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Writer. Novels: The Oracle Year, Anyone (out 12/3!) Comics: Daredevil, Vader, Rise of Kylo Ren, Curse Words, etc. Inquiries:

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@kibblesmith @rianjohnson @DrafthouseLA LOLamo (Come on, man) @sethasfishman I need to get cracking! @sambo75gizmo1 @WillSliney Will is a champion!You can order THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 here: They’ll ship on release day 12/18 and they’ll…
Love seeing @CharlesSoule ‘s new novel, Anyone, already on clerk favorites shelves!!
Retweeted by Charles SouleFinally got my ride properly tricked out for Episode IX this week. Took me FOREVER. Like FORTY YEARS @waltdwilliams @missingwords Hey, fabulous! Enjoy ‘em, and let me know what you think. The fifth and final volume of the story is out soon.You want to see more of THE RISE OF KYLO REN? Some incredible @WillSliney art from #2 just dropped here:…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @UnclePhil2K He’s burned all over his body. @wingsofcapicola Congrats!!! Enjoy it! or else
@missingwords Not so far off from my list, though as always I would include CURSE WORDSBy... design? @monomyths @ThirstyStarWars LOL - your avatar is Sister Night. @monomyths His name is Sister Night @Butters360 Jedi are magic @WillSliney Heh. Well, you would know. @StarWarsComic @Marvel @WillSliney Charks. Yes. Very good.Hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at RISE OF KYLO REN. This is just the start of the amazing stuff to come in thi… no! Looks bad for Luke! Goddamn this was an amazing scene to write, and Will and Guru-EFX on the colors just DE…’s the full page with Luke lighting his saber. The dialogue here, which you’ll see in the issue is... IF I DO S… who are these fancy lads? Knighty Knight, friends.’s that with Luke and Baby Ben as they head out on some cool Jedi mission? Yeah. That’s Lor San Tekka. Told you…’s the cover to RISE OF KYLO REN #2, by Clayton Crain. You guys all went nuts when you saw this a few months ag… want to see more of THE RISE OF KYLO REN? Some incredible @WillSliney art from #2 just dropped here:… @paneloftheweek Just doing my job! Thank you! @DubKrieg @murderbooks Thanks so very much!!I'm a week late to the party and I got rained on but I picked up my book from Prince Books! Can't wait to dig into…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @AnandaRunner Enjoy it very much, and let me know what you think!!"Intense & Remarkable!" ANYONE by @CharlesSoule Follow the BLOG TOUR @jeanbooknerd
Retweeted by Charles Soule @neuvel That doesn’t look like Montreal. @WillSliney @mahonpointsc Want a sneaky look at what @WillSliney, @CharlesSoule, #GurueFX, @TravisJLanham,…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @thebernardchang VERY strong. @ComicsFunProfit @RyanBrowneArt @ImageComics Thanks so much!
@RyanStegman Kids are bad at almost everything. It’s true! @amahnke Heh @comiXology Thank you very much - this is the sort of attention to detail I appreciate. @risakkuuma Doesn’t it? @Peposed Hm. @beatonna seems like the litigious type. @van_jensen @CullyHamner The Chark... will jump ME @salcipriano @tonywolfness That is EXCELLENT. @CullyHamner Every week is Charks Week @TiniHoward Or just Charks is cool too @LordRetail Keeping an open heart.Just got this package. From now on, I will *only* respond to the name Charks It is who I have always been and only… #2 does not disappoint, it totally lives up to the hype of #1 & even ramps up the mystery & da…
Retweeted by Charles SouleCheck out a side by side comparison to see the amazing work by Guru eFX
Retweeted by Charles Soule @ScottForbes @79SemiFinalist Not so bad, thanks! @79SemiFinalist @ScottForbes Wow, seconded. @AGuyWhoTweet5 @caalebdaavis @rianjohnson Maybe you were. It was a big airport. @MKocenwrites @rianjohnson Well, maybe he does now.INTERVIEW: Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) & Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) talk the success of UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY.…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @kierongillen But civic-minded! @kierongillen You don’t *look* very engaged. (But well done regardless.) @rianjohnson So, this seemed to resonate with people. Good! Please check out my Soundcloud. It’s a movie, in theat… @amahnke Oh, I bet. I saw a lot of the art stuff for TLJ at Skywalker Ranch, in the library. It was amazing. @amahnke @Ssnyder1835 Thanks, Aaron - just enjoying the ride over here. @CodeCloak @Ssnyder1835 Thanks for checking it out, and really glad you enjoyed! It gets even better from here.I met @rianjohnson in an airport once. We were on the same flight; I walked up and introduced myself. Had a fantast… you to EVERYONE who picked up UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2 today - we just heard it’s already going to a second pr… @ethanjsacks @AgentM @WillSliney Absolutely the right call.
