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TV & Music @BT_UK, Presenter @amazingradio, DJ @SomebodyTM_Club. Also a @QPR fan, a @RecCollMag columnist + #Spotify Playlist curator with @music_gateway 👇🏼

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Oi @amazingradio is there a new presenter you haven’t told me about
Into the final half hour we go, with Sapphire Blues, @DohnyJep, @WHARVESmusic, @ElectricLitany, @mezoeylily,… @TheRills A pleasure ladsMy latest show is getting a repeat airing on Amazing now! ⚡️📻⚡️
One of the all-time greats 😢 had a good ol’ chat with the incredible J. Laser for the latest @amazingradio One Night Stand. Head to… now!!! ⚡️📺⚡️
@rayverma Kept Cardiff in the tie @jacko_hooper We (QPR) were gutted to let him go. Feel like he’s back to his best now after a couple of years in the wildernessAlex Smithies. What a keeper.🚀 On this week’s playlist: @aliceraymusic @jacko_hooper @butlerwills @CirceMusic @lomatheband @vanivesvanives💥 On the playlist this week: @abbieOzard @BLACKHONEYUK @ParagonCause @ph0ebegreen @agent_bla @dirtynice_exe💫 On this week’s playlist: @BiigPiigMusic @Tungzzzz @joesefjoesef @LoyleCarner @felixity_x @lolayounggg @mattyaston @Smeaghan_ Big fan✨📺✨ New BT TV Playlist is out! Added videos this week by @thebigmoon @TheSnuts @sonicseagirls @LDevineMusic week’s Audition poll Top 10: 10 @PostIronicState 9 @TheCovasettes 8 The New Space Finders 7 Helena Deland 6…💃🏼🕺🏻 It’s that time of the week again! 50 of the best songs I’ve heard in the past seven days, in one handy Spoti…
@kittycoenmusic So good having you on! Can’t wait to hear more ✨ @claramakesmusic You’re very welcome!!WE GO AGAIN 🎉🎉🎉 @stpetersdream Loved having you on @mezoeylily @amazingradio Always a pleasure Zoey 👍🏼 @BeeBeeSeaBand @amazingradio 🎉🎉🎉 @SaNPRuk @DohnyJep @amazingradio Big song! An honour to give them a first Amazing spin. @itsmaddoxjones @amazingradio Great to have you back on sir. The EP is a corker!
@TheRills @amazingradio Sounded suitably massive 👍🏼Off we go!! ⚡️📻⚡️ @VelvetStarlings @amazingradio Can’t wait! 🍋 @duomundimusic Great to have you on tonight!⚡️📻⚡️ On @amazingradio tonight from 7-9pm! With @songsbyjoan @stpetersdream @phoebecoco @illuminatihotts⚡️📻⚡️ On @amazingradio 7-9pm w/ @Talkboyyy @VagrantProducer @duomundimusic @magickmntn @VelvetStarlings @BeastPRUK @amazingradio @thekeysmusic @LibertinoRecs @pystpyst @AmazingRadioUSA @Frankie____ EXCITED
There’s something genuinely hilarious when the presenter says “You can watch Everton v Bournemouth over on Sky Sports Golf.”Loving this new track by @paragoncause this afternoon which was sent to me via @fluence_app
ATTENTION MUSIC MAKERS - During the pandemic we've been airing remote sessions and we're ready for more. Who wants to record for us?
