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Alanah Pearce @Charalanahzard Australian in Los Angeles

Writer/host/actor. Producer @RoosterTeeth. Creator of #PlayWatchListen & @RLOCpodcast. Board member @CheckpointOrg. Management:

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@corybarlog ... wait @Jeremy_Yates @soria_sancho @gameplayAnim !!!!!!! @corybarlog I CALL MY MOTHER WITH PROBABLY ANNOYING FREQUENCY, I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW @corybarlog OKAY DAD @Starkk_001 @Carpet__ @IGN Bruh tell me you didn’t just say something incredibly racist this casually @ProdByDetroit @Bankslvrd It’s like you didn’t watch the show???
@SnugglesSgt @Boogie2988 @Naughty_Dog @TaylorGuitars @PlayStation Oh fuck I want but absolutely can not afford this. @Haffsa_Says 🤷🏼‍♀️🤍🥰😒✌🏻👍🏻 @Patgordonlee Yes, I recommend you stay inside while you eat out. @joaquinopu Disagree. Eat out in the Philippines. Women worldwide deserve this. @davidcbeaudoin I would recommend eating out in your own home tbh. I think curbside might be illegal/you could get… @CamTheNugget Stay in and eat out. @itsgreywal Hey Greywal did you know this is a joke about giving women oral sex @RandomJPG @Dan63938858 Hey man I’m making a joke about going down on women @tha_rami I have a brand and I work very hard to maintain it @foghornnn @Dan63938858 Did you just immediately private your account because you did not get my cunnilingus joke? @foghornnn @Dan63938858 Hey man I’m making a cunnilingus joke @Dan63938858 Everyone can afford to eat out. @xpatriciah It’s always helpful, Patricia.Honestly I think “Eat Out to Help Out” is an initiative we can all really get behind. Do your part, eat out. @LivEchoLFC Love u boss man @VirgilvDijk @MaximumCortez Ok thank you carry on @Meg_Kaylee I have gotten dressed like three times in the last two months. PJs all day every day. @MaximumCortez Andy @jacquicollins_ It took me way too long to figure out how that works anatomically but I finally got there. @NaomiKyle Big fan, personally @jacquicollins_ ...what is it? @BrianPShea I want both please tell me if it happens @BrianPShea OOOOOOOH SON @Neil_Druckmann @MaximumCortez I’ll have you know I played with that dog for a VERY long time @MaximumCortez @Neil_Druckmann NOOOOOOOOOOO 😭 @MaximumCortez @Neil_Druckmann Wait, what happens if you do? @ReckoningGame BRO YES @BeckyBocka @Channel4 @BFI @thisisblink WHAAAAAAT @Boogie2988 HONK IF U HONK JESUS SAVES IF U LOVE LOVE JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS
@KrystinaArielle I generally get “attention whore” on literally everything I do at all times always like even if I… @dylanoronde @AldenDgrant @ChrisRGun You’re fine, I wasn’t responding to you! @AldenDgrant @dylanoronde @ChrisRGun though I didn’t say shit like this before a week ago 🤔 @EmeraldInfinite @ChrisRGun This is incredibly true @ChrisRGun Tbh I’m into it @TMar15 It is possible. @inopmin Crunch and abuse are bad!!! @loudmouthjulia HEY GIRL HEY @therealcliffyb A lot of changes to virtually everything since AT&T acquired them. Can speak to that as a human who… @Joabyjojo Useless, honestly @F4ntixX I loved the Harry Potter PC games I played as a kid (even though I remember them being sorta bad?) I’m ver… @sck8182 @IGN Uhhh speak for yourself I will take more Left 4 Dead until I dieI am also interested in buying WB Games, publisher of Batman: Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat 11. I can’t afford… @IGN 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
