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@HollyBaleen Eleven months of utter stress and pain. I'd say it'll be worth it for some peace now but he literally… @QueenoftheBerri @Beardynoise @Glitter_brawl Also @QueenoftheBerri @Beardynoise @Glitter_brawl Found these in Sainsburys and oh ❤️ @oxygenthiefYEAH Sydenham. Best big Sainsburys imoBig Sainsburys love this handsome man @Beardynoise The other day he was talking to my mom about something really grownup and both of us were like 'uh, wasn't he *just* born?!'Christ, I love himIdk why but seeing my kid at the barbers makes me well up. Look at this tiny man looking like a grownup @daniel_barker Literally waiting for someone to throw a halloween party so I can go as Tippi HedrenThis is a whole thread of goth looks and I am extremely Into It Big Sainsburys. As a treatMaking progress busy work today @ennacooper ENNA @Glitter_brawl @Beardynoise @QueenoftheBerri There's always at least one kid in class that is like 'I came as a cha… adequate mental health - thankless - tiring - have to eat healthy Going quite flagrantly, splendidly…
Retweeted by Charlotte @Glitter_brawl @QueenoftheBerri Can't wait till she's older and some primary school teacher is like ?Tallie who's y… @Glitter_brawl Vin's first one he was Mr Tickle, he wore an orange long sleeve t-shirt and a little blue hat 🤷🏻‍♀️ kid's school have dressing up days constantly and he goes to school in lovely gentrified Crystal Palace where al… @disappoptimism My kid's school have dressing up days alllll the time and never once has it been something we alrea… @DismalChips It would be suuuuch an easy costume though @HarbourSeal Not lgbt+ but has she read the Pure Trilogy? It's post-apocalypse YA dystopia and the main character h… @DismalChips Yeah and Mad Hatter or Cat in the Hat @DismalChips This is so cute. How old is the eldest? Finding it harder to come up with recognisable characters as they get olderParents. There are only two weekends between now and World Book Day @BootsMcGoot And you have a good face. It is a good pictureJurgen Klopp is a class act, here's a brilliant letter he wrote in response to a young Man Utd fan who wrote asking…
Retweeted by Charlotte @BootsMcGoot I love this photo very much @LumenLondon @MuseumFreemason @daniel_barker take me @Glitter_brawl I remember noticing it at the time, cos I quite like Frozen for not doing the whole 'one day your ha… needs therapy when u can just go big sainsburys
Retweeted by Charlotte @Glitter_brawl YES. I thought this too @Beardynoise @daniel_barker I liked this one @daniel_barker GOD THIS TOOK SO LONGYou are beautiful enough to get anything you want.
Retweeted by CharlotteLmao my kid just got excited when I told him I’ve got bronchitis bc he thought I was talking about a Pokemon
Retweeted by CharlotteI luxuriate in suddenly letting go and crying my insides out.
Retweeted by Charlotte @daniel_barker A respectable bedtime yes @daniel_barker At 11pm? Yeah. Weird.The replies
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@ted_pen I would be a cat on account of needing excessive headstrokesReally cool that this dude is offering to cook for me and my family one week a month nextdoor neighbours in Greece proudly told me last summer that when they visited the British Museum they all sto…
Retweeted by CharlotteMore of this kind of thing please
Retweeted by Charlotte“I’m sad” - boring - trite - emotional intelligence of a toddler “I’m in a dark place” - exciting - mysterious -…
Retweeted by CharlotteLots of men say they support strong women until they realize what that means
Retweeted by Charlotte @hkstream @mangmangmang @FrogCroakley is this why you've been so quiet lately?Honestly mates, you have no idea the fucking demons I just fought. Literally and figurativelyOk. Everything is ok. And it is over now. I feel a bit weird but relievedIf I feel like I'm bothering someone I'll just leave
Retweeted by CharlotteI’m releasing my full medical records* *a note in handwriting suspiciously similar to my own that says I have a really good ass
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@Reductress @daniel_barker I cannot believe you OF ALL PEOPLE retweeted thisDoes anyone else have that ex that you wouldn't be surprised to see on a serial killer doc in 10 years time?
