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Alanah Pearce @Charalanahzard Australian in Los Angeles

Writer/producer @InsideGaming @FunhausTeam. Voices in #Cyberpunk2077 #Gears5 #Afterparty. Board member @CheckpointOrg. Management:

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@itsKaylaErin @ThatBellaKidd @CoraleaJade @Haydencfitness Lol I miss QLD @stevesaylor Yes Steeeeeve! ❤️If you’re not watching/listening to #PlayWatchListen, this is what you’re missing: @Charalanahzard @TroyBakerVA
Retweeted by Alanah Pearce @MaxScoville @gennhaver ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Terri_Schwartz @IGN @clintgage @TomRMarks @xPmnms @mrsjoxertm @corradimus @sethmacy @Lilah01 @DanimalErvin And also Corrado
@ne0mega @InsideGaming Two and a half years ago**SIGN ME THE FUCK UP @SirLarr THERE IS ONLY PASTA AND CHEESE @DougBFresh3 @ZombaeKillz @LightGenerous @Xbox She’s talking about PS5s, not Xbox Series X! @ZombaeKillz @DougBFresh3 @LightGenerous @Xbox (I also didn’t get one) @jessjoho For real though I’ve worn contacts for cosplay before and I had to start putting them on like 1-2 hours b… @LFC @JHenderson Thank you for this. @TheBrandalorian IT’S SO CUTE THANK YOU @parsa_koulaji I did it to my OWN TWEET 😂like this tweet for good vibes (really though) #TheMandalorian @FionaNova WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO STAN @steinekin Hahahahahaha holy shit @maudegarrett Maude, what? @SirLarr Can I join @dracosithlord Yeah! @petexnasty I don’t have any background in marketing and PR, my dude. @TheRealAndyMc YOOOOO congrats! @nakeyjakey I’m scared @stevenspohn @ZombaeKillz Bitch excuse you @watchdogsgame Innit @InsideGaming 😭❤️ @stevenspohn @ZombaeKillz I’m going to send you some balloons for 69,000 @jasonimms YESSSSSSSS @Servant_Kanon Of course!
@ObviouslyMilk Comments like these honestly just make me sad. Please don’t stop watching Funhaus! @stevenspohn While I said no such thing, honestly, I’d love to take you out for cheese.I just wanted to say thank you, everyone, for the overwhelming support today ❤️. It truly sucks to leave these incr… @giocorsi @RoosterTeeth Thanks Gio :D @Lilah01 @RoosterTeeth ❤️ @Ken1555 Ken, I’d love to! @mc_lotta @RoosterTeeth Wait really? Shit @JessicaVasami @RoosterTeeth I ADORE YOU @SpaceWhale202X WHAT, I'VE NEVER SEEN ANY OF THIS!? AMAZING! @geoffkeighley @RoosterTeeth Thanks Geoff!Hi everyone, I’m leaving @roosterteeth. I cannot thank the Funhaus and Inside Gaming communities enough, and I will… @estDisOrder @RahulKohli13 Thanks for watching :D @DaVioletDeath STRING CHEESE UNDERRATED AF @DaveOshry Honestly Dave you ARE the reason I tweeted this Hot Take (TM)If you don’t like cheese I fundamentally don’t understand you as a person 🤷🏼‍♀️. @MaximumCortez @PlayApex ANDY HMU @MattHaynie_ @jeffcannata @Devindra Hahahahah, I love this @GoodSmile_US Holy shit this is good. @elonmusk Damn dude chill @MTGNerdGirl @streamforgeGG This is super gross, appreciate you sharing so I know who to avoid ❤️. @PKernaghan ❤️ @JacksFlavour BIASED @YashaTheFox I streamed that yesterday! Also published this: @tellymon82 Haha, I won't :) @OJessicaNigri How many buttholes do you have!?
@average_guy95 @Twitch Thanks dude :D @Varg_Ormr @ChrisRGun You don’t say!? @ChrisRGun Marauders have small dick energy send tweet @BlessingJr I HAVE SAID THIS PUBLICLY OK IT’S NOT MY FAULT YOU DON’T WATCH MY SHIT @DigitalMase @APLeith Appreciate this, thanks dude. @DigitalMase @APLeith If by “but” you mean “but I don’t understand why people are attacking the individual develope… @DigitalMase @APLeith I have already spoken about that. Today, and weeks ago, and weeks before that. Thankfully, I… @therealcliffyb I don’t upgrade phones until it’s so slow/useless that I *have* to. No way I’m dropping $1,000 annu… @APLeith @DigitalMase Yeah, I do not consider myself to be an influencer (because it’s not my job to be on social m… @ZimerickArt Sadly when you’re a publicly traded company, you often don’t have that option. @DigitalMase Caring about people is gross? Some very bizarre takes here.
The Cyberpunk 2077 delay sucks for everyone who was excited to play it in November, but majority of my thoughts are…’m tryna get spooky for ~HALLOWEEN WEEK~ this year, starting off with 2x videos featuring @RahulKohli13 @jonsmiff @youssefmaguid @debbiedoescakes Wait, what? @Ashynarae @RahulKohli13 We have! I’ll have an edited version if it up on my channel tomorrow :D @Mikaidesu @stevenreeve1 I don’t really feel like my tweet answering a question I got asked a lot is grounds to just... make stuff up. @Mikaidesu @stevenreeve1 ...What? I have never worked with Colin. We had no overlap at IGN. Being on a PlayStation…
@PatrickStirling Very cool! I don’t do any alerts or anything during my streams (I don’t even have subs enabled on… @oliviapupcake Fair tbh @RahulKohli13 Wow, I????? Ok @geoffkeighley ...I’d watch itHere’s a friendly reminder to check out Dreams if you haven’t already. Even if you just play it for 30 minutes, the… @RahulKohli13 You’ve made me home sick @MattODwyer @jackythirdy Oh, I don’t care at all, you don’t need to apologise! Just amazing to see someone write th… @Mikaidesu @stevenreeve1 Oh my god I’m right. You legit wrote “saw it go down live” and “No just my imagination?” a… @jackythirdy @MattODwyer Truly incredible. @jackythirdy @MattODwyer Amazing. @AliciaDonato Hahahah @RachelHeine 💯 @RubinReport Sir “the old system” is the Republic. The “new system” is the Empire (who executed Order 66 - not “the… @joeynoelle ........fairis zombie worms really a thing we felt like we needed to add to 2020 or @KyleThatKyle @johntdrake KYLE YOU MUST BE STOPPED @CrankGameplays @Girbeagly Nailed it @AhmadChildress @KyleThatKyle @mediavandal @Terri_Schwartz Yes king @Red_theWolfy You’re missing the point so I’ll just leave it at: most people who engage with me DO want me to reply… @Terri_Schwartz @johntdrake Terri is right. RICE. @Red_theWolfy If YOU know this, don’t engage. Simple! Don’t expect me to suddenly know you personally don’t want a… @Red_theWolfy ...If you didn’t want me to engage with you, you shouldn’t have interacted with my tweet 🤷🏼‍♀️. @primeval_monkey @vicious696 My tweet wasn’t talking about the political side of this at all! I just strongly agree… @Red_theWolfy I didn’t look at the size of your account when I replied, for the record. Just two people havin a conversation. @IndieGamerChick @OzIndie @chi_colossimo I know a lot of indie devs themselves like to think of it as a genre, but… @spookybambii Distributors and publishers aren’t the same thing in the games industry at all. @IndieGamerChick @OzIndie @chi_colossimo I STAND BY THIS DEFINTION. (Personally I think it has more become a genre?) @SirLarr @joeynoelle ET TU, JOEY!? Rice can fuck off