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Pragmatic Karaoke Enthusiast. I think you're great and everything is bad. (he/him)

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from a coworker: "One good thing about being a Finn; there's no such thing as an awkward silence"these harley benton hollow bodies are gorgeous, incredibly well reviews and 180 bucks? @BBQsnob @paulaforbes i live in berlin now but still think of those ribs and fried pies @BBQsnob @paulaforbes peggy sue’s in dallasmentally, i am here @janklausa this seems bad @janklausa u duckin under there @techreview “tame”? @AmosLightnin @BoingBoing So much seems to be “from the boingboing shop”, does it block those too/sometimes i think about how i would check boingboing every day as a teenager and how it’s now a spencer’s gifts @ztiworoh damn @ztiworoh i am having my biannual desire to buy a cheap hollow body. any tonight’s? gretsch? i cannot play guitar @MissMissLiss part of a series waking up six hour ahead reading the news every morning : lol fuck
Retweeted by Charles “Super Hell” Vestal @tomburns i honestly believe no one cares who it would matter and that he has successfully weaponized all scrutiny as baselessah, yes
dreamt there was an o brother house remix record by david gueta and kinda wanna make these real @chick_in_kiev @alper @ak_hipp John Cage 4’33” @hello__caitlin mama mia @ducassousa03 @davidgross_man @bombsfall i think you’re closeme n the boys having a social distance at the pub @kshipwhitecat @necrosofty @ferricide begrudgingly, 2 left @reggaechristmas very rare @reggaechristmas ?my despair will not be quelled until chris gaines tells me to chill @rahcelscorner good thoughts for kenny and his human @PateraQuetzaI @kshipwhitecat @ShaneWatch probably better to use the phone app and a gamevice @brookshelley shimmer and shimmer accessoriesi tell you what man where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner talkin’ bout I shall brin…
Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1)’ on the B-side. @anildash saw this today and thought of you. german rolling stone includes a sign o the times vinyl single @lazerwalker this technique is blowing my mind @PateraQuetzaI serial experiment lame @PateraQuetzaI i thought the microsoft store didn’t exist any more @mcc_zak go live on tiktok @_loveallthis wowgonna write a camping slow cooker cookbook called “braised by wolves” @jilliancyork mentally i am there @jilliancyork hello @southworth that baby ??? no @Bellatrixed for sure - the change of a path always gives you the ability to imagine what if you didn’t @Bellatrixed we are the ones moving are they, maybe near our new spot :)finally made friends with the incredibly lovely neighbors one week before moving out 🙈feeling like a genius for replacing my fancy miele vent hood with a book light @kshipwhitecat is teacher T or gov @jeremyburge @jamesthomson i add my poos in pcalc therefore it is a poo calc @tomburns isn’t this what bulk aisles are for @jeremyburge it’s a little better in dark mode i think but yeah. it also goes to icons only pretty quick which is also hard to distinguishsomeone in my apartment building is cooking a strongly spiced stir fry and i would like it please @kshipwhitecat i’m sorry how many sentinels do you need then @mcc_zak they’re very good @future__ghost i marked “i will never return” otherwise they’d send me locals but i ain’t a liar @future__ghost only fed @kapowaz did it just work @reggaechristmas magic @reggaechristmas plant them @rahcelscorner have you ever fried oyster mushrooms cause i wanna do some buffalo oysties real bad
But Doctor, _I’m_ 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes. @kenlowery i was once on a PLANE with people smoking and it feels like a fever dreamthe long walk @kshipwhitecat @kotgb climax...nut...cinema @clairikine i have a case of non alcoholic radlers and tanzen apfel i don’t want if you do @plex wayne’s worldAny solo or small team creators would like their game translated into Québec French (at no cost)? A university prof…
Retweeted by Charles “Super Hell” Vestalsame energy @antonhowes @baumard_nicolas how do i signal my shallow cheekbones and wide chin @mrgan it’s the best movie! can’t wait to listen @mrgan @_loveallthis my kid only eats oat puffsdrum god @kapowaz it just works @kapowaz wait, that says you’re on wifi @kapowaz time 2 dfu @kapowaz @kevincoffey fwiw i’ve never heard of this being a hardware issue so i would assume that a reset would wor… @kapowaz @kevincoffey I think! you can still activate with itunes/finder, but yeah it’s a risk. I’ve never heard of… wrote another thing!
Retweeted by Charles “Super Hell” Vestalthinkin about rain chaps @deutschbitte - 1Password lets you save some frequently used items which is nice - You can setup shortcuts to do ba… @deutschbitte I use the modular face with complications for: - Today’s Date (small) - Carrot Weather (big) w/ Feels… @kapowaz @kevincoffey you can’t activate via itunes? or with a lightning to usb to ethernet? 😬watching prince videos getting mad he’s gone @deutschbitte subscribe, says the soaked guy (i have a poncho from karstadt but think i need a better setup)twitter needs a “like this tweet but please don’t continue this thread” button targeted at everyone that has the mi… @jstn seems like a good plan tbh @jstn conquering too much @jstn is this like: - a 3d cg model - a physical sphere - an alexandrian folly @jstn can you be more specific @kapowaz @kevincoffey might try reset network settings first ?
@Quantum_Shark it will be the question is can you choose who you vote for @benjamin honestly we are moving in a week so it’s the most efficient pfand to liter ratiodoes ridley scott drink soylent but pretend it’s a peter thiel android milk blood kind of situation @jennybuttons i think it’s folklore????? or porn. or both??? @yuvalweber i am that @kshipwhitecat the worst part is it doesn’t work when docked. like it’s ONLY a drone camfacts: only drink big beers now @Quantum_Shark sorry but also please get citizenship then vote like in the next few weeks thanksmew makeup effects in zoom beta are lovely @JoshOnInternet small stars represent