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@itsHunterTV Because its fun to showcase funny & cool clips :)Help us squash some bugs in our Gunfight Tournament bracket with our live test tomorrow, August 6th from 3-6PM PDT!…
Retweeted by Call of Duty NewsWait for the punch line. spend some time today looking at ways we can all help those in need in Lebanon following the explosion yeste… Plus members: the Call of Duty®: Warzone Season 5 Combat Pack is now available. Visit the Store -> Fr… @MrBeastYT Congrats!Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass Trailer @Hlmaolol Yeah….it’s supposed to be bringing console stuff to Mobile. Lol………..Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 starts soon with a brand new Gunsmith weapon customization, Shipment MP map, and more… @Activision for the new #Warzone Verdansk Stadium gear! of Duty: Warzone now has over 75 million players. you highlight a different mode on the MW menu (besides Warzone), you can see a dull “LIVE” icon next to Warzone.… @nathankilotv @RogueCoUpdates We do! @UltimateTeamUKOur newest intel Twitter account is here: interested in #RogueCompany? Follow our Twitter account @RogueCoUpdates f… & #Warzone Season 5 Intro Cinematic's fail. Update 1.24 for #ModernWarfare & #Warzone is rolling out now across all platforms! 🚨 Season 5 is LIVE! 🛠… the patch notes, Infinity Ward says weapon tuning updates are coming in a future patch. There are no weapon tuni… 5 for #ModernWarfare & #Warzone goes live at 11PM PT! Patch notes for the update are HERE:…
Activision President did not comment on their next-gen game prices for now, saying ‘we’ll share our plans soon’ says Warzone’s success led them to rethink marketing; Warzone is ‘platform’ to present news. On 2020:… President says company plans to ‘tightly integrate’ Warzone & Call of Duty 2020 ‘to ensure we can reward…’s what Activision’s President had to say on Call of Duty 2020: case you were holding out hope: industry insiders have stated Call of Duty 2020 will NOT be shown during this we… @Pamngim @Chris_Doyle93 @PlayStation I don’t know. Ask Sony. They announced it.👀
Retweeted by Call of Duty News @RaidAway We really got a bunch of people replying with ‘coo’ as if it’s a mistake. Explains a lot…. @CharlesJhallory People need to learnCOO is not a typo. COO = Chief Operating Officer. 🤦‍♂️Activision COO says that they are still in the ‘first inning’ in understanding the best ways to connect Free to Pla… President says that there will be 'significant new content' for Call of Duty: Mobile coming up in Octobe… a side note, this is the first time that Activision is announcing a Call of Duty is being co-developed by two st… @Chris_Doyle93 @PlayStation We literally said in the tweet it'll most likely Warzone, why would they do it at PS ev…, with everything Activision President said, it seems like Warzone will be the platform they reveal the 20… are excited to announce our partnership with @Treyarch on this year's Call of Duty! Can't wait to show you more!
