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Hannah B. 🐝 on Teenage Bounty Hunters. Out now on Netflix! | she/her

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My sister just sent me this! 😍😱 #SomethingSourPatch @yasforthegays Woooooahhhhhhhh
@Spencer555999 @hales_devon @themaddiep @FelliniAnjelica @kathleenjordan Crying brb 😭A promo for #SomethingSourPatch the campaign to save Teenage Bounty Hunters! @renew_TBH @themaddiep
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @c0nvinceme @easygreazy123 @hales_devon Let’s not forget Luke in the background 😂
@yaytothegay is what i see
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @darhkhunters So sweet! 😭 @TBHrebecca_ 😂Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them., look at that. We just hit 20,000 signatures to #SaveTeenageBountyHunters. Let's keep it going and get 25k.…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @RadBren13 @themaddiep @hales_devon @FelliniAnjelica @kathleenjordan @MackenzieAstin @VirginiaWms @easygreazy123 TH… @Oz_bot @SchittsCreek @PopTV I quote this scene at least once a week 😂I just wanted to say thank you to @SchittsCreek for being a show filled with growth and love & @PopTV for bringing… are you in the mood to watch this weekend? How about the light drama "The Trouble With Maggie Cole" or "Teenag…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @captslance @themaddiep @FelliniAnjelica @hales_devon @easygreazy123 This is so beautiful, thank you Gabrielle. ♥️
@arizonaniston ELLEN IS MY QUEEN @arizonaniston I’ll send her the link! :)Well this is amazing. ♥️💕 LOOK WHAT YOU ALL DID!
Taking inspiration from IG comments now, thanks again for this content @charityfaith 😂
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @ames4140 @hales_devon @easygreazy123 This is a treasure.The possibilities are endless here....#SaveTeenageBountyHunters
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @breaksfaste 😏Currently happening in my living room. This isn’t even half of the letters that I’m sending out for people. I have…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantesit’s not too late to join the #somethingsourpatch campaign! @themaddiep @fellinianjelica @hales_devon @charityfaith
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🍬 #SomethingSourPatch 🍬 Exciting news! The details of our Sour Patch Kids mailing campaign are now live on…
Retweeted by Charity CervantesThe love that has been continually spread for Teenage Bounty Hunters is beautiful. Thank you for the infinite tweet… @urbansapphics @wxmhs7 play nice! 😂♥️solid fan base? interesting storyline? realistic and relatable lgbtq+ representation? diversity? angst? high rating…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @wxmhs7 @FelliniAnjelica Blezekiel is kind of great. 🤷🏻‍♀️Hard to spell. But it’s a complicated ship. 😂♥️ @yaytothegay @FelliniAnjelica BAHHAHAHA love is fleeting.BANANAWill someone update me on what I missed this weekend on Twitter? And what is the new @FelliniAnjelica ship? AND I n… @wxmhs7 This is terrifying 😂😭 @itsstepril @FelliniAnjelica Took about 73 hours, but it was worth it. 😍 @maiprizze @itsstepril @FelliniAnjelica Etsy @anjelicasdog @FelliniAnjelica HELP 😂😂😂 @FelliniAnjelica @charityfaith
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @PET5CH @FelliniAnjelica I think I need to know what the “using it for something else” Is 😂 @FelliniAnjelica @charityfaith
Retweeted by Charity CervantesI don't have a contact photo for @charityfaith in my phone. Blair and Hannah B stan's, this is your time to shine b…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @FelliniAnjelica @AmaliasBabe @themaddiep Z A D D Y Y Y Y @tbhsterl @hales_devon Lamb chops welcome to the family you are loved. 💕😂contemplated on posting this bc it's dodgy as hell but i adopted a flamingo from the WWF on behalf of the fandom an…
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@PET5CH @themaddiep @IMDb Shines so bright 😭♥️THATS OUR QUEEN @themaddiep 👑 💕 i just want to see them together again 😔🥺 @charityfaith @hales_devon
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Please SIGN and SHARE the below petition to #SaveTeenageBountyHunters and get it picked up by another platform! Ne…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @lovedominiquepc I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU!😭♥️♥️so, as promised here it is.. Hannah B once said also I'd like to thank @charityfaith for this amazing performance…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @lovedominiquepc This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 😭♥️name a more iconic trio than these TBH DESERVES BETTER
Retweeted by Charity CervantesGood Morning! Thank for all of your messages of love and support, I’ve been taking a small social break but I have… CERVANTES as Hannah b ERIC GRAISE as Ezequiel I love how these two always stays beside april, even April…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantessurprise! i made a caard for a collection of resources to help save teenage bounty hunters! this is your one stop s…
Retweeted by Charity Cervanteswoah u can vote to #SaveTeenageBountyHunters if u have a Hulu account omg
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @lofiwesley It’s true.
@ruwheati NOOOO! Grab some good ol fashioned H20!! @babyearper05 @lgbtsterling @themaddiep @hales_devon @Oz_bot 😭😂The support and love has been BEAUTIFUL!!!! Truly a family, just wanted to come on here to say, in the midst of you… @ajc This one hurts. 💕
We found out on Friday. We love you all so much. I’m so sorry. We’re devastated. Family Forever 💛
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @zhulimybby @hulu I mean how could you say no to a face like that? 🥺netflix cancelling teenage bounty hunters AND glow!??? can someone check on netflix. it might have covid.
Retweeted by Charity Cervanteswhere’s the lie
Retweeted by Charity CervantesWe are hurting, just know that attests to how special #TeenageBountyHunters is. It’s an honor to have such an amazi… @chaseparis Correct. 😭I want to learn more hip things!Thank you all for teaching me cool internet lingo. I never knew any before Twitter.Devon to charity April to Hannah B
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@TBHrebecca_ @hales_devon 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩
Retweeted by Charity CervantesUpdate: Devon can now 🦩. @hales_devon @BilkoLitterbox It was all fun while it lasted. I had a great time. @zarina_riccii @netflix This might be my favorite thing. 💕 @netflix, YOU SHOULD BUILD A BIBLICAL TIME MACHINE BACK TO NOW BECAUSE NOT RENEWING #TeenageBountyHunters IS A HUG…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @lgbtsterling @sqntanaIopez @hales_devon That’s up to @PET5CH who edited so beautifully 😍😭💕 my permission has been given! @lgbtsterling Don’t worry. It’s nothing two lose sleep over. 💕 @eannmcg @ellenmboyd971 @mushyguest @mushyguest @hales_devon @easygreazy123 Don’t be afraid. I have “lamb chops.”Because we love her. 💕@hales_devon
@hales_devon @YouTube IM THE PINECONE @hales_devon @themaddiep @MackenzieAstin YOUR MIND 🤯 full hearts indeed. 💕Hard to express the depth of love and gratitude for the family you've created here this week, Y'all. Couldn't fit i…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @wxmhs7 @wxmhs7 Dead from the cute 😭😭😭💕 @zainisout @tbhsquadn @themaddiep @FelliniAnjelica @hales_devon @KadeemHardison @easygreazy123 @MackenzieAstin tbh squad brazil (@tbhsquadn) family ends the week of #selfiesforTBH with this message for the cast, we love…
Retweeted by Charity Cervantes @wxmhs7 @hales_devon Devon is that you? @Jodiesbad 💕💕💕 @Liza100Ctrl I love it. @whirlwindklmnn Thank you 💕 We love you back.I am so grateful for this series, it literally held me for days and made me happy when I needed it, thanks to the w…
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