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6,400 will die from COVID by Election Day, based on current trends.
"I think it's really important that we recognize how important freedom and personal responsibility are to this enti…
Retweeted by Charlie GileOne thing the White House continues to overlook is that the outcome of contracting the virus isn’t binary (survival… for GOP Sen Kelly Loeffler test positive for COVID-19
Retweeted by Charlie GileKristen Welker, played by Maya Rudolph. #snl
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Retweeted by Charlie GileThis is a big time 🥴Mike Pence is doing the opposite of what any medical expert would advise after being exposed to someone with a posi…
New: The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily reinstated Gov. Abbott's ban on multiple drop sites for mail-in ballot…
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what’s happening here banks’ mascots dance off 😂😂
Retweeted by Charlie Gile...but the instance was Biden arguing *against* putting youth in adult prisons in a 1997 hearing where he said that…
Retweeted by Charlie GileI have some words for whoever is responsible for this ad Beeman in 75 episodes of The Americans @KWelkerNBC was once a TODAY intern
Retweeted by Charlie Gile“The venture—set up in 2017 after Mr. Biden left the vice presidency and before his presidential campaign—never rec…
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Retweeted by Charlie Gileoh hell yeah“What I saw, there was little children sitting on concrete floors covered by mylar blankets, supervised by security… @hcp56 He said “go ahead.” Thought the same thing at first, but nope.He told lie after dangerous lie about COVID in the first 15 minutes: that it’s going away, that teachers aren’t get… debate was comparatively low on chaos but let’s not gloss over the fact that Donald Trump essentially shrugged… malarkey count: 1 we put an f in the chat for all the birds RIPDebate winner: Kristen Welker Debate loser: All the birdsExtremely expensive. Kills all the birds.I know more about wind than you do.😎“Abraham Lincoln over here, (Trump) is one of the most racist presidents we’ve ever had,” Biden says. In July, Bi… Clinton used the word superpredator, not Biden. @briantruitt I think he said, “go ahead.” Had to go back and watch again.I was one of the reporters Trump said he "brought" to see family separations. He, and he alone, systematically sepa…
Retweeted by Charlie GileBiden is correct. The 545 children were separated from their parents. says Biden "left" Scranton, which is true because he was a child and his father got a job in another state.
Retweeted by Charlie GileFar cry from his tone this afternoon.“So far, I very much respect how you’re handling this,” Trump tells Kristen Welker.Okay maybe the mute button won’t be used to mention the billions of dollars in subsidies the Trump administration is paying farmers in an effort to corr…
Retweeted by Charlie GileOooo we were dangerously close to our first muting of the eveningMalarkey count: 1Mueller did not examine Trump’s tax returns.
Retweeted by Charlie GileHow can he promise this??? #Debates2020
Retweeted by Charlie GileIt must be pointed out that the reason we can verify Biden’s claims that he hasn’t been paid by a foreign entity be… know 90% of Trump’s appeal to his supporters is his personality but like... this is normal now and it’s so weird.Trump doesn’t deny calling Anthony Fauci an idiot. And everyone is supposed to be cool with that.As someone who lived in a basement for three years, it’s possible.Wow. Without constant interruptions, we can actually get answers from the candidates. OCTOBER SURPRISE.The same guy who put out this COVID study projected 200m people dead from Bird Flu in 2005. About 50 people died. is currently a Kristen Welker fan account.I’m so curious to hear the specific reasons why the WSJ ran the Biden story as an opinion column as opposed to news.
Retweeted by Charlie Gile @KatyTurNBC Could be neater with the icing and a few are oblong but - shockingly competent attempt
I’m doing quarantine backwards but I’ve been baking my way through Seinfeld over the last week. First, babka. Today… from NBC News:
Retweeted by Charlie GileAt the risk of piling on... @kwelkernbc is one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve met in journalism. And s… @RummelTweets are you telling me Data beats BatmanUndisputed top three 80s movie sneakers: -Marty’s Nike Air Mags -Ripley’s Reebok Alien Stompers -Batman’s Nike Air… miss Jerry Stiller.Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? want to imagine my fake British grandmother baking me ladyfingers in the English countryside because she loves me… must be said: Nobody wants to see stunt cakes on The Great British Baking Show. So undignified. change gets a 15-minute segment in tomorrow’s debate. mean what even is this garbage really feel for the camera person that’s forced by Fox News to sit outside Biden’s house so they can run chyrons…
If you announce the discovery of a multi-nation election interference scheme, take a few questions pleaseChris Wray looks like an actor playing the FBI Director in a movie.Tonight in a last minute press conference at FBI, DNI Ratcliffe announces that Russia and Iran had obtained voter i…
Retweeted by Charlie GileJust a reminder that obtaining voter registration databases is very easy in many states
Retweeted by Charlie GileBarack Obama, making the case that voting is worth it even if it doesn't make things perfect: If I work out, "I'm n…
Retweeted by Charlie GileOn Tuesday night, Mayor @RudyGiuliani foiled Sacha Cohen’s attempted scam-interview, ultimately ending in a stupefied Cohen.
Retweeted by Charlie GileCan the Giuliani story please stop unfolding, I’m beggingThis may be crazy but hear me out: maybe the “quick bite” idea isn’t sound.I don’t know that Quibi would work in a pandemic-free world, either.🥴: the official emoji of 2020I shudder to think what he thinks “getting him” would be
Retweeted by Charlie GileI... my god.
Retweeted by Charlie GileOn this date in 1916, children in OKC barred from attending Sunday school, movies to prevent the spread of polio.
Retweeted by Charlie Gile88% of Trump supporters aren’t ruling out that Democrats are running a pedophile trafficking ring.This is insane. this long to use Sam Elliott in ad is the real October surprise
The “the” is haunting. State archeologists say they have located human remains in the search for victims from the 1921 Race Mass…
Retweeted by Charlie GileBREAKING: Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by the Trump administration. Wi…
Retweeted by Charlie Gile'Seinfeld' stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander are reuniting with series co-creator Larry David for a vir…
Retweeted by Charlie GileI still can’t believe we allowed society to call this thing a hoverboard obviously all the other mad libs are greatThis is the worst version of Mad Libs ever
We are aware of the President’s statement regarding a hypothetical call with our CEO…and just so we’re all clear, it never happened.
Retweeted by Charlie GileFalse alarm: Vice says it’s a CMS error.The only thing crazier than this story is a potential retraction of this story’s stock price dipped slightly around 2:30pmET for no reason that I can think of mysteries are better left unsolved.“I would hand out ‘Nicolle Wallace Sucks’ masks if some of the people behind you would wear them. It’s so disturbin… minutes after bashing Biden for using a teleprompter, it appears that Trump is reading talking points off the t… is a category in today's episode. WHAT DID JEOPARDY KNOW AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT
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