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We are all Susan 😂 @FiveGuysAWeek continues Tuesday 9.15pm #FiveGuysAWeek
Thanks for giving #Milson such a warm welcome! #FridayNightDinner will be back next week 🎉’s all about the silver linings...#FridayNightDinner house rules: no ‘talkie-walkies’ at the dinner table. #FridayNightDinner like a bit of fatherly ‘wisdom’ to fuel an awkward silence. 🤦 #FridayNightDinner, calling my first born Milson. #FridayNightDinner only way to consume whipped cream. @rosentweets #FridayNightDinner least glamorous midlife crisis we’ve ever seen. 😂 @rosentweets #FridayNightDinner a precious moment between a father and his son… Sometimes 😂#Duncanville's story reminds us all that heart disease can strike anyone, at any time. @TheBHF's research can help us lear… #Instagram #Content @Channel4
Retweeted by Channel 4Last night, the nation came together to applaud our fantastic NHS and other frontline workers tackling the Coronavi…
Retweeted by Channel 4THIS is what #FirstDates is all about. Watch for a happy heart. ❤️ on how not to be a dick at the weekend. though us humans need to #StayAtHome, we're glad the squirrels are outside enjoying the sunshine and our poste…
Absolutely love this advice 💪 #PetTalentAgency let’s settle this once and for all - which are better? #PetTalentAgencyWhen a dog walks past your house: #PetTalentAgency back into the room after an argument that you lost: #PetTalentAgency Someday 😢 #PetTalentAgency there’s something not quite right about your neighbour’s new dogs, but you can’t put your finger on it…… when it comes to pets-per-minute, no other show comes close to #PetTalentAgency 😍 🐕🦜🐈🐁 dressed up like a little bride and groom is exactly the sort of thing we need right now 🦴 #PetTalentAgency hello to your new favourite show. From the minds behind Parks and Rec and The Simpsons, all-new #Duncanville. F… nobody does it better than the Goodmans. #FridayNightDinner returns THIS FRIDAY 10pm 🎉 1 more day to go until they’re back! Brand new #FridayNightDinner Fridays at 10pm and our advertisers are proud to support the #ClapForOurCarers initiative, showing our collective solidarity and… you @NHSuk! We want to give a massive applause for all the incredible work of our nurses, doctors, GPs and ca… to make things worse, they’re all living in your house… #FiveGuysAWeek on people who aren’t dicks – volunteers! you @NHSuk! You may already know, but at 8pm there’s going to be a massive applause for all the incredible wo… Paralympian and junior doctor @KimDaybell is putting down his table tennis bat to work full-time in a Lond…
Retweeted by Channel 4If you're looking for some #StayAtHome content 👇 The full series of #FeelGood is available to stream on All 4 or tu… takes a brave man to wear 70s fashion on the @bignarstie show. Fair play @wossy - fair play. #TheBigNarstieShow
.@GrimeGran on how not to be a dick online while you’re in lockdown. to amazing people like Ruth, social stigmas around conditions such as Crohn’s are becoming a thing of the pa… for patients like Angie, research into techniques such as cardioversion mean when it comes to heart disease… chocolate cake, so easy and such a delicious pick me up #KeepCookingCarryOn
Retweeted by Channel 4"This is a tsunami waiting to happen". Intensive Care Nurse Lorraine Jones says "We're not heroes, this is our job…
Retweeted by Channel 4Definitely one of the forgotten perks of being good at accents. #thebignarstieshow that’s a superhero film we’d like to see. @FiveGuysAWeek continues Tuesday 9.15pm #FiveGuysAWeek it tomorrow at 10pm to get a glimpse into the extraordinary life of #PetTalentAgency: Barking Mad 🐶🦙🐈 to its title, #FeelGood is back tonight with some lovely comedy by @TheMaeMartin, 10pm on Channel 4 or stream… enjoy these lofi hip hop radio-beats to self-isolate to ft. MOSS many of us are staying at home @jamieoliver has made it his mission to help with flexible and easy recipes, cook… the recipes from tonight's episode of #KeepCookingCarryOn are now ONLINE! 🙌 Click here to get them:…
Retweeted by Channel 4🚨THE STEPH SHOW 🚨 Bit of a (MASSIVE) change of plan We’re launching #TheStephShow NEXT WEEK LIVE from MY front…
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Next week we meet Susan, who has everything apart from love. Will she find it? Tune in next week for more…
Retweeted by Channel 4Cute or cringe? #FiveGuysAWeek
Retweeted by Channel 4Every boyfriend’s worst fear: meeting the older brothers. #FiveGuysAWeek the gift I got for Valentines #FiveGuysAWeek
