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This may be the strongest optical illusion I’ve ever seen.
Retweeted by Charlie AshcroftGreat episode. QPR are lucky to have Mark Warburton in charge 👍🏼
@QPR I’m close to running out of wine. @LoftforWords Bit of an “unpaid intern” vibe again @SaintCharlesss He is furious about this @CrossWiresband Gorgeous. @AnnieDressner Just lovely. From every angle.Fit.
@GELATOMusicYeah @amazingradio Once again - sounded massive sir @cbj622w Child Star aren't on Twitter sadly - the single should be up on Spotify later this week (am I right @BlitzcatRecords?)Congrats Bears In Trees! Off we go with tonight’s show! ⚡️📻⚡️ out to @BlitzcatRecords and @icea_label, who release a couple of this week’s Not-on-Twitter artists 👍🏼)⚡️📻⚡️ On @amazingradio 7-9pm w/ @_Seanathan_ Promise And The Monster @OPD_org_uk Bonander @decobanduk @avainthedark⚡️📻⚡️ On @amazingradio from 7-9pm w/ @TheSilverLines1 Big Baby @ShacksN_Palaces Child Star @verzache @lolaurenmusic tracklisting 👍🏼 @Dannydeathdisco @recordstoreday @capturedtracks It’s incredibleGreat news for Boris and Carrie and thrum! Such a special compilation, released for @recordstoreday by @capturedtracks. So many undiscovere…, I’m gonna need another season of Emily In ParisA wee reminder that if you want to submit any tracks to my Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify, you can head to this ha… @SaintCharlesss “You’ve scratched my Papa Roach CD”
@IndyFootball 64 unbeaten, not sure it’s 64 wins... @mikeclerkmusic @RecCollMag Such an awkward-shaped thing to lug on the busLol, completely forgot about this. And it’s true! Cheers @RecCollMag 👍🏼 @thekitfactor @QPR I love these. Great work!✨On this week’s playlist: @LinnKochEmmery @iamLizaOwen @BiigPiigMusic @louhayter_ @verzache @sianonmusic💥 New this week: @evawestphal_ @ten_tonnes @bleachersmusic @marthagunn @theislasband @mysticpeachh @TherosadocsUK🏆 On this week’s playlist: @chikayaworld @FreakSlug Khazali @ScorchersLife @AyEmToPm @D2X__ @ayelookitsBRADY Tycho…’s a Sunday listening option for you! 50 new discoveries in my Fresh Finds playlist 👍🏼 Hope you find somethin…
@marthagunn Always welcome! That new song of yours is incredible xOh so they’re officially called fleets. Blimey. @mikec1986 @BBC6Music @thecosmicsband Haha it’s a cold day, Mike. Also my heart is always in 2003 tbh @ShounShounUK @ShounShounUK You’re on the playlist this week! @patawawa @ModernSkyUK @suckerofficial_ Magnificent news. Congrats!! @thecosmicsband @BBC6Music @steve_lamacq 💥💥💥OFF TO WORK (upstairs) - @BBC6Music please play ‘Eyes’ by @thecosmicsband, ta! #TShirtDay Absolutely nobody: Not a soul: Twitter: Here we’re trying this thing that’s a bit like Stories.
