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Party bags, pink wafers and the world’s worst song. @tomallencomedy is here to ruin your childhood.…“It’s like speed dating for dogs” – How Wood Green Animal Charity finds the ideal match ❤️ #SundayBrunch moment Paddy was crowned the winner of #TheCircle 2019! 🎉 #TheCircleFinal
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Paddy came out at the top of the final ratings making him the WINNER of #TheCircle 2019! 🎊 #TheCircleFinal
Retweeted by Channel 4And the viewer's champion is.... 🎊🎉🥂 #TheCircle love that Woody's thoughts about his friendship with Tim are so full of love and emotion (and onion metaphors) 🥰… once again Paddy has made sure there's not a dry eye in the house 😭 #TheCircle reflection, maybe Georgina's not so angry at Sammie's catfish status after all? 😍 #TheCircle oh, did I guess literally everything that was going on? I'm so sorry 😂 YES YOU DID TIM #TheCircle to the 'Circle of happiness'. 🥂 What a great three weeks it's been! #TheCircleFinal
Retweeted by Channel 4Woody: My parents are the iconic @FatboySlim and @ZoeTheBall. Tim: ...Who? 😂 #TheCircle much love and respect between these two. ❤️ #TheCircle Who have I got here? James: Sammie Tim: #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4Tim’s reaction to meeting “Sammie” is just PERFECTION. #TheCircle else as nervous as James right now? No? Just us then... 😬 #TheCircle's hear it for Ella's dance moves in her entrance 💃💃 #thecircle Ella’s message is just so powerful and beautiful. So much ❤️ #TheCircle tonight's live final, you can vote for your Viewers' Champion! Make sure you're registered to vote on our…
Retweeted by Channel 4The whole family is back together for the final! 5 minutes to go 🙌 #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4Henry - Master of the side-eye 👀 #ExtraSlice reacts to one of the most legendary #GBBO moments ever - telling a Hollywood Handshake to shut up 🤝… you’re ready to call it a night but your mate is only just getting started… @JamieLaing_UK @tomallencomedy’S HENRY!!!! #ExtraSlice this is officially the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Credit to viewer Bev from Wiltshire and her hamsters for th… Halloween blockbuster we’ve all been baking for… #ExtraSlice Years from now we’ll ask people “Where were you when David won his first technical?” Well deserved 👏👏👏 Jo and @tomallencomedy this week is the tasty trio of @DarrenHarriott, @FayRipley and @JamieLaing_UK FINAL DAY! 🎉 The past three weeks have all been leading up to today. Don't miss the live final with…
Retweeted by Channel 4Which interior design duo will wow the judges and win the cash prize? #YourRoomOrMine @HillarysBlinds ‘ALERT!’ sound gives us nightmares. What a ride the ⭕️ has been… #TheCircle FINAL tonight 10pm. always-honest @BigNarstie shares his views on stop and search procedures and racism within the police…… “Jay” really who he says he is? (He’s not). #TheCircle updates on the dogs shown in yesterday's episode, please see shouldn’t be nice to watch, but it really, really is… #GrandDesigns #GrandDesigns20 @Kevin_McCloud Pyramids of Sudan might not be as well-known as their Egyptian counterparts, but their mysteries are equally in…
A masterclass in making new pals here. 🐶👏 #TheDogHouse we can’t stop thinking about a Bichon Frise doing a backflip. #TheDogHouse 9pm - @CharlotteChurch is picking up the pieces of her broken family, pulled apart during her childhood fam…’ll never see teacups in the same light… #GetOut DROP! Messages from home leave the Players in pieces and six become five as another is Blocked from…
Retweeted by Channel 4Meet Irene the island’s oldest, toughest inhabitant. #TreasureIsland if there’s something lurking underneath them in the sand? #TEOTFW #FanTheories See what really happens - Seri… could James morph into something crazy? #TEOTFW #FanTheories the police aren’t as they seem? #TEOTFW #FanTheories What do you think? series 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Since then there’s been many #FanTheories. Maybe there’s more to A…
.@fredsirieix1 and some of the UK’s top chefs on how you can make your own versions of your favourite snacks..… and Dorit are searching for companionship following the death of their lifelong partners. #FirstDatesHotel
Four head into the semi-final, but unfortunately one must leave 😢 #GBBO work of art. This time from Steph 🙌 #GBBO’s Rapunzel pie is an absolute masterpiece 😳 #GBBO this is a Christmas film we’d pay to see 🎅🏻 #GBBO is a pie not a pie? Paul and David enter into one of the great philosophical debates. #GBBO @PaulHollywood HAS WON A TECHNICAL. WE REPEAT - DAVID HAS WON A TECHNICAL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. #GBBO very definition of #GBBO heartbreak 😢’s different about Sandi. Can’t quite put our finger on it… 🤔 #GBBO @adamhillscomedy @noelfielding11 - “If anyone knows what this is, I’ll get naked. I’m that confident” David - “I know what this is” Henry -… a series of #GBBO ever produced such a range of world-class GIFs? haven’t known true tension until you’ve witnessed #GBBO quarter-finalists turning out a Tarte Tatin 😬 else would you find ‘leek weaving’ on a Tuesday night? #GBBO wondered what the difference is between full-puff and rough-puff pastry? Rosie explains… #GBBO had her heart set on a small dog; that is, until she met Leah ❤️ #TheDogHouse Pregnancies. Delays. Financial ruin. You’ll never need to watch another episode again (but please do othe… the support of his team and his coach, @alex_brooker manages to pull through, battling his second hour of cont… DROP! 'Sammie' won't let anything or anyone get in the way of her spot in the final. #TheCircle revolution…
Retweeted by Channel 4Even the catfish get catfished in this game! 😼 Here's what happened when we revealed the rest of the Players to Jac…
Retweeted by Channel 4The very best bloopers and funniest outtakes from series two of @JamieTonight's #StathLetsFlats. @kayewumi
Because who wouldn’t want more @tomallencomedy?“It’s like speed dating for dogs” – How Wood Green Animal Charity finds the ideal match ❤️ #SundayBrunch @Channel4 And how about Jamie's STICKY ONION TART on the show tonight! If this doesn't make your mouth water, we d…
Retweeted by Channel 4The Goggleboxers are on the edge of their seats watching the Treasure Islanders battle it out head to head.… DROP! Woody’s on his way to Block someone face-to-face… 😱 #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4“Cancer changes lives… so do we.” Martin Freeman, @TomFelton, @NoelClarke, @joedempsie, @CeliaImrie, Nina Sosanya,…
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The way @ToffTalks worries about @StanleyPJohnson is kind of adorable 😭 #CelebrityHunted for @SU2CUK you’re on the run but you’re struggling to flush the hard evidence 😂 @gavinhenson82 @MartinOffiah we sure it wasn’t @ToffTalks that went to spy school? #CelebrityHunted for @SU2CUK @StanleyPJohnson the coolest getaway vehicle... @JC_Novelli and @AldoZil are definitely escaping in style. #CelebrityHunted to remain unseen, according to a former trained spy: Invest in a giant yellow car that transforms into a boat.… it turns out @StanleyPJohnson is a trained spy! A little bit of an unfair advantage, maybe? #CelebrityHunted for…’s almost time for the first episode of #CelebrityHunted for @SU2CUK! Meet the famous faces on the run from the… “Jay” really who he says he is? (He’s not). #TheCircle had her heart set on a small dog; that is, until she met Leah ❤️ #TheDogHouse
The Pyramids of Sudan might not be as well-known as their Egyptian counterparts, but their mysteries are equally in… can take the boy out of Kettering... #SundayBrunch @JamesAcaster @timlovejoy @simonrim shouldn’t be nice to watch, but it really, really is… #GrandDesigns #GrandDesigns20 @Kevin_McCloud
Jumping up and down on the sofa in unison with her 😂 #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! It's safe to say that Brooke is positively shook... #TheCircle to the game, Jan! Better late than never 💁‍♀️ Do you think she'll fit in well with the Players? #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4Hate it when this happens 🙄 #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4We'd take a night 'in in' with this lot over a night 'out out' any day. #TheCircle
Retweeted by Channel 4Time to party 🎉 Tip: if you get the pizza delivery guy to stand and flicker the lights, you can feel like you’re r… like this is the most fun Jack’s had since he entered the apartment! #TheCircle, calm down Woody! You’re gonna put @EmmaWillis out of a job! #TheCircle the final contestant has now joined the game! The winner is amongst us! The end is nigh. #TheCircle is almos…… which egg do you think #TheCircle contestants should keep in the game?Blimey, those eggs got a right beating for those dodgy answers! (Sorry, we’ll stop now) #TheCircle the eggs alone guys, its Fry-day! #TheCircle‘Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.’ Anyone else got a feeling Jan’s going to do just fine? 😂… you still haven’t got that #FridayFeeling vibe, here are some of Georgina’s top tips to slay the day (sorry it’s… wow 😳 #ExtraSlice Catherine’s stingray cake is absolutely adorable, but we’re not sure it was manta look that way… #ExtraSlice