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In this week's SAS: Who Dares Wins – Back to Base @andrea_mclean is joined by @Natasia1andonly & Cybil War to discu… scene absolutely broke us. #DeadwaterFell is the perfect time for fairytales and this one has a very happy ending. ❤️ #TheUndateables
The secret is finally out. Introducing the newest member of the DS - @jay_morton_. #SASWhoDaresWins @antmiddleton they’re good, but can they do it on a cold rainy beach in Scotland? #SASWhoDaresWins making the difficult decision to withdraw, Jerrome bids the remaining recruits farewell 😢 #SASWhoDaresWins an absolutely incredible effort, #7 Mark hands his armband to @billingham229b #SASWhoDaresWins anybody else absolutely loving Cybil? ❤️ #SASWhoDaresWins sums up why it’s best not to think about what might lie ahead. #SASWhoDaresWins easy start to the day for the recruits... [checks notes] “An exercise that simulates water torture”. Oh. 😕… nights can only mean one thing - It’s time for #SASWhoDaresWins. @antmiddleton @jason_carl_fox better than First Dates putting the right people together at the right time. ❤️ #FirstDates you beat @Rosswilsontt in the 2020 Challenge? #DryJanuary #C4Paralympics @BP_UK @ToyotaUK meets a family of five with a Victorian coach house that's more 1960s than 1860s, and helps a youn… you see it, you can’t unsee it. #PotteryThrowDown continues tonight at 7pm peckish? Yeah, this won't help. #CrazyDelicious is filmed in a fully EDIBLE set. Your new food show obsessi…'s such an emotional rollercoaster we don't know whether to laugh or cry 🙈#Gogglebox #FlirtyDancing is one of the most wintery things we’ve ever seen 😳 #AmazingSpaces @MrGeorgeClarke
.@ToriHerridge and the team examine a stash of bones beneath an upmarket shopping arcade in Leeds, as they piece to… is proof that it’s never too late to change your life for the better. #SASWhoDaresWins @antmiddleton an ordinary woman exposed neglect and abuse on a vast scale. #TheCure get a look behind the scenes @Trotters_uk one of London’s leading jewellers and destination store for big-ticket…'re ready...are you? @Harlequins v @ASMClermont63 LIVE on Channel 4 NOW #C4rugby
Retweeted by Channel 4Loved every minute of this 😂 #GBBO @SaoirseJackson @nicolacoughlan @JamieLeeOD @Djllewellyn @siobhni @PaulHollywood
#TheLastLeg presents… The Massive Bells of Brexit. @adamhillscomedy @alex_brooker @joshwiddicombe place names are on a whole ‘nother level 😳 #TheLastLeg Big Ben bong to mark Brexit? #TheLastLegWould you buy a vagina-scented candle? #TheLastLegAnd joining the boys on #TheLastLeg tonight are @jessphillips and @JohnBishop100 🙌 who’s back. Back again. #TheLastLeg. Tell a friend. @adamhillscomedy @alex_brooker @joshwiddicombe IS YOUR 1 HOUR REMINDER! #FridayNightFeast is on TONIGHT 8pm @channel4 with the hilarious @robbeckettcomic!
