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Proof that as long as there’s love, parenthood is parenthood ❤️ #24HrsAE lives in a house like this? Follow our four-legged friend as you look for leads. Just don’t end up barking up t… is blown away by the skills of @producerSX’re looking back at some of our favourite Supervet stories and puppy Rodney and his bionic paws was a little bit… all dog lovers, cat lovers and nap lovers. Tonight’s #CelebritySnoopDogs has got something for all of you a… trying to stay fit through lockdown. 🐶⁠ Fridays 8:30pm #CelebritySnoopDogs
And another #NationalTreasure deleted scene for good measure: those enjoying 2016’s hit drama #NationalTreasure for the first or tenth time (it really is that good), here’s… sky’s the limit with this luxury garden pad. #AmazingSpaces @MrGeorgeClarke @GCAmazingSpaces's story is perhaps one of the most emotional we have shared on #Supervet, and I know it wasn't just us who f…
Retweeted by Channel 4The special revisit series of #Supervet continues tonight featuring some more of our past favourites. Looking forwa…
Retweeted by Channel 4 @cherish_finden is all of us 💔 . #GBBO - Tuesdays at 8pm do dads do this? 😳🐝 @romankemp @realmartinkemp #CelebGogglebox Fridays 9pm
@channel5_tv @ITV @BBC @WeAreSTV Wild thing... Ben makes our heart sing... #NewLivesInTheWild @ITV @BBC @channel5_tv @WeAreSTV Waiting for #Strictly to come back like... the lives and culture that shape British TV. Our stories are your stories. #OurStories @BBC, @ITV,…,000 people took a probing sex survey about their sex habits in lockdown, and it’s time to reveal the results…… dads read The Lord Of The Rings to their children, others build them their own Hobbit houses. Wow!… change things and help us see the world differently. These are #OurStories. Tonight 8.58pm @BBC, @ITV,…
George Galloway pretending to be a cat has lost none of its magic, as the #CelebrityGogglebox crew find out. 😸 #BBUK most ICONIC theme tune 🕺 #CelebrityGogglebox - Fridays at 9pm @MoTheComedian @BabatundeComedy, remember poorly hound dog Elvis? Supervet: Puppy Special looks back at his and lots of other incredible tales.… sure you don’t miss this 👀 #GBBO
Romario's journey will lift your heart. #UKBlackPride Black Lesbian Handbook’s @kayzarose talks to Khloe Bailey Obazee about inclusivity in an ever-changing world.…👏 👏🏻 👏🏼 👏🏽 👏🏾 👏🏿 #ThankYouTogether to everyone right now. #StaySafe #KindnessMatters #BeMoreRainbow would’ve thought an old shed could become such a creative hub!? #AmazingSpaces @MrGeorgeClarke @GCAmazingSpaces Birthday @NHSuk! Let’s say #ThankYouTogether to them and EVERYONE who is helping us through these difficult…
Delighted to see the Countdown theme makes celebs super-tense too. #CelebrityGogglebox“Who wants to be tolerated? Either you want me here or you don’t.” @kayzarose with some powerful words about accept…
Here’s a message straight from one of our most important key workers. Let’s all lend him a hand, take a stripe out… pampered pooches are getting their snoop on tonight, but who are their famous owners? 👀 Find out at 8.30pm!…’re the couple we can all aspire to. #Gogglebox is all of us 😂 #CelebrityGogglebox - Fridays at 9pm @StaceySolomon on a comeback? #Back4Business #Ad More info: @ShopSmall, @LloydsBankBiz, @rightmove independent retailers! #Back4Business #Ad More info: @ShopSmall, @LloydsBankBiz,… UK high-street is poised for a comeback! Are you an independent retailer trying to get back in business? Channe…
How would you react if a date said they want to wait until the wedding night? #Gogglebox #FirstDatesHotel cap off #Pride month, we took a look back at the shows we’ve aired over the past four decades. There’s so much t… really important lesson for us all. #SchoolThatTriedToEndRacism tonight, 9pm. comedian Chris McCausland gave everyone blindfolds to encourage them to play without sight and the results we… are two types of people in this world 😂 #CatsCountdown're still casting for the new series of The Dog House. If you want to give a rescue dog a forever home, get in to…
.@GordonRamsay disguised as an old lady is one of those images that you just can’t unsee… #Gogglebox Acaster giving spies a good run for their money. #CatsCountdown kids try out Affinity Groups, to talk about and understand the significance of race.… you watch #NakedAttraction with your mum 🙈⁠ #CelebrityGogglebox
How your ethnicity can give you an unfair advantage over others. #SchoolThatTriedToEndRacism“It’s got nothing to do with gender. It’s the spirit of the person that counts.” Debs and Rachel’s first date is ❤️… of Bristol Marvin Rees on facing adversity in the UK. #TakeYourKneeOffMyNeck