Retweeted by Call of Duty NewsActivision President says the game “looks incredible” and has “got a lot of excitement internally in campaign play… @Treyarch @RavenSoftware 👋And lastly….Activision president declines to comment about their next-gen game prices.Activision President CONFIRMS Warzone & 2020 game will be “tightly connected” similar to MW & Warzone. “Ensure we… President says Warzone has caused the company to rethink “how, when, and where” we reveal our new title.… President: Warzone’s & Modern Warfare’s success has impacted how they market their games. Says they ca…“The new Call of Duty premium title coming in Q4 will be launching into what we believe is the most engaged and highest player base ever.”This is the first time that Activision has officially mentioned a developer for the 2020 Call of Duty game.“We’re excited for its planned release later this year.”NEWS: Activision confirms new Call of Duty title still releasing later this year, says the game is developed by Tre… of Duty: Warzone now has over 75 million players; Activision says Modern Warfare's sales during Q2 2020 were a… Activision Blizzard generated $1.37 billion in revenue from microtransactions between April - June; Call of D… $15,000 @TylerTeeP Warzone event is starting now, featuring top streamers and content creators. Watch live and… #Warzone Mode: Mini-Royale • Reduced player count • Only the first & last five minutes of a normal BR game e… @DrewSchmidt115 Survival mode for Modern Warfare is a PlayStation 4 exclusive until at least October 1, 2020#ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 - PlayStation Exclusive Content: • New Survival Map: Crash • NEW PS Plus Comba…’s a new #ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 artwork. A #ModernWarfare MP FREE Weekend has been announced! Starts August 7, ends August 12 - access to 5 MP maps i… confirms that for PS4 & Xbox One, once the update is done installing, it will reduce the overall game size on the console.#ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 Download Update Sizes: • PlayStation 4: 36 GB • Xbox One: 49.8 GB • PC: 54.2 G… & #Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass overview: • Two New Weapons (ISO & AN-94) • New Operator Skins • … info: The Roadmap for #ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 is here! @KEEMSTAR everyone is safe. This looks terrifying. @vTraumaz well the devs don't work on's called marketing teams! gotta study up on how business works before tweeting.Call of Duty: Mobile — Season 9 introduces the Gunsmith - the full weapon customization experience to the Mobile… Warzone’s Stadium yourself on your phone using the AR now: of Duty sent an AR style video to some influencers showcasing the inside of the Verdansk stadium. (Via… @Stu_Mac179 Warzone is free to play.Everyone on PS4 should now be able to pre-load the Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 update. The update can be in… Infinity Ward devs confirm that Warzone will ‘evolve’ and become ‘tied to other Call of Duty games’ you think you're unlucky?
@RocoClutchPro This is fake. Sony said no PS studios games will be shown. @RocoClutchPro Why do you think it’ll be shown at the state of play?Here’s a quick look at what’s new with Season 5 in #ModernWarfare and #Warzone. @LuksStnmtz Yes, Activision says pre-load on Bnet is not supported for MW or Warzone at this time.Activision Support says PS4 players were randomly put into two groups. Group 1 got the pre-load last night; Group 2 will have it tonight. @ModernWarzone As we said in the tweet, this decision has nothing to do with Activision.Activision Support has provided more info on the pre-load of the Season 5 update. First group of PS4 players got… @brandon25009979 That's how time zones work#ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 is set to begin at: • August 4 at 11PM PT • August 5 at 2AM ET / 7AM UK / 8AM CEST Stay tuned. @afitahey Terminal has never been announced for MWThe new main Operator for #ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 available with the new Battle Pass. @Hlmaolol We've said this before, and we'll say it again: there's plenty of games to play out there. If you don't l… of the day. new #ModernWarfare MP Content in Season 5: • 2 New MP Maps, including Oil Rig • New Ground War Map • New Gun…• Stadium Opens • Train arrives in Verdansk • 2 New 6v6 MP Map • New Ground War Map • New Gunfight Map… is advertising the Call of Duty League inside the Verdansk stadium in #Warzone. #ModernWarfare & #Warzone Season 5 Trailer! Season 5 begins August 5. those asking -- the patch update 1.24 for #ModernWarfare & #Warzone went live on PS4 overnight for some users.… @TheGamingRevo5 It's because they want you to use the PS5 controller to play and get the full experience out of the PS5 games. @xFleXy__ @PrestigeIsKey @eColiEspresso I don’t think COD will be part of this. The show is focused on PS4/PSVR thi… has announced that the DualShock 4 PS4 controller will work on PS5 but ONLY for PS4 games being played on PS5.… @CallOfDutyMWM The earliest possible date is October 2, 2020 but no date us confirmed @AtricxPlayzSG It looks to be PS4 onlySony is allowing users to reportedly pre-load the Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 update — 36GB update went live…
@jackkmuggo Yes it will be! @JasonStatus15 Well teasers have shown a train coming to Verdansk and stadium opening. @LegitLeaksFort Hello @RocoClutchPro Well COD 2020 is not going to be added to MW in an update. 🙃 @NICKMERCS WWeapon inspect feature may be coming in Season 5 🧐 @Zaykoza They’ve said that the update size itself will be larger, but when it’s done, the game itself will be a smaller file overall.As a reminder, if you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, you can remove the Campaign and Special Ops of Modern Warfare (or even…