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kenzie • non(bi)nary • they/them • 22 • pisces ☼ libra ☽ virgo ↑ • im a gross bitch do not interact • photography project launching soon on Patreon

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@M_Nalani_ Weirdly enough when I was googling stuff related the the spirit guide in question when I meditated, Scot… @GoddesSammi I have a feeling it’s two symbols combined tbh so these are good leads thank you so much!! @M_Nalani_ I’m not Native, but my family is maternally Jewish and paternally Indian if that helps at all!Mothman is real and hates slutshaming
Retweeted by dagger enby @NPZR Pigeon @LunarSnperWifle It does 😂 I’m reticent to post the weirder parts of that meditative experience but that aligns a l… @LunarSnperWifle Ok that’s interesting because the thought also crossed my mind that it resembled like a very symbo…
Retweeted by dagger enby @BullSpear I have a few websites for creative projects I work on, but this was something spiritually important to meIt reminds me of the stones in Skyrim lmfao but fallen @turingmachine It’s close but the taper at the edges is very off 😭 @reagenrebel Yeah I also had the thought that maybe it was two combined! @BullSpear I did a “spirit guide” meditation quite skeptically but went through a whole visual of the “spirit guide… @BullSpear Yeah, meditating 😂 which I’m aware sounds WHACK @indieannatv Not the path I’m looking for but hilarious nonetheless @BullSpear it definitely looks a LOT like a finger but I’m looking for a specific symbolLong shot as fuck and excuse the bad drawing but does anyone know what symbol this is or resembles? It’s basically… @crypticcvnt Welcome to the matrix? 😂 @hugurt1 It’s art @CptJhin I don’t really believe in that personally but appreciate the warning @jessdollfays I used to have it happen ALL THE TIME as a kidAt one point I tuned in to like a conversation I guess and it sounded like people were talking about me and saying… IS NOT EASY AT ALLAt one point it was like I full on saw just a giant fucking eyeball looking at me and it was confused like it was l… took me a LONG time to do it and beforehand it was like my brain was tuning into the wrong frequencies like I’d… tried to go inside, the door was dead bolted so I couldn’t go in and had to go to the back door. And then the c… I tried astral projecting for the first time like intentionally TRYING to astral project... HARD AS FUCK. I didn… @lonelycaviar YesAnyway, I essentially have a full time job via titty and a community of mostly fellow trans and nonbinary people th… you’re still commenting on my shit? The first comments you left were weeks ago 😂 best flavour of Gatorade is the white one that happens to look like cum. Is this is a coincidence?? In this essay I will
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birth control is free and it’s called league of legends
Retweeted by dagger enbyThe first 20 pics from this are up on my OnlyFans @ some photos and will be uploading soon :3 I initially thought it would only be about 20 photos but looking… I did it, I finally stood up to him Roommate: who, your boss? Me: no, my dogwe need $137 for the special needs food and medicine (both the cats and the dogs) n we got a $40 donation so we hav…
Retweeted by dagger enbyWhen i say ACAB yes that does include the paw patrol
Retweeted by dagger enby @FrickCaptchas I’m the publisher @NayukitheFae *linked (I can spell sometimes I swear)super sick loud car bro, i loved when it was super loud and everyone on the street looked, did you just finish havi…
Retweeted by dagger enby @NayukitheFae I liked folks in the original post!! I got it from aliexpress really cute stuff in that storeEveryone at the bar I worked at was always like “when will Kenzie learn that it’s not Halloween yet” and I was alwa… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok this is... *chef fucking kiss* gonna be posting some lewds of this… @reagenrebel They’re so fuckin cute 😭 @dnvn31 That specific store on ali has a lot of good, decently priced kink wear and lingerie. A lot is rebranded th… @dnvn31 (It’s the black version btw but the white one is super cute too) @Madame_mousey @dnvn31 Enabling people to be hot?? My brand @TheFintauSystem it’s one size but material is decently stretchy!! @dnvn31 @1949Knox Found on aliexpress so cheap but it’s the black version of this little set @ChaoticThey
Retweeted by dagger enbyI got a cute thong with bat wings on the back :3 FUCKING BAT WINGS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!! The best @JesseW8nmbrs I have no clue where people get this shit tbh lmaooo “keep poor people off twitter!!” also having all…
@blacksadbat 🤯🤯 fuckthis is literally the best song of all time
Retweeted by dagger enby @OmegaGlodson I was a lab test tube birthEw, man’s name is Dick Son 😂 piss me off when they talk infantilizingly about their workers “oh she’s in training so she was really tur…*at Cracker Barrel* Hey so, I came here for the crack... but I noticed there’s only barrels. @lonelycaviar You could treat my DMs like a private twitter @lonelycaviar I understand completelyI'm so psyched. Had kind of just accepted this piece as finished with a bunch of small things I didn't like. Had so…
Retweeted by dagger enby @ScyneWaive I think our goblin brains are kindred spirits here but I am also disgusted @ScyneWaive What was in it previously @ScyneWaive WHAT @ScyneWaive Derek, I hate everything about this and it has nothing to do with the spoon but the fucking CHAOS occur… Parasite hurt me in ways I didn’t realize I could be hurt. What a fucking film. 😭My urge to literally push everyone away, block all my irls, ghost everyone, and just move to a new state with nothi… found it. i finally found my favorite tik tok
Retweeted by dagger enby5 drinks to get to know me: 1. cum 2. 3. 4. 5.
Retweeted by dagger enbyAh yeah forgot what that felt like for a minute but now I remember 🙃Oof I’m in a bad place right now“Grab a random object & send me a video of you nodding” little did they know 💁🏽‍♀️
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your post sucked so much shit so bad it just turned me from ESFP to INTJ in 2 seconds flat. your spinning my bitch wheel 99mph
Retweeted by dagger enbyConsume your collectibles @LMVTACAB @3AlexRobin brain wants one of two things: consume or COLLECT @OmegaGlodson Yeah but I got goblin brain it compels me either consume or COLLECT @jacky_mind Everyone’s reaction anytime I make an observation about myself out loud @lonelycaviar I already fuck myself for a living 💅🏼Really glad to have reaffirmed my role at parties as the weird bitch that sells nudes and is probably a goblin.Literally just introducing myself lmfao like I know immediately assumptions are going to be made so sometimes I jus… @ScyneWaive Site full of disgusting people making disgusting comments.Mitosis
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@jamesvan79 It’s all good, I just don’t identify with either binary gender so keeping it gender neutral is best for me @jamesvan79 Oof, not a ladyI did not see this on my own feed so I just wanted to highlight two Mexican gentlemen, butterfly activists and envi…
Retweeted by dagger enbyThis scared the living shit out of me for a solid minute 💀 @Mustbequeers This is the most horrific thing I’ve seen in days, hope you got ghost busters on speed dial @OmegaGlodson Honestly kind of had the same thought this morning after I did my makeup I was like “shit. I like mys…’s actually amazing how a new piercing and tattoo with a good night of sleep can change your life @VioletWanderers Colourpop orange palette idk what it’s called @ScyneWaive I am Kenzie, destroyer of god Nice two brand new videos for Valentine’s Day! Hoping to update content weekly (at the least). Thanks for subsc…
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We gay @ChaoticThey
Retweeted by dagger enbyYou love to see it 🥺💗 @FrickCaptchas B in LGBT stands for baja blast
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