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Tea and sweater enthusiast, animator for games. Past work: Disney Interactive, Boom!, Nimblebit. Reach me at

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Everything is somehow even worse now but this new shower curtain is pretty good.
@SinsBeggar Look deep into her feathery eyelashes....Last month I was going out into the yard every day during my lunch break and harvesting spinach and chard. Those ha…😘
@shapesandlines every time you gave me a good review I was like "aha, tricked him again!" @Carliefornya haha, I never tug at those threads too hard. If my deception has gone unnoticed so far, I'm going to hope it keeps going 🤣 @TikiMachine 😭😭😭Sometimes going down a youtube rabbit hole for work reference videos can be a lot of fun. I love this:
@MelloMograph how do I swap my stupid brain for a better oneWhy is it that whenever my boss tells me I'm doing a good job I'm never like "thanks! I appreciate the recognition!… @LittlexUrsa Ahhh, I had so much fun with this one! Thank you for such a great cover commission! @nimasprout it's so beautiful! *__* @randehman @MoreAmor get back in your corner, Randall @MoreAmor Welp
@joy_ang Happy birthday! And that cake is so cute and fun!! 💖 @michaelshizuro Ooof, I can only imagine 😱😱😱 @KendyllHillegas Oof, I'm hoping that's the case! I'm a little afraid it's just going to get worse as the baby gets bigger 😱 @SinsBeggar Lollll, I am now! @michaelshizuro omg yeah being peak pregnant in the middle of summer of Japan would have been disastrous! 😅 @stewy_art Those are great! I had a sit/work desk at my office, but since we've all moved to WFH for the foreseeabl… @darling_sammy LAWL, if I can get this working I'll be set for life! @KikiDoodleTweet Thank you! ;__; yeah I don't expect a newborn will be great for productivity, but thankfully I'm t…
Cool cool cool, I guess I'm at that point in my pregnancy where I can't even sit at my desk to work (or sit at all,…
I had a gestational diabetes scare recently so I had to get a 3 hour diagnostic done to confirm. For a week until… @jesse_hamm You got me at Rick Steves. I'm in.
@lucchedonzi Lollll, exactly😭😭😭I wonder if this is connected to the fact that childcare for my 2 kids cost $30,000 last year.
Retweeted by Sara Talmadge @lizzieskwrl @randehman HAPPIEST OF ANNIVERSARIES, YOU TWO! 💖💖💖💖
@Ryokokleiger oooooooooooof.You joke but that's literally what I did! I added a bright pink layer set to overlay at, like, 30%. I didn't tell h… @paulreinwand I didn't realize grown adults actually pull that "you give me the definition and I'll tell you if it'… @Ryokokleiger Good god, that's... next level 😱I think I left about a month after that.I look at him and ask him what he means by "saturation". He stumbles for a sec and then asks me to give me my defin… wanders up behind me and asks if I can bump up the saturation. I tell him not really, it's still going to look…'m seeing some stuff about bosses and clients so here's my random anecdote: I was working on something that used a…
@darling_sammy Right?? I feel like I'm about to be real disappointed by the actual content.Dylan and I will be taking a birth class (via video) called Spinning Babies and I suspect the title is way more exc… @Beavs May the wee one-horned goat bless you ✨ @SinsBeggar Oh, thank you! 😊 I've been looking up a lot of online resources and it's kind of crazy how many there…
@Beavs Oh no Alex, I'm so sorry! I hope he recovers quickly!
