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@BigDTim @JackiSchechner I told you not to sing all the jingles. @RealBenisons @YuHuWakeyWakey @maddow That’s the renegade son of a DB employee who killed himself. The son is the b… @FlyingV53223 @murshedz @ewarren Bot. @tommyxtopher And I don’t blame them. It was a whole new thing. @tommyxtopher I don’t think they were obvious shots at HRC. I think they were clearly shots at the DNC -- which con… @deepwatermike @HC_Richardson @AdamHDomby Often confused with each other. @paula_blyth @thor_benson I ran field offices for a campaign years ago and, at every phone bank, I got at least one… @tommyxtopher Observe away. But don’t present “folks replying to a posted video clip” as serious documentation. Because it’s not. @mapspen If you think I’m going to stop mocking stuff like this, you’re in the wrong shebeen. @MarcACaputo They’re behind Tulsi. @LauraRBelin @CherieMortice It’s cold as hell. People stay indoors. @thor_benson @paula_blyth Most people who are hostile will likely just hang up. You’ll meet at least one person who… @MollyJongFast The Political Idiot Singularity. Warp Five, Molly. Get us out of here.OK, let’s help. Ostrogoths For Pete Hittites For Pete Vayans Of Minara For Pete Free Soilists For Pete Assyrians Fo… @RoseEmojis4Pete Socialism For Not Scaring The Horses.More proof that this campaign is an experiment in virtual-reality politics. If he wins, I’m going need goggles for… @ErikLoomis I’m telling you -- that whole campaign is an exercise in VR politics. @YuHuWakeyWakey @maddow @TAshwell @maddow He was lucky the bar was open to him. @CBSSunday @Faith_Salie @Faith_Salie -- I feel much the same about beer. Nobody ever dug a ditch on a hot day and t… @IlhanMN @IronStache I want to hear more about those movies about America that they showed you and your family befo… @Cog_Dis County Executives are so important in Wisconsin. I have a hard time explaining this to people from other states.I’m reading the Deutsche Bank book that @maddow is talking about now. It’s an amazing saga. @BookieStompers @tommyxtopher I’m sure we’re going to hear about how EW didn’t support a possible Twitter ban of the president*. @tommyxtopher Oh, Christ. That’s a year after she did rally after rally for HRC when the latter was actually campai… @maagdalene17 He’s not entirely wrong about Bernie, just high-sterical, as my mom used to say.I forgot I wrote this in 1998. @bayswater62 @RadioFreeTom I wouldn’t sell one of them for a copy of the book, either. You are correct, though. @RadioFreeTom Aimed that one right between your eyes. @Lollardfish @ewarren Interesting take. I think your basic take on EW is right. Thinking about it, though, I think… @SlavaMalamud @s_wellwood @Capitals I just want to see the Gagarin Cup finals before I die. @RadioFreeTom Not one dam quatloo. @BarryGoodrich1 @RadioFreeTom Only if you borrowed it. @JC_Christian BREAKING: Gen. Christian Revealed To Be Fred Sanford. @jbf1755 I have some ESPN talking-head things that live forever. Had a guy in Iowa say, “I liked what you said abou… @JoyAnnReid shouting out Hannibal Hamlin!!! Maine, represent!!!! @deepwatermike Gas station attendants in ties. Gas station attendants. @jbf1755 Also, TFW you see something you taped 10 years ago and don’t remember the interview at all. @bjoewolf @ewarren My pleasure to make your cyberquaintence. Stay strong. Stay out there. @sportywineguy They’re killing me, Dale. @CrackedSidewlks @John_Fanta This is completely insane. @nycbubbles It really is remarkable. @Litzz11 @RevoltPolitic @march4progress Don’t be sure about that last part. @JayRouseDC @HardballChris Hey, that was interesting. @deepwatermike @daveweigel It really is very good. A Fan’s Notes