@tetrisbossmanR I think it is advantageous to enjoy all of the current consoles, as well as having a PC, so long as you can afford to do so. @voguemaster @SeanWil31643062 @seriouslyclara I’m cooking more than i ever have! @_GeorgeGlynn @awintory @TroyBakerVA @mikeBithell Honestly, I get a little more of that while we’re recording, too ❤️ @ryancoltlevy @awintory @TroyBakerVA @mikeBithell Thank you 🤍🤍🤍 @DarthBurrit0 @awintory @TroyBakerVA @mikeBithell WE CAN ALMOST DRINK!To celebrate 20 episodes of #PlayWatchListen, we’re going LIVE this week! Join me, @awintory @TroyBakerVA &… @SeanWil31643062 @seriouslyclara I gained 15 at first (I blame living with boyfriend at the time who would inject m… @RaisinsOriginal @seriouslyclara Aw, this was honestly really nice to read. Thank you for sharing 🥰 @eizak_ Posting this here to hold you accountable. If you continue to harass me, which you have been doing relentle… @IGN Holy shit I forgot this existed @Xbox @summergamefest @geoffkeighley @YouTubeGaming ayy lmao @maudegarrett @ConradMattD Ok bro, whatever makes you feel better. You obviously keep tagging me because you need that attention… @ConradMattD As far as I can see, you’re the only one who has been rude here, but I also have no control over what… @Todd_McFarlane 😍 @ConradMattD Bro imma just suggest you spend a little less time on the internet, it has clearly politicized you way… @aretwo_deetwo @MerryKish Yeah, though the coffee helps too. @ConradMattD You’re welcome? @ConradMattD If you, totally unprompted, try to insult a bunch of people on the way they look (and you did it very… @ConradMattD All I did was warn other asthmatics about pollution from fireworks. I did not once complain about an A… @MerryKish I make a scrub of olive oil, coffee, cinnamon, and raw sugar and use it on my face/skin once every two w… @ConradMattD Oh my god. I cannot believe how little Americans know about how their own immigration system works. Th… @HavokRose YUP @ConradMattD No, I can’t. My visa is literally tied to living in LA, it is not “flexible” at all. I also never comp… @JackVan1996 @ConradMattD Any existing air pollution in LA is also never an issue for my asthma. This is literally… @erzei It was announced quite some time ago! I’ve been playing it for almost a week. @ConradMattD Funnily enough, that’s not even true. I left a high paying job to move to the US for a 50% LESSER sala… @seriouslyclara I think I just only buy ‘healthy’ groceries (fruit, veggies, grains, some meat), and that slowly be… @seriouslyclara I sorta fucked up on money by replacing furniture but the weight loss definitely keeps happening. I… @BrandonRahl They were largely set off completely illegally. People just don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️. @ConradMattD Oh so there’s no point in mentioning that I’m on a visa tied to my job in Los Angeles and I’d be in th… @ConradMattD I’m not a streamer, Matt. @nappster28 The problem is really that I’ve had my windows open. I’ve been so short of breath I’ve also just felt r…’ve had a ton of trouble breathing the last two days. Called my doctor this morning and it turns out the air quali… @Nehalia Hm, you know, I think I needed to read this tweet. I hadn’t thought about it that way but I think you’re probably right. @HavokRose I really want to do this @Jeesseessee HOW OLD ARE YOU @SmoshIan Look what you’ve done. @KardinalPlays 🥰 @mc_lotta @snowfIakeboy @InsideGaming @_rufhaus @snackary_ @HandsomeMaster2 Neither lol. HAPPY SUNDAY! @WhiteHouse Thought it might be the Dutch flag at first but then I realised it’s purple, not blue. Damn.
@expectproblems Absolutely not. @ElPrezAU @chainedchaos31 @booncotter I mean I could have BOUGHT storage but it wasn’t difficult to make everything… @chainedchaos31 @booncotter In the other cupboards! @booncotter NOT A JOKE @booncotter 1. Yes 2. Because I live in a studio that didn’t come with any actual wardrobe or other clothing storag… @Joe_Gatto I’m just a bit busy this year. Thank you for your question. Next. @MarkosMartong Yes, yes, you’re right. It is a good thing I am not running for president. @Rurouni1029 Yes