevvn @h2nnyu Try .27 @nodrs72 @kr1styyyy @GavRunnin @WifiIsDown !!! @kr1styyyy @GavRunnin @WifiIsDown 😂 @kr1styyyy @GavRunnin @WifiIsDown Nothing to joke about rly if u wanna be an idiot be my guestFinally drop a new montage likes and rts are appreciated
Retweeted by caleb @kr1styyyy @GavRunnin @WifiIsDown u blind trust is stupid ngl @kr1styyyy @GavRunnin @WifiIsDown Kristy are u dense? He’s done this b4 why are u lying to urself @6uhh9 Gentleman ngl @lolmochiiii fair i happen to be a very dumb man @lolmochiiii not all ladies are so simple like u @lolmochiiii so is this way to her heart @lolmochiiii i liked t eh tweet b4 i even read it i thknk this was for the priv @MyyneR6s <3 @MyyneR6s happy birfday tessa :)
@lnnocennts this is a joke @lnnocennts take em away 😍 @evilcineaux cum ngl @d_pths have u posted the map @evilcineaux @BlingCakess @harusajin That wasn't the point of tweet sadly @harusajin U look like ik-juns sisters from hospital Playlistnew video rts appreciated <3
Retweeted by calebbeing born is real tough work for a sleepy little guy like him
Retweeted by caleb @ServeFPS Bet I appreciate it @cherrwr He a pao look alikeKia k5 LXS or GT line @icedmatchalotte @ayyeitsleii ONG we <3 lei though @ayyeitsleii @icedmatchalotte u literally couldn’t even actually seriously think about doing that LMAOOOOO @icedmatchalotte @ayyeitsleii LMAOOOOO but she gonna ego all of dis cause she “not giving a fuck” LMAOOO @icedmatchalotte I’m tryna see yo face though @icedmatchalotte @ayyeitsleii She ain’t foolin usWho tryna match @ayyeitsleii LMFAOOOOO gl with that shit we both know it ain’t happening @vhackersk8s Lmk how it is I’m going to the one in chibug of the day: blueface peacock spider
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@MatchewVal Ur wearing a sweater broshhh hes falling asleep
Retweeted by calebi just want to come out here and stand up for my good friend @beeno_R6. the slander he receives on a daily basis is…
Retweeted by calebComp clips #2 Rts Appreciated
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Retweeted by calebI saw a patient described as “combative.” I got there & he was very guarded & watching John Wick. I started naming…
Retweeted by caleb @bbylapras Let me guess there is no him righthi
Retweeted by caleb @izCyberLykos U figure it out caleb @izCyberLykos W rizz crazy lady @vhackersk8s Which city are u going to for the concertThursday skeleton. #illustration #artistontwittter
Retweeted by caleb @TixyCow @ayyeitsleii WHY ME
Retweeted by caleb @MyynePriv @lanipov Exactly what it’s supposed to mean @ayyeitsleii BITCH why are u looking at this @ooziieG Happy birthday GreydawgI HOPE EVERYONE WILL BRACE OURSELVES FOR HIMURO & FUYUTSUKI MELTING OUR HEART SOON 🫠 ice guy anime is really coming…
Retweeted by caleb @JytriXx @centir6 @dosojn @surelynotsi @ahhjem I’ll bring the bag and truck over @dosojn @surelynotsi @ahhjem When we gonna cook 😋 @surelynotsi @ahhjem Why are u questioning me have u SEEN ur last couple tweets @surelynotsi @ahhjem Ur going crazy tonight @havenily Tyyyy