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@ClarenceHouse I am a child of Holocaust survivors. Most of my father’s and mother’s family were killed in the war… he is so insightful into our feelings, when he wore the Natzi uniform where was the insight then. The are many c… was told that Charlotte was bullied at the dress fitting. She was told Moomoos daughter was told she was speci…’s her, right? That’s not a costume, right my ass. @LouLouLa10 Why is an American living in America flying a British Flag? It is not Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Fl… will we finally get to the bottom of this pregnancy. The size changes by the minute( high-low, big-small, she… She doe not look pregnant at all in this position. Bloated at the most. Where is the moonbump I think I stumbled on something pretty significant. LOOK AT THE FOLDS UNDER HER STOMACH. 👀🤨🤔🧐 Let me know your t…
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This is my favourite shot of them-it says it all: 1.Rude-pushes her way in 2.Has to ALWAYS be center of attention… advance orders available. I love reading how much she likes to talk about herself. Also, as none of her outfits… live in the USA. I will gladly give you 2 ex British Royals back for one bag of m&m’s. a sweet child. is H always so miserable? I’m glad it is separate speeches, H venom can’t rub off on William and Catherine and… does every person who criticises her publicly(TV, radio.etc.) get fired? We live in a country where we are so p… sure her voice was heard? She’ll stand on a street corner yelling to be heard (while trying to talk over every… most photos she is seen pushing him around and talking over him. I HATE THAT. Don’t interrupt your spouse when h… @cat_voltaire @Murky__Meg IMO she is a fruitcake!This country is a Democracy. We went to war so that we can have an open ,Democratic, two party government. Unfortun…
First project wo charitable angle. 😂 😂 😂 Soho project. Yachting project. 6 piece wardrobe project(we all know the N… look heartbroken without🤡+🤡🤷‍♀️🤔 @PeggyStyle Diana was one of a kind. Her sons will be heartbroken all over with the Memorial Statue. Heartbreaking… and his first wife- never. Diana died tragically at a very young age. The world including myself was devastate…’s fame was something we never saw b4 in the BRF. I feel that Catherine will surpass that, if it is possible.… May 1990: Princess Diana arrives in Budapest, Hungary for a 4 day official visit with Prince Charles who flew in…
Retweeted by vistaOnly in their own minds. Not in real life. marriage almost cost your Grandmother the Monarchy. The next time you do something like a kindergarten tell al… photographer made the leaves, plants,grass, etc., to look grey, blending in with the clothing. The photographer… love the way Catherine coordinates them. They all look so polished is how a normal young royal couple present a child. Or, the opposite of what the harkls did.’s Birthday and Vaccine Equity in the same sentence. Easy- vaccine equity is crucial so that the whole world… should go to a Heads Together office and get a family rate for mental help for himself, his wife, and possibly… @scobie it’s only odd or strange bc the bunch of you morons didn’t think of it first. You are a hateful person Scooby. @Murky__Meg I love itHe’s not even sure what he wanted. He starts a sentence and she chimes in, then he looks at the ground as if this i…
We often hear that people get what they deserve. Classic example, Classy Duchess, great wife and mother. Kind and b… @WomenofWindsor Being tall and lean is the perfect body for those long elegant coats. On a short woman with a full… her statuesque figure, Catherine will still be beautiful in a burlap sack. Having a tall and lean athletic bod… @boxmontessori WhatI love the Queen, Cambridges,Prince of Wales,Princess Royal and the Wessexes. Your Majesty, HRH Prince of Wales, th… @MctavishAnne @Murky__Meg Who wants to see the back of a random child? I love children, especially babies. What nor… person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Sarts31547234 @Sukiweeks Eugenie and Beatrice are princesses, granddaughters, Lady Louise is a granddaughter like…
So if Eugenie and Beatrice are Princesses, why is Louise Lady and James Viscount? I know the Queen is said to favou… @Sukiweeks JCMH and MM declined a title saying they want there son to have a “normal” childhood. So the Queen is gi… @prince_scarf I think it’s sweet. @isaguor @lovecambridges_ I think it’s a sweet gift for Charlotte when she gardens with Mom. I have one. @it_real1 Bc Megan gets what she wants and she said no titles for my baby when asked @Reashelby1 @Femail Kiss my assI hope everyone with a mixed cultural family reads this. Megan went to private school payed for by her white father… @things_royal It does not add up. There is something they didn’t spill. @artbyskym I honestly think 🤔 he does not exist @artbyskym No @things_royal Let’s not forget she said “net” not gross. Net could mean an extra .01% per book. She could maybe add…
@TheToadours It’s too easy to figure her out. The other was was unheard of. MM book, no matter how bad, will sell m… @gofakeyourselfM Why does JCMH always look so happy?I started a Daily Mail article! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Did Meghan Markle COPY children's author with The Bench?
