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Bilkul sahi! Iski to bhut jyada jroort h.
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Getting women's voices heard in the Parliament is such an important step towards ensuring that women's issues get t…
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Retweeted by IndiaYes #WomenSafety is the need of the hour and we our governments must take this issue as priority. Stop violence a…
Retweeted by IndiaI agree completely !! I feel this is an issue that needs serious deliberation.. Crime against women has escalated t…
Retweeted by IndiaSafety of women and girls must be high on political and public agenda. It cannot be business as usual. #WomenSafety
Retweeted by India @ChangeOrg_India @yogitabhayana I agree. Rate of crime against women has spiked to a peak! This is a serious issue!…
Retweeted by India'Mere sloganeering is not going to make a difference anymore. For #WomensSafety, we need at least a 2-day session i…
'A petition on trans representation started by MP @revanth_anumula throws open the crucial question of transgender… the full discussion here: is #GlobalHandwashingDay! Wash your hands for 20 seconds to protect yourself and others from diarrheal illnes…
Retweeted by India'We've received @smritig09’s petition asking for stories on child abandonment to have info on how kids can be legal… me on Instagram live today at 12 noon to discuss about ageism. #AgeNotCage
Retweeted by IndiaListen to the amazing @jena_geeta at noon today!
Retweeted by IndiaWe will be going LIVE on @instagram at 12 noon today with @jena_geeta to discuss ageism in Indian advertisements. D…
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Retweeted by India.@yogitabhayana is urging the Indian parliament to institute an annual two-day session on women's issues.… Minister of Uttarakhand: Save Dehradun's 10000 Trees from being chopped for an Airport - Sign the Petition!…
Retweeted by IndiaHey @Zivame, thanks for the prompt response! @jena_geeta will be responding to you soon.'Every third woman in India suffers sexual, physical violence at home': National Family Health Survey. Why don't I…'s movie #Thappad is set to re-release in cinema halls, but have disclaimers been put on visuals of violen… you haven’t already, please sign the @ChangeOrg_India @PoliticalShakti petition below. ⬇️ Help us fix politics…
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'When a parent or guardian is unable to raise their child, the Juvenile Justice Act allows them to legally surrende…'How to make India an ideal country for women, you ask? By atleast instituting an annual two-day session on women's…'The decision should also resolve the fears expressed in the petition initiated by Ms. Nira…'Mumbaikars would be happy to note that the Maharashtra government has on 11th October, declared an 808-acre parcel… the controversy around the #Tanishq Ad, @anandankita is urging the media to refrain from using the term 'love… @TanishqJewelry's beautiful campaign on interfaith love getting so much hate, it's time we start calling out p…
Retweeted by IndiaHere is another way to ask all parties to boost #WomenInPolitics #AadheHumAadhaHamara #BiharElections2020
Retweeted by India'For every 10 men, there is less than 1 woman in our Vidhan Sabhas'. If the institutions are not equally represente… 7,30,000 people signed the petition to #SaveAareyForests. This movement helped save Aarey! | Your support has made Nirali Vaidya's petition to #SaveAareyForest a success! Maharashtra CM…
Let our words and actions define the world we create for our girls. #DayOfTheGirl #WeRewrite @stc_india Dear…
Retweeted by India#DayoftheGirl begins with a powerful poem by #KamlaBhasin a message for every girl to rewrite their story. Join…
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Close to 1 billion people worldwide have a mental disorder. 1 person dies from suicide every 40 seconds. As…
Retweeted by India#COVID19 has increased the demand for mental health care, yet few people around the world have access to these vita…
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Let’s create the wave of change in voice, verse and action thank you @ChangeOrg_India @stc_india this #DayOfTheGirl
Retweeted by IndiaThis #DayoftheGirl, let’s invoke the power of poetry to demand better future for our girls with @stc_india. - Shar…
हिंदी भाषा को अपनी क़लम से अलंकृत करने वाले, अपने शब्दों से शोषितों को आवाज़ देने वाले महान नायक को सादर प्रणाम। क़…
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“Fair investigation warrants protection for the family": Senior advocate Indira Jaising to Supreme Court on providi… case is ‘shocking, extraordinary’, says Supreme Court, seeks witness protection plan from UP.…
This #GandhiJayanti, @mahakagrawal25 is urging @SatyendarJain and @ArvindKejriwal to get an audit done of its publi… #gandhijayanthi2020, Nitisha Pandey is urging @ArvindKejriwal to provide affordable and sustainable period pro… #MahatmaGandhijayanti, @archanakra is urging @nitin_gadkari to ensure clean and functional toilets for women o… #greatwork @swiggy_in @ZomatoIN 👏
Retweeted by India @Aziz_Ahmedabadi is a star. His petitions have made a huge impact ❤️ @ChangeOrg_India
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Prime Minister of India: We demand immediate implementation of Justice J S Verma Commission Report to ensure…
Retweeted by IndiaPrime Minister of India: We demand immediate implementation of Justice J S Verma Commission Report to ensure…
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Retweeted by IndiaIf you can....... R T.....
