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Gnostic entertainer, melodic fundamentalist, reply pseud. Pre-order new Psalm Zero album 'Sparta' here:

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I'm recording a solo YouTube video later today about Prog that's going to fuck you all up @DmndTrrfr Ha i actually cant tell how much Kant squares or doesnt square with the ‘ddism but Kant is sick!
@SVVVEL This is great!Listen up, Wyrd Theory Twitter: By all rights, this tweet alone should have instantly cemented my position as *the… @UnderMForMusic @cymerman1 totally true! We got it :) thx. For some reason that wasn't a problem when I livestreamed with barrett hmmmLivestream technical snags... We'll be live at 9:00 EST. Thanks for you patience!
In 13 minutes I’m going live with the god Jeremiah Cymerman to talk about music, New York, and whatever else. Link… keep noumenon my head 🎶 8pm EST: Livestream with improviser, composer, podcaster, and cherished friend, Jeremiah Cymerman…
@LINGUA_IGNOTA_ The ‘munc is still mostly my guy. But the new #1 here is this Bobcat Goldthwait-esque character who… @gnostiquette Cuomo 93 @gnostiquette gnosticuomoKerstin is getting funnier than me at doing voices that I invented and I'm starting to feel competitive. May the ca…
@contain____ @Vasta_218 Hahah no. They don’t mince words! @contain____ @Vasta_218 Anyway, that tweet is really not what any of my songs are actually about, but i just apprec… @contain____ @Vasta_218 Yeah i think “bigotry” or Nazi can be a pretty basic bitch way of assessing things, but it… tweet is this charlie looker song
Retweeted by Charlie LookerI said a couple words to @billboard about my favorite album “Violator” in honor of its 30th birthday, taping the so…
2020 are the other ones, ICYMI:'m just moving right along here with releasing stuff.. Here's the third NOTHING HUMAN single: @jlmar7 That is so wild Joel. Way to parent man, damn :)
In 20 minutes I'm going live on YouTube with a solo acoustic concert. Check it out, hop in the comments etc Krzysztov Penderecki, absolute MASTER. I just so happened to watch Twin Peaks Return episode 8 last night before bed
@JLutgering I never actually wrote those lyrics but I should. Thanks for the reminder. Probably won't by tomorrow. @amateurvideomk Hmmm hadnt planned on it but i will take that under advisement ;)The image incorrectly says 3/28, but it’s 3/29
@uniform_nyc I lost followers for saying that a lot of people are too dumb and dangerous to have all their "rights"… 3/29 at 8pm EST: Livestream solo acoustic set, including songs from my entire songbook, Psalm Zero, Extra Li… @kerry_trax Thats gotta be Bataille right @cymerman1 ? @JeSuppose @CvltNation I actually havent checked their 00s stuff. Guess i should im just like up to Discouraged One… made a playlist for @CvltNation , of songs that directly influenced the writing of 'Sparta'. Very 90s-heavy as yo… should have hyped this up last Friday, but anyone who's into experimental music at all, you must check out Jeremi…
I basically don't judge anyone for how they're dealing with this crisis. I mean, if you were a scumbag in the first… @Vasta_218 Theres so much to read ahhhhh . Dugin is on the list now apparently
In 5 minutes I'm going live on YouTube with Barrett Avner! @contain____ at 7pm EST: my YouTube channel's first livestream! I'll be talking with Barrett Avner @contain____ , a reall… live on @charlielooker Youtube stream tomorrow at 4PM PST to discuss finding intelligent life as a career mus…
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tfw fear gets boring, yet persists @gnostiquette I mean said that about every book in this huge unread stack staring right at me now, but i’ll check it @gnostiquette Done!Thanks for everyone’s patience with that outburst. I’m an emotional person and life is crazy. But emotional inconti…
