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Dr Charles Tannock @CharlesTannock London & elsewhere

MEP '99-2019, now ageing but returned NHS Consultant Dr. Internationalist & former EU Remainer. Support global facemasks to stop Covid19. Still commenting!

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@TrommUlrich Sounds like it was a very bad meal! I agree it was clearly very personal..Yep even Bolton has turned on Trump as he finds his behaviour below the dignity of the office of POTUS & I suspect…
@lewis_goodall @AmbJohnBolton @maitlis @realDonaldTrump More to the point his reckless behaviour in a second term w… @BobbyMcDonagh1 Sadly they're not in listening mode yet! @TimWil That describes me as a former Remainer. I'm definitely now a Reminder 😂 @danielmgmoylan After a much wider margin of victory & more inclusive franchise in 75 ur side never accepted the re… @rogerokeeffe @IrisGromus @simoncoveney @IrlEmbChile As it happens fluent.. @BrigidLaffan @FCDOGovUK HMG supported Turkish EU accession after itself voting for Brexit. UK has never recognized… a surprising finding. it up neatly. My thoughts precisely. @FoxhoundMike @brexit_sham Unlikely as HMG and UK media strategy is to blame Brussels and hope for a wartime spirit… @ClareAdams Years away if ever sadly @aj_tomlinson66 Precisely why SCOTUS was changed during a Presidential campaign. @ahavery @EmmanuelMacron The Conservative Party and ECR developed close relations with Erdogan's AKP Party and UK h… much for US judicial impartiality and separation of powers and even during a tight election. Used to sympathise… wrong type of job creation! This is the so called Brexit dividend. la France! Vive le President @EmmanuelMacron. Vive la liberté française. faces of two passionate humanitarian campaigners determined to make the world a better place. @rosaltmann Some of us tried Ros repeatedly to point this all out but it fell on deaf ears both as far as UK media…
Agree the calculus of Leave campaign is we'd all fold behind them as neo-Brexiteers. We'll I'm sticking a Remoaner… news for the future of the EU. Noone is following our lamentable Brexit experiment. @SimonFraser00 Your pithy thread echoes my views completely and this is why a @JoeBiden victory is so important for… @D0Sullivan IRE through its large diaspora has long punched above its weight in influence countries like USA, Canad… @IrisGromus @simoncoveney @IrlEmbChile John Mackenna was another prominent military figure in Chilean liberation wi… @IrisGromus @simoncoveney @IrlEmbChile No fighting for freedom from Spain as military commanders mainly. @simoncoveney @IrlEmbChile The first President of Chile 1817 Bernardo O'Higgins had Irish heritage. Ireland's sons… this we can be confident! @CormacS63 @HildaMcevoy @nealerichmond @brucemcd23 @PaulNiland @lottythegirl @the_mcquade @kate_hammer @markcha @AnthonyGlees Not to mention putting our own UK union in serious jeopardy! @jonnyhusband1 @danielmgmoylan @JoeBiden You're like me so too logical. You're up against visceral and emotive host… @danielmgmoylan Guess for some it's the perception perhaps wrong some Brexiteers & UK tabloids try to depict EU as…
@AlexTaylorNews Don't often read the Telegraph as it's not the objective broadsheet it once was but my recollection… @GabrielDenvir @danielmgmoylan @JoeBiden I agree EU has increasingly become a global regulatory gold standard sette… @danielmgmoylan @rambojambo9 @AliAliAfro @KeohaneDan If SCO & NI peel off as a consequence of Brexit UK will drop i… @danielmgmoylan @JoeBiden @HonTonyAbbott This debate is pointless as we have different international outlooks. The… @danielmgmoylan @JoeBiden Actually a lot of Brexiteers I know base their global Britain project on the 'Anglosphere… @danielmgmoylan @JoeBiden Actually all over the world from ECOWAS to MERCOSUR to ASEAN countries are setting up Cus… @iancolintaylor @liamdobrien @cto_maverick @FT Exactly my point. Wasn't Thomas Jefferson the founding father himsel… @CaptJolly @Brendandonn @APHClarkson @KeohaneDan @Metatone2 I agree very few Remainers I know thought they could re… @danielmgmoylan Your project just lost Winston Peters of New Zealand First support so guess if you lose Trump you w… @liamdobrien @cto_maverick @FT As well as IRE never forget USA is historically indebted to France & always holds a… @simonjhix Brexit means Brexit but believed would inevitably be bespoke to British terms @nealerichmond Exceptionalist nostalgia. The hope of EU's founding fathers was to rebuild peace & prosperity on our… @jimmynoodle @SebDance What tosh. Spanish economy has grown enormously as 🇪🇺 member state and Italy finally is intr… @DavidDa80731355 England would be the successor state to a breakup of UK in international law. Besides the UK as a… @DavidDa80731355 Good question! @imhete That premise of fear of Catalonia secession only worked when UK was part of EU at time of last Indy Ref . T… @ememcee315 @johnleremainer @NickStevenson63 @amandamilling @trussliz Well aware of that. But doubt the distinction… my dear Watson. Of course post Brexit the EU27 including Spain would welcome SCO back in the club. Spain… @omminc @EuEthnic 51st state? @abcpoppins She is a Brexiteer and her son an influential Brexiteer MP. They voted for Brexit so why the feigned shock?Wasn't aware EU or any part of it was part of the Sterling zone. @danielmgmoylan @BorisJohnson I'm sure a @JoeBiden victory will influence decisions in no10. His belief in effectiv…
@iancolintaylor @lionelbarber @FT I heard an MEP went to Cameron with an offer to deliver a critical number of vote… @BBCNewsnight @DanielJHannan Lactose intolerance is a common problem for 2/3 Japanese people so any exported UK dai… @amandamilling @trussliz My understanding is the independent state competition authorities HMG agreed with JP is mo… an advanced democracy hubris is likely to eventually lead to nemesis.
@ProfGBarrett I doubt UK will get these coveted perks and cherry pick what it wants with no obligations Brexiteers… @nealerichmond @OireachtasNews @Education_Ire @DCYApress @FineGael @pawpatrol A chip off the old block.. @EmporersNewC I guess his level of trade expertise is why he was given by HMG a far away jurisdiction with which UK…! @HodgkinDavid @JoeBiden Wouldn't quite go that far 😂 but I agree I've never felt so emotively involved in someone else's country's election @PaulBrannenNE @JoeBiden I totally agree. @MatthewPWoods @JoeBiden Absolutely right on all those important points but above all to me VP Joe Biden has digni… up America and do the right thing for your country and mine too.. Good luck @JoeBiden
@LordRickettsP You're a true nobleman my Lord who understands not everyone is as privileged as you or I. @KaiAttwood @StevePeers Vastly overrewarded for being a Brexiteer that is for sure @StevePeers Yes and I'm sure she never had to face any hurdles or significant costs to naturalise as British as she… @DavidHenigUK @ks_1968 It was always so. I reread my eve of poll letter appealing to constituents in 2016 making al…
@JohnAlanWilkin It is quite possible that exposure to other Coronavirus family RNA types will give you some partial… turnout is good for @JoeBiden as I understand it. I'm now cautiously optimistic political maturity and enlight… I asked a UK Minister about risk of a security cliff edge if there was no deal they simply replied there WILL…
Come 1st January 2021 with no EU deal or a trade only deal this essential security tool vanishes in a puff of scorc… @SusieQinFrance @jacquep Well I try and be a tad more diplomatic 😂 @nealerichmond When you have EU phobes in charge they look to Dad's Army for inspiration on how to conduct relations with Europe. @lawprashant The problem is they will never own its negative consequences and will double down on the EU blame game… @ToddDavidForem1 @jacquep I suspect youre probably right. Who can blame them. It was all so avoidable if compromise… @jacquep If they're not careful this will end three centuries of the UK union instead. The recent behaviour suggest… @agill_martin The principle agreed by all is nothing is agreed to everything is agreed. Barnier plays by the sequen… @AndrewDuffEU @MichelBarnier Frankly Brussels has every reason to feel frustrated by the British. As a Brit myself… @Cardwell_PJ OK nice to know 😂 @DavidDa80731355 @BEERG @patrickkmaguire @anandMenon1 He was a Labour Party GLC County Councillor and CND activist… @Cardwell_PJ Yes I was interviewed and gave evidence to it but HMG wasn't happy with its findings I seem to recolle… @BEERG @patrickkmaguire @anandMenon1 I agree UK constitution has some extraordinary anachronisms. No RC senior cler… @cloudedsilver Large RNA viruses eg Influenza and Coronavirus I believe tend to have unstable genomes and tend to m… @AngelusMerula @drmpwalsh @michaelgove Not interpol but yes at Europol, Eurojust, EAW, PNR, ECRIS etc Prum Convention is saved maybe I read @DoreJayne Yes indeed that is my sole remaining function as a private citizen out of politics @RobAdvisor @Mortgage_Stu @michaelgove Ministers have a ministerial code as well as the Nolan principles to uphold. @HardingMike I meant it as a joke or a parody to complement my word ludicrous. @jezardscribe1 @michaelgove Yes I agree a failure of statecraft and good governance. @ianoceallaigh Not remotely holding China as a shining light or example and have always been deeply critical of PRC… ludicrous and factually incorrect from @michaelgove. I despair that the British public are not being told t… @daysoutinfo Not an epidemiological historian so can only quote what is recorded by expertsThe bounce back in PRC is astonishing and a lesson to the world. and I've reached the same conclusion regrettably that the UK's uncodified Constitution when pushed has been… @chrisgreybrexit @Anthony54091332 @YorksBylines Thanks for the tip Chris#COVID19 2nd wave was expected & the great flu H1N1 pandemic 1918-20 I believe had small 3rd&4th ones then fizzled…
@nealerichmond @Telegraph The whole Brexit leadership are desperate to start EU blame game but some in HMG may star… @danielmgmoylan @BorisJohnson Most of your friends in ERG want no deal (For HMG= 'Australia') outcome & several min… @danielmgmoylan @BorisJohnson Not a professional EU commentator but think most professionals at senior EU level kno…