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@BananaScribbler There are allegedly too many allegedlys in that sentence @BananaScribbler IMO, that child is still in SA, where he was last seen @Miowse22734721 Nobody looks happy, the Queen looks angry. What was the blackmail she had over this family. The all…
@BananaScribbler @salty_not_sweet @MailOnline Why don’t they just get lost @Remisagoodboy She eats them up and spits them out-literally, Remi @Remisagoodboy If he wasn’t an idiot before all of this, he certainly is now. WAKE UP Mr. Woke. She married you for… @things_royal She wants it all. She wanted worldwide coverage and she attained it. @Rose_Bella01 He’s too stupid Megan gets what Megan wantsone person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @kylieer She never cared about anyone except (me, myself, and I). She doesn’t like H ( treats him like a dog), she,… @BananaScribbler Why is her mouth always open? Talking about nothing again? Get a life. You left the BRF, now shut…
@tips_talk @oldcrow60 She got the world wide attention that she craved. If the media keep feeding their story, she… @grazia747 Good. Let her hide in a cave @Amy02134710 @MailOnline Is there a way we can make her “vanish”? I am so sick 🤒 of her.She wanted global headlines and she got them. When you least expect it, she will ghost 👻 you also. Wake up and smell the coffee ☕️ @grazia747 Wake up and realize that she married you for the status and $$$. Just how stupid are you? @TourreBakahai @grazia747 Ten years? What country do you live in. Buy a newspaper. @grazia747 If the environment was so toxic, why bother marrying into that “toxic environment”? Surely she knew what…
@eleishharvey1 Again, Bronzer on face, not on hands. Decide the Ethnic group to which you want to belong. The bronz… @CherylKate_News @8tsamystery Little Charlotte is so cute. Three beautiful children @grazia747 He is an IDIOT @kewgreene Can it be possible that the child does not even exist? Rent a @FurrryPotato @mmissy24 We can wish @grazia747 Cannot feel sorry for the “dimwit”. He asks for it
I am so sick and over those 2 🤡 +🤡 clowns. Can we please focus on William, the real heir and his family, and stop g… @grazia747 Perfect ❤️💕💗 @_ChelseaPrice @lovecambridges_ They are such a cute couple, unlike the 2 🤡 clowns . @LeeHWells @BananasRoyally @eleishharvey1 @RoyalReporter @piersmorgan @KTHopkins @richardaeden @voguemagazine @mll_kery Just seeing the Cambridge’s make me feel happy 😊 @mmissy24 @Pollenny1 Or, perhaps H doesn’t know that she is really 43. Is the baby still in SA, where we last saw him? @messymegsy @mll_kery How gorgeous is Catherine today. She so outshines the 🤡 clown. @Remisagoodboy The hair extensions have a life of their own. They just keep getting longer and longer @su_brompton @mmissy24 Then Hugh Grant is a MORON @AnnaAnd18907403 Let the sugars hate me. Blocking,block, blocked @BananaScribbler @MailOnline She is so beautiful @artbyskym Let them give the “no holds barred interview. Who gives a s__t @mll_kery Bronzer on face, white hands @artbyskym We have all been saying it since day one. TBRF cannot be surprised by any of this. What is SHE blackmailing them with
Plain and Simple-SHE IS A BITCH. Everything she has done from day one is to RUIN this family. They brought her into… @KissedFoot @EvilTwinGinger It says that she is a tramp and a whore. @tips_talk @BananaScribbler I have hated her from day one. My husband said that I was jealous I said not jealous- d… @mll_kery @kylieer They are 2 🤡 +🤡 clowns getting too much coverage. 2 has beens. She is suing the media. STOP GIVING HER WHAT SHE WANTS. @tips_talk Love ❤️ 💕 💗 the Cambridges @Remisagoodboy @KensingtonRoyal This couple is best thing to happen to the royal family in a long time. @tips_talk @Remisagoodboy @Iamstillskippy She made world wide headlines, her intent to rule the world. She is using… @Remisagoodboy @KensingtonRoyal 🙏🏻 Amen @grazia747 @sheridansmum Look at Harry’s eyes. He noticed it
