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@Heartagram67 Its quite obviously gonna happen but ok lmfao @Heartagram67 So dont buy it??? @Heartagram67 Also there isnt only 1 dedicated zelda team. Nintendo has on record outsourced ports. I believe its c… @Heartagram67 Its on every console that has virtual console @Heartagram67 Oot and mm has been ported to nearly every console except switch wym @Heartagram67 It takes like 10 people to port a game it wouldnt be a remake it would just be a port @HerpDerpWalrus Just dont buy itI hate when GIRLS die
Retweeted by i think that im tom cruiseLOL @StacyIsGarbage they know how to get me smfhid break down for games ive already bought 6 times waker hd pls @wholelottaredx Like 70 hours but I grinded @wholelottaredx Yea I was max level with nemesis weapons prior to today (new update with new gear and 5 more levels) @CraigMaster ya moms will be straight! @CraigMaster ill slide you a trill doe dwNFLPA is the worst in sports history @Kevin_G007 wordRAZE DELETED W!!!!! @NoctxtTransfers @__alliyyaahh @_SPEEZUS yea I am I just read the tweet wrong lmfao @Kevin_G007 boy wya @BabyPowdahh ofc @remedyIRL @CraigMaster you sick atleast Ill get money from it @CraigMaster im throwing you going back down to see if u good picking u up and throwing you again @Carcole5 niggas lying these days scary sight @Carcole5 I stay be getting hacked @Carcole5 you raw @iJamm3r Sick @iJamm3r check trending youll know whyRIP DUCK man sheesh @iJamm3r im sick bruh
@digiyams @PAYPALWITCH im not remy but yes i amBerserk swiftly @SupraLugia Its the streets bruh it aint meLMFAOOOOOO @seffsapling @BabyPowdahh @LumioseStation she did said a hopsin song is next in the playlist @NoctxtTransfers @__alliyyaahh @_SPEEZUS nah getting my masters in EECE @bigcountrydabs @kaiju_kam @Glohan22 dats not damage like an atomic bomb tho the entire city would have been wiped off the planet @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @MarcoStyleNL back in your roaring 20s huh @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @MarcoStyleNL boy that was you like 15 years ago @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy @MarcoStyleNL niggas dont have 2 1k voices and an anarchy? couldnt ever be me walking round like thatyou are a beat reporter bro stfu in the mask right here are soldiers @StarrPGs Brah I will drag my BALL SWEAT across ur facr @StarrPGs Why ask stupid @ManaBurst LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOtarrabah next and I got every raid exotic in the gamefinally done grinding this shit! @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy @HansungStyle @BlayneCOMPLAINS ight @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy @HansungStyle @BlayneCOMPLAINS Im here @Kaleb_IA @Vivill0n DON DEMARCO @HansungStyle @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @BlayneCOMPLAINS If everyone on ye @HansungStyle @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @BlayneCOMPLAINS im home just lmk
@HansungStyle @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @BlayneCOMPLAINS Word gives me time to do hw @EliteFourJosh would give anything to re-experience that like I did on switch launch day @clintstevensTV D: @HansungStyle @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst streets always find out eventually @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @HansungStyle Idk who it be messing it up but streets said they boutta find out!! @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @HansungStyle it only works if niggas can go to CAP tho LMFAOOO @HansungStyle @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy probably @HansungStyle @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst its random drop @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @HansungStyle @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy @HansungStyle it looks like a one phase from the videos if you got all 6 running @ManaBurst @BrownBeuy @HansungStyle did some research and queensbreaker is the best weapon for scourge rn imma try tn @CyberpunKaneda Buddy @BrownBeuy @ManaBurst @HansungStyle Im going to dinner for my brother in laws bday but im an hour ahead of yall tim… @ManaBurst @Kevin_G007 Need u to sprint to da ps4 @Kevin_G007 @ManaBurst FAM @Kevin_G007 @ManaBurst Boy join damn @ManaBurst @Kevin_G007 INV @ManaBurst @Kevin_G007 Ah you hit up the right real nigga
@Nwanu Its probably nothing haha @ben_rayl @lowlifecritic @MaskedLeveon @BleacherReport he was stopped? @Nwanu Herman hulst has no brand recognition tho, major nelson phil and greenberg are a large part of xbox brand recognitionBuddy @Nwanu Xbox company heads are more vocal why follow any of the ps people @bornin2thegrave @ManaBurst What time @bornin2thegrave @ManaBurst I can run when angel runs @ManaBurst @bornin2thegrave Bla what ps4 mic u got I need a new one @ManaBurst Word @ManaBurst If u wait till like 2 hours im 10000000% down @ManaBurst Some chores but im free after whats good my brudda @SupraLugia @remedyIRL @academichoe the anime is terrible LOOOOOOOL (the manga is amazing tho) @sourroshi She got a bagAll my parents out there please dont send ur kids I do thanks for asking @FreeRoamRae @ManaBurst he a young goat already bruh! @ManaBurst BRUH!!!!!!!!
@Woopsire much appreciated @Woopsire let me get that spaghetti pic @Freikugal might play three houses cause im bored out of my mind @wholelottaredx just start and do whatever the game tells you for the first few hrs @SchmamTheKid ??????? @ManaBurst Boutta have vivi and da kid on the mic during destiny raids and I cant wait @ManaBurst Got me crying in da club @ManaBurst LETS FUCKING. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEOSKRLSOFOEOXOEOROCOSOXODO @KevinUzimaki @Brivnnaa_ @BarkyBoogz This question cant be answered in one tweet brother the gist is he had an isla… @remedyIRL You got my number