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Oh, I thought it was a celebration. like enforcing immigration laws helps the American worker 🤔 reminder that Democrats are presiding over the open border child slave trade at this moment
Retweeted by Charlie KirkJust so we’re clear, Joe Biden put a hold on $100 million in military aid for Ukraine after a “secret” meeting with…, IL is hosting a Juneteenth Parade and a Gay Pride Parade, but 4th of July is cancelled this year. What’s the real agenda here? 🤔The 6th person in just my immediate circle has now been suddenly hospitalized or fallen ill after getting the vacci… 24 hours Dave Portnoy lost his Twitter, Bret Weinstein lost his YouTube, and a former GOP senate candidate Laure…
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Retweeted by Charlie KirkLive-streaming is available on Rumble. Making a bold move here, but we will match a percent of your YT platform re…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkIf you want to hear my complete thoughts on why Juneteenth shouldn’t be a federal holiday, listen at the link below… Trump voter in America should end their banking relationship with Wells Fargo immediately. Every GOP politici… Fargo has shut down GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke’s bank account, defending it as a “business decision”… Biden comes back from his summit with Vladimir Putin and immediately freezes $100 million in military aid for U… what a spike protein is. Then ask yourself the question why are so many people having adverse reactions to… LOVED joining @charliekirk11's podcast!!! We talked all about my time in the White House and at the podium. "F…
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America only has one Independence Day and it's on July 4th, 1776. If you're a conservative who is okay with the "J… is right! is building statues of George Floyd but tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. God help us all.Stop surrendering to the left because you are afraid of being called a racist.Releasing my new book, The Adversaries: A Story of Boston and Bunker Hill, today on the anniversary of the Battle o…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkThe left doesn’t deserve the benefit of good intentions or good will agreement anymore. Not on the issue of Junete… Juneteenth a federal holiday isn’t about emancipation of slaves. If it was—they would make September 22nd, E… knew America’s founding was July 4 1776. He knew that was the day our amazing nation made a step from “idea…
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing more to address the border crisis than the President and Vice President of t…“Stop Asian Hate” right? 🤔 Biden just absolutely snapped at @CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Putin got the better of him and he knows it. Also—loo… Chicago alone, 293 Americans were shot & killed, 1404 were shot & wounded, 1697 were shot altogether in 2021.… Check leftists have gotten ‘Helsinki’ to trend on Twitter because they’re still hung up on the thoroughly debu…’s been 161 days since Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer and we still don’t know his name. Why? 🤔We now know Joe Biden is the true Russian agent.What was said between Joe Biden and Putin? Did they discuss Hunter's wire from the Moscow Mayor's wife? Can we see… am old enough to remember that when Trump held a summit with Putin in Helsinki he was called a traitor.Hunter Biden can drop the N-Word multiple times and the "elite" reward him with an NYC art exhibition where he stan…
Moreover—fact checkers masquerading as “journalists” should consider a change in career, solely for their own menta… The fact that Fauci apparently was not paid for his book and will not be earning royalties was stated as f… 226 cases of heart problems—myocarditis or pericarditis—after vaccination in people under 30 have been conf… any colleges mandate vaccines, why doesn't the CDC require it for their employees first? 🤔Governor Ducey of Arizona is doing the right thing by signing an Executive Order and protecting students from manda… was created intentionally by the Democrats to normalize massive debt and create an excuse to bring more i… for you, Governor. Glad to hear Arizona will not be a vaccine passport state. Now if we can start signing the…
If you support mandatory vaccines, you aren’t a conservative.Why is the Republican Governor of Arizona allowing @ASU—the largest university in his state—to unconstitutionally m… 19-year-old student in Illinois died after suffering from a case of apparent myocarditis-induced heart failure fo… of Americans are now being forced to choose between losing their job or getting the jab in their arm. Thi… have so many people who work at the CDC & NIH not been vaccinated yet? 🤔Joe Biden showed up 2.5 hours late to his “press conference” and this is the best he can do. Serious question: whe… Democrat-Run Chicago this weekend, at least 3 people were killed and 45 injured in 32 shootings across the city—… love Eric Clapton.BREAKING: Chain of Custody forms for nearly 25% of ballots from Fulton County Georgia drop boxes are not accounted…
