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charis🤍 @charis_aj Accra, Ghana

God's got this😊 18/10🍾

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With everything that's been going on I'm just here to remind y'all to shit at least twice a day guys🤝
Retweeted by charis🤍Just when you thought i was done... don't let them see you coming. Happy 59th birthday to me #rmdhits59 Pictures by…
Retweeted by charis🤍Hey guys I’m selling Vanity mirrors please link me x.
Retweeted by charis🤍Guys please your retweets will be appreciated, she's a mother of two...the kids will be happy to see their mom 🙏
Retweeted by charis🤍 year from now, im going to be in a much better place. im claiming it.
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The dresses I see online these days if you don’t have a flat tummy or small breasts you can’t even get some to wear. Ewurade begye me😔
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Who has bought anything from bags_cetera on ig?
Retweeted by charis🤍Ladies and makeup artists should please HMU for your makeup brushes at affordable prices Eye brushes are 12gh each…
Retweeted by charis🤍Still on this💀🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by charis🤍Nike Benassi Slides Sizes 38-45 PRICE: GH¢80 Dm to place your orders ✨
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How tall are you
Retweeted by charis🤍I act like I’m ok but I really just want $53,937,800,000 deposited in my bank account 💔
Retweeted by charis🤍Please retweet... please
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My work,please rt
Retweeted by charis🤍all i want is to dress up and go out with my girls 😞 that’s all i’m asking for
Retweeted by charis🤍Delete TikTok now; if you know someone that is using it explain to them it is essentially malware operated by the C…
Retweeted by charis🤍could be 3, could be 35.
Retweeted by charis🤍saw this on instagram, worth a read.
Retweeted by charis🤍I need me a sugar daddyFor all of my “All Lives Matter” Christians:
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Ohemaa 🇬🇭
Retweeted by charis🤍Just 40gh. Please retweet guys!!
Retweeted by charis🤍I want a burger
which one you need?
Retweeted by charis🤍 @Kbaah_ you want this Wear this
Retweeted by charis🤍the casino need to add a uno table, i’ll fuck everybody up
Retweeted by charis🤍The OG "are u lost baby girl"
Retweeted by charis🤍As someone who is ugly I personally do not mind wearing a mask because it covers half of my face
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Retweeted by charis🤍😂😂😂i don't know who he was trying to impress
Retweeted by charis🤍Stories like this break hearts. The story of 12 year old Erica; in the far away forest zone of Atwima Nwabiagya Dis…
Retweeted by charis🤍We all know a Ghanaian boy called Michael
Retweeted by charis🤍<3
Retweeted by charis🤍Choose.
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Retweeted by charis🤍Blinded by your Grace
Retweeted by charis🤍Success is in my veins.
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window shopping and adding thinsg to your cart knowing you’re never going to checkout😍 >>>>
Retweeted by charis🤍really went hard on these, did two at a time, because why not?
Retweeted by charis🤍It’s def not wrong would be really happy if you guys retweeted this and patronized me 💛
Retweeted by charis🤍Hey y'all I make cute press-ons. They're very affordable and reusable. Please retweet when you see this. Support my…
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we need a disney princess who's a raging whore
Retweeted by charis🤍Hi, I'm a web developer. I develop beautiful websites for birthdays, weddings, parties and so much more! Please RT,…
Retweeted by charis🤍Make sure you save the date! Season 3 of #TheMensClub drops on 22.07.2020
Retweeted by charis🤍The seven deadly sins, updated: 1. Envy: Instagram 2. Sloth: Netflix 3. Greed: Amazon 4. Lust: Pornhub 5. Prid…
Retweeted by charis🤍i saw this on instagram and it needs to be here too
Retweeted by charis🤍weekend away, hotel, restaurant, brunch, cocktails. I need.
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Seriously you people need to start adding your price tags to whatever you’re selling. Do you see Nike or adidas tel…
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Retweeted by charis🤍Graduation set💖 Please rt my clients are on your tl💞
Retweeted by charis🤍Some people are stupidThis video excites me if you believe 🙏🏿
Retweeted by charis🤍TF??
Hi everyone, This is the official Twitter account for my wig business The media below are the newest addition to…
Retweeted by charis🤍me thinking that summer was cancelled but everything is now reopening
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SOMEONE HAD TO 🤷🏽‍♂️ #StillGoing #CallingOnMe
Retweeted by charis🤍Earthquake:
Retweeted by charis🤍Nobody June right now
Retweeted by charis🤍y’all see the way they hyped each other. love to see it❤️ @caramel_sugarxx @the_odditty
Retweeted by charis🤍God rn after seeing sinners repent :
Retweeted by charis🤍No one : Accra:
Retweeted by charis🤍Potiphar's wife: "freaky freaky" Joseph:
Retweeted by charis🤍I thought you guys said by June so why are you ronnin ?😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by charis🤍 @___deano_ YessssssWhy do avocados have to be like: I’m not yet ready Not yet Not yet Not yet Eat me now Oops, you’re too late
Retweeted by charis🤍What is going on??????I almost forgot how exciting reading isI miss college.. maybe not the work, but the environment and the atmosphere 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by charis🤍Dear God, just put some amazing business idea in my head so I can start making some money.
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I think the whole Naija should tweet @TheEllenShow that @josh2funny is the original creator of this trend. It would…
Retweeted by charis🤍Retweet if you’ve literally never streamed this song once
Retweeted by charis🤍Which made your childhood?
Retweeted by charis🤍What do you use to eat your rice?
Retweeted by charis🤍Retweet if you've never had a surprise Birthday party.😲
Retweeted by charis🤍I look a hot mess 97% of the time, but that 3%? that 3% go crazy lmao
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It's ok to text me only when you need me It's fine if you only remember me on my birthday. Life is not that hard
Retweeted by charis🤍bro! i miss husband and wife food😔
Retweeted by charis🤍Hello guys, @mr_gloverr and i have restocked Get your quality shirts in all sizes at just 40ghc
Retweeted by charis🤍 @mrfayettnam I’ll bend the rules for youI miss all my money I ever spent 😭
Retweeted by charis🤍Anyone guys?? on your TL might need these contacts: Suicide - 0800567567 Rape - 0214479762 Assault - 0861322322 Depressi…
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Offset sleeps cuteGot this on the first try. Sigh this if you haven’t finished glowing up yet
Retweeted by charis🤍Good morning to all the people that have watched elevator baby. The rest? What is good about the morning? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by charis🤍losing someone special changes you a lot
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