@mturetsky That’s just life, brah @AgentM The Dynamic Duo! Love that! Has a ring to it. Feels fresh! @TiniHoward @AgentM It won’t be long!So, a preview of five pages of THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 just went up here: These are not th…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @Jose_Galan_D @spaceshipsporn @LucasfilmGames @LainAnksoo @PhilSzostak It is. That’s what it it. BSG is SW now @AgentM He really is, right? @greggrunberg Now that you mention it... yes. @B2Commander @spaceshipsporn @LainAnksoo It’s not an ugly. At least, not in the way you’re using it.FanFiAddict is lighting up @Twitter today with book reviews. My take on Anyone by @CharlesSoule. Thanks to the auth…
Retweeted by Charles SouleFinished reading ANYONE by @CharlesSoule.  Highly recommend if you like fast-moving thought-provoking thrillers wi…
Retweeted by Charles SouleTempleville up to SNOW, and it's a blue, blue day! When @harperperennial sent me #bookmail featuring ANYONE by…
Retweeted by Charles SouleDo you like books with scary new tech such as RECURSION by @blakecrouch1, WARCROSS by @Marie_Lu & THE PUNCH ESCROW…
Retweeted by Charles Soule @Eric_the_great7 @ek_johnston You will. @ek_johnston Pretty fun, right? POWER COUPLE. @KolIsMine @sleemo_ @WillSliney Pre-orders closed about a month ago. The only ways to get it are listed in a thread I just posted. @MitchyD Thank you, my friend, I am eager to hear what you think! @AGuyWhoTweet5 @spaceshipsporn @LainAnksoo Me too!If you’re planning to get a hard copy, consider calling your comic shop now to reserve one, or doing the mail order… you like what you’ve seen so far, remember this an oversized issue with 30 pages of story - so this is just a ti… This went south fast. (And it wasn’t great to begin with.) Will really outdid himself on the art here, as… being Ben. He doesn’t like being challenged under the best of circumstances, and he’s also under enormous stre… Quarren Jedi student is named Hennix. The follically-changed guy is Tai, and the gal is Voe. They’re all cool,… now a ship, coming down, seeing the same thing Ben sees, but from a different perspective - the same realizatio… is the first preview page - art by my friend @willsliney, colors by Guru-EFX, letters by Travis Lanham. Ben S…’s the cover; here’s how to get it next Wednesday: 1. Buy it at your comic shop: 2. M…, a preview of five pages of THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 just went up here: These are not th… @Henderson_Joe Devilishly clever.As currently planned... yellow. @ConroyForReal But you tweet about tweets! @declanshalvey We’re just plain old good people, Dec. @EmilyNewcomen Hmm @djolder I’m an ep in to S3 and the aroma of iffiness persists.I find it very hard to unfollow anyone on here. Like “oh my, they might feel bad! I found them fascinating once,… @Henderson_Joe Why is it trending?My non Batman reviews coming out tomorrow are for UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2 Written by @Ssnyder1835 and @CharlesSoule
Retweeted by Charles SouleOn the word sprint through February. Quite...a write. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.The creators of @Marvel’s Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren comic on Ben Solo’s turn:
Retweeted by Charles SouleReally enjoyed the first 2 issues of @ImageComics UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY By @Ssnyder1835 @CharlesSoule @COLORnMATT
Retweeted by Charles Soule @TheBigBang_ Do I have to call Star Wars again, guys? Don’t make me call Star Wars again.