AOC says HR 1 must be passed because it’s not enough for Democrats to “rely solely on a wish of winning elections.”…’t it interesting that Joe Biden and the G7 leaders only seemed to wear their masks for planned photo ops but th… G-7 met over the weekend in Cornwall, and not once were the Uyghers, held in captivity in Xinjiang concentratio…
Just so we’re clear: The President of France & the UK Parliament is being tougher on illegal immigration in his co…
If you care about skin color, you ARE a racist.2020 was built on endless lies: —Lafayette Square protest —Atlantic troops story —Russian Bounties —Biden Laptop c… to meet so many inspiring young women last night at @TPUSA’s #YWLS2021 🇺🇸
BLM Inc., The NAACP, and all the Critical Race Theorists are strangely silent about Hunter Biden's repeated, casual… Joe Biden says he “won’t raise taxes on the middle class,” he assumes you’re too stupid to recognize that his… so we're clear: Corporatism is not capitalism. Corporatism is not conservatism. Our movement should priorit… should be against massive Anti-American financial firms worth billions of dollars from buying up sing… isn't the media talking about how Darriynn Brown, a black 18 year-old, is now charged with capital murder of a… illegal US southern border crossings: March: 172,331 April: 178,622 May: Upwards of 180,000 Why does Joe… cicada landing on Joe Biden‘s neck yesterday received more coverage than his son’s casual use of the N-Word. If…
Why did Joe Biden's Acting OMB Director just refuse to answer whether or not US tax dollars would go to funding Gai… Biden should establish a commission to investigate the racism in his own family.Why do everyday American hate their leaders? Because if their 14-year-old texted like Hunter Biden they would be t… people should really just follow the science. Biden and anyone who has ever known him must apologize. Tulane must fire him. He must lose his secret servic…, the "smartest guy" Joe Biden knows is his son who repeatedly & casually dropped the N-Word throughout h…
New text messages from Hunter Biden reveal he repeatedly used the N-word when referring to his lawyer in conversati… is no one talking about the fact that a judge in Fulton County who regularly donates to Democrats signed off on… who thinks the United States is as "atrocious" as Hamas and the Taliban should not have the privilege to ser… are the most intolerant people in America. They hate the idea that there are other ideas. Get the facts a…
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We get this garbage take from Joe Biden today but no official statement—or even a single tweet or post—about the 77… Harris confirmed today that she cares more about solving the problems that face Guatemalans than the problems that face Americans.The same man who campaigned on the lie that Trump disrespected American troops who died on D-Day couldn't even be b… Bush Center says amnesty for illegal immigrants is “essential” to securing the US border after the George H W B… Daily says it’s a “somewhat surprising result” that the mayoral race in McAllen, TX has flipped Red becau…
Amid the recent exposure of Fauci’s emails, Fauci claims that the attacks on him are “really very much an attack on… is doing something without knowing what the consequences will be, and I am grateful that American troops ha… Joe Manchin says he’ll vote against HR 1 and reaffirms his opposition to ending the filibuster. Manchin co…
Gov. Ron DeSantis passed a law to fine companies $5k each time they ask customers for proof of vaccination. Because… real conspiracy theorists are the people who said President Trump colluded with Russia, there was nothing on Hu… kind of demented monster is AOC to tell the world her Abeula is living in 3rd world poverty while she lives a…
2021’m in for $500 for Sandy Cortez’s Abuela. While AOC is busy living like a capitalist and blaming Trump for her g… Chinese defector with "direct knowledge" of Chinese special weapons, including bioweapon, programs has led to the… we got 5 times the amount of concurrent live viewers while streaming on Rumble than we got streaming on YouTu… deeply bigoted "doctor" called @aruna_khilanani spews genocidal screeds against white people at Yale and tech oli… is what an $82,000/year "education" gets you at one of America's most "prestigious" universities. China is la… is being taught in a course called "The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind" at @Yale: "I had fantasies of… Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, is the Adolf Hitler of our time.Fact: The color of your skin doesn't determine your success in America. Get the facts you need to push back again…
Retweeted by Charlie KirkBig Tech has suspended the Informed Consent Action Network after it announced it will release 3,000 more Fauci emai…
Isn’t it strange that the people who claim to care about “democracy” are content letting themselves be governed by… benefits from American bureaucrats trying to suppress the Wuhan Lab Leak theory? Who made the call to cover up…'s get ready to Rumble: Rival video site bulks up for showdown with YouTube
Retweeted by Charlie KirkImagine if the emails of Hillary, Hunter Biden, and Fauci of pored over, scrutinized, and investigated the DNC-fund…
How demented and evil do you have to be to know your grandmother is living in squalor, while you drive a brand new… is it even possible that Jen Psaki just went through an ENTIRE White House Press Briefing without being asked a…