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sad clown, villa fan, sometimes makes “art” at @charmarkers. she/her

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i am looking at greyhound rescue centres but i am scared to have another living being rely on me i honestly love them their friendship is adorablelove this for them!!!! @franczechsca tbf when they did the dvd commentary in like 2001 they said that got a laugh when it first screened!… @iggigg @mildred_bonk same. i thought it was gonna be that the hms were vegan or something but they aren't and they… u c k i e you care about the champions league, grow up imonever more depressing than having to “we have food at home” myself @sockformation @iggigg sorry, not trying to be an arsehole it just makes me worry because cats are finickity! @sockformation @iggigg what worries me is that the first few ingredients listed are grains/carbs. even vegan blogs… @sockformation hmm no. cats need meat im afraidrobert pisston @Pestonare you fucking drunk vicariously thru my friends’ pets @montie goodPUFFA PUFFA PUFFA PUFFA PUFFA PUFFA PUFFA @davidwarner31
Retweeted by bophades nuts @DanTheDazzