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club trax on Top Flight, Tues 9-11 GMT Red Bull Radio | P4K, The Wire, Crack, Guardian | if i could offer you only one tip for the future, earplugs would be it

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The trouble with this country is that there are sections of the population who insist on having their own schools,…
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Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @yuyuyvr @DJMURLO i thought they just loved being room temperature all year round, lol @yuyuyvr @DJMURLO COLD SEASON? i can't do this :S
this come to mind, after seeing Tony Blair’s comments on migrant integration
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍Julia is absolutely right here, drinking a £2 canned Mojito on a train is just rubbing everyday people’s noses in i…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍happy 72nd birthday to Iggy Pop, a vital member of the Ann Arbor High debate team, November 1963 (top row, 3rd from…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @DJMURLO Oh christ - I was told to just give it one big watering a week, but let it drip dry a bit before going bac… made a bad thing worse again! @DJMURLO Got any tips for the purple guy you're holding up in the first one? Mine grows in sad trails, only the end… @andtrea @iamvulnicura @vhsmidstyle @pitchfork @ae2_online @MilesBowe @SimonRetromania Shit takeLiterally walked past a Scottish terrier with a tartan collar on, vgb @lydiasquidia Ooh that top looks wonderful @lewis_gordon Another few hours. On a last minute culture dash! @ssofay And you!! 😎 @Bsanch BRANDONBoris Johnson banning booze on TFL in 2008 was exactly the kind of sententious diktat that exposes just how committ…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍Jess Phillips currently hanging out on the tube, desperate to be photographed drinking a rum and coke or maybe a pint can of stella
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍Fuckin reet'm in Glasgow for the first time and it's all true. what a culture what a people
@joelgolby @VICEUK Salute.this is a great idea for a piece once i would read an Orwell reboot here. someone do a Books vs. Cigarettes on this in an interview yrs ago i’d loved to have released an album as good as Cold Mission by @Logos262 — listened to…
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@hdt_hugh Hugh that's hilarious! What kind of Meldrew are you. @empanadas_b oh right ok. yep got it fine @__muStar that one is growing on me! it requires patience, a rare rare virtue @selbulut and the people of #Canada are far too polite to hold such a thing to ransomnew DJ Python on Dekmantel sounding really great. but uh what is this artwork track and i've got my AOTY highlighter out @NicTasker breadwoman!!!!!!!! @NicTasker OOOOOH. @selbulut lol i just found exactly this account. how much do you think they're proposinglisten back to @yunganz_ in the mix for Top Flight last night 🔥 to this disgusting filth from Amish Boy! premiered on Top Flight last night ahead of release on the equally… @FinnMcCorry @RBMA @chalravens yep still accepting all dancers over at 💃🏿
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It’s party time all the time with Manchester’s @yunganz_, who joins @chalravens on Top Flight to celebrate her new…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍The good news is that the more you write, the better you get at it AND the worse you feel about it! If you just wro…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍big @yunganz_ on big @RBMA for big @chalravens tonight! the invitation is still open! 7pm…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @DionneGrant @tubbsOreally He wants your flat Julieplus i've got a super weird and disgusting premiere from Amish Boy on @Power_Vacuum and new tracks from @djharam973 that while dealing with what you'd imagine to be the career-stopping affliction of having no hands. she's a master!✈️ tonight on Top Flight! @yunganz_ is in the house with an Invitation 2 Dance ✈️ we chat about her evolution from… new Luka Productions album! west african new age/folktronica/fourth world... like nothing else at all, really. cc… piece by kev – and i STRONGLY urge you to seek out the print copy of this interview, which contains a lot… @hattie_randall @yewandeadeniran i don't know what these words are but i like cans @yewandeadeniran @hattie_randall chinotto is the real headspinner though isnt it @yewandeadeniran @hattie_randall feeling left out :( @MitchWadeCole @conormcternan @ItoaMusic @hdt_hugh Lol my thoughts exactlyLook. At. This. of Notre Dame should be mindful of its past while revealing its unique potential as an urban mixed-use…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @ItoaMusic @hdt_hugh @conormcternan found a prickly pear flavour san pellegrinoSpare a thought for these two, bloody love their cathedrals.
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@hdt_hugh Serious take“No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response. The time for ex…
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@JamesGreeneKing @ScaffoldJim incredible. @TomW1979 @JeansAndSheux @baydr particularly for second weddings, which tend to affect scene members disproportionatelyI don’t know who needs to hear this, but you already have six blank notebooks at home.
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @b_nmrrs @JoshAJHall @oiiiemma the guy is literally a *property developer* lol
why couldn't they put alexandra palace somewhere else @tony_poland @LEAVINGRECORDS stupidly i didn't even clock the Leaving Recs connection at first! glad so many people are into itjames corden RTing monbiot's call to dismantle capitalism is... not the timeline i thought i was on @hence_therefore @danhancox perfectly emptyvery into this from sonia calico... sinogrime but literally from taiwan. #wattba (cc @kodenine!)
@huntleyspalmers fuckin right @objectblue_ @DJ_Ploy @batu_uk mega crew!I'm at my parents' house in the countryside, and one of their neighbours just... popped in. Just like that, just *d…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @ninalasvegas is this an NLV cosign? am i going to have to listen to it now? :D
@reallukeslater this is perfect because the original is SO burial. emotional rave :')holy shit this is one of my favourite tracks in the world propaganda @Logos262 it's 2005 AFreceived a mailout about a new band called Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. in 2019.Weeeeeeeyyyyy absolutely killed me #UKFdubstep4eva
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @eoin_murraye @SeanMixmag Love a bit of Michelin starred electro. Jesus h @SPURZmusic HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @luke_riffiths Fuck! They were great.whatever happened to Girl Band? @ScratchaDVA LOL this is excellent @objectblue_ * sorry * @hence_therefore @barking_gareth Yes, makes sense. One problem here is that there are no specific demands, or rathe… @hence_therefore @barking_gareth They're planning to disrupt London and therefore get arrested. I don't understand…
Seconded! in Chengdu, China, there's a tower block where the top three floors contain 20 small clubs... can you ima… @JoshAJHall laugh out loudfinally, i am acknowledged @danhancox yes i am. usually it's a bit better. although i have heard – of all things – Viktor Vaughn's Let Me Watc… all day long on the workspace playlist, s T r U g G l i n GIn the UK, @claireperrymp failed to honour a meeting with us then refused to meet @XrYouth so we will not be holdin…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock ⌛️🌍 @TheWrongtom The Real Vinyl. @gabrielszatan @andrewryce @maxpearl it took 12 hours for a man to try and correct me; sadly it really is "vinyls". embarrassing for him @alyasalah lol very good @andrewryce @maxpearl currently writing something that should be loosely similar and it's going to be absolute shit… @W_Bradley yup! saturday! beep beep! @krldslv those ones are bad. but you can stop now and repent. let biodegradable jesus into your heart @alyasalah eek, embarrassing 4 u know who's the support for ROBYN???? !!!!!