@BreitbartNews @EvilTwinGinger This is the worst photo I have ever seen of her @CherylKate_News @lovecambridges_ So cute❤️💕 @BananaScribbler Tell Harry they have room in Antarctica for him. He can go and live with the penguins 🐧, although they may take offense. @BananaScribbler All true but her age. She is 43. Her father can produce a birth certificate dated 1977. @Lorrain94741983 @superscuba83 Please pray that she will strip their HRH @jessameepod Of course. But the Queen doesn’t
@BananaScribbler @MailOnline I thought the baby was still in SA, where we last saw him @Murky__Meg Everything @BananaScribbler Good to see you back @prince_scarf They cannot blame the Queen for sexism. SHE IS FEMALE @sheridansmum They did give into her too easily. I agreeThe only reason these talks with the Queen make sense is that she is also thinking ahead. We know her sister Margar… @artbyskym No doubt whatsoever that these 2 clowns 🤡 +🤡are on drugs. Big time
@AnnMald25109706 @grazia747 43Her face alone makes me cringeDiana was loved this clown 🤡 is loathed @superscuba83 I am sorry to say this, but she deserves a fait worse than Diana @superscuba83 So am I. Horrible. She is the Queen, and I have always loved her, but this is a huge mistake. What ki… @grazia747 @Opus1l Things are summed up quite nicely with a 🎁 bow.Great job. @eleishharvey1 @BananaScribbler Especially white all of this going on. We need her back @eleishharvey1 @BananaScribbler I miss her wit. Not the same wo her @eleishharvey1 @Remisagoodboy @BananaScribbler I hope notPlease vote everyone!
Retweeted by vistaShould #HarryandMeghan relinquish their Royal titles? Please retweet after voting for greater sample #Megxit #RoyalFamily
Retweeted by vista @artbyskym What happened to his nose? Was he in a 🥊 boxing match? @grazia747 On her, these items all look like bargain basement buys
@eleishharvey1 @CABRAXAS10 I think he’s still in SA @grazia747 Right on the money 💰 💴 💵 again @Silvqueen @superscuba83 After Andrew’s faut pas, it’s going to be a mess @sheridansmum @cookiemama1961 @grazia747 Blackmail by MM @LondonOutlander @MicheleArbour8 McDonols is too good for him @cookiemama1961 @grazia747 I really hate her @Remisagoodboy @mll_kery I think Archie is still in SA @grazia747 Excellent
@BananaScribbler @Kelmerica78 If they are going private, writing books, selling schmatas, etc.,let them pay for th… @BananaScribbler @Kelmerica78 Please and thank you. But do it NOW. @grazia747 About time, and not a minute too soon @superscuba83 There is zero doubt that it was planned: 1) it came out on DofC Birtday 2) she wanted world wide atte… @superscuba83 Liars,con artists, and Archie is still in SA, where we last saw him (if he exists). @mll_kery IMO, he is still in SA, where we last saw him (if he exists)Continued support? The Brits have supported dimwit (credit Grazia) for his entire life.She accomplished her goal.Worldwide headlines to coincide with Catherine’s Birthday What a b___h @TKCminx @mll_kery She is senior. She’s 43 years old and his senior by 8 years. 2 🤡+🤡 @mll_kery I encourage both of you🤡+🤡 to be stripped from HRH titles and go to Antarctica. Live with the penguins 🐧 🐧 @eleishharvey1 @HumptyD49831913 She did this for media attention. Next, she’ll write a book @superscuba83 Next comes a book. More $$$$ @grazia747 This was always her goal. She got worldwide headlines yesterday for stepping back and she craves headlines More attention
@grazia747 If you plan on wearing false eyelashes, at least glue them on correctly @grazia747 Just leave. Pack, don’t pack, we do not care. Just go away @Remisagoodboy @Mesmerizin_Eyes Waving bye 👋 bye to H +MM @summersparks56 Archie can’t be impressed. 1) he is too young? 2) he may still be in SA @BananaScribbler Absolutely @BananaScribbler Best news ever