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@BackspinPromo @mrmitchmusic oh, that's the one i got but the URL wasn't specific to the album for some reason. v v good!
nearly forgot @mrmitchmusic's EP is out today!! technodancehall perfection. back to the checkout we go is a solid shout too – minimal and introspective soundscapes raising money for the humanitarian crisis in Yeme… finally this compilation from Troublemaker Records – itchy, edgy, reflective club/electronic from Lisbon 🇵🇹 a casual 59 tracks from the Tormenta crew 🇧🇷💥 was very slow on the new one from The Soft Pink Truth but got there in the end. a special kind of deep and dreamy… no-brainer! Beatrice Dillon, Kuedo and Sinjin & Zora on the tracklist BC purchases are predictable, frankly! there's room in the cart for a few more so tell me what's good. in the m…
Party music from Manchester, radio transmissions from @questionmarc_dj and Nkisi, and a boombox-ready jungle specia…
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@djharam973 yep! the DMs are open :)
@icedcoffeekunt @pitchfork @arca1000000 i meant singers here – sorry, this was a mistake about production/vocal cre… @dysphoria_doll @rei1000000 just listening again and can hear the Englishness of the voice now – thanks for spottin… @dysphoria_doll @rei1000000 on La Chiqui? i actually didn't realise that, in that case. will investigate, thanks for the spot! @dvnots ah – i meant guest *singers*, not production. apologies, i've messaged the editor with a correction. if you… @rei1000000 ah, i meant guest singers, not production. apologies, i've messaged the editor with a correction
@wordcolour @Kouslin yep, i know @AyoCaesar @vittleslondon i am gonna be making sambal all weeki left the Labour Party last week, no regrets so far. complete playlist of every track referenced in Kodwo Eshun's "More Brilliant Than The Sun". nerds rule
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubble @HectorPlimmer when the heterodyne shows you what frequency they're on, then you know what species they are. they u… @HectorPlimmer love it!!! the bats are having the time of their lives atm. i'm gonna go and check the ones in kings… to the hypertalented Lena Raine AKA @kuraine about composing music for video games (including Minecraft's new…
@drmathys_ @Sorayea @dada_drummer @BokehVersions thank you for clarifying also. i don't think i've done enough eith… @Sorayea @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions i've been off for a short time in order to finish some work and no… @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions whole thing also makes it clear that more black-owned labels are essential… @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions initially i asked a black writer/industry commentator for input but they we… @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions but given the ultimate framing and context of the piece it definitely lacks… @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions other, much bigger conversations were happening. additionally i'm surpris… @drmathys_ @dada_drummer @BokehVersions fair comment. a few things – the piece got pushed back nearly 3 weeks and w…
@AnnaCafolla @Miss_Rosen @Dazed love these photos @philebloomfield @Bandcamp agree. i think as a criticism it's pretty easy to shoot down. regardless, was grateful t… @philebloomfield @Bandcamp yes, sure – although i believe their response is more about what happens when an America… @dada_drummer @BokehVersions one thing i have tried to do many times, but not quite managed, is watch all of the Yo… @dada_drummer @BokehVersions LOL“All the troubles with the internet, the direction it’s gone since its early idealistic days, have to do with this…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubble @philebloomfield @Bandcamp it was hard to find criticisms of BC! i thought it was an interesting point, aside from… @dada_drummer @BokehVersions there was a lot of that... but as you can see i couldn't include much of it!i spoke to the CEO of Bandcamp about what it means to put artists before listeners, and how Bandcamp became the rar… @pauldwaite great! i didn't get deep in the weeds about platforms in this piece but i'm super interested in the concepts. thanks!your fave: thinks quar could be a good time to work on the album my fave: unloads 90 minutes of red-hot-heat on h…
using my daily tweet to say that i read and enjoyed this prognosis of the future times. the hacienda must be built! @nyshkac @SonRaw @_TomFaber wow, cool!
i spoke to Oli XL about microscopic details, the genius of Basement Jaxx, and hiring children as on-stage stand-ins… to twitter briefly, eyes covered, to say that i wrote about the new Amnesia Scanner album, Kim Stanley Ro…
having a short twitter break, will check DMs eventually but please email in the meantime :)
When you're in town to show respect and defend memorials
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubbleAll these dickheads defending the honour of Churchill when they all use £5 notes with his face on to sniff their shit gear
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If the Met are going to bring their 2010 repertoire of public order policing - aggressive kettling for hours on end…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubblethe Evening Standard is in deep shit with no commuters to foist their rag on nightly and no advertisers who want th… shift at the Evening Standard as David Cameron’s Chancellor is replaced by David Cameron’s sister-in-law.