Retweeted by Channel 4We’re back with a new series on Friday and can’t wait to be joined by @JohnBishop100 and @jessphillips! Send us yo…
Retweeted by Channel 4.@ToriHerridge and the team examine a stash of bones beneath an upmarket shopping arcade in Leeds, as they piece to… scene absolutely broke us. #DeadwaterFell much can be learned from the remains of people who died thousands of years ago? #BoneDetectives, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration? @Harlequins legend, former England captain, @instagram aficionado…
Retweeted by Channel 4Preparing a festive feast with the #Gogglebox gang watching closely? Good luck, @jamieoliver! can’t decide whether this would be relaxing or terrifying... #AmazingSpaces @MrGeorgeClarke
This restaurant owner’s replies to online reviews are pure gold. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #8OO10CC tonight 9pm week three cooks will enter this pantry of dreams to create mind-blowing dishes. It's a competition to impress… families’ animals were all cared for at every stage in line with all relevant UK and EU welfare law and codes of practiceIf you looked after a pig for 3 weeks, would you still be able to eat it? Follow one family’s dilemma…… pud things come to an end. The upcoming series of The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off will mark the end of Sa…
Retweeted by Channel 4Sandi Toksvig announces she is to leave the Bake Off tent
Retweeted by Channel 4We'd be lying if we said we weren't super impressed. @BFQuiz #BigFatQuiz
Six days until #CrazyDelicious - "A show hosted by a woman who looks like she eats - thank Christ!" Actual quote by… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff @C4Gogglebox H… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates @BritishBakeOff One of many tr… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn @MerlinFDC4 @FirstDates If there ever was a current mo… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn Why would you ever need to worry about an upcoming dat… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 @Djllewellyn Well, when it’s the end of the f***ing world you’re al… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv @jonsnowC4 ‘I’m a Derry Girl!’ Iconic @Djllewellyn.😍 #DerryGirls @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv Ah it’s @jonsnowC4’s smooth moves. You are all very welcome. #BestOfTheDecade @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv Petition to have this phrase put in the English dictionary because it’s foreve… @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv No you’re crying. This clip gets us. Every. Time. 😭#EducatingYorkshire @E4Tweets @jackwhitehall @mrblobbytv We’ve never looked at a whisk the same way again. 🥴 #BestOfTheDecade having been through unimaginable tragedy, Chris is determined to become a stronger person. #SASWhoDaresWins @E4Tweets Remember the moment @jackwhitehall had all his fears materialised through @mrblobbytv? 😅 #MrBlobby made it to 2020! 🥳 So we’ve compiled a thread 🧵of some of the most iconic moments of @Channel4 and @E4Tweets tha… after problem after problem… #OldHouseNewHome families’ animals were all cared for at every stage in line with all relevant UK and EU welfare law and codes of practiceIs there a link between eating meat and life expectancy? #MeatTheFamily continues tonight at 9pm starts Tuesday 21st at 8pm on @Channel4! Find out more by watching the trailer now:…
Retweeted by Channel 4Behind the scenes in one of the world’s most colourful factories. #ToysAtChristmas
Meet a unique community of both vegans and ex-vegan content creators and the lengths they'll go to, to make an impa… campaigner @GeorgeMonbiot visits a UK livestock farm to suggest a more efficient way to use their lan… celeb’s diet plan will work best for these two sisters - @Beyonce’s or @chrishemsworth’s?… baking legends. One frank discussion. @jamieoliver #FridayNightFeast hall of famers Terry, Yan, Tom and Briony returned to the tent to take on a Christmas classic - the gingerbre…
The faith-based #HallelujahDiet joins the weightloss regimes tested in tonight's #HowToLoseWeightWell at 8pm. And… is everything as it seems? Brand-new drama, #DeadwaterFell. Friday 10th January - 9pm. SAMA NOMINATED FOR OSCAR For Sama has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the Academy Awards. Dire…
Retweeted by Channel 4Our families’ animals were all cared for at every stage in line with all relevant UK and EU welfare law and codes of practice.This pink pair show us why pigs are considered the fifth cleverest animal in the world 🐷 #MeatTheFamily almost unbelievable story of love and betrayal #CatchingAKiller: A Diary from the Grave. Tonight at 9pm episode 2 of our new podcast, SAS: Who Dares Wins – Back to Base,@JamieLukeJewitt and @GabbitasLouise join…🆕📺 | Catching A Killer - A Diary from the Grave: Twitter Q&A One of our Major Crime detectives, who worked on the…
Retweeted by Channel 4Could you save money by not actually owning your new wardrobe? #SaveAThousandPoundsOnline
#2 Bethany is the dictionary definition of a badass 💪 #SASWhoDaresWins both struggling to control their anger, @antmiddleton puts #18 Jerrome against #25 Chris in a no-holds-barred… Chris reveals the heartbreaking reason he joined the course. #SASWhoDaresWins @jason_carl_fox @ollie_ollerton’re sure that an exercise called “The Sickener” is probably nothing to worry about… #SASWhoDaresWins being singled out as one of the strongest recruits, it’s time for #25, Chris to take on the firearms exercise… the first time ever, #SASWhoDaresWins recruits are to be given a blank-firing weapon, and will have to decide w… there ever been an #SASWhoDaresWins exercise that hasn’t taken place in the worst possible weather conditions? 🤔 the going gets tough, @antmiddleton makes the going wish it had never been born. It’s time for… @MrGeorgeClarke helps out with the restoration of an Edwardian arts-and-crafts terraced house where the amazing ori…
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