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Charlie Greenman®️ @char_greenman Jerusalem, IL / Manhattan, NY

Founder + Software Architect @_Razroo. "Won't stop 'til drop" persistence

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Added to wishlist @ Jerusalem, Israel gradient tip: drop stops for a hint sometimes a transition hint is more succinct than color stops and sets up…
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“And it’s a good thing that mistakes are being made, because that means decisions are being made along the way” - Steve Jobs year, I will not listen to any music during the 3 weeks, period. If I don't, I don't think these 3 weeks will… @nissimofficial #Win 💯
@elyktrix I would say, I already bought your domain#handlebars @ Jerusalem, Israel newsletter coming next week. uploading... #razroo #angular #newsletter #weekly
Retweeted by Charlie Greenman®️i wish I could go into more detail, but I can't. but holy smokes, headless cms'sNot by any means what keeps it going, but definitely motivating when attempting to dig deepIt’s the dynamic of anti-Semitism that keeps the midnight oil burning on nights like tonight @haysstanford No | YesSometimes when I’m bored, and restricted to one location, without going into details I like watching old commercial… @import_alise @hmason Ha @hmason @import_alise Why? (One word answer for kicks)
much to learn from short shorts ironically crashing websitesThere is much to learn in the way of short shorts @naltatis Incredible @elonmusk if this makes you laugh, it makes it all worth it @lucas_kardo @dabit3 @AWSAmplify agreed, amplify is a game changerOy @ Jerusalem, Israel having fun with one of these automated texts that made its way to me today @ Jerusalem, Israel a post about Picture-in-Picture, a now stable feature, on LinkedIn:
Haven’t had one of these in ages. Figured why not @ Jerusalem, Israel is much more to discuss beyond this, such as videos. Still thinking on this one.The only issue is that there would have to be a certain something in there that says, I understand what I am saying… like a grammarly for political correctness. Given the current climate, I think this is the singular best… getting out there in the current climate, especially when we need it most. My simple solution. Social media, Tw…, great, so maybe I should express how I feel on social media. Ok great, I’ll go and talk about it with some my f… medium in between perhapsTo be honest, I sort of agree with censorship at this point. I’m honestly afraid to talk about anything, even if I… of speechLove this song #karvah @ Jerusalem, Israel this song #karvah @ Jerusalem, Israel
Barbell Shoulder press 6 * 52kg 6 * 52kg 5 * 52kg Dumbbell Shoulder Raise 6 * 12kg 6 * 10kg 5 * 12kg Face Pull 8 *… to $LMND ( Ultimately, a tremendous success story, and I think it will wor… @Apple
2020 yes, I just figured out, but still, that took me sometimeFor instance great great project is name of project, but how do I know what the name of my project is?for real, why is it sometimes that the angular cli is so difficult to find out the proper documentation. Great, but… night, courtesy of AWS #amplify are a great exercise for the back. Here, I do 10 of them with each hand and then the last 10 with both hands.…
Retweeted by Charlie Greenman®️woo! Lets go @theturntjew ha, I like these "I know a spot" tweets. I'm re-tweeting this, we need get more of your content out there!!! Woo! Let's go#bicepsday #chestday #razroo @ Jerusalem, Israel to wish list @ Jerusalem, Israel @theturntjew Eh @kaltepeter Very very cool. Going to try and implement this and put into book if possible @Aimee_Knight
Just put out an order @ Jerusalem, Israel put out an order for this now: wish there was a way to put CLI commands, used to generate code into commit messagesSometimes we sing #kahechsof @ Jerusalem, Israel
#chestday #tricepsday #razroo @ Jerusalem, Israel @import_alise @netflix Incredible! Very happy for you :) Always very nice to hear wonderful newsI had 2 friends that were arguing about office space. I told them to kick each other butts and now I have 1 friend @theturntjew Ha
darn, this is so good: to osher ad aka the Walmart of #Israel for the first time ever!!! Had to pick up a whole lot of essentials thi… biggie was just so positive, "and it's all still good", one of the most powerful lines ever#shmayan #keeppushingit #keepontrying those following:
#goodshabbos #weekend #swagger #yeshivish @NoSQLKnowHow Ha, agreed @NoSQLKnowHow 6’4 is definitely taller than most. Don’t think I’ve met a 6’4 dev in my entire life actually. I’m pe…וַאֲהַבְתֶּם אֶת הַגֵּר כִּי גֵרִים הֱיִיתֶם בְּאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם @elonmusk 303k likes the universe @NoSQLKnowHow How big and tall are you? Also, what about standing desks? @kaltepeter @github That’s a good internal slack to be in#forthegram #butontwitter I bite into Chollent on shabbos/sabbath that’s my zen moment, and the better it is, the more zen for the week… not perfect quite like was before, but getting there. Introduced ribs this week, and remembered to add salt +…
@manekinekko Figured as much @manekinekko Ok, and you see more benefit using angular over gatsby for instance? @manekinekko wait, I'm confused. Isn't a static site generator a cornerstone of the JAMstack?loving the new @github UI by the way @manekinekko favorite static site/site generator? @manekinekko woh, that was quickSome of my greatest work. It would be a shame if I didn’t share the result of absolute boredom
#acehood #ruffriders #motorcycle #hustle @ Jerusalem, Israel @DeborahKurata Happens to me all the time. I convince myself I’m crazy, and then I remind myself I’m just human
Does anyone know if there is a way I can make @instagram + @Facebook stories without me seeing, who is looking at… thirsty my friends #dosequis #backday #bicepsday
Retweeted by Charlie Greenman®️ @lironn_h Cool @BenLesh I feel like before the shadow Dom came around, css mastery was more technical. Now less so, but still requ… just published Elegantly Manage SVG Icons in Angular Applications
Retweeted by Charlie Greenman®️Episode 15 of trying to do my Israeli taxes 🤦‍♂️These days I only come here maybe once every two months, but when I do, I feel blessed. If I could tell the job rec… nights sleep I’ve had in months #Kosherphone #forthewin
@AdamMGrant’m going to go to the park tomorrow. Park days are usually plotting daysKeepin’ it Kosher #mmmkosher @ Jerusalem, Israel else feel like a savage when they turn on both the laundry and dryer machine? Like woh look at me I’m both l…
@jeffbcross @jeffbcross @Nick_Offerman @nrwl_io Ha, unexpected response, I like it @jeffbcross @Nick_Offerman Ha, Jeff have you ever thought of making a @nrwl_io calendar ?