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club trax on Top Flight, Tues 9-11 GMT Red Bull Radio | P4K, The Wire, Crack, Guardian | if i could offer you only one tip for the future, earplugs would be it

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@lisablanning ! @Bsanch someone turned their blue ticks off because of me recently, i think it's the start of a new erathe #stopnilsfrahm movement has been more successful than expected's come to my attention that i've been severely underusing the term "sheller" in reviews &c. prepare for a shellingUGH typo @JoshAJHall @darylmeador @MattAndersonNYT cc @ryandiducki believe they call "re-reading" @JoshAJHall @darylmeador @MattAndersonNYT lolethe music industry involves a lot of basic people masquerading as geniuses
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockOne solution: climate revolution! Happening right now in Brussels, thousands of young people marching in the stree…
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What is the difference between, "being seen to support a murderous regime," (in the case of Shamima Begum) and stro…
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Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock @TheloniousFilth Worst joke ever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✈️ new on Top Flight's Mixcloud ✈️ Ballroom Bliss with @questionmarc_dj – featuring 35 hot minutes of earth-moving… @PhilipSherburne i don't want to say "surprisingly" good but it's really good isn't it!Britt Brown with the info!! essential sounds for the astrology generation and, um, the astrology-agnostic politics is such a clusterfuck I wish we could just write in Ben UFO on the ballot
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock @rhythmsectionhq It's more about how obvious it would be that I'd ripped it... #respect #vinyl #realmusic lolthose MPs resigning over "institutional antisemitism" should surely define themselves as anti-racist - and yet they… with my brilliant friend @MikeSegalov, a courageous, principled and clever fighter against social injust…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockJust a heads up. There’s no demographic in Britain to whom this new party appeals to more than senior journalists a…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockJoan Ryan, MP #8 to jump ship, talking the most disingenuous shite on r4 about how JC doesn't stand for "traditiona…
@johnxela Beautiful! @gabrielszatan Loving your commitment to thisON AIR! @dom6991 i can read a lot but i wouldn't be able to reply to a question out of the blue. maybe if i sat down and wo… @jayglassdubs it's so good, omgdeeply upset about lack of digi for this... can i play a soundcloud rip on the radio? 🤔 MUSIC
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockStill haven't learned any Portuguese swears tho.✈️ a double dose of antipodean excellence tonite! the mighty @ninalasvegas talks about her leap from DJ to produce… lagerfeld was a lot older than i'd thought.get. in.
@outtasiteoutta urgently ccing @AprilClareWelsh @outtasiteoutta MATE this is speaking to methis smacks @StuartMaconie @ip3329 The point is that Blair and the Tories are the same shit, different day. It's about fighting… whole internet loves the centrist Independent Group, a lovely independent group that does centrism! *3 hours la…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockChuka nailing his colours to the mast with a passionate plea to remain in the EU so we can reform it from the insid…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock @lazareduciel Very much so, unless it's the album with the funny name that I listened to a few times in my ATP phase @sl_comms i obviously haven't heard that, trotting off nowcurrently "revisiting" TNT by Tortoise – aka The Real Independent Group – thanks to this v informative and brillian… absolute neoliberalism meltgasm of self-branding as a "group" as if you're an efficiency team sent down by head…
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@MarkRichardson I'm definitely into it! Lack of explosives is great for Sunday 10pm @MarkRichardson (knowingly) listening for the first time, to my embarrassment. learned much from the review! "the l… @PhilipSherburne @MarkRichardson Cc @ryandiduck - a good contender for "re-reading"I've said it before, and I will say it until there are no more elections to be had: voting based on climate change…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock @JoshAJHall @AngstromHoot The dealer seemed to know the bouncer though. Some things never change! @anakristensen Heard Tasha playing this last night at Fold! @danhancox Just want to add that all of the sweet things they sell also taste like beigel @ryandiduck I think Kate Bush is a great shout. I have listened to... some of her albums. The rest are on my re-reading listfurther to my tweet about "re-reading", Ryan's gone and done a whole response to the idea 🙏 @bIack_eye No way, it's the veggie option innit Salt beef is Tory @Bsanch Right?! @danhancox I used to get peanut butter lol
We’re outside the BP sponsored exhibition in the British Museum. We have a simple message. Drop BP.…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockWho is coming to Fold tonight? @LukeTurnerEsq Oh, meant to mention to you - so in the final 'corpse' relaxation bit of yoga yday, the teacher put… do I always say "yes great I'll do it!!" before immediately remembering I have no time to do it unless, once ag… @danhancox :') @DanielDylanWray @tashbright Congratulations! Have a great time at the Parr @chriseede See you there! @chriseede Slippery slope m8 @DPJHodges @Pressuredrop That's... what principles... are Why is this hard?Prestige
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Congratulations and my whole-hearted respect and admiration goes out to all those grown men who are doing sterling…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockAll my friends are preg Push me to the edge 🎶this @tasoteklife x @sietecatorce EP is next levs 🤯 with the striking school pupils today 🌍 and shame on the adults trying to shunt them down the agenda or…
the super rich live in a hell of their own creation
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacock @neil_mccormick You should have a Google of "lynch mob", Neil @derekwalmsley Hahahahaha @JoshAJHall @charli_xcx Cc @parris_djthis week's Top Flight firsty (FKA "premiere") is a fine cut from @LilHenzo's new Missed Flights EP! sinogrime mood… day the English inch closer to acknowledging their honest position on Churchill, which is “yes, he was a raci…
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockIt really doesn’t speak very highly of academia that Foucault is so widely cited yet people are lining up for Alexa…
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Best of Bandcamp, the internet's best monthly music column, is BACK... on BANDCAMP! where i guess it belonged all a… exciteeeeee!!! Tune into Top Flight today 🤠
Retweeted by dj emotional support peacockplus new trax from #KelmanDuran, Shed AKA Hoover1, Uganda's @nihiloxica, Avon Terror Corps (@BokehVersions),… on Top Flight! hybrid bass and high BPMS w @annamorgandj and @directrudeboi of Worst Behavior Recs ✈️ ahead o… @entschwindet Hahahahaaa @hdt_hugh Docking you 50 points X 4 years for needless plastic usage too
✈️ Top Flight Mixcloud Update ✈️ you can now easy-stream the first episode of 2019 – feat. #Nkisi talking psychoaco… up on buddhas and cacti. wait – buddhi and cacti trivia Decided to google the forty-eight “practising geoscientists” who signed this letter…
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@doctajeep Requested
@MarkRichardson Lou Reed Live: Take No Prisoners Daydream Nation Disintegration Loops (tho I agree drone probably d… @objectblue_ Low profile studios in manor house?i love Lichens so much 😭 this has been a rail replacement service tweet
starting my @RinseFM residency tonight - will be focusing on trying to get some nice recordings of live sets for th…
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@johnscoldtrain ah but this would be admitting your inexperiencemy god malkmus is unspoilt @MARTYN3024 @LukeTurnerEsq exactly @JamesGreeneKing perfect