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@paulgarb54 @JessiesFund @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 That’s very kind of you @JessiesFund @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 Thankyou so much
@stephenlharding Oh stephen thankyou. Bernstein is a huge hero of mine, so I’m very moved by this @Howard_Goodall XXX @Howard_Goodall Oh Howard that is so lovely. Thankyou warrior man xx @anaustra @laurenlaverne Oh what beautiful words. Thank you so much @cfleetshuffle Aw, shucks!! @MsDizzyGillespi Ain’t that the truth @cfleetshuffle Oh that is a lovely thing to say. Thankyou! @MsDizzyGillespi @lloyd_dennis8 I am so sorry to hear this. And hope he is ok now @lloyd_dennis8 Ha ha fair! @lloyd_dennis8 Oh thankyou so much Lloyd! It is a tragedy that it takes most of us most of our lives to retrieve th… @MsDizzyGillespi Ha ha! @DamselflyPR @Paraorchestra XX @JohnCam72037614 @RealGeoffBarton Oh man it is beyond beautiful @a_r_holland @MsDizzyGillespi Oh thankyou Andrew! @MsDizzyGillespi Ha ha infuriating!! @MsDizzyGillespi Thankyou so much ! @JohnCam72037614 @RealGeoffBarton Thankyou !
@DLuscombe82 Oh thankyou so much @justahelen Ha Helen! Lovely to hear from you X @looplady @LippyKidMusic @laurenlaverne Oh thanks Lou !! @MezzoRosie Oh thankyou so much! @jonnybrick Bring it on!!! @LloydRColeman @helenbirchy @laurenlaverne @Paraorchestra XXXXXXX @SueNoyes1 @SafelineOrg XX @Futurewor1d @LippyKidMusic @laurenlaverne @looplady @adrianutley Awesome and thanks @looplady Oh thankyou lou this is lovely @LippyKidMusic @laurenlaverne Aw Thankyou so much !! @marycaws @Paraorchestra @BristolOldVic @mayfestbristol Oh that’s wonderful! @DoktorG @helenbirchy @laurenlaverne @Paraorchestra @LloydRColeman Hear hear!!! @DavidRouson @helenbirchy @laurenlaverne @Paraorchestra @LloydRColeman Ha ha brilliant @Blindlemoncurd @sheehan_gary Ha ha and yay @jonnybrick No I’m excited by the future for the orchestra, provided it can pivot and ever find new ways to connect with people @khickmanauthor @DesertIsleDiscs This exact moment @jonnybrick Ha! Brilliant! Thanks for all these memories !! No we left the farm as had other priorities.... @helenbirchy @laurenlaverne @Paraorchestra @LloydRColeman Aw thanks Helen! @jmagee105 @laurenlaverne Thankyou James @PlimmerJo @Paraorchestra @EliseHurcombe Hoorah! Thanks Jo @emmapcross Thankyou Emma! X @heatherstockwel Yay!! Thanks Heather @KebleAlumni Aw thanks !! @AnnetteMHughes @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 @southbankcentre @TheUnthanks Oh thankyou so much Annette! @sheehan_gary Whoop whoop! @josscripps Thank you so much Joss @KNewmankj Ha! Brilliant Kevin, thanks @emwilco Thanks Emma!! X @BernatDedeu @BBCRadio4 Thankyou !! @FreyaParr Oh wow look at that view!! And especially with some TEryri Riley thrown in for good measure.. @MichaelaAnchan Thankyou Michaela! @m_laverick Thankyou Michelle! @burkecorbett @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 Ha Ha!! Thanks so much @emachinpr @beckymbarrow Thankyou very much! @beckymbarrow Thankyou Becky! @helenchownpr Thankyou !! @Asneakypete @JRoughtonArnold @laurenlaverne @Paraorchestra Thankyou so so much X @bailey_cake @Paraorchestra Ha Nic that is so lovely to read XX @JRoughtonArnold @Paraorchestra Whoop whoop!! And thanks Jo for all you are X @JRoughtonArnold @LloydRColeman @MrShaneMorgan @Paraorchestra @_ceharding_ Hear hear hear!! @SteveChisRun @tphollingsworth Thanks Steve! @tpaleyfilm Thankyou Tony! @paulnewmanart @philgibby Thanks Paul! @slideytunes Thanks Tom! X @DominickGDonald Thanks so very much ! @heatherstockwel Thankyou Heather! @FifiFanshawe @BBCRadio4 Thanks so much @BoveyLovey @philgibby Aw thankyou @tjohns747 @Paraorchestra @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 Thanks so much Tim @bwthornton @laurenlaverne Thankyou! @KD_cymraes @DesertIsleDiscs @Paraorchestra @laurenlaverne Oh thankyou Kate! @electricbrolly Wow thanks and sure thing @JFDerry Oh brilliant ! @MusicHennessey @Jonnyhb18 Oh thankyou so much! @daveinrusholme @olivep Ooh lovely Oliveros @Ironsideguy Right backatcha X @CllrSutton @philgibby Thank you so much @RuthChase21 @Paraorchestra @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 Thankyou Ruth! @marycaws Oh thanks so much @ANDREWGAVED @Paraorchestra Thankyou Andrew! @KerrieAvery Aw thanks Kerrie! X @angelabush17 @Paraorchestra @BBCRadio4 Ha ha thanks Ange X @jojoharper @graeme_farrow I’m in It now X @jonnybrick Totally my pleasure !! @maverick_minds Thankyou Cathryn! @company_TRIBE @BBCRadio4 @Paraorchestra Aw thanks a mill! X @graeme_farrow @jojoharper Always X @hannahwilliamsw Whoop whoop Han X @marciehughes Thankyou so very much @jojoharper @Paraorchestra @_ceharding_ @LloydRColeman @JRoughtonArnold All hail all hail @ETreatments @Paraorchestra @laurenlaverne @BBCRadio4 YES! Barry White !!! @PhilipAKnowles @laurenlaverne Never a truer word.. @dobleMdesign Thankyou thankyou!! @dobleMdesign Thankyou so much @jojoharper Well the feeling is MUTUAL!!! XX @carl_grose Oh Carl Grose, THANKYOU XXX @paulwtrueman @katbrown Thankyou thankyou @annastarkey YAY!! Thankyou Anna, just making espresso now ..XX @mrsverypicky Thankyou so much Sue @JonAtkin Yes yes yes @AGScottArch @Paraorchestra @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds @laurenlaverne Ohh man thankyou for these lovely words