for prog rock. @deepwatermike Seven virgins on a mule... cc @daveweigel @nhmeems Looks like a wombat. @MannRomano @jkarsh @Bedonkadonk1 That is my favorite bedonkadonk photo. Regal. @RadioFreeTom Not a farthing, a yuan, a won, a shekel, a cistercia @RadioFreeTom Anything For A Buck, Ltd.Bill Barr “had a reputation” among people who didn’t remember his work as a tool for keeping GHWB out of the dock on Iran-Contra. @DavefromTO @Olivianuzzi @Bencjacobs I’m sure he did. @spetersartist Because some people cannot imagine a politics where the Clintons don’t exist. @spencerwillems I do? @RexChapman @PatMcAfeeShow Where’s mine, dammit? @AlexMcDaniel @celebrityhottub I know so many people who have made the expressed breast milk mistake. @Olivianuzzi It’s a good book.Chris Matthews just proposed that HRC might be be nominated from the floor of the convention and my frontal lobes just ate themselves. @fromthebunkerjr Talk to you tomorrow, you brilliant woman. @katie_akin @DMRegister Wait until the 2024 cycle starts up again. @MannRomano @jkarsh @MannRomano @jkarsh Is Salena cruising the filling stations again? She blocked me a while back. @jbf1755 And of the page, apparently.The deregulated business-friendly economy of Texas results in...explosive growth.
@friedmanbs She truly is a dame from a 1940’s rom-com. @AmyAlex63 She is a very underrated and gifted comic actor. @edroso @we_are_toast Needs to be a commercial. @David_Mayo I’m not in this to entertain the local spalpeens. @JamieArtkin You are correct. @typesandpattern @DebbiMcneer He used to spin it as, “Give me three more days and then I’ll rest."Laura Dern on The West Wing is impossibly stunning. @DanteAtkins I have been told that it’s “pivoting to the general.” Honest. @typesandpattern @DebbiMcneer I remember all those rallies when he rasped out his stump. It really worked for him. @smcguire27 Las Vegas Review-Journal @ericpothier What JV tweet? @Will_Bunch DFP is a little dodgy, and polling Nevada is a fool’s game, but still... @brooklynmarie Oh, lord, is this ever true. @David_Mayo I take the bus to Limerick Junction and then a train to anywhere. @RadioFreeTom @CNN I am in favor of burning the bark afterwards. @David_Mayo Just outside Shannon Airport in Ireland is a roundabout. It’s one of the first obstacles in the Driving… of the cold, EW’s got a throaty thing going in her voice and it really works for her. @DeepCoffee Big old glass of water before bed. Of course, I’m still taking pills, so that helps. @thor_benson Interesting, but you’re right. Polling Nevada is like crossing a strange room in the dark.EW just ran down thanks for the ideas brought to the campaign by Inslee, Gillibrand, Harris, and Castro. @manerdm @JimNaught Georgetown-Syracuse --1984 BE championship. Pearl Washington steals the show. One of three best… @maxthegirl Yoicks. @WasteofaPost @tomwatson I put this thing together for fun. Get out with that crap. Fck the begrudgers. @alice_radley Oh. @mike45474344 I just love the Dayton basketball culture. @JimNaught @manerdm Football is college sports heroin. Nothing can stop that. @CPodiumcafe Sorry, BC. You fcked up. You trusted the ACC. @CPodiumcafe Lots of fun. Tough as nails. @TPalmerCurl Ahhh, hidden agendas!!!! @patricksaxton It stays in Dayton forever. Dayton is a sui generis hoop audience. @SfmonkMonk Talk to folks who grew up on the west coast, and they’ll tell you about coming home from school and wat… @CrackedSidewlks @John_Fanta That’s my vote. Brendan Bailey’s gotta be in the discussion, though. @skepticscott61 Oh, piss off. Seriously. Enjoy the block party.Thanks to the twitterverse, I find out this guy’s name is Brandon Wolf and he is a great speaker. @ScoutSwims LV Review Journal has a livestream.