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@raspberryjones Can't dm you :/
i last saw him play in october at a very pushy-shovey 5AM set at simple things. it was a masterclass in non-boring… also in those days i only had about 30 CDs (plus many CD-Rs with handwritten tracklists + home-printed artwork,… remembered that my first encounter with Weatherall was (unsurprisingly) thru Screamadelica. but this was befor… @danhancox loved this too!if anyone's in the mood to read this Invisible Jukebox but for some reason doesn't have a Wire subscription, i'll h… Heritage Blue Plaque on that paving stone by the end the week please
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @RadioDEBONAIR @anakristensen <3 @katietweets26 king of the drug chug <3Feel lucky to have interviewed him (not just an interview but an Invisible Jukebox, the best of the formats!) He wa… fact my phone is being deluged with messages, multiple group chats pinging, says something about how special an…
@DjPlead Can I talk to you about how Tupperware is in desperate need of standardisation @rowethere @erikamleon @joshmheller @sethtroxler Royal family.scratcha described this release to me as follows: "you remember R'n'G yeah? well this is R'n'Gqom" 💖💖💖
@lydiasquidia This is a great thread. What's next!! @stephenburanyi I mean she's meant to be out in the hot blazing sun half the time lol @stephenburanyi Tilda Swinton, im sorry, is not good casting for thisOutlets should have an ‘offline editor’ whose sole function is to be like “this story is too online”, but what edit…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernieThe degree to which Michael Bloomberg is using his fortune to fundamentally alter & manipulate U.S. politics to his…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernieI think we are reaching the stage where we need a ‘Seattle 1999’ style effort to shut down the COP in Glasgow next…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie🔥 Cummings to reshuffle all of Whitehall, dissolving all departments and replacing them with 16 guilds based…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @tubbsOreally hmm... @caleydewhurst @dillonwork the people need to hear a collaboration!from here: you also hate that automated Overground message telling you not to give money to homeless people, well. from th… @ehgillett Omg omg what, is this a thing Hahahahahhaahahhahahahahdhdjfnfkfkrrn @mmtowns Are the lovehearts tucked into the tray of spicy pepper and onion
@Sorayea Would agree tbh. @PURPICIDE wishing you peace and alternate nasal breathing my friend xthis is Cool. also important for promoters to follow up with transparency on their "green tax" and to make sure clu… @hdt_hugh @johnxela Bloomberg = Skepta Klobuchar = Stefflon Don @JubileeDJ @AguilaOfficial oh damn yeah, i know this. v cool! @batekoo @Oramicspl @nottla bands do it (tho it's not easy) so it wouldn't be mad to imagine DJs doing it. less lon… @batekoo @Oramicspl @nottla the collectives model is hard to scale up, but that's partly the appeal. i'm wondering… @batekoo @Oramicspl @nottla giving this a boost 'cos it came out on a friday! i do think collectives are having an…! @AguilaOfficial following!DJ collectives are springing up all around the world – so what's the appeal, and how can their collective vision ch…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @satinisland @0PN @JOSH_BENNY @thewiremagazine intensely jealous of this cover, looking forward to reading! @danhancox Surely the takeaway is: no one has won both Iowa and NH and then failed to win the nomination for 40 years. Bernie is winning @gabrielszatan @BackspinPromo there's no one pure enough in the '00s indie scene let's face it. Andrew WK was a contender @MARTYN3024 @rowethere @gabrielszatan but none of that really matters, in the end it's just obvious he's not there… @MARTYN3024 @rowethere @gabrielszatan there's a lot of whiffy and/or opaque stuff in the CV of this unremarkable ma… latest @DJmag cover story with the brilliant @JoseyRebelle is available to read online now! 👀👀👀 Shout out…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @_davidturner_ :D
here’s the online version of my @DJmag cover story ❤️ Josey Rebelle: The Quiet Storm
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @ShawnReynaldo Mate this has Stars Are Blind on it“Yes, music is beautiful, it makes you happy — but it’s also a serious business, and you approach those decks with…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @MARTYN3024 @gabrielszatan Yes yes and yes. Honestly @MARTYN3024 @gabrielszatan Altho I wasn't even thinking of the trumped up military service, it just felt correct @MARTYN3024 @gabrielszatan He only joined so he could run for president tho, lol imagineOur cover story with @JoseyRebelle is online!
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @gabrielszatan "The Bravery" co-authored with @gabrielszatan, no questions will be taken2020 Democratic candidates as '00s indie acts 🇺🇸 Warren - Arcade Fire Bernie - James Murphy Biden - Sun Kil Moon B… @Logos262 @AcreUK @johnxela @krldslv been in that London for too long i think @AcreUK @johnxela @krldslv the claim was not a lack of pies – it was that pies are served with chips in the north… @krldslv they don't even have mash, karl :'( i guess there aren't enough potato mashers up north, so they can't do… northerner is explaining to me what the north has instead of pie and mash and once again i feel utterly alienated from this countryMe when the room’s full of Rare Vinyl Rotary Mixer Heads & Deconstructed Club 128kbps Ravers and I have to appease…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @hdt_hugh @aya_yco @mmtowns Loool @charliexjones @shujaxhaider i like how his editor spelled his name wrong, at the bottom, lol his other columns aren't about music sadly :(this is great – a compilation to raise money for Naoki, who runs Disc Shop Zero (Tokyo's main spot for UK/Bristol b… @ChandlerShort @hdt_hugh oh yeah - having open DMs has led to many happy things. @hdt_hugh ironically it's not a treat, it's for work :( @hdt_hugh i also think it's a good way to keep an eye on what people are discussing, or not discussing, in whatever… @hdt_hugh imo, if yr interested in words then yr interested in twitter. just like if u were a photog u would have a… @mmtowns I read this as Love all this courteneers, hate such a vibe @seanbgoneill i broke a chair on a school trip, the chair totally had woodworm and was broken anyway but it had to… @McKelvie #actually this is a mid-period example – the earliest were USB seaports, stretching for miles.
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernieBeatrice Dillon's Workaround is just *fantastic* isn't it? i wrote about that, and how it seems to respond to the v… @gabrielszatan Wtf
@hdt_hugh I know, but I dont want to throw the salami out with the bathwater :/ @hdt_hugh didn't he make the whole thing, even? @hdt_hugh don't do it hughThe Safdie brothers accept the Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Director. The most chaotic acceptance speech…
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernieplease enjoy this gif of bong joon ho giggling at his oscar
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernie @johnxela hmm... i'm gonna say marianne, the psychonaut pick 👅🔮✨ @nthnashma LOOOOOOOOL
@frankiefatgold Charge $$$$$$$$$ @gregorywawa The human the myth the legend @lisablanning Happy birthday lisa!!! So kewt to see you 2 weeks in a row :) @GiantGiantSwan Oh my god @aya_yco longtime fan and user here; keen to see how this project developsthis is great, apply to your speakers immediately a charmer still! #realmusic #ripjunoplus
2020 mark from peep show energy here collectives are springing up all around the world – so what's the appeal, and how can their collective vision ch… @MrBeatnick see you there!Bieber 4 Bernie @schmorgasbord my dad raised me to despise Millwall so this all seems correct and fairin a crowded genre, this youtube techno comment really stands out dub siren
Retweeted by dj support peacocks 4 bernienu phone who dis? @neonrated ... have you actually seen Killing Eve @hdt_hugh @Sorayea @genofeves 100% the second option and pls screenshot response 😝
@stephenburanyi @RachelConnoll14 fridge magnet concept: wherever you rave, there you are