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chapix @ChapixFN Craggy Cliffs

17 FA -Just believe 🙏| 12x Cash cup winner |WC Qualifer | TRIO FNCS WINNER respect @threatsfn

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whats the best double movment settings
feel like punching 30 chickens right now thats how angry i ampads are so stupid LOL @Mongraal wanted to ratio but didnt know it was mongraal but ratio anyways @bugha lol ratio
@taysonFN yo bro i can coach yout2 t1 pros dont dm me if i dont know you im quald and theres nothing to do dm me if you want help qualifing to grands/heats (must pay im god coach)LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG I QUALD W MY BEST TRIO I LOVE @hentvv @JannisZFN sweaty in grands🏆🏆 i cba today was most unlucky tourney ever @MerijnFN u need to start working on ur igling#kingsoflowgroundyo guys wanna hear a funny joke solo cash cupsnice 13 kills 22 people left and my game freezes on highground #letsgo
@aquaa ONLY HEIGHT TOMORROWONLY HEIGHT TOMORROW @Refsgaaard bro i though u were working out where are u life is like toaliett paper, because ur either taking SHIT or ur on a roll🧻OMFG I GOT A BANGER TWEET IN 2 MINUTES PUT NOTIS AND EVERYTHING LIFE CHANGING @QueasyFN nah we dont careFNCS ROUND 2 TOMMROW
@Mongraal THROUGH OPENS🙌 FNCS grand final @hentvv But u still getting awarness checked by @Ditrxx
@Jur3ky No who cares @Jur3ky whogonna go workout guys cya in 2 hours o jordnåtsås o kycling @JannisZFN and u still getting awarness checked by @Ditrxx @Mongraal Blocked by mongraal check @QueasyFN @Endretta he means u have no skill @Endretta WTF1st place rival rock ($1800) my back hurts🐍 be ready @Mongraal Best soundtracks ever no anime comes closewhen things are going right always something that goes left @rezonay_ top 1 cringest moment
@taysonFN bro dont leak @JannisZFN kills check? this is like winning 6 cash cups1st place bugha cup ($14000) my back is hurting ggs @backpacknr1 @backpacknr2 @FNGamepedia @bugha Ok thanksstill need like 20 more @benjyfishy 2 MORE DAYS OF FORTNITEim not lying right now im streaming for a year straight day 1 starting in 2 weeks
why does every dm end with them asking for a fb?making 8s discord with tokens pros dm me (this will be active i can feel it) @wak1e i miss ratio @stepsisMaja streama🙏🙏🙏 @crr i give ratio @stepsisMaja Tjena w @hentvv and @JannisZFN
need 2 for NA either eu or NA pros pref NAwhy was this cash cup so weird? why points so high? why are we playing against fkn drones at 120 pointsget me off this cash cupman sometimes i forget my mouse is wireless i legit havent charged it for like 6 months idk how its still working
@ohmilann next trio fncs winner @AdnFN_ @Michaelfnr_ @Krizzii1 stfu @SEBBY1X then ur not good enoughlol when it comes to solos my brain stops working
@Mongraal . @Mongraal You fell off make better content + ratio. @InkedGaming WHERE IS MY MOUSEPAD BEEN WAITING 2 MONTHS
-500$Is there some settings i should know some op 1sIt says 60hz how to a enable 120hz @scollie42_ been waiting for that
@JannisZFN mabye this ratio will help @JannisZFN exitlag @Khanada hahahah how can you talk and play like dat at the sametime @Endretta @MrSavage @WillyGFN @IDropfn @intelQv @Styrsix @xkumu did you miss out on zonies to go drink a big cola or what @Mongraal ur gonna be on a disadvantage but on a advanage aswell cuz its ur own triowhat songs do girls likes quick hurry up shes in my spotify partylook what happens when there is a imposter @DeyyFN smh
playing this w @hentvv n @JannisZFN play so much better when u shave ur arm pits cuz u dont sweat @JannisZFN team* @rezonay_ @taysonFN @venofn be careful bro @venofn have a backup plan rdy300 points first hour and then just griefed cuz we dont have anonymous mode on nicethis has to be the most cringe thing i have ever played, kids pushing in craggy to sit on height for 10 minutes10 kills 0 pads :)need 2 pros for bugha in 20 mins @MeroFN @QueasyFN @DegenFN just the EU degen bro dont trip
@DeyyFN bro???? RATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @wak1e kebab pizzan är redan nere i magen bre @mamaJannisZ hbd thanks for creating such a good support player 🎂🥳if your a pro semi pro even a begnnier in fortnite never EVER put how many heats u have made in ur biocreating bugha dc customs t1 t2 pros dm me for invite (no UK people besides some uk people). @bugha yo why didnt i get the skin you aint smoking a biggie with me no more is it legal to get a own aparatment?Eid mubarek🌙 @SEBBY1X @Eclipsae bro have u already started smoking the biggies without meHOLY DEYY IS CRAZYYYYYY @bubakfn_ @Finnex yo bro u got the clip for research purposes