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@Variety The David Garth figure in The Candidate @MalteseAnna @Comic_Con @repjohnlewis 2016. gently rise and softly call Good night and joy be with you all. @jj_redick @RexChapman Thanks. I enjoy your jump shot too. Be well. @4lgsgood See tomorrow’s blog. @benders_head God welcoming him to the Afterlife Theater.To borrow a phrase from the king, @RexChapman, this is the content I’m here for. @DougJBalloon Awesome. @tmckenna1 @jasonintrator @jbouie You want to demolish small business in small places even more than they are right… @jessieopie @MollyBeck @patrickdmarley He has two followers. That is two more than my mother has and she’s been dead since 1996. @BCDreyer @mattprigge Fail Safe @IvanCarter9 Earnie Shavers hit him with some absolute bombs.Aw, dammit... @travisakers 4. No doubt. @KySportsRadio Are you summoning the name of Florida State’s Otto Petty, who played in the Finals in 1972 on the te… @JoyAnnReid I’ve been fighting this one all day. @thor_benson Cleese and Murphy? Gotta be 6. @TimBrando @digitalslob May his memory be a blessing, T. @alice_radley
@froomkin But the Democratic lawsuit was filed on March 18. @ThatEricAlper Boz Scaggs’s “Loan Me A Dime.” (w/Duane Allman burning down the studio.)A doctor on MSNBC is turning the president* on a spit right now and I am for it. @JuliaClifton8 @EnswellJones No skin. Silex is recommended.“The Democrats are stopping it”...because it’s a fcking raid on Social Security.Disease Vector, checking in.What statistics?Flounder, flounder, flounder. You got caught, Biff.Now it’s Tony Evers fault.Please, for the love of god, call him out on this bullshit, please.Now it’s time to slander Glenn Fine. @RadioFreeTom He knows he needs three for sainthood, right?A miracle! @DanMulhall Gorgeous.Trump endorsed Kelly on April 6. The Wisconsin Democrats filed the lawsuit about the election on March 18. This is completely banana pants.Time to shill for the Magic Potion. And the miracle cure on Laura Ingraham.IIRC, this guy voted by mail a couple times.Holy hell, he’s absolutely lying about the timeline.He wouldn’t know Daniel Kelly if he sat in his lap. He’s also lying about the timeline.He’s closing in on actually knowing that the flu pandemic was in 1918. I have faith he’ll get there some day.“Tell your Democrat friend..." Putz.Now he’s riffing on the USPS and not answering the question, also taking another shot at Amazon. And “other administrations." @jessieopie @daveweigel Is the city clerk still a ratfcker?You did not “close it down,” and the virus was here anyway. Someone taught him the word “China-centric.” This is li… came in late. Apparently, the WHO is the villain du jour?He’s now arguing against the memo that he never saw. @edroso @harrysiegel @AlexBelth Alex is a national @JenGranholm All is well. @JenGranholm I both admire these voters and am terrified for them.OK, @EnswellJones. Let’s open up this question to the extended Twitterverse. Mine comes from the testimony of the a… @venetianblonde Well dressed young men. The Hawk taught them well.Voter suppression, finagling, and outright ratfcking is so much a part of the conservative DNA by now that the Repu… to your homes. All is well. @madbeatboy @LemieuxLGM @isquithian If this formulation casts Robbie as the intellectual, I call foul. @LemieuxLGM The only thing good about the interview sections as presented in the movie is that it inspired Rob Rein… @chambergates @HaitiJustice That’s a severely limited reading of the Establishment clause, and it is contrary to th… @ConnieSchultz @lithub Lord, Connie. The food fights between Hemingway and Joyce over proper sentence structure would be epic. @Wildhorses2476 @ConnieSchultz @lithub I pick No. 1 just to watch Oscar Wilde and Hunter. @HalSparks Stop! Don’t do it! WON’T SOMEBODY HELP THAT MAN! @chambergates They pay some taxes, as do undocumented farmworkers. They do not pay others, which they should. (Cap… @BE_GoldenEagle @JoeMcCann3 @Rubie_Q @AnonymousEagle Dwight Clay @JoeMcCann3 @Rubie_Q @AnonymousEagle Peter Pavia (See NCAA Tournament, 1978.) @chambergates Institutional churches should either pay taxes or refuse government money. @Lance_Bradley @BrendanPrunty @EnswellJones Lattice Pray. Is that the door? I’ll show myself out, thanks. @chambergates @DwayneSDavis Tell that to all the Catholic dioceses that have had to sell off their property to pay… @HawaiiDelilah That man has game. @EnswellJones @BrendanPrunty @Lance_Bradley Chicken.Let’s all have a virtual party. I’ll start. @EricMGarcia No doubt.Good. Get lost. @JeremySchaap Football/basketball -- Tony Gonzalez Basketball/baseball -- Dave DeBusschere Baseball/hockey -- Tom G… @EnswellJones @Lance_Bradley When my wife was running the construction of the local playground, she did extensive r… @joycemillman I made almost that same walk a couple of times when I was in college. I wish her well. @chambergates Public money should not go to any religion, let alone directly to individuals houses of worship. @fromthebunkerjr @RandyRainbow A giant.This, of course, is another move aimed at replacing legitimate oversight with reliable political blinders. the Esquire Politics conference call on Thursday, April 9: @PaulMetsa The late Bob Moynagh was mine. Former Marine, tough as nails. Family ran one of the oldest saloons in Wo… is the direct funding of religion with money taxed from the rest of us, some of whom may not believe in anybod… watched Molly’s Game last night and, well, I didn’t care about anyone or anything in it. Also, Jessica Chastain i… complaints about the media. No paranoid rambling about career civil servants who tell the country the truth. No… @jbf1755 American ingenuity. @RadioFreeTom @Tim_Matheson @kylegriffin1 Pretty stupid. @AdultLeprechaun @chrislindsay_ @petermartindup @richardtgarland Second.You’ve gone around a bend the rest of us cannot even see. @jbarro In which Josh Barro adopts the deep philosophy expressed to generations of sportswriters by generations of…, the WH press secretary is leaving after never having held a briefing? Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...Can something be brave, thrilling, terrifying, hopeful, and infuriating, all at the same time? Survey says..., this is awful. @GlobeChadFinn Bruce ShoebottomThis is not an election. It is a farce, where it is not simply a bag job by the Republicans to keep a conservative… are just minutes away from a big Tuesday show with @fromthebunkerjr @CharlesPPierce & @RepTedLieu
Retweeted by Charles P. Pierce @RexChapman @cmclymer Good boi doin’ the best he can. @IsaiahLCarter I lost my father to that evil motherfcker in 1989. May his memory be a blessing. @arjm5184 @TheTattooedProf That’s why Roy used to talk to them.Bob Dylan's 2018 Nobel For Literature? Start here w/ BJ Rolfzen 11th Grade English Teacher: @CharlesPPierce
Retweeted by Charles P. Pierce @SusanofTexas This is edging close to some dangerous territory considering the nature of the electorates that have… @arjm5184 @TheTattooedProf Sometimes it seems a lot wider than that @SusanofTexas He does not have a large progressive following, at least not one that votes.Tailgunner Ted is not handling shelter in place well. @jessieopie I was exhausted and I was chasing the story from here.