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I'm the author of THE LAST ENCHANTMENTS and write about books for The New York Times, Slate, Washington Post, Vulture.

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is anyone just planning to be a freaking out dead person for the next eleven days @kevin_teare @treydayway @billmaher @seanonolennon @KamalaHarris completely rightInteresting... like a New Deal, but Green.
Retweeted by Charles FinchIt costs me about $25 to fill up my car with gas so that's what the minimum wage should be
Retweeted by Charles FinchButtigieg: If they want to make this about the business deals of a government official, let’s talk about the Presid…
Retweeted by Charles FinchBiden wins
Retweeted by Charles Finchsometimes the house beats you friendsI'm turning it off for my sanity (lol)"There's suicide at a level never seen before....four more years!"He IS blatantly a racistNancy Pelosi was dancing in the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco??
Retweeted by Charles FinchPlease tell us again how you caught Covid from the Gold Star families
Retweeted by Charles Finch"We have to open our school"Molderna is doing very wellJoe don't let him have that 2.2 million claim pleaseWhat! @bobbybaird hahaha 👏"It will go away" is once more his promise.It turns out two minutes of just him is a hell beyond imagining, unfortunately @bobbybaird bittersweet to go down eating FRENCH ice cream"Sorry I tried to kill you at the last one" - Donald to JoeThe audience tonight has PINKIE promised to remain silent @gregtheclark that's about how I feelWell, friends, here we gather to once more board the titanic @BCDreyer Rapid change is on the ballot
@lindsaygoldwert nor are they wrong though @laurenzcollins great 😥 @sheltgarner yeah I got into Moon Shaped Pool this year and listened to a billion times! @todgoldberg Both incredible of course @nieshatrout No I haven't read enough on the subject honestly! @clnichols6 He never leaves my rotation! ever! @KristiCCoulter Shout out your bf's band! Are they on Spotify? @publicroad Off to find out who these are because their names are killer @brian_phares @runjewels nice @jakeflorida @SylvanEsso Sylvan Esso always up there for me too! Saw them live a couple times, such a joy @BeefcakeFactory Firmly in my top 3 and might win I bet @annakatarinaz Is that a common trait? @DavidWFPF @TomBeerBooks Interesting, what's the good Nancy Wilson access point?NC Senator Tillis staffer responds to constituent with cancer asking what to do because she can’t afford health ins…
Retweeted by Charles FinchI think this is constitutionally the biggest story right now, but beyond that - how rock solid must E. Jean Carroll…
Retweeted by Charles FinchBREAKING: Senator Collins clarifies her position on President Trump. "Yes, I said that I wouldn't endorse him but t…
Retweeted by Charles FinchIt’s the same reason I think a lot of people love himThis is revealing and more unsettling than funny to me - shows that the animating emotion is really always -rage- @encurtido Love him! @SusanGiff @likaluca I thought they might be different flavors! My flavors knowledge is far from total :) @michaelschaub Wow! Going to listen to them unless this is a bit I don’t get @AnitaFelicelli OohWho do you predict will be your most listened to artist on your Spotify wrap-upHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *sitting Iowa Senator* Joni Ernst didn't know the price of soybeans. I worked for Howard Dean there (wer… @LailaLalami infuriating @LailaLalami I got *7* pieces of direct mail for Yes on 22 yesterday😠 @mcuban @AndrewYang In order of your opinions: Correct, incorrect and blindingly stupid, correct.Legendarily one of the biggest assholes in American sports history, Bobby Bowden @jondanziger fooine :( @SusanGiff @likaluca The Savannah buttermint is also *amazing* @jondanziger Unfreeze your heart to these poor lost ploonets!Don't always see eye to eye with Maggie H.'s approach but what a tweet'd they make the name too cute 😟 @Leavittnovelist @AMIGHTYBLAZE adore herFRI AT 4 on @amightyblaze I will be interviewing JOAN SILBER, 2017 Winner of National Book Critics Circle Award in…
Retweeted by Charles FinchAh yes, 2012, when circumstances were identical to the present ones. @cherylbaldeagle @JKPreachersgirl @JeffreyCreech2 @HeMustLose Wow! What a clear and beautiful pic!!How do you do this and think you're the good guys
I may be mistaken but I think this is making me feel feelings.
Retweeted by Charles FinchHis Honor the Former Mayor of New York has a message once the I never thought the tiger would eat me cartoon is about them!
Retweeted by Charles Finch @BlackBelted No I wish I could credit the maker! But it's just one of these memes out there in the windsince the pope's in the news @PamelaPaulNYT Ugh I love thisIt's too rare for a news alert to get one to smile these days.
Retweeted by Charles FinchAnd if you REALLY, TRULY want some insight on this settlement, read this thorough examination by @praddenkeefe in t…
Retweeted by Charles FinchTrump liked a tweet describing Kyle Rittenhouse, a supporter of his who is charged with murdering two protesters in…
Retweeted by Charles FinchLara Trump has the haunted face of someone who has slept with Eric TrumpStop scoffing. Melania’s speech is at least relatively decent and humane.
Retweeted by Charles FinchRemember this moment
Retweeted by Charles Finchif you're a single issue voter on this, there's only one candidate whose spouse doesn't have to be paid to be married to himFantastic, excellent @BCDreyer I don't know why this is tickling me so much @JulieKlam 😂 @LauraMLippman Ugh this makes me so happy as a prospect! @ennuigo This fine gentleman! @LauraMLippman Absolutely not.It turns out I'm not above posting this. Important never too stop learning about yourself."folks, we trawled every Fort Lauderdale strip club to find the best and brightest campaign minds in the world, and… the right subreddit and it'll be done in 48 hours. They don't want to find them. may well lose, but it is so fucking funny that the Trump campaign is desperately poor because he gave this speci… and failing to imagine---once again---what being separated from my five-year-old would feel like. Or what wo…
Retweeted by Charles Finch @ATLnewsgirl right??Sam Elliott is a real haymaker. You love to see it.Biden campaign just debuted this new ad "Go From There," during Game 1 of the World Series, narrated by Sam Elliott
Retweeted by Charles Finch
@Ctborum correct!The government failed to provide adequate support to 8,000,000 Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.
Retweeted by Charles Finch @SagePrez Thank you! This is a great perspective to have. @rebeccamakkai I have been drinking a lot more water for real 🙏Updated rankings: 1) Trump 2) McConnell 3) Graham 4) Cornyn 5) Collins 6) "Tommy Tuberville" 7) Kevin McCarthy 8)… fucking could have fooled me
Retweeted by Charles Finch @HillaryKelly the biography the world has been waiting for is here at lastPretty amazing that Trump pardoned Roger Stone (!) for totally occult reasons, probably blackmail, and it's not eve…