Last week’s Audition poll Top 10: 10 @megannashmusic 9 @lemonteethband 8 @foxhauntband 7 @wynonableach 6 Jaws The… this remarkable confrontation between a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Paul Kelly, e…
Retweeted by Charlie Ashcroft
A belated shout for my most recent piece for the @MusosoupHQ blog, written on a freezing cold night before the US e… @DomNightFires Great work all round @cduncan86 What’s a ‘wonderwall’?That’s a decent new feature there, Spotify 👍🏼 #LyricsMatch
@TomSCotton Oh my days. Anthem. @shiner_sam @trev_cairns @Dannydeathdisco @LeJarraMusic @BBCIntroNE @bbcintroducing Brilliant news 💫 @LondonInStereo ❤️❤️❤️ @soulkitchenrec @iamsolamusic @amazingradio Loved playing it. Had it on repeat at home the last few days so had to share! @SwayDasafo @idriselba @TiggsDaAuthor My pleasure!! You’ve crafted an absolute TUNE there. Happy to include it the playlist 👍🏼 @hayleyrossmusic My pleasure Hayley! Moving All Around (and the rest of the EP) is awesome 👍🏼 @cbj622w So good eh! White Stripes vibesWe continue with @GeorgeMoirMusic! Then it’s @bears_in_trees and @WillJosephCook. Banger after banger… WE GO 🔥 @VagrantProducer @Casablanca92fs @amazingradio @ynx716 Always a pleasure to feature you on the show! @PalaceCatsMusic @amazingradio 💙🧡 @otzeki Great to have you back on - Fading Up is sublime @thrillhouseok LOL @WITCHKINGUK @amazingradio Congrats on releasing such a massive EP! @iamsolamusic @amazingradio Can’t wait to play Highs & Lows!⚡️📻⚡️ @amazingradio 7-9pm spinning @polarstates @brgr_grl @thrillhouseok @donothingband Dead Animals @iamsolamusic⚡️📻⚡️ On @amazingradio 7-9pm with @thepalewhite @dontworrybeviji @Brothertheband4 @mumbletide @PalaceCatsMusic
@_DCR_Official With a song title like that, I was always going to be drawn to it!! Great track 👍🏼 @wearedeafpony All good! Thanks for sending your tracks to me 😀 @TomJGarry @Swaggarlicious_ @QPR Shines through in the article! @thevelvethands1 Spoilt for choice this week! @TomLumleyMusic @GardenPartyManc @LN_HM_ @landshapesband @darlingboymusic @thevelvethands1 @simonalexmusik @yaboyamlo @indoorfoxes 🙏🏼 Peach Stone is a belter @janaandren It’s my pleasure JÁNA! Green is so good ✨💫 On the playlist this week: @janaandren @vanjess @JafarisMusic @eveskarydas Erika de Casier @djchophead✨On this week’s playlist: @boredatmygrans Tyla Jane @lavalarue @wwwhiteflowers @_DCR_Official @crystaltidesuk🏆 New this week: @GardenPartyManc @LN_HM_ @landshapesband @darlingboymusic @thevelvethands1 Spooled Up… so fixated with spinning songs from the 00s over the past couple of days, I completely forgot to tell you abou… piece on @Swaggarlicious_ and her role at @QPR here. Article by the always-excellent @TomJGarry 👍🏼
2020 @joeramseymusic SAMEBy the way this starts about 30 seconds in, after all the noise of me thumping the iPad @Adam_Bass Good grief what a day. GERRAAAAAAAAARD
Thanks to all of you who tuned in tonight. The full thing is available to listen again here on demand @BAXTR_Music So goodMy mate Charlie here is playing some wonderful Friday night indie classics and lesser known tunes. Get involved
Retweeted by Charlie AshcroftMilburn into The Rifles. Join me down the 00s rabbit hole talks of San Francisco he’s from Hunter’s Bar 👍🏼NU RAVE / INDIE RAVE #CSS #TheSunshineUnderground ON #ThePipettes #TheRakes it’s Friday night!
Retweeted by Charlie AshcroftHold my beer, just slipping into a strokes-esque shirt and loose tie
Retweeted by Charlie Ashcroft“POP PUNK ETC” ‘No Tomorrow’ into Just Jack ‘Starz In Their Eyes’. YES!! #DogAndDuckKaraokeMachine WE GO. 00s Indie and Pop anthems until Saturday... an exciting turn of events, my laptop has died. I’ll be carrying on regardless. See you at 9pm, via an iPad. @the_clem Can’t deny its importance to the cultural landscape @charlieashcroft One of the greatest television episodes ever produced
Retweeted by Charlie Ashcroft @PineyGir Bit of nostalgia? A lockdown lift? Who knows. Hopefully a bit of fun 👍🏼 @ShounShounUK There’s a submissions link here!