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@j_x_s_t_j Ah it’s my pleasure! Threw It All Away is superb 👍🏼We go again next week ⚡️📺⚡️ #OneNightStand on the blog: @PLACEBOWORLD - Slave To The Wage (Live on Top Of The Pops, 2000) @PynchBand - Somebody Else (2…
Retweeted by Charlie AshcroftLast week’s Audition poll Top 10: 10 Lazarus Kane 9 @RingoDeathstarr 8 @alfietempleman 7 @sonnysocials 6… @The_ChloeCastro all good Chloe, psyched for the new EP @Dannydeathdisco @Spotify 🔥🔥🔥 @Dannydeathdisco @amazingradio @FRANBLABS @coolthingmusic Well deserved! @BalanceArtists @phantom_isle Great to have them back 🚀 @VagrantProducer You’re in good company! Will soon the track on Amazing next week too. @wuh_oh Huge record - congrats all round! @futureselfhouse @Ouraaofficial It’s a genuine pleasure. Great team-up from you two! @InterstateDrive All good. Just shout when you’ve sent something through @GURUBANDUK Colossal new single. Congrats! @comeatthekinguk You KNOW it @palmrmusic Water is superb! Great track with Matilda. @rose_coloured @DefeatGreat Happy Release Day! Excited to check out the album 👊🏼 @thisisnamaste Ah you’re very welcome! Loving your work. @MatildaEyre My pleasure! Lovely to have new music from you ✨ @Asylumsband @Spotify Fantastic to have you on this week 👍🏼
@InterstateDrive You can submit tracks to be considered right here:🚀 On the playlist this week: @therahsmusic @GURUBANDUK @Asylumsband @songsbyjoan MASI MASI @rewsmusic @TheManges💥 On this week’s playlist: @unknwnt9 @nubya_garcia @emawk8 @NONOmusic @namesbliss & @VagrantProducer @Malikimusic💫 On this week’s playlist: @ashemusic @JJenset @kittycoenmusic @wallowsmusic ft @clairo @j_x_s_t_j @stillbrothers_ Updated ✅ 50 new discoveries to share with you over on Spotify! Link to stream / subscribe right here… @Chippydogwithi1 I’ll make sure I have a listen! Cheers.🔥🔥🔥 Happy Album Release Week to @Asylumsband and Happy Nearly Album Time @rewsmusic @nickreinis 🤣🤣🤣When I tell people I’ve emptied the dishwasher in my quickest ever time @bearcraftmusic Phenomenal song. Great to have it this week. Looking forward to hearing the album!Absolute banger! @StrangeDaysHQ Like having a half-opened pack of cold, edible fossils. Delicious. @theBERNIEstone They’ve been thrown in the fridge, more in hope than expectation #DamageLimitation @SadFuneralMusic Hahaha. I guess it’s also reminiscent of that hit single by Chef from South Park, “Chocolate Salty Balls” @JordanHugill @QPR Thanks for all your goals and hard graft this season Jordan. Top man 👍🏼 🟦⬜️🟦⬜️🟦
@jamisonmatt Had to @StrangeDaysHQ Into the fridge they go @mike_will_iams_ Extraordinary night @williamggrant Beyond comprehension.He’s going to make another (Premier League) team very happy indeed.I love this man. @haarmband @Frankie____ So good. I’ve heard good things about these new Salted Caramel ones too✨📺✨ BT TV Playlist is out! Added videos by @alfietempleman @TheYoungHearts_ @thisisthekit @beabad00bee @charlieashcroft
Retweeted by Charlie Ashcroft @Frankie____ All year round, man. They’re that good. When solid.Do you know what suffers in this heat? Those LINDOR balls. Now just a whole box of melted chocolate goo shapes, eac… @jadehopcroft One of the funnest memes. Officially. @SHANGHAIBLUES_ I know right? Big shout out to @Tim_Burgess and @tokyoindustries
@Orchardslive Best news 🎉💖 better time to order this amazing LP from @Closeuppromo & @BloodRecs. Includes exclusives by @gengahr @futureselfhouse Thanks! Are you able to upload an mp3 of it to that link I posted?Morning gang. I’ll be updating my Spotify Fresh Finds playlist tomorrow night... To be considered for the playlis…
@GirlSkinBand So good to have you on. As I said on air, I must check out that album of yours!! @jeremypopscene @AreWeStatic @LeanneTennant @amazingradio @sunstinger @PostIronicState Yep, spoilt for choice this… @joeturnerr @amazingradio You’re on PROLIFIC form at the mo. Loving it! @avaeraband @amazingradio Think nothing of it! Certified indie anthem right there @bleach_lab @amazingradio Still blown away by this single 💥 @jesskempartist @bt_uk @amazingradio Excellent to have you on the playlist this week Jess! @AreWeStatic @LeanneTennant @amazingradio So good eh! Whole album is a beaut. @poppyster @amazingradio @phantom_isle Thanks for tuning in Leigh! @PostIronicState @amazingradio My pleasure. Thought Grin & Bear sounded BIG on the radio! Good luck with the release this week. @bluffband @amazingradio Fantastic to have you on, and great to be able to give the song a spin ahead of release! T… @tvfaceband @amazingradio The human known as CHARLIE ASHCROFT says you’re very welcome