If you are working to defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020, I would ask that you re-tweet this far and wide. The need t…
Retweeted by Sara Talmadge @KendyllHillegas Oooh, you have such good plants! But yeah these trees are the best- when they're in full bloom I l… @bauerpower Oh my god you painted it so beautifully! That one's my favorite of her roses too 💖 I'll have to show her- she'll be so happy! @KendyllHillegas That looks like a Japanese snowbell! They bloom right around this time of year and they're super f… @StrayCatalyst I will! She's very good at growing roses for sure! @joy_ang I'll let her know- I'm sure she'll be super flattered! 💖💖💖I plug her Insta from time to time but my mom's garden is bursting with roses and I hope to some day get to the lev… @KendyllHillegas According to the website they totally do! I think you can also search thei… @jessiejuwono Whaaaaa, that's crazy!! Those are some determined gophers! 😭 @mbrleigh There are a bunch of varieties that grow well in pots if you don't have a yard! My mom grows most of her roses in pots! @EssieCharm They looks like the roses in rococo paintings and I love them 😭💖 @mbrleigh Thank youuuuu 😭💖💖 it's been what gets me through this terrible outbreak 😭😭😭 @jessiejuwono Noooooo!! What the heck!! Pests like rabbits that attack plants from above ground can be dealt with b… @KendyllHillegas Aren't they so good? This is the Desdemona from David Austin roses- they're really disease resilie… @anndanger I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to see your beautiful rose photos!!I don't have anything from work I can post and I haven't been doing a lot of personal work lately so this is now a… update: the buds on the cut stems are all blooming and it's fantastic @jessiejuwono Oh my god, NO!! Did they eat all the roots?!?! (I have no idea what the heck gophers do) @getvent I love it! It's like a beautiful beacon- it calls to us! @getvent oh my god this gets me every time ;___;
STAY HOME. PREGNANT PEOPLE ACROSS THE STATE BEG OF YOU. @anndanger 💖💖💖 @anndanger Omg yes please!!! My goal in life is to be like Cousin Violet and Isobel in Downtown Abbey- tending rose… @anndanger Mine's a David Austin too! It's the Desdemona. I'm planning for more next year but I haven't figured out which ones just yet!
@lizzieskwrl oh no, I feel bad but this is the best lost pet sign ever @anndanger rose bushes are such a good purchase! I want to fill my whole yard with them, I'm ADDICTED 🤣 Which varieties did you get?? @Squiddiez Yeah as long as you keep them well watered and fertilized before and after flowering season, you'll be fine! 👍 @Squiddiez These take such little work, I'm honestly shocked at how beautiful and healthy they turn out! Good luck… @kohquette I love them so much ;w; They look like those puffy manga roses! @ChrystinGarland Ok, I'm seeing this as your neighbors either: 1.) blasting Katy Perry every day 2.) setting off f… put the roses on a cart behind my desk and I can say my working conditions have immeasurably improved 👌 @ChrystinGarland oh no! What scandalous thing did you overhear??🤣The rose bush I planted last year is as tall as I am now and blooming so beautifully 💖
@beatonna This is my go-to for absolutely fail-proof buttercream frosting- it's not hard to make and it maintains i… @kevinjaystanton Right? There's a house down the street from us who has a teeny apple orchard and I'm so jealous!I've had a bunch of people wish me a happy Mother's Day today and honestly if only the rest of motherhood could be… @kevinjaystanton You can have your own peach grove!!
Are you a student looking into online classes? Check out this awesome thing @victoriaying is doing!
@ChrystinGarland omg YAS! Barbarians are the best, they're so much fun to play!!I'm assuming everyone keeps going after Marie Kondo because they know she won't clap back. @ChrystinGarland !!!! What's your character???? ✨✨✨
@vicehii I know no one meant anything by it so I'm not upset or anything, but it is a little weird 😅
Just to be clear: I don't think anyone has been using the word in any way that's malicious or as an intentional ref… @itsleahelaine no worries! And again, I know no one meant it maliciously or even intentionally- it's just a weird coincidence! 😅 @Beavs omg what a precious little bb 💖💖💖💖 @AGuyWhoDraws yeah it's a little weird! No one means it in the slur way, but it is jarring to see it all of the sudden 😅 @Izaart For sure! And to be totally fair, I know no one meant it in any way other than in reference to turnips, and… @willdymott I love "neeps"! It sounds so cute! @nattlebugart "Neeps" is adorable! I wholeheartedly advocate for that one! 💖 @GraceSquiggle to be fair it's very old, and I don't think it's a term anyone really uses anymore! It's just weird… know everyone is using it as a cute abbreviation for "turnips", but "Nip" is a slur against Japanese/ Japanese Am… @technecat I have no idea! I feel like most people understand that cold water isn't bad for you, except my mom.... 🤣🤣🤣 @KendyllHillegas You have way more willpower than I do! 🤣🤣 @Bruce35dc I wonder if that's it? I definitely get cold easily, but never after just eating a salad! 🤣 @kohquette It is, right?? I feel like she's so preoccupied with getting too cold, like that whole "don't leave the… once in a while she'll call me during dinner and then ask me what I'm eating. If it's a salad, guess what her… just posted a picture of a spinach smoothie I made on Instagram and she commented within MINUTES. Her gripe? "Smoothies chill the body"I don't know if this is a Japanese thing but my mom's health tips are fucking wild. Things my mom will always get o…
@SinsBeggar ironclad willpower