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Alanah Pearce @Charalanahzard Australian in Los Angeles

Writer/host @InsideGaming & @Funhausteam. Creator #PlayWatchListen & @RLOCpodcast. Board member @CheckpointOrg. Human Snorlax. Management:

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@VideoManChris Hey, thank you ❤️
@Caiti Lol fuck I only just saw thisHotCoffee.mp4 @BlondeNerd @andrearene @steimer Just tell me when, my loves @AH_Michael I bet it’s just a copy of Quake anyway 🙄 @CrankGameplays @AH_Michael Sounds dumb @_rufhaus ❤️ @steimer @BlondeNerd @andrearene Baby 😭 @BlondeNerd You guys, this set is GORGEOUS. @andrearene @steimer @DaveMilbo What white bullshit is this @RayNarvaezJr Lol fuck I’m going to do this tonight thanks @skydart Wait what the fuck @jose_otero Jose 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️❤️❤️ @LeftyLoggy I just think the way it pairs the actual platform with the gameplay is so smart. @maudegarrett @GavinFree 😬 @DaveOshry Exact same for me, though I feel like I remember 64 the least and haven’t touched it since I was a kid. @word_waster @UnlimitedBitsG @mattthebassman We’ll see about that @lucyjamesgames @KURT_INDOVINA Images you can hear @BraydNem Oxenfree was actually originally on Xbox!
@UnlimitedBitsG @Sidea123456 @mattthebassman Of course it’s bad. @ShayRaeInGame @DustinLaWheat Yeah, Steam and the eShop are both full of cash-grab crap. We just ignore it there. @UnlimitedBitsG I know? I’m not saying they’re all good? I’m just saying they aren’t all bad. @Aka_Robbie_Ray I was told I am not allowed to include games on other platforms because apparently that’s cheating :P @word_waster @UnlimitedBitsG @mattthebassman Mobile gaming growth is enormous, though. If they’re turning people aw… @LukeGoBlue42 🙄 @Masongham @Dok_Frank You’re replying to a tweet where I listed games that do not do that, fam. @DustinLaWheat Plenty of mobile games are garbage. I’m not arguing that. I just think people often grossly dismiss… @MrComplainerrrr Great, now you’ve heard of more of them! @jeroenroding It is absolutely my number 1. @Sidea123456 @UnlimitedBitsG @mattthebassman This is not bad for the industry. Bad for consumers who don’t like mic… @word_waster @UnlimitedBitsG @mattthebassman To be clear: this is not bad for the games industry. It is extremely p… those asking me to list *ANY* good mobile games, here are some recommendations: Florence, Monument Valley 1 & 2… @ECHO_Bri @mattthebassman Yes, the rule is “mobile games are not inherently bad.” The phrasing of that actually imp… @Patat0r @mattthebassman My tweet says mobile games are not inherently bad. They are not. He said he disagrees, imp… @UnlimitedBitsG @mattthebassman Curious: how are they bad for the industry? @EXTERMINATOR787 @mattthebassman There are plenty, but I highly recommend Florence. @thaddeusPrime 3C 🥰 @mattthebassman That does not mean it applies to all of them. @natasha_IRL ❤️ @Gameonysus @Super_Crip1994 This is really sweet, thank you both so much. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have he… @Jaxern Bro Perfect Dark with the expansion pack is so goddamn underrated i can’t @borbsauce 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️Mobile games are not inherently bad, or made without a passionate dev team, or flooded with ads or pop-ups, or chea… @PezRadar I just want to make my ~fitness life~ more social. Hiking, climbing, driving range, maybe play some tenni… @BGibbles Blaine @therealcliffyb @msdanifernandez 🤔 weird @JennaLynnMeowri Okay 👀 @MysticUltima @DanielKennedyDK 100% @lucyjamesgames @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks Honestly I think I’d go with second. @agentbizzle @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks Hahahahhaahahaha fuck @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks What is the ideal time to finish in a bukkake? Like, y… @alexmonney yeah fam @andrearene LET ME AT HIM @jasonschreier Well. He tried not to make it sound entirely like a marketing spiel, I guess. I mean he failed, but he tried.