Retweeted by vistaThey actually started reading it in 2018 when a different author wrote the same book Dad doesn’t have a relationship with your son. As a matter of fact, have they even met? always thought that TM wld b great in the RF. He may not b posh or regal, but he’s a big, warm teddybear w/ a lov…
Retweeted by vistaShe stole engagement Chicken 🐓 from Ina Garten. Most of her outfits are also stolen, but from Diana. She has yet to…
MM says she can fake cry and lie to directors about fake union ID Markle admits she can do THIS trick - but has she used it on Prince Harry?
Retweeted by vistaMeghan Markle admits she can do THIS trick - but has she used it on Prince Harry?,hopefully soon to be an ex-duchess, wrote a book about “FATHERS”. I think it must be based on the loving and swe…
Prince H can use information. The Natzis tried to wipe out an ENTIRE religion and H wore a Natzi uniform. Anyone wh… strip their titles. They don’t deserve them. She’s evil. people who applauded him couldn’t possibly know to what extent he lied and threw his family under the bus
You can doubt her all you want but the person working at Givenchy saw her mistreat Charlotte, who wasn’t quite 3 ye… even stole the “Engagement Chicken 🐓 “ from Ina Garten. did you do it? is maturing in front of our eyes. Thank you to Duchess Catherine for the updated photos
She was not truthful, O. She lied. She lied 18 to twenty times and they new. Race card- prove it. Archie not given… and hair like a “supermodel”. She is a natural beauty. Prince William will have to fight the suitors off.… answer is always yes when MM or money 💵 is involved thought it was done like this a title for their son, you twit, she cried and begged on O for him to get Prince and HRH. Have you been in… phone is Apple, I get Apple TV on my Apple phone, so they stepped away from social media to get paid by being on… don’t think a photo of Charlotte would hurt the sport embargo. Apple is and has been social media, and Oprah tell all was just gossip, so they stepped back from social medi… love your graphics. Spot on can she scratch her crotch in public? Didn’t he tell her in public there was always a photo op. Did she forget… also may have been wrong for every word coming out of her mouth and she probably will continue to be someone wh… are rude and a bully. You can use your racist card when you get in trouble but you picked on a child. You are t… is a liar. They found almost twenty discrepancies in her Oprah conversation aka lies. Who wants a liar in their… understood what she was doing, she was cruel to a child. Who does that. She made fun of Catherine, she knew she…
I will boycott. They make me sick just don’t give a damn. Save your💵💴, you will need it when your future ex wife leaves you
The look like they are in a Broadway musical. Her outfit is spectacular is a beautiful close up and the second is not in focus so that rent-an-Archie is not even visible and her dress… people followed me // automatically checked by Anniversary to the couple who are a shining example that not only is the BRF surviving, but THRIVING. Wishing…
@MarcyGayle2 The answer to that would be a secret. @theroyaleditor Tuff bananasHappy Anniversary. It made me feel great to see you both so happy. Best of luck.💐💕🎈 CARES? I THINK SHE HAS DONE MORE THAN ENOUGH DAMAGE TO THE BRF betting for William and Kates anniversary is Meghan rushed in with labour pains. She will then be stabilised in…
Retweeted by vista @EnglishCoastUK If I lived in 🇬🇧 UK, I would boo. @duchesskatex First