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From oil painter to comic artist and a little of everything in between. Demi. He/Him/His.

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@jeffparker Isn't it a cross fit sledgehammer?
Yes. Yes.
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @wildparadox @HelioscopePDX You might be! And no. Just keep drawing comics. @bigredrobot Will you write me comic wherein you're Blade? Please? I'll draw it!Is Godzilla a cartoonist? His posture is all hunched and he doesn't like having his naps interrupted. @Helikhana @Helikhana Boop.I'd like everyone to join me in wishing my favorite goblin, @Helikhana, a Happy Goblin Day!Every once in a while I remember "absolute hot" and I fall over laughing. @E_VanEvery I look forward to it! @RHicks @E_VanEvery @GailSimone Not, like... in person!"I could have drawn Svetlana so she speaks English!" Uhm... what? @adampknave @Helikhana @adampknave @Helikhana Ah, yes. @adampknave @Helikhana I... wait... what? @Helikhana @adampknave I think it's delightful! @anothershoe @adampknave Oh, believe me. There's whiskey. @adampknave At least the movie INSTANTLY redeemed itself."My favorite is Human Fly." "You know, I get a new issue every Tuesday..." Me, screaming at the TV: NEW COMICS CO… @CyndiConnolly1 I wanna sword school! @CyndiConnolly1 @adampknave Edward Furlong. From T2. @adampknave It mostly freaks me out because the protagonist reminds me of a young John Connor. @adampknave It's "Santa Jaws", but that's beside the point. @adampknave No, Adam, it's not.Did that shark... did that shark just "Ho! Ho! Ho!"? @yoshisquared It's so good, though! @yoshisquared Welp, I'm out. *throws drawing materials away* *throws trash out the window* @adampknave Don't forget the bigger Babalukeskywalker!
A few days ago I ordered the next batch of postcards to send to my patrons at the $10 and above level. So, there's… @DanielHookerArt I'm sure you'll find a perfect excuse. @DanielHookerArt This is pretty great, man.
@adampknave @ten_bandits @sailortweek Oh, definitely. And my stepdaughter plays, so I know the gist of the game. At least enough so that I'm… @sailortweek You're not alone. @ten_bandits I see you!What is wrong with me today? I've gotten as far as having breakfast, two cups of tea, and writing out my to-do list… @cbglacier @Galumbits Welp... I know what I'm researching this week. @adampknave @Helikhana @adampknave @Helikhana @adampknave @KindlyWizard @Helikhana Hmmmmm... I'm thinking a sound effect for her middle name. Like... "ke-rash",… @adampknave @Helikhana @Helikhana @adampknave Do I need to separate you two? @gronbekk They're definitely waxing.The book in question (but the link is not to amazon cause hey help smaller bookstores)
Retweeted by Valentine Barker - made of heart! @caraoneil Excellent list! @RustyZimms Dominant genes gonna dominate. @Galumbits Making wooden figurines would TOTALLY be on my list.
@frenchpressplz Yes, please! @Squatchdrew Those are rather important. @backthatelfup It'll give her a +2 to her AC. @HowAreYaNowPod @TheDudeNorth I make no promises. @makeartforlife I just wanna make swords! @adampknave I can just take these pills I found at the truck stop and not sleep. That's wasted time anyway.What if I started woodworking? @DanielHookerArt So far: psyduck, miltank, cinderace, Mr. Mime, charizard, ninetails, garbodor, klefki, lapras, bul… @ten_bandits You got me there, Ted. @ten_bandits Well, strictly speaking... anything above eye level. @caraoneil @adampknave Take Adam's. @caraoneil @adampknave Or Adam's. @caraoneil @adampknave I can always drop off my copy. @ten_bandits Sup? @SadMeganGirls @caraoneil @adampknave @FransonSean @caraoneil @adampknave Hmmmm... scariest movie I've seen in recent memory is Get Out. Or Us. Maybe Mama. @adampknave @caraoneil I mean, moist scary movies post 2000 are awful, too. @Cattifer Because you have sense. @adampknave @caraoneil I did say "most"... @caraoneil Also: what's your bar for scary? @FransonSean How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? @caraoneil Because most scary movies post 2000 are awful. @Hdharris_irl I... don't know what you mean. @backthatelfup @Helikhana Not yet, but it is on the list!I'm drinking and watching questionable movies with @Helikhana. AMA. @AndreaDemonakos @jimdemonakos Hard same. @CyndiConnolly1 Awesome! @CyndiConnolly1 What kind of wooden ones do you have? (I am now obsessed.) @restless_ghost Sacre bleu!The wurst soldier in WW1. @Helikhana Smith-with-a-Y for the win! @Helikhana @Helikhana Pour heavier? @Helikhana TWO roadblocks! @Helikhana Zom... beavers. Please. @Cattifer I'm envious. @Helikhana I forgot about the dog... Ugh. @lyssawrotethat @Helikhana Mostly bad, but I'm glad we watched it! @AshlieHammond Dang, y'all. @Helikhana The dog gets it. @Helikhana Loren Ipsum beer! @Helikhana Oh, buckle up Buttercup... @Helikhana @Helikhana Now I'm making her watch Zombeavers, so she'll be filling for divorce in 5... 4... 3... @Helikhana Wait... What about the eggs? @Helikhana I didn't even finish my drink! @Helikhana IT'S OVER?! @backthatelfup @Helikhana Do it! @Helikhana Mediocre swimmer survives death roll. @backthatelfup @Helikhana I dunno... Did Sam Raimi sell Thunderboots some lizards?