@NSSteph ...this made me homesick @casteelsfeels @jasonsoprovich @cheezit Hmm, this IS pretty solid proof. @oranicuhh THIS IS VERY GOOD @corybarlog @I3ERALAI @RubberNinja Oh, no, this one is real. @NyuuErin @I3ERALAI @RubberNinja Nakes instead of nudes. I like it. @LFC @I3ERALAI @RubberNinja I have deep fakes. That’s the point. People absolutely contact me saying ‘OH NO A VIDEO OF Y… @DanielKennedyDK Nothing quite like supporting one of the best teams in the entire world right now, yet somehow sim… @DanielKennedyDK I cheered so hard I hurt myself @seriouslyclara 👀 @RubberNinja I think we’re already there, honestly 🤷🏼‍♀️ @DaveMilbo Good tweet @kateburning @ZachariusD I CAN BE YOUR BACKPACK WHILE YOU RUN @ZachariusD Was really hoping this would be backpack yoda. A little disappointed in you tbh. @Jack_Septic_Eye @timthetatman Oh shit better cut them off @Jack_Septic_Eye @timthetatman What specifically about that do you consider to mean it “didn’t work” @the_vampire_cat @TroyBakerVA @awintory Thank you so much!! @lucyjamesgames @mmahardy What Lucy said @ZachariusD Photoshopped @youssefmaguid Fucking hell I just bought it last weekFriendly reminder that THIS SATURDAY a bunch of lovely people (like @SethGreen @TroyBakerVA @joelmchale @SamWitwer @Julicitizen @BlackJonin No. @hexsteph I’ll admit I put ACTUAL THOUGHT into making him a little bigger next to the phrase “ugly bitch”. @Dan63938858 @lalalina1389 I definitely did not block his name for any legal reasons, I’m not worried about that at… @the_vampire_cat @TroyBakerVA @awintory It’s a monthly podcast, we’re live the last Friday of every month! So, it’l… @robmichh HEY DON’T KNOCK MY CHILDHOOD @BlackJonin Happy for you, bud. I have always found ‘lol you replied I don’t even care what you have to say omg’ to… @BlackJonin 1. I didn’t see it the first time. I don’t look at messages often. 2. Why would I want to have a conver… @GameOverGreggy @TheDCUniverse @lakebell K I N G S H A R K @paullloyd10 @megadadsblog HMU @Plaid_N_Glasses @AchievementHunt @JeremyNDooley @_TrevorC 👀 @Mikelocalypse @Acuna_Matata Yes. YESSSSSS! @timchambers431 Thank you so much :D. We just got an editor so audio should be smoother going forward, I was doing… @KingSigy @TimRoseJr @Gamer_Ely I don’t post based on how popular I think things will be, but you are so correct it… @lalalina1389 @JamesGr48228341 @Dan63938858 @DiscussKing Also: pretty often if I block a guy who has asked me out (… @Gamer_Ely @empirestateofkh Yeah, I understand that you could be shocked and think ‘this must be prevented!!!’ but… @T1mCurrey @itsmaddiemery @empirestateofkh @Gamer_Ely Part of my point is they don’t. I respond to positivity more… @BlankOmega64 @empirestateofkh @Gamer_Ely Yes, but people would have done that regardless. It happens to actual cel… @empirestateofkh @Gamer_Ely ‘Attracting more trolls’ isn’t an issue. The scale is so large anyway - there are hundr… @empirestateofkh @Gamer_Ely This is a particular thing I’m susprirsed I have to explain so often: imagine you get h… @Gamer_Ely My theory is that content creators do share positivity plenty, but audiences notice the negativity more,…
@Mrmikeus @JamesGr48228341 @Dan63938858 Thanks. Here’s the last time I shared a comment on Twitter, fyi. @Mrmikeus @JamesGr48228341 @Dan63938858 I guess you see one tweet from me every... three months then maybe? @Mrmikeus @JamesGr48228341 @Dan63938858 You think I post every negative comment I get? Are you joking? It’d be all… @JamesGr48228341 @Dan63938858 I hid his name and his picture and shared it on a completely different social media p…