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Why is Jill Biden taking more questions from the press than Joe?Why are rioters allowed to gather to burn bibles but churchgoers are banned from gathering to read them? 🤔Did you know: Prominent BLM leader Charles Wade was arrested in 2016 for 7 counts of prostitution and human sex tr…
There have been more shootings in Portland this year than in the entire year of 2019. Remind me again how defundin… is King. Worship him and give your life to him.
If George Floyd and John Lewis can have multiple, packed funerals, why can't Americans go to church? 🤔The American Postal Workers Union endorsed Joe Biden for President Are we still really supposed to trust the USPS with our election? 🤔If Joe Biden is too scared to debate Donald Trump, how can we trust him to stand up to our enemies in Iran, China, and Russia? 🤔Facts: 34 people were shot and 9 were killed in Chicago over the weekend Shootings this July were up 139% compare… is your daily reminder that Democrats gathered at a non-socially-distanced funeral last week for John Lewis bu… love dependence: They want to open our borders and give American jobs to illegal aliens Meanwhile more… India has nearly 1.4 billion citizens Nearly 800 million of them live on less than $1.90 per day Yet E… Biden wants: ––To abolish the Hyde Amendment ––To implement taxpayer-funded abortions ––Legalize abortion… don’t care about facts They don’t care about the truth They don’t just believe that America has made mi…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkHow did we get to the point where burning bibles in the streets is protected by the first amendment but going to church on Sunday isn’t? 🤔CIVIL LIBERTIES -- @CharlieKirk11: Attorney General Bill Barr said it best - the constitution is not suspended in t…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkIf we don’t get serious about reopening America and protecting the middle class soon we will soon be governed by a… put COVID-infected patients in nursing homes but aren’t okay with sending healthy kids back to school? 🤔
Anyone like @KarenBassTweets who praises murderous, Communist dictators like Fidel Castro should NEVER be in Congre… wasn’t enough for the left to burn our flag It wasn’t enough for the left to burn our businesses It wasn’t eno… are Fauci, the head of the FDA, and Admiral Giroir slandering Hydroxychloroquine when a top epidemiologist from… Biden doesn’t have the mental ability to debate Trump or do a TV interview.BLM inc arsonists just burned a stack of Bibles in Portland The activist media won’t report on this because it’s l… race is about to flip upside down. 2 months from today Trump is going to be in a very favorable position if th… anyone explain to me how Joe Biden is supposed to be a “moderate” when his likely VP is a Fidel Castro, Communist sympathizer? 🤔Wow: The Mayor of Washington DC is exempting members of Congress who attended John Lewis' funeral in Georgia from…
If we can ban TikTok for being a Chinese intelligence source, can we finally investigate Dianne Feinstein for havin…'t miss 'Justice' with @JudgeJeanine tonight—I'll be joining the great Leo Terrell to talk about President Trump… NBA needs more players & patriots like Jonathan Issac and less CCP shills and choke artists like Lebron James.Joe Biden's handlers and masters are very nervous that Trump is gaining momentum and steam.Do you know what liberal privilege is? It's Bill Clinton being named multiple times in the unsealed Epstein docs a… party of "believe all women" is noticeably silent again now that Bill Clinton's is back to being accused 🤔Rioters in Portland are burning Bibles in front of the Federal Courthouse What does that have to do with George Fl… just 25 years old, @CawthornforNC is set to become the youngest elected Member of Congress in American history… WATCH: @realDonaldTrump is the ONLY candidate who deserves your vote this November. Not convinced? Here’s wh… justice system is giving leniency to a literal terrorist in the Boston Bomber while refusing to stop prosecutin… President @realDonaldTrump just announced on Air Force One that he will be banning the evil CCP-compromi… Issac is a hero and unlike LeBron James is a smart and patriotic athleteWow: Ilhan Omar has paid her husband’s “consulting firm” $600,000 in the past three weeks She’s paid him $1.7 MIL…
I wish Obama's FBI would have spent as much time prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell as they did spying… Fair is a disgraceful excuse for “journalism” Will they retract the story or issue a correction? Of course… me get this straight—Bill Gates, a software developer, is allowed a platform to discuss a vaccine ...But actu… you know: Harvard has received at least $76 million from Chinese entities since 2014 Now they’re contracting… wonder if Obama thought the filibuster was a “Jim Crow-Era relic” when he joined in a filibuster against Samuel A… is that attending John Lewis’ crowded funeral is somehow less dangerous than voting in person? 🤔The FBI was in contact with an underage victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s in 2014 and did nothing. Who was the Director… to Twitter, it is perfectly acceptable for Iran to call for the open murder of Jews but a handful of cred…
