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@EldritchCleaver fraid not @jenphalian @snus_mumrikken @eigenrobot whose side are you on, Jennifer @lipandbone @eigenrobot this is the correct thing to say to charity muggers and other panhandlers nowdon’t worry, it’s okay if you’re having trouble coming up with new forms of... ...esoterotica heartbreaking to see a classy purveyor of insight erotica denigrate their own work as insight porn are people mad that arya fucks. arya can fuck and murder it's 2019 grow up
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@danlistensto @PontiacGunfire bueno @terrycloth11 cf. pinned tweet @realjdburnett @picklehomer @eigenrobot it is known @picklehomer @eigenrobot it's 2019, grow up @TonklinD i probably would, which i guess means you're going to tell me my cowardice isn't even rational since i'm… @0K_ultra @eigenrobot that's not what Roosh says ba-dum ching @eigenrobot tritium going around with a cracked cup "guv'nor may i borrow a cup of protons" @TonklinD untrammeled cowardice @eigenrobot did you get to hang out with this guy at least @eigenrobot 😮 @snus_mumrikken @eigenrobot i was in right up to the point where i'm financing it @onefiftyfivemm @eigenrobot this is an isotopeshaming account @snus_mumrikken @eigenrobot wow, we've gone all the way from common sense gun control to common sense butter knife… @snus_mumrikken @eigenrobot awesome. you keep one next to your dick for a few halflives and if nothing bad happens to you i'll get one @eigenrobot no, beta which is why it's Mostly Harmless emitting alpha would be Bade-girlgores
Retweeted by Chaos @PontiacGunfire i think @danlistensto deals 'em @palecur they say you'll never shine if you don't glow @jenphalian the customer reviews are *ahem* glowing tulpas thotforms @jenphalian yeah they're all like "as you know, Bob, US customers who want to use this item will need to obtain the… @Octapode @chaosprime hacker news is, somehow, a low-energy beta laser
Retweeted by Chaos @Octapode that would be amazing because the whole justification for why being around tritium is safe is that its be… Low-Energy Beta Emitter is my new Radiohead cover bandemail from the company that made my belt trying to sell me a keychain fob meant to hold a lovely glowy vial of trit… @bronzebarbarian 🤘 @bronzebarbarian sounds like fun, ngl @bronzebarbarian my first reflex is to protest that i'm terrible at being a figurehead puppet to serve as an emotio… my. god. Becky. @brianjoseff at a guess i'd say the seamy interstices will probably stay seamy and interstitialseize the means of dopamine production @violentkeysmash it's an askable question, but a social imperative to help others that's satisfied when you only he… you think of commerce law as a way of writing software where the machine running it can just not execute an inst…’s tragic that Robert Anton Wilson didn’t live to see a day when the position of dominant communications technolo… @Refined_Frege yaaay fema camp frens @orthonormalist @onefiftyfivemm well maybe not if you're real crankywhen you're doing five with a three-year minimum for possession of rare pepes, have me paged @verinaut @cavesofqud v2 up: much improved results and has capability to generate pronouns…
Retweeted by Chaos @verinaut @cavesofqud v2 up: much improved results and has capability to generate pronouns… @glial17 @eigenrobot prompted by eigen being drugs at people long as there are the backs of the bruised, we'll always have a place to dance @cesovski too late innit killers *hate* Chesterton if you needed to fully understand a situation before you felt like it was all rig… @SarahMariaKath @danlistensto it’s a fantasy novel @danlistensto nope, not yeti loathe “blah blah service to others” messaging without bound because nothing brings me more joy than making someb… the real apocalypse was inside us all along maybe the real apocalypse was the friends we made along the waypost-apocalyptic settings never fail to resonate because the universe would finally make sense, the condition of ou… @0K_ultra minimum, but on this at least non-westies certainly do not have a high horse to ride @danlistensto sure, it’d be much less powerful if it were incorrect @Spatula06549057 @eigenrobot eigen are you going around being drugs again be lit when "fake news must be stopped" evolves into "words are psychoactive" and the war on drugs enters its… @ArchivedFantasy
Retweeted by Chaos @ArchivedFantasy @chophshiy it wasn't personal beforenetflix took down the end credits of San Junipero from youtube so i'm basically over copyright now, all forms of in… @jenphalian jeez, i stop acting like a slave to the zeitgeist for five minutes @jenphalian what did i ever do to you, Jenniferrestating things is great, always restate things. everything is potentially new to somebody. we could only concer…
@amaturefuturist nope, she showed up solely because of the repeated "boom" phrasingthis is a much funnier version of something i might have said about trying to embed terminal goals such that they s… @verinaut @cavesofqud k, so to play with the principles illustrated here, i hacked together some code to generate p… @0K_ultra yeah clap your hands if you believe in terminal goalsof course i'm not saying that Taylor Swift is Moloch, ha ha that would be ridiculous that would imply that as a soc… @QueenOfTheWilis @BlackPopeVice conversational quote/Markov bots? taking someone's memetic signature and putting i…
Retweeted by Chaos @QueenOfTheWilis @BlackPopeVice conversational quote/Markov bots? taking someone's memetic signature and putting i… @lujlp @QueenOfTheWilis @AbsurdistFool @neutronglitch @davidreghay people keep calling me cynical when i say things like thatThis isn't it but LOL.
Retweeted by Chaos @generativist lololol yup @chaosprime You can't become a more capable person without unbecoming a less capable person.
Retweeted by Chaosdunno which is more terrifying, how much better i am at security analysis i am than thoroughly competent colleagues… @Robot_Bastard pouring one out for Angus the Water-Bringerif you can't be a troll in Brooklyn where *can* you be a troll @InNeedOfMeaning just the sense in which objects are fake because the identity of those particular atoms as "your c… @SirAzraelLilly delighted @0K_ultra bullets are fake, but one of the less fake kinds of fakeeverything is fake, yes, but if you think that means you don't have to pay attention to *how* fake a given thing is… @grandwaz000 and when they've given you their all some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy bangin' your hea… @atthatmatt because the person who fought their way through everything necessary to get the power isn't the same pe… @danlistensto maybe that's his fucking problem, maybe he needs a nice Molochah for a helpmeetoh, you were just gonna give up and focus on getting the power and resources and letting specialists in the worthwh… @Malnormalulo @mikewasson @verinaut @cavesofqud if you say "look at that", it's normal if talking about a rock and… @ded_ruckus only works if the person with power and resources picks the person to throw money at via inscrutable an… @beka_valentine @verinaut @cavesofqud "possessive adjective" and "substantive possessive" in my epistemic stream @squidlarkin love those precision guided cluster munition callouts @wellEmber @mspowahs @verinaut @cavesofqud 😊 @mspowahs @verinaut @wellEmber @cavesofqud what even is @chaosprime, really @TonklinD or at least i don't appear to have done so @TonklinD cretin marketing is my weak point tbhoh, you were gonna fix this by getting people who already have power and resources to enable you to do the worthwhi… of a genius marketing campaign for iodized beef "beef + I: complex food for complex people" @chaosprime @bennhoffman "Whoever dances with monsters should see to it that in the process she does not become a m…
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