@a_nice_frog @M_Lamar you know though, it's fucked of me that I'm tweeting this at you without even checking in on how you are. Will text now. I love you @M_Lamar Seeing grown adults playing kickball in williamsburg, hugging and breathing on each other, I say we just s… @krldslv @kellymoran And you know I've spoken *so* much against fascism, on the level of hate, racism, insane war-a… @krldslv @kellymoran in LA they sent down a "mandate" that people stay inside, when they aren't at work. I was like… @kellymoran and you know, China is HANDLING it. They might have spread the thing in the first place through govt c… @kellymoran I've been trying to be all about peace on love on here. Measured critiques of things, trying to smart a…’m done trying to philosophize about this shit, stroke my beard. These scum must be DEALT withIm locked inside like an animal losing my mind for days, my moms already on chemo, plus lyme disease. If she gets t…
@squat_nacho Never loved them. Cool in many ways, but never a point of definition @ziembavision People certainly seem to have that problem as well!!And my fatherI learned discipline from this man are still out socializing, not because they’re narcissists or whatever, but because they lack DISCIPLINE. Di…
@kinematografi looks interesting @louisjagger this little light of miiiiine lol. Thank you sirTfw your mind is racing, grasping for some coherent meta-model for a web of countless interconnected systems, all m… man a lot of orders for 'Sparta' coming in! The long-sleeve too. You guys realize I'm not curing this thing right? @Tyondai it's so good
@esoelzer ❤️❤️❤️PSALM ZERO LONG-SLEEVE SHIPPING PRICE FIXED . I accidentally I had the shipping at 25 bucks, which is not real! Che… @JeSuppose boomers thinking they're Good PeopleThe original recording of "Imagine" is no less vile than that new celeb version being circulated @ConnerHabib Yessss I’ve been saying this!!! People get uncomfortable, like it’s a Confederate vibe, but the same people want it deep down thanks to everyone ordering 'Sparta' today. Those who ordered the vinyl, I hope you like waiting!! @contain____ For a while, I've been calling cancelation "moral quarantine". People always compare it to witch-burni… @contain____ I've actually been finding people's tweets and signaling *less* annoying than ever during this. People… @nightpartridge 😂omgImagine getting canceled *now* lol @LITVRGY "always already" is peak continental philosophy
boomers: arrogantly not taking virus seriously enough, dying millennials: hiding/repressing abject terror, either… @CrypticSyntax I'm sorry man I'm really bugging . Must calm down. Thanks for the tip. I hope you're hanging in @CrypticSyntax And touch some walking petri dish? no thx i'm here with a baseball bat waiting for the power to go outI really appreciate everyone’s patience with this, not just now, but in the past. It wasn’t Corona those other 9 mi… realize, if i had just been more on top of things, i would have mailed them out right before left for tour, right… everyone who ordered the LP: I am so sorry but I’m not mailing them out any time soon. They’re packed up, stacke… @kinematografi I'm looking forward to doing this when I calm down a little @LITVRGY Grace is based 🙏 @LITVRGY yeah maybe that was the vibe. Or at least, that being able to accept that kind of suffering is the height (or depth) of Grace @lon_gunderwear It's hard to see when it will just settle into a situation of, ok this sucks to live this way but t… @LITVRGY I think I remember something in Simone Weil about how the most unbearable suffering is suffering that *cou… @LITVRGY Yeah it's hard to put out a positive vibe now, because no one has any sense of how bad it's going to get.… @LITVRGY Yeah man, I mean I'm not even judging people on how they're dealing with this. Except for people partying… @kerry_trax ha no, acceleration
ok fine some people's corona tweets are still funny. But seriously if you can afford to not leave the house, don't leave the housedo ANYTHING you can possibly financially afford to doI'll tell you this though, I'm going to EXTREMES with the precautions. Dousing every takeout box with alcohol, and re-cooking the foodok I just officially lost my sense of humor, even the most morbid, in-denial, coping-mechanism type. Also, utterly… @ziembavision word yes. I'm impressed by bandcampBandcamp is giving artists 100% of proceeds at the moment, which is cool of them.conspiracy theories and entertainment aside, I encourage everyone to support their musician friends/peers by buying… anthems @kerry_trax That ACC body
@GeraldFordVEVO As my furry homie says, also valid! @GeraldFordVEVO Tryna keep my dick up amidst the harrah @GeraldFordVEVO Wah wahSpeaking of “exponential curves”, I’m psyched to get home to my gf 🔥