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I am thankful for our great President who fights so hard for our country! Christ is the king of the world. He died for you! This Thanksgiving give your life to Christ!Today I am thankful for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, religious freedom, and the 5-4 decision to strike down Andrew Cuomo’s tyranny in New YorkThe GOP legislature in Pennsylvania showed us all what it means to fight & persevere today. Pay attention to who fo…
Joe Biden’s potential nominee for DHS secretary was found by an Obama-era Inspector General to be guilty of selling… President Donald Trump has granted a full pardon to Lt. General Michael Flynn!If lockdowns worked in the spring the Democrats wouldn't be locking us down again for Thanksgiving. But they are, b…, if inaugurated, says he will immediately send an amnesty bill to the US Senate. Republicans! Listen closely… A Pennsylvania judge is blocking the state from certifying election results pending a Trump Campaign cha… there's no issue with verifying the signatures on Georgia ballots, why won't the Secretary of State let anyone s… if you support a full pardon of Lt. General Michael Flynn!Lockdowns kill people. Lockdowns are evil and immoral. Open America!We wouldn’t be having conversations about whether or not this election was stolen if people like Paul Ryan had done… me get this straight: Democrats want to send police to break up Thanksgiving dinners but want social workers to…
So now the Ministry of Truth is censoring OANN. They will come for you soon. No one is safe.Democrats were quicker to impose curfews on families wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving than domestic terrorists wan… Biden 2015 email to Tony Blinken, Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of State: “Have a few minutes next week to… if the activist media spent as much time digging into allegations of voter fraud as they did digging into T… the roles were reversed and potential fraud went in favor of Trump, Joe Biden would never concede. So why should President Trump?Did you know: Joe Biden's potential incoming National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, sent at least 215 emails de… color of your skin doesn't determine your success in America It's all about how hard you work and the CHOICES…
It is time to disobey ALL orders that violate our natural rights. No more curfews, lockdowns, or authoritarian meas… reason why these lockdowns didn't happen before the election is because they are very unpopular and anti-scienc… Democrats defund the police, who will they call to arrest everyone who attends Thanksgiving celebrations?If Joe Biden's special "Climate Envoy," John Kerry, actually believed in Global Warming & rising sea levels, why wo… Joe Biden takes office in January, John Kerry will be back in the Cabinet as the "Special Presidential Envoy for… did a full report on the Venezuelan ties to Smartmatic in 2006. Democrats in Congress wrote to the Treasury De… and the media are already plotting what crimes they can charge Trump with whenever he leaves office. Is t… the party of “unity” and “healing. For tips on how to fight back and win the battle for our nation’s future,…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkLockdown orders should be ignored. All businesses, schools, and churches must immediately open. It is time for the…
I wish Democrat mayors fought as hard against homelessness and gang violence as they do against Americans celebrati… can the same people who were willing to lie, cheat, and slander an innocent man to stop a Supreme Court confirm… Rittenhouse is a testing moment for America. Will we tolerate a political prosecution/persecution of a young m… Democrats are okay with strip clubs being open but not churches, you know it's not really about the virus.Did you know: When Barack Obama first ran for state senate in Illinois, he wouldn't have won if he didn't challeng… is who wins if Joe Biden takes this election out from underneath us all. Keep the fight up, keep the pressur… California a judge has decreed that strip clubs have a right to reopen while Churches must remain closed Do you…
If Dominion Voting Systems had nothing to hide they would testify before Congress again under oath. Democrats and…! TPUSA Has Reached A MAJOR Milestone, With 1,000 Chapters Across The USA! Thank You To All Of Our Dedicate…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkBased on all available evidence it appears Kyle RIttenhouse was acting in self defense. His prosecution is purely p… the FBI can send 30 agents to arrest Roger Stone then I’m sure they can muster up the force to investigate wides… fraud is not a conspiracy theory.Guarantee that Donald Trump Jr. getting the China Virus will get more coverage from the activist media than Hunter Biden and his laptop did
Andrew Cuomo doesn't deserve an Emmy, he deserves to be held accountable for forcing sick New Yorkers into nursing… Privilege: —Winning an Emmy despite the highest number of Virus deaths in the US —Winning an election de… Biden "won" an entire election without leaving his basement and Andrew Cuomo just won an Emmy for his "Leadersh… we were able to get an FBI investigation into Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace then why can't we get an investi… you're okay with a government powerful enough to keep you locked in your home between 10 PM & 5 AM for no reason… Democrat candidate in Cincinnati was just arrested for accepting bribes in exchange for votes as a part of a fede… this election were really over why would Joe Biden be relaunching his campaign's fundraising machine? 🤔
