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Writer. Novels: The Oracle Year, Anyone (out now!) Comics: Daredevil, Vader, Rise of Kylo Ren, Curse Words, etc. Inquiries:

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@CBCebulski Always seems to happen that way, doesn’t it?Reported US coronavirus cases and deaths via @CNN: Beginning of March: 71 cases, 1 death End of March: 185,469 cases, 3,835 deaths
Retweeted by Charles Soule @greggrunberg @BlackSQDRNPod Heroes one and all. @sethasfishman @DjangoWexler @humble THE WITNESS @ScottWamplerBMD A modern schlock classic. @MykeCole The book is one of the grimmest things I’ve ever read.
Hey comics creators, there is a big comics fan who is also a working hospital nurse. His name is @JoshCrewsReally a…
Retweeted by Charles SouleBREAKING NOT-BAD NEWS Y’ALL
Retweeted by Charles Soule @natechinen Ugh. @PeteKilmer @BillHuntBits Pretty sure it’s his car keys.Since I'm finally having time to catch up on my to-read pile, I'm reading @CharlesSoule & @RonGarney's Daredevil r…
Retweeted by Charles Soule📚#ResteChezToi avec un comics Un long voyage à travers l'espace, de l'action, du suspense... et un super Président…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @cavanscott you might want to keep an eye out for Clayface or Mr. Freeze or whoever. Shady characters! @Bill_McAlonan A good dudeI have some info: He’s actually Bruce Wayne
@ConroyForReal @skylightbooks I just got it last night! @envysnest This is your time. @jeremyholtbooks Loved that one!Back in 2013, @DennisCalero & I did a Batman story, “Riddler in the Night” (thanks, @Kanalz!) Dennis designed a *k… @aureliusraines2 Hope you enjoy the ending! Let me know what you think. @TJoyceChin @SunshineCVE I am.How is Righteous Gemstones?
@ResistandDesist Not my intention, but it’s a fun idea. @HalcyonTraveler @MrAndrewKoolaid @CaptainCanady @SW_takes Have fun discussing, guys. I’m tagging out. @RyanBrowneArt @richkempter I’ll write it if you draw it @RachelHeine @moiseschiu Good! @McKelvie In the preview image the angle makes it look like she is clinging to the ceiling like a just-startled cat… know which Star Wars character is timely? Hennix from @CharlesSoule’s ‘Rise of Kylo Ren’ comic series. Why? -…
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@ChuckWendig 👍🏻 @Starwarsfanthe1 @MarvelUK @StarWarsUK Thank YOU! @charliejane Happening to me now as well. @arrows_of_light (Yes it is) @ChaliceAlice Bless the distillers, vintners and brewers, bless them every oneI in fact have written a comic about a global pandemic, with @Ssnyder1835! It’s called UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, and y… is a kind of drink called a screwdriver)Whatever, DOCTOR WHO If you can solve all your problems with a screwdriver so can I @jeff_boison Wow.Xiaoyi Chen, aka Iso, is a Chinese Inhuman with pressure controlling powers, activated by the Terrigen bomb. Create…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @McKelvie @danielwarrenart Yes
@djolder You’re a worldbuilder @missingwords @dorsk28 What a cool idea!I don’t post enough and need to! We are all still working our butts off to get you great comics. Star Wars 5 just k…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @darealswizzle Open-ended. At least thirty issues, could be more. @Stormraven24 Yes. @SteveDunk5 Yes.YOUNG ANAKIN: I am a mechanical genius - I will build my mom, a woman who probably does mostly manual labor on a ba… @MitchGerads Is that the new one? I need to grab it! @NicolaScottArt Yes, and it’s great. @Ssnyder1835 recommended this ages ago. Now that we are #QuarantineLife I understand the genius of @CharlesSoule ev…
Retweeted by Charles SouleMy finest moment
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@xtop If we did, what would we have left? @QnCassiopeia @joegross @ScottSnyder360 @COLORnMATT @ccrank Movie! @joegross @ScottSnyder360 @COLORnMATT @ccrank Thanks so much! (And yep, Daniele and Cammo are Italian!)I just started UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY by @CharlesSoule @ScottSnyder360 Guiseppi Camucoli+Danielle Orlandini (they're…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @MarvelUnlimited has some great stuff on it right now.. @JHickman’s #Avengers, @CharlesSoule’s #Daredevil and…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @MitchyD @HeatherAntos Now THIS is podracing @the_nerdy_dude @RyanBrowneArt I’m hilarious!!This makes @RyanBrowneArt and me very happy, and I know the same would be true of literally anyone creating anythin… @thecasualgeektx @RyanBrowneArt Our very sincere pleasure. @murrdog2000 That’s fantastic!
@raecarson GO TEAM STAR WARS!!! @raecarson Huge congrats!The first word of Light of the Jedi is “the” @ethanjsacks @mirnell @Paul_Cornell @Marvel @BNWCOMICS @WillSliney @AshcanPress @BoyCartoonist Thank you! @TimLangel Not yet! @KamoseMills You’re exceptional!I, for one, am over the moon*! *The moon is the Forest Moon of Endor** **Endor/Ewoks are not in LIGHT OF THE JEDI… @abrahamjoseph @TheBigBang_
@KFCavanaugh Yes @tinitinytony That will continue on a company-by-company basis, I would say. @Underachiever59 Thank you so much! Please let me know what you think.i comic-ed @CharlesSoule's joke
Retweeted by Charles Soule @mikecaron_la Well, you too! Crazy times all over.Big show today! #ForceCenter goes inside the @CharlesSoule written #TheRiseofKyloRen comic series to discuss the mu…
Retweeted by Charles SouleUndiscovered Country by @Ssnyder1835, @CharlesSoule and Giuseppe Camuncoli. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Charles SouleI am working on Star Wars #8 and #9 as we speak - issues built around a huge space battle, and a desperate Rebel sp… @AdamLanceGarcia @ChuckWendig Always and forever @neug485 Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh @baefilby @quizlacey That’s great. Thank you for letting me know! We are on the same page. @Icepick87 Yes we can @ChuckWendig unless I miss my guess you are ALSO Charles, though you try to hide it! You are JUST LIKE ME @roundhoward I get it! It’s excellent. @limekyber Be my guestI like this even more today than I did yesterday, and I *loved* it yesterday. To be clear. @padawanbeck84 Do you mind telling me the shop? Or, if they have a Twitter account, tagging them here?I choose to read this tweet as emblematic of how awesome comics people can be rather than anything else. Can’t st… @the_nerdy_dude You’re asking me if there is a CHANCE? Sure, of course. But it would probably be filled out organic… @natechinen Excellent!The comics biz took a big hit today. Getting you new stories got... complicated. But - making comics was ALWAYS to… @GerryDuggan We needed one before the virus.
@tommy_stella In these troubled times, Tommy? REALLY?? @MitchGerads @IvanBrandon For NOWGHOST CEO: I am a firm believer in transparency during these troubled times <pause> GHOST CEO: This is why I must be clear @IvanBrandon If only I had time to watch movies @IvanBrandon Is it good? @CultOfVenom I think of him often and wish him well @Thax @missingwords KAH-ray @Cloud777MG @missingwords @SAOFollower Honest answer: let’s get through the week, and then the month, and then next… @missingwords @SAOFollower Will it EVER