Retweeted by CharlotteDate Idea: • Create a "small bucket list" - all the little things you've ever wanted to do (eat a full cake in one…
Retweeted by CharlotteHow can you tell if someone’s a vegan? They will be the only one not banging in about how vegans always talk about being vegan.
Retweeted by CharlotteFfffffffffuck sake
Retweeted by Charlotte @Beardynoise @daniel_barker @OhLookBirdies @mangmangmang @Beardynoise @daniel_barker @OhLookBirdies @mangmangmang Oh Jesus, I need to sit down @daniel_barker WHO CAN I FIGHT @HarbourSeal I did think about doing this tbh but maybe not with court this week @Smokesniper We have an electronic register where you tap in to each lecture and seminar so I think it just automat…'s funnier is that it is school half-term this week and uni reading week next week so not only do I have to jug… @RellyAB School half-term this week, uni reading week next week 🙃What's funny is I'm also not going in tomorrow cos we have our court hearing oh noGo fucking call the kids who show up 75 mins late every single morning loland that there is no formal requirement or procedure for alerting them to absences for whatever reason and also may… I very calmly explained that perhaps scheduling coursework deadlines during school holidays was not the bes… just called me to ask why I wasn't in my lecture this morning and so help me it took all of my strength not to… @ted_pen Congratulations you both look deservedly smug and happy @ted_pen GrossWow! This Woman Cut Out the Toxic People in Her Life But Still Follows Them On Instagram:
Retweeted by Charlotte @alexeptable HOW WOULD THAT HELPHere are some perkier ones who for some reason are no afflicted by the same fate, I am not dead but I am TOO tired, it is exhausting being this delightfulI relate v hard to these tulips who are like 'I am v beautiful and you may continue to admire me, but I am just so… is bullshit because you can't just write 'Being anxious' is a theme of having anxiety even though it's def… is the reality in the space between returning to work after maternity leave and your child becoming eligible f…
Retweeted by CharlotteIt's ok though cos some of the words are just me writing notes to my tutor begging for guidance have got 1100 words in my findings section where the wordcount was 550 🤦🏻‍♀️We are judging them but sometimes at the weekend Daniel and I lie in bed scrolling Twitter on our phones and just o… kid is at a friend's today and she just sent me this lol @ragbonehair The participants I've got have just said quite boring things tbh and I would be much more into an anal… @garry_architect Seeking external validity, hmm interesting @_midgetgems Noone has called it that, so we are going with Persistent Negative Thought Patterns @garry_architect Catastrophising/ ruminating is a subtheme identified under Negative Thought Patterns yes. Also phy… morning all, this was moonrise over Ely today.
Retweeted by CharlotteNone of my participants have actuallt articulated this but one of my themes would be 'A Persistent Sense of Impending DOOM' @ginlington Can I do a research project on myself?The research question I'm sposed to answer with my thematic project is "What is it like to experience anxiety?" trolololol @SilverIntoSteel Like the Pixar lamp. I think it's actually a brand name but it's what I call all of that styleBest set-up imo. Only need a new keyboard with all the keys functional and present and maybe like a slice of cake @SilverIntoSteel And WAHM stands for Work At Home Mom, like mums who run small businesses or freelance or don't do office hours etc @SilverIntoSteel An anglepoise is a type of lamp, like this got the best table with the anglepoise, the plug socket and next to the radiator thoughYou can tell it's half term in the cafe where all the freelancer/WAHMs usually come to work
I get people ask a lot “how do you do it all” and I always jokingly say “I cry a lot” but holy heck this explains a…
Retweeted by Charlotte @sacha_is_good I too am v wet @LauraEmilyBored Idk how abyone manages sex when you feel like someone's taken a meat tenderiser to your fanny