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubble @harsh_agarwal7 of course!PLEASE don't allow us to lose momentum - Osime is autistic and is facing deportation to Jamaica without his mum. If…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubble @judyberman @dada_drummer i debated whether you should see the full set... sorry you've opened this portal, good luck with everything @dada_drummer @judyberman i am a secret nerd for decorative arts @judyberman here's a set @judyberman i'm afraid i got carried away – i think it's the Wynn collection, 1934! @judyberman i find myself delighted by this. not sure what's going on. where/who made it? @noanunoparty thanks for writing this.just look at this thread of photos from the Seattle autonomous zone, "Capill Chazaroni", which i believe is the wes… now stores a log of every link you click, the tweet you got the link from, and what time you clicked on it,… @laurent_fintoni @maralj1n it's warped right? i didn't realise the disparity before. sets up a really strange indus…
A lot of people have been asking me for a reading list on connections between racism and climate/environment. 📚 Tha…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubble @rachaelwilliams ha! yeah i mean i've been thinking of "a book" recently and the fact is, if i wrote something and… @maralj1n but i wonder if those big lookin US salaries are all in NYC? (journalism, anyway.) i want to sit on a ta… @maralj1n i need to keep reminding myself that US salaries have the health insurance thing tied in but WOAH from he… just really need to sit in a pub and talk to you all about what's going onturns out you're all... not that poor, huhok i've had enough of the journalism salary reveals now lol @cheriehu42 that's great! congrats :) @midlandsound like being trapped in dramasoc auditions @frankiefatgold oh god my cringe receptors just aren't tough enough for thisIn March, the government pledged £3.2m to house rough sleepers in hotels & hostels around the country. That funding…
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protestors in Seattle have declared an autonomous zone! @DreamLFO i mean this is definitely an upside @Bobcluness how romantic! @MilesBowe #realmusic @objectblue_ what! that's so cool. shout out to wendy! @clarebot possibly me?"we will refer to it as El movimiento Latino, el movimiento, or simply movimiento [... This] captures the essence o… @jumonsmapes @PoRican i also thought this was a great review and a great first paragraph. @steel_life my suspicion is that by the time we get that far down the list, the statues will be waist-high in waterIn 2011 Keir Starmer ran all night courts as Director of Public Prosecutions to maximise the number of people prose…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubblebritain realising that it's gonna have to rename like 90% of its public buildings @JohnPMerrick1 really good, i inhaled it in a day. (possinly the most frightening bit is where she says she only st… @satinisland oh no another substack i must now read. :Din other Abolition news, i've just started Are Prisons Obsolete? (i think i know the answer but i'll see how it turns out)this is it: @JohnPMerrick1 :)just finished Abolish Silicon Valley, a kind of radicalisation memoir from a former startup founder. it's a quick r… @stephenburanyi @davies_will there's nothing else to talk about but The Now. @SpooninBoys @misterminsoo oh god yeah, i didn't think of the health insurance element. whole system is broken @SpooninBoys @misterminsoo is that $ or £? either way, not bad! imo... we need to rebuild the media for ourselves… @misterminsoo also for reference i'm paid between 18 and 25p per word, on average, at the moment @SpooninBoys @misterminsoo maybe for the Celebrity Interviewer fluffer types, yeah, but i don't know how frequent t… @misterminsoo it's also a weird cul de sac, so if an artist gets really famous – eg grimes or rihanna or the 1975 –…
silence has been a powerful statement in the recent protests, but so has been blasting "fuck donald trump." protest…
Retweeted by dj emotional support bubbleit's the small wins, sometimes – i wrote the words "an IDM strawpedo for nerds who just wanna have fun" and a real… words on new records by @yallah_mc x @eomac, @gabor_lazar, @TectonicPinch, @gabbereleganza x @hdmirror,…
@eoin_murraye this raised $110k – $10k more than requested – in four hours YOU LOVE 2 C IT