Who killed #DanielMorgan and why hasn’t the most investigated murder in the history of the Met Police been solved?… million pounds spent in a 30 year investigation – why no justice for the Morgan family? #MurderInTheCarPark fina…’s a puffin and kittiwake adventure on Lundy Island. #DevonandCornwall to death in a pub car park. No witnesses. No forensics. Described a ‘stain on the Met’ for 30 yrs. Still no ju…
Jaison is a trans man looking for love. Will Naked Attraction find the lady he’s looking for? #NakedAttraction“I’m sick and tired of dealing with racism within the healthcare system. It has to end now.” Black doctors share th… Matilda Esan couldn’t make this any clearer. #TakeYourKneeOffMyNeck your kids always come first, or could prioritising your own needs better prepare them for adulthood?… reacts to THAT goal 🙌 #FinalReplay66 #CelebrityGogglebox
Ever had an online order go missing? Its possible whereabouts may shock you… #GotYourBack #StaySafe @joelycett must change.⁠ #TakeYourKneeOffMyNeck⁠ #BlackLivesMatterEverywhere a beautiful moment ❤️ #FirstDatesHotel as I was starting to get a decent tan 😤 #FridayNightDinner the goodest boy needs a health check from time to time👌 For more happy dogs, tune in to Best of #Crufts tonigh… bathrooms, paintings that turn into tables, fire breathing dragons… is there anything this renovation…
Injuries to the spine can have a hugely significant impact on the rest of your life. #24HrsAE worked out who these nosey barkers belong to yet? 🐶🧐 @CelebSnoopDogs #CelebritySnoopDogs👇👇👇👇 #QuickAndEasyFood 🤤 cabaret star Reuben Kaye goes back to school to meet his toughest audience yet - a group of schoolkid… the new barking-mad show that’s been filmed by furry four-legged friends as they take you round their pawsome… is what Siri was invented for #CelebrityGogglebox @KSI @producerSX four-legged friends have turned into pup-arazzi, snooping around their owner's homes and sniffing out their p…'t forget #QuickAndEasyFood is back TONIGHT @channel4 8pm!! Here's a taster of what's to come...
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Carmen and Lupita refuse to be limited by people’s expectations of them. 👏 #TwoSistersOneBody wanted to relive the greatest match in English football history with Bez from the Happy Mondays? Well now you… need to fight for a world where everyone is free to be themselves, and be proud of who they are. #Pride sure you don't miss the final episode of #BritainsBestParent on tonight 8 pm! Tune in to see who will be cro… ethnicity can give you an unfair advantage over others? #SchoolThatTriedToEndRacism starts tonight 9pm'It’s too hot’ is the most British thing ever 😂 #heatwaveuk miss you 😪 ⁠ #Crufts @Crufts @ProfNoelFitz
Children from a range of different ethnic groups test their unconscious bias. The results may (or may not) shock yo… your ethnicity give you an unfair advantage over others? #SchoolThatTriedToEndRacism starts tomorrow 9pm new @MrGeorgeClarke's #AmazingSpaces continues tonight at 9pm. 👏🏠 do you get when you mix Pimp My Ride with Only Fools and Horses? George is about to find out... #AmazingSpaces a mate who can’t stand the heat 🔥#heatwaveuk
#24HrsAE wouldn’t be possible without the support of our staff, patients and their families - so a big thank you to…
Retweeted by Channel 4How would you react if a date said they want to wait until the wedding night? #Gogglebox #FirstDatesHotel 37: will Hayley and Nick find the connection they’re both looking for? #FirstDatesHotel sure you don't miss out on tonight's episode!🤗#GBBO
The Falconio and Lees mystery, revisited nearly 20 years later. #MurderInTheOutback @JoeLycett became the foremost authority on water filtration, armed with nothing more than a colander.…
A whirlwind romance for the ages at the #FirstDatesHotel with @DunelmUK ❤️ mixer? No problem. Try this at home. @jamieoliver #KeepCookingCarryOn #StaySafe
Celebs, comedy, games and prizes... Mo’s All Star Happy Hour really has it all. #AllStarHappyHour @MoTheComedian would you react if a date said they want to wait until the wedding night? #Gogglebox #FirstDatesHotel AND Coronavirus? 👀 More stories from #Crufts in tonight's Best Of Crufts: An A -Z at 7pm @Crufts
Injuries to the spine can have a hugely significant impact on the rest of your life. #24HrsAE #TakeYourKneeOffMyNeck a ‘no boundaries’ approach encourage children to be independent, or do they benefit from some guidance?…
What a beautiful moment ❤️ #FirstDatesHotel