Retweeted by Channel 4Is that the sound of the next Take That (but with ukuleles)? #FiveGuysAWeek that’s a superhero film we’d like to see. #FiveGuysAWeek you live with five potential boyfriends...and your mum? Hope is about to give it a go. #FiveGuysAWeek this week’s Star Baker goes to… #GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer is seriously impressive, @joeldommett. #GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer greatest neighbour you’d never want living next door. #FridayNightDinner is back this Friday at 10pm tonight’s episode of The Great Celebrity Bake Off for #StandUpToCancer? 🎂 Please donate and help fund our…
Retweeted by Channel 4“I wish it was different – it’s just so unfair.” Daniel’s story was shared on tonight’s episode of The Great Celebr…
Retweeted by Channel 4Has @JohannaKonta met her match? #GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer couldn’t agree more, Caroline. #GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer*writes on blackboard* Paul Hollywood is always right. Paul Hollywood is always right. @PaulHollywood is always rig…, some éclairs were harmed in the making of this. @tanfrance #GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer could say that @noelfielding11 is reaching new heights…#GBBO for @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer minutes in and this is a strong contender for Best Pun On #GBBO Ever. @JoelDommett @SU2CUK #StandUpToCancer joining us in the tent this week are @tanfrance, @joeldommett, Caroline Quentin and @JohannaKonta! #GBBO for… simply adore this look on @PaulHollywood. It really brings out his eyes. @tanfrance @sanditoksvig on how not to be a dick to your family over the next few weeks. who invites David Beckham for a sleepover. And why Kate worries that she's boring on #TheWindsors tonight at 1… you ever seen this many pets in one place? #PetTalentAgency is on this Thursday at 10pm (apart) we can get through this! #StayAtHome #CoronavirusLockdown #StayAtHomeSaveLives & share below who you get for Hope 😂 Tonight we meet 30-year-old project coordinator Hope who comes fr…
Retweeted by Channel 4Binge watch @simonpegg and Jessica Hynes’s flat sharing masterpiece. out with Britain’s mightiest ‘heroes’. to East Hampton Hospital. The doctor will see you now. up on your reading with Britain’s best book shop. your 90s satirical fill courtesy of Globelink News. journalism from the depths of Chris Morris’s mind. hilarity? We’ve got you. Craggy Island from the comfort of your own home. in for a trim at Peckham’s finest barbershop. this happened we’ve been inundated with requests for shows you want to see back on the telly, so we thought w… Hope, who loves Ed Sheeran. Will one of the lads be Perfect? @FiveGuysAWeek continues tonight 9.15pm dad behaviour #FridayNightDinner returns this Friday 10pm The UK is entering lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says: "you must stay at home" - unless you hav…
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We can get through this if we all pull together. Stirring words from Grime Gran herself! @grimegran new three-part series explores the fascinating world of Vladimir #Putin, his rise to power, his days as a KGB off… the incredible work of @thebhf and the NHS, Corey’s story might have ended very differently ❤️ #24HrsAE the recipes from #KeepCookingCarryOn this way >>>>
Retweeted by Channel 43 quick & easy pasta sauces, including a homemade pesto for you all. #KeepCookingCarryOn
Retweeted by Channel 4The Goggleboxers react to an extra, extra special edition of #FirstDates.'s house, mum's rules. Do the lads follow them though?@FiveGuysAWeek continues Tuesday 9.15pm to lift our spirits and #StandUpToCancer, it's tomorrow's lineup for #GBBO for @SU2CUK 🤗 @tanfrance! Shalom! Who’s ready for a lovely bit of series 6? 🙋‍♀️⁠This Friday at 10pm 🎉 #FridayNightDinner⁠… the first move (a summary) #FeelGood continues Wednesday at 10pm with @TheMaeMartin and @Charitchie #Hollyoaks viewers. It is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to pause filming of Hollyoaks.
Retweeted by Channel 4Only two more days until #FiveGuysAWeek continues on @Channel4! It's time to meet Hope's guys and she clearly has a…
Retweeted by Channel 4It's not just the girl that the guys need to impress, it's also her mum! Just three more days till #FiveGuysAWeek c…
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“If you are irresponsible enough to think that you don’t mind if you get the flu, remember it’s not about you - it’…
Retweeted by Channel 4Whoops. #BigNarstiesBigAdventure