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From oil painter to comic artist and a little of everything in between. Demi. He/Him/His.

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@adampknave @lyssawrotethat Plug in the guitar and fire up that sweet damp. It's time to rock. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Don't forget your indicator when merging for the freeway off damp. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Send the kids off to summer damp. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Hang out at the Home Depot buying yourself some C-damps. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Fire up the VCR for that Disney cladsic: Lady and the Damp. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Go to the Post office and buy a book of postage damps? @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Little John Cougar Mellendamp? @lyssawrotethat @adampknave That's it. From now on you live in a fanciful Gutter Palace. I will not be taking questions at this time. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Oh. That makes sense. @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Okay, no... seriously? How did I get here? @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Adam, it built a life. @lyssawrotethat @adampknave I'd tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but who would I be trying to fool? @RobotJQ @adampknave That's it! I'm gonna burst! @adampknave @RobotJQ *flails* @adampknave @RobotJQ WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! @adampknave @lyssawrotethat Awwwwe... Sadam. @darkmane I REALLY hope so. @UnabridgedGamer I should just come to you with my video game concerns in the future. @UnabridgedGamer Wait? It is? Well, okay, then! I didn't see it listed. @MrNickCharles YOU'RE. NOT. HELPING.Diane: We don't need a PS5. Me: Resident Evil Village isn't on the PS4. Also Diane: We need a PS5.Lol niggas ain’t seen Polio in 60 years and really got the nerve to ask if vaccines really work
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @MrNickCharles YES! @MrNickCharles @yesthatmkreed Commercials will do that, but you still managed to get a perfect little boy! @yesthatmkreed Oh, Hank. @TheJenya @EmmettComix Yo?We were moved by a poet during the inauguration. We clung to film and TV like a raft in quarantine. Let's never aga…
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @Sweeney_Boo I forget have to draw ALL. THE. TIME. @Cattifer I greatly look forward to it. @DanSchkade I don't really do anything on the site, actually. It was a thing I started to scroll when I was bored a… @DanSchkade Yeah, I saw this and was all, "That looks like a Dan drawing." I thought it was neat.
@SmilingGrouch I drew him once. With his head on fire. Because...? @LynnGagne Right now it's just staring off into space. And I kind of like it. @adampknave Yes, Adam. I am. Thank you for your concern! @adampknave My bad. @IniquitousFish Commissions, you say? @TheJenya @adampknave Naturally. Gonna pick something out of the fancy pet-food refrigerator at the store. @adampknave @TheJenya I'm gonna throw a huge party with all my pets! @ErykDonovan I'm thinking of playing some bass? But drawing does sound appealing, too. Hmmm... @Cattifer Oh, I don't plan on missing this.Me: I'm gonna do self care so good today! Also me: sits down at my desk and kind of just... stares I might not be doing this right.Still taking on new work, if you need a comic lettered.
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @yesthatmkreed Thank you, friend! @yesthatmkreed I know. I'm pathetic. :( @yesthatmkreed Hazel slept all day. Came down to eat and go out. Then she went back upstairs. I was sad. @FransonSean That was my first good joke! @FransonSean Oh. It's so bad in the right ways.Watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I love the Indiegogo Rex. Waiting for the Kickstarterasaurus to show up. @IniquitousFish It makes me wanna cry. @Ianki This is one of my favorite pictures of her!My dog is upstairs pouting. She won't come down and love me. I am upset.
@MistressSatan @adampknave Understandably so! @adampknave @MistressSatan FUCK.i can't believe it's not burnout!
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @ten_bandits I'm hoping for a good night's sleep and a boring, boring day. @gavinguidry @ten_bandits What it do? @adampknave @thekatyrex You know what I'm talxolotl-ing about. @Sudibeardraws Let's chat! @adampknave @thekatyrex A d a m @Sudibeardraws I may need to commission you for a cowgirl...? @IsabelSDieppa Clearly they were timelord dogs. I don't know that "fixing" them would have taken.I just did ten minutes of stretching and you should too.
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@gavinguidry @sanfordgreene @monkeyminion THAT LOOK! @bengal_art I'm so excited! @bengal_art Yes, please! @GoFrankGo @ten_bandits @fiddlecatsprice @adampknave @PunkRokMomJeans @PunkRokMomJeans @adampknave Oh! At like 19th? I've always been curious. @adampknave @PunkRokMomJeans No, but I'm sure we'll end up in plenty a sad, terrible store when it's safe. @adampknave @PunkRokMomJeans Do you need to go to a terrible store? I'm sure we can find one... somewhere... around here. @Sudibeardraws @Sudibeardraws I hear great minds think alike! @Sudibeardraws The cow girl! @adampknave @bigredrobot @outoftheazul @adampknave @bigredrobot
I feel like it is my duty to inform you, if you didn't know, that Judy Hopps' Nendoroid number is 1312
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @Helikhana @adampknave @bigredhair FOR REAL. I've been trying to limit my intake, but it's still so much to take in ALL. THE. TIME. @E_VanEvery To be fair, people who paint are pretty insane. @bigredhair a witch. When the power goes out (which it did) she'll have plenty of candles! @AdronBuske Thanks. I'm gonna take the rest of the day and read comics, I think. I can't mess that up too bad. @adampknave No worries. I can wait. Should probably wait until I'm in a better mood anyway. We'll figure it out. @AdronBuske I think I'm mostly upset that it chipped the paint when it gave way. It's a matte black finish, so I'm… @adampknave So, totally related, I may need to borrow your drill. @adampknave Ultimately I think I can fix it? I think. I'm just in a mood now and afraid to attempt the other locks.Installing strap locks onto one of my basses and the screw snapped? Now I need to drill out the screw and hope a ne…
@SmilingGrouch @charibdys Twenty twenty-Zam. @NotLasers @Helikhana @adampknave @adampknave @Helikhana @Helikhana @Optimysticals I like Solo!
I tripped and fell and ordered more comics today.Happy new colorist jam day! In celebration of the completion of #amethyst @amyreeder has kindly let us use this be…
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