BOOM: A Pennsylvania court just invalidated 2,349 absentee ballots in Allegheny County where the voter didn't date… Biden is not President of the United States.BREAKING: Floyd County, GA has just terminated their election director after the continuous stream of "found" ball… else thinks @realDonaldTrump should hold a massive MAGA rally very soon?Has anyone checked Hunter Biden's laptop for any references to Dominion or Smartmatic? I have a good feeling they w… evidence just laid out by Trump's legal team is overwhelming. Where is the FBI?RT if foreign voting software should be 100% outlawed in the United States of America!If any of the bombshell claims of voter fraud being made right now negatively impacted Joe Biden instead of Preside… don’t understand how the party that baselessly lied about the president for four years, denigrating faith in our… 50,000 doctors and scientists have signed a global anti-lockdown petition yet Democrats still continue to su… the party of “unity” and “healing. For tips on how to fight back and win the battle for our nation’s future,… Wayne County Republicans RESCIND their vote to certify the election results in Michigan’s largest county… mean to tell me that the party that had no problem baselessly accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist i… Cuomo is giving himself a raise, despite already being the highest paid governor in America, while he locks… is 100% right - voter fraud is a VERY real thing here in America Arizona patriots want every LEGAL…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkThe fight is NOT OVER! Keep the pressure ON!
Voter fraud is real.If lockdowns worked, why would we need to lockdown again? If lockdowns didn’t work, why should we lockdown again? 🤔If Donald Trump won any batch of “found” ballots during an audit two weeks after the election by a 99.99% margin th… “Republican” who authorizes a mask mandate or lockdown isn’t a Republican and should leave the party immediately.I wonder if Gavin Newsom put his mask on in between bites while he was dining indoors at French Laundry? 🤔If Gavin Newsom and the top doctors in California can dine together indoors in Napa Valley, why shouldn't you be al… anyone surprised that the man responsible for certifying votes in Michigan regularly refers to Trump supporters… student asked if there was anything good about socialism My answer: HELL NO Socialists are trying to fundamenta… America up fully! No more lockdowns. No mandates. OPEN UP AMERICA!If a Canadian-made voting system like Dominion wasn’t secure enough for Canada why would we let it into our country?County Canvassers in Wayne County, Michigan refused to certify their election results tonight. This election isn't over. Keep fighting!
Two men in California were just charged in a 41-count criminal complaint that alleges they submitted 8,000 fraudule… should Californians allow Democrats to lock their state down, cancel their Thanksgiving, and close their church… DeSantis has pledged to NOT lock down Florida again He’s a leader with courage. God bless Ron!Hillary Clinton spent the last four years claiming she was the rightful winner of the 2016 election, does anyone re… are Democrats so adamant about cancelling Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrations but not BLM & ANTIFA riots? 🤔We're two weeks out from an election and people are still "finding" votes on memory cards and you mean to tell me w… Raffensperger, "Republican" Secretary of State of Georgia, pandered to Stacey Abrams and her illegal vote sche… if we had an intelligence community that did their jobs so the task of securing free & fair elections didn'… you want to know how Joe Biden will respond to the China Virus, just look at how he ran his private cancer initi…
If Georgia found 2,600 "missing ballots" during their audit in a solidly blue county, I wonder how many there will… BLM & ANTIFA can riot in the streets you can have Thanksgiving in your home. Don't let Democrats tell you otherwise.Joe Biden - who helped his son sell our country out to China, Ukraine, Russia and many others - just said any gover…, including Elizabeth Warren, wrote in 2019 that Dominion Voting Systems were a threat to our elections—no… Omar just compared Trump MAGA rallies to Klan rallies—is that what "healing the country" is supposed to sound like?Lockdowns don't work.This is who wins if Joe Biden takes this election out from underneath us all. Keep the fight up, keep the pressur…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkIt's been 24 hours and Joe Biden is still silent on violent attacks on Trump supporters in Washington DC. Is this w…
A foreign-based company allegedly “glitching” and swinging elections to one candidate over another is foreign inter… Twitter itself can be hacked by a 17 year old, despite multiple incentives to be secure, why should we trust the… Political Report, Nate Silver, & Larry Sabato should find new professions. Among their averages they had House… did the chairman of Smartmatic, a vote tabulating software, do to earn a place on Joe Biden’s “transition team?”If Trump supporters attacked a peaceful Biden gathering don’t you think the media would cover it? So why do they… just don’t buy that 78 million Americans legitimately voted for four years of what we saw last night in DC: conse…