Hilarious to see Black NBA players who make millions a year take a knee to try and tell us black people can’t succe… are okay with calling China a "respectable nation" despite the fact that they have millions of Muslims lo… Biden is going to try and refuse to debate Donald Trump. He cannot hold a thought or keep a conversation for mo… reminded me that I will always choose President Trump's brutal truths over Barack Obama's eloquent lies.Barack Obama oversaw the most corrupt administration in American history: —Obamagate —IRS Targeting —Biden & Ukrai… like a good time to remind everybody that Barack Obama is the most corrupt president in United States history… Obama is a national disgrace.Why didn't Joe Biden leave his basement to go to John Lewis' funeral? Was it because he has been a lifelong advocat… party that paints "Black Lives Matter" on our streets is celebrating the death of a black man—just because he was a Republican. Sick.I wish Ilhan Omar was as intensively prosecuted for multiple different claims of fraud as Michael Flynn is being for a complete hoax. 🤔Facts: At least 65,000 absentee & mail-in ballots have been thrown out this year Mail carriers have even been cri… rioters & protesters have NO IDEA what they’re talking about when they call Trump “racist” But they don’t ca…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkLIVE at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills with Pastor Jack Hibbs
Can you imagine if a Republican Governor send thousands of elderly, infected Americans into nursing homes—resulting… can guarantee you if the rioters in Portland were wearing Trump hats while they burned the city down for 61 days,… Democrat Party Headquarters in Phoenix was burned and substantially a Democrat. Before this was k… cancelled all youth sports for the upcoming school year—despite unlimited data showing that students have… if you think it is disgusting that Republicans shamelessly take money from these tech companies!Big tech censorship of conservatives is true interference in our election.A student asked if there was anything good about socialism My answer: HELL NO Socialists are trying to fundamenta… tech censorship of conservatives is out of hand. They are a greater threat to our election security than any f…
Imagine leading a coordinated, concerted campaign against a potentially-life-saving drug and then claiming that *Tr… are okay with abortion pills but not hydroxychloroquine.The Russian Collusion hoax was complete disinformation from the Democrats. I don't remember any activist media acc… July 3rd, @CNN published an article which read in part: "A team at Henry Ford Health System said ... their stud… incredible to hear Jerry Nadler talk about "the rule of law" after overseeing two of the greatest political… is your daily reminder that the WHO tweeted: "Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-hu…'t it interesting that Democrats always "reclaim their time" as soon as Bill Barr starts to refute their baseless lies? 🤔An American hero died today. Bill Montgomery passed away at 80. He believed in me. He poured his heart & soul & ti… @Jim_Jordan just exposed the domestic terrorists burning down our cities for all of America to see—the same… Nadler is a disgrace to America.America is in serious trouble if medical professionals are denied a platform but ANTIFA terrorists aren’t.Does Twitter have medical doctors fact checking tweets now? How can an activist “fact checker” be allowed to censo… does Twitter remove videos from Doctors who give advice on how to save lives? 🤔White Privilege is a racist lie. Every American is capable of making their own choices. This country allows you t…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkDid you know: Even Barack Obama’s personal physician of 22 years says Joe Biden “is not a healthy guy” Yet the ac…
Democrats destroy everything they touch. They always have. They always will. Do not let them destroy America by le… you: —Attack federal officers —Try and burn down a courthouse —Shoot AK-47s at innocent motorists —Mob cars and… big hospital lobby disallowing spouses of 30+ years to be with their loved ones when they die alone is pure evi… aren’t protestors.Let me get this straight: A rioter in Austin who shot an AK-47 at a motorist and died when they shot back in self-… down a city for 60 nights in a row isn’t a protest—it is terrorism.What Democrats & The Activist Media call a myth: —ANTIFA Violence —Voter Fraud —Joe BIden's cognitive decline —The… fraud is real: A California man just pled guilty to paying homeless people on Skid Row to forge voter regist… who advocates for the abortion of 800,000+ babies every year is not the future of the Catholic Church or any… Soros is pouring 50 MILLION dollars into the 2020 election to unseat Donald Trump and win back the Senate I… is your daily reminder that a vocal, black Trump supporter named Bernell Tremmell was murdered in broad daylig… so we’re clear—the same Democrats who wholeheartedly believed in “Russian Collusion” now are saying that ANTIF… rioters & protesters have NO IDEA what they’re talking about when they call Trump “racist” But they don’t ca… domestic terrorists can “protest” in Portland for almost 60 days straight without a surge in China Virus cases,…
Isn’t it ironic that the same party who has yet to accept the results of the 2016 election are all of a sudden worr… Democrats are okay with BLM painting "Black Lives Matters" murals in our streets because George Floyd was killed…