Retweeted by India @MirrorNow @ndtvindia @aajtak @sardanarohit @BBCHindi @sardesairajdeep @BDUTT @TimesNow
Retweeted by India @arunbothra @IPS_Association @Rtr_IPS @sanjayips89 @ipskabra @CPBlr @DevenBhartiIPS @ipsvijrk @MNageswarRaoIPS
Retweeted by IndiaTarun's father @vinodd2017 has not lost hope. has been a year since autistic teenager Tarun Gupta went missing from Mumbai. His sister Kusum makes a heartbre…
Retweeted by IndiaGood stuff @Zomato and @swiggy_in !
Retweeted by India"We have been working on making our app accessible for all. Thank you for raising this, Aziz Minat": @ZomatoIN"Thank you for your efforts in bringing this up, Aziz! We're committed towards making this a reality, and are curr…! @swiggy_in and @ZomatoIN will soon be accessible to the visually impaired! This was possible after Aziz…
- A Dalit woman in Hathras was brutally raped. Her tongue was cut off. Her neck and spine were broken. - She was j… Pradesh has reported the highest number of crimes against women, accounting for 14.7 per cent of such cases a…'Ensure quick punishment to the culprits': BSP President @Mayawati tweets as the nation mourns the loss of a 19-yea…"Brutalised By Entire System": Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal tweets as the nation outrages yet again. #Hathras⚡️ “Hathras Gangrape Case: How Did India Lose Another Woman?”
Hi @pm1574, do take a look at this petition:, do take a look at this petition: of India: Bharat Ratna for SPB - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India
Retweeted by India'#SPBalasubrahmanyam, who built bridges to souls of music lovers for 5 decades, was a true legend. As an ardent fan… @VTankha has taken an important step towards safety of every child in our country. Urging @NCPCR_and the…
Retweeted by India#Hathras की घटना केवल एक बहादुर लड़की की लड़ाई नहीं, बल्कि पूरे समाज की लड़ाई होनी चाहिए थी। महिलाओं और बच्चियों…
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'By publicising the @CHILDLINE1098 number 1098 on their channels, they will be showing how much they care for their…'I request @NCPCR_ and the @MinistryWCD to publicise the child helpline number 1098 on television. I also urge th…
SAVE VANDE BHARAT PILOTS @airindiain @HardeepSPuri @MoCA_GoI @PMOIndia - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India
Retweeted by IndiaSuch a great series of campaigns by Aziz!
Retweeted by IndiaAziz Minat often relied upon food delivery apps during the pandemic. However, he found it impossible to manoeuvre t…
With women in positions of leadership, making decisions about their lives & representing the interests of women & g…
Retweeted by India'After utilising my husband's services throughout the pandemic, @airindiain suddenly decides to fire him':… @DisneyIndia you can use your power to not just entertain but also educate children. Please br…
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"The trans community needs to be given equal rights and representation": Karishma Dhanasekaran supports… show your support to
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For the past 70 years, we have ignored the #TransgenderCommunity, of more than a few million. It's important that w…
Retweeted by IndiaReally proud of this.
Retweeted by India.@waic_campaign'Every child deserves a home and a family'.'We need the Trans community's representation in parliament', petitions @revanth_anumula the visually challenged are signing @ChangeOrg_India's petitions addressed to apps such as @ZomatoIN and…
Do you know Telangana does not have a Women's Commission? Before I read @SpurthiKolipaka's intv to @Paul_Oommen, I…
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My silence, your silence & our collective inaction helps perpetuate this culture of hate online. It's time we put a…
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@Nehaaro77247223 Thank you for all that you do! You go girl!! #AssamFloods #DignityInFloods @ChangeOrg_India
Retweeted by IndiaMan if that's true we need to come up with a solution ofcourse !!
Retweeted by IndiaThis is the ground reality of common people. Pls listen to us @PMOIndia @narendramodi @DrJitendraSingh @DDNewslive
Retweeted by India'Women & girls who were stuck in the #AssamFloods had to use damp cloth to manage their menstrual flow. The relief…
Retweeted by IndiaDear @himantabiswa @sdma_assam putting pads in the official list of relief items will prevent this indignity. As wo…
Retweeted by IndiaBe angry that women have to go through this annually! Menstruating during emergencies is a neglected in disaster-pr…
Retweeted by India'Women & girls who were stuck in the #AssamFloods had to use damp cloth to manage their menstrual flow. The relief…👇🏻
Retweeted by IndiaIMPORTANT.
Retweeted by IndiaI have signed the petition , Do sign this @ChangeOrg_India petition 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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Heartening to see CM Uddhav Thackeray ji setting protection of the biodiversity of Western Ghats as a priority of t…
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