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Trees @CharlesTrees Detroit, MI

Author of sound and dance hypnotist. “2019” 12” available now on Portage Garage Sounds. booking:

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ok i listened to Hard Knock Life since i tweeted this and remembered J's greatness my fault
@bevlove 😢Jay-Z is a mediocre rapper but a great capitalistWhat’s the word for someone who has been unfaithful before so now they project that onto others and don’t trust themsump pump is out today!!! big thanks in order to the whole ghostly crew who made this a very smooth process and are…
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good morning comrads @toiletraper smdh @Real_Krcatovich lol yes thank you
🎶whether it's in Hong Kong, India, Israel or good ol USA, it looks like fascism is here to stay!🎶 *in Dolemite voice*lol at Royal Oak cops. and all white men being like "he should just say it's all good and it'll be all good!" kind… at the bar last night tried to say Luda is better than Busta lol. Go back to school plz
am I the only one who thanks their virtual assistant? kids have no respect these days i swearI am not trying to be Captain Obvious here but..... Antifa = anti-fascist Opposite of anti-fascist is fascist or…
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could watch Mike shit on Bill Maher all day @djskeez313 jesus @abergermd @wasfret it's a jam plain and simpleKKK has killed 5000+ Americans since 1865 •Not designated as terror org White Nationalists have killed 313+ Americ…
Retweeted by Trees @bbmmgg good set mateBenjamin Netanyahu is a fascist crook who deserves to be locked up forever
@sheefymcfly basically all Slugo and Deeon trax lol
@abergermd very michigantfw you can't f with Detroit for a while Walmart heirs make $4 million an hour. A new Walmart associate makes $11 an hour. My two-cent wealth tax on f…
Retweeted by TreesCome get some of this ⁦@glorbis⁩ Congrats!
Retweeted by Trees$36.5B: How much the Walton family made last year $6.2B: How much Walmart workers cost US taxpayers in food stamps…
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@Laus102 i know of ur undying love for Smithsppl are probably like "Charles recently played artists: The Smiths and Vengaboys" smdhfollowing music friends on spotify is embarrassing cuz it's like damn they really do just sit around listening to to Nico and SUNO))) huh| good morning everybody make it count |
Retweeted by Treeswas just scrambling around my living room for a pen to write down this meme idea in a notebook
not bc of any current issues but like don't go to Walmart EVER they are racist, anti-union, spy on employees, pric… great advice i got from @SAMIYAMBEATS was if you want to make original NEW music only listen to really OLD mus… @_diego__ where's the packAmerica has 600K undoc Canadian & Euro immigrants but ICE targeted only immigrants of color.🤔 Now those Kids are n…
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Just loved "Kinvara Miscellany 6 21.07.19" by Kinvara FM 92.4 on @mixcloud
@DetroitCSC Well now I’m more depressed lol. Deleting the app for a few days but btw love your contributions online! @DetroitCSC Yeah even in that instance, I was excited for the millions of people finding a voice and freeing themse… it seems like social media is a poison that’s tearing at the fabric of society @djskeez313 Lol damn honesty never heard that one @bevlove Haha but you’re not a raver :)
Fuck ICE and fuck this. Get ICE off Belle Isle and planet earth.
Retweeted by TreesThis meme may have inspired me to apply for a Pell Grant 🤓 @xoxoabbyxoxox But the mix is on your phone? @xoxoabbyxoxox Don you have a computerr ?? @OliveTonic 😭😅 @xoxoabbyxoxox Mixcloud yooooThis is a meme account now of y’all don’t like it when DJs get political, but fuck that. We have to share a world. So if you wanna do mol…
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2019 on my negi-BS should prob delete the app @DetroitCSC Right??Ppl be like “if you don’t like the USA then leave!” Lol I wish it was that easy to move to another country. I would… father should be arrested for hate speech that inspires white terrorism.
@heyygirllhai @Plaslaiko YesssAbout to go hear @Plaslaiko spin #MWraves shootings, 2019. US: 249 Mexico: 3 Canada: 1 Brazil: 1 Netherlands: 1 Germany: 0 Italy: 0 UK: 0 Australia: 0…
Retweeted by Trees# of mass shootings per country in the calendar year 2019, including today’s shooting in El Paso, Texas 🇦🇹 0 🇩🇰 0…
Retweeted by TreesAnother day in AmerikkkaAlmost miraculous how a terrorist can shoot up a store and be captured alive but a guy selling cigarettes gets chok…
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Honestly wedding DJs are on another level of reading the room that most DJs wouldn't have a clue how to do including me
Retweeted by Trees @EndlessJeopardy What is Skelatonia?
I know a thing or two about the greed of the health care industry. I’ve been fighting them my whole life.
Retweeted by Treespotato (found on side of freeway in detroit) is heart worm free, fixed, vaccinated and looking for her forever home…
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@EndlessJeopardy What is nothing? @violetikon That shirt is very peaceful yet tripped outSen. Mitch McConnell's net worth: 2005: $2,962,015 2015: $26,927,535 Increase: $23,965,520 (+809.1%) How does a…
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I’ll tell ya what is dangerous @MarioLopezExtra was my parents letting me watch “Saved By the Bell” I’m scarred for… corporation to fire their CEO and replace them with AI then gives their salary to entry level employees has w… @DetroitCSC I’d be like, ok with that if gas powered vehicles were also outlawed @sinistarr_313 LmaooooI do believe “stuff” like food, housing and healthcare, things that millions struggle to provide for themselves gen… need to call out white supremacy for what it is: Domestic terrorism—and that poses a threat to America. #DemDebate
Retweeted by TreesBREAKING: California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) just signed a bill requiring President Trump to release his tax returns…
Retweeted by Trees @adipinto19 @YulandaKatrice @Christine0526 @nomarsjusvenus @_SJPeace_ Arrest for what? The officer is clearly instigating the situation @shettler3000 Sad. Good run tho ol boy @sinistarr_313 Lol it true @DetroitCSC I knowwww no shade to RTA just sorta sad @mariahc Exactly 😢 @EndlessJeopardy What is Model Mayors of Madagascar @EndlessJeopardy Who is Colin Will Ferrell
@mistamonotone @djskeez313 No cover! @Joey2lanes love to hear itStarting a new DJ night in Detroit this Wednesday. Trying to switch it up with some rock records and other weirdness love that Detroit public transit Twitter is just like, “have you tried biking?” Lol @mikeservito @EndlessJeopardy What is white supremacy?New Episode of ⁦@LLCPodcast⁩ !! We speak to ⁦@natetalbot313⁩ about Detroit’s blockchain future ——————— ft a mix w/…
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Think before u tweet
Retweeted by TreesShocked to hear of the passing of Ras G. Such a talented and kind person. Damn. @EndlessJeopardy What is through man chu? @hueymnemonic Gonna be fire
How Twitter works: Me: "I prefer mangoes to oranges..." Random Person: "So basically what you're saying is that…
Retweeted by TreesLooks like I need to put the call out again: would any city near Chicago want to book Bill Converse on Fri Aug 23?…
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@TheJoshCraig : “Yo prefiero las pupusas… son mejores que los tacos” favorited "SUZANNE KRAFT – VISTAS (11.13.10)" by dublab on Mixcloud
@ellenvile @atav1k @JonAxtell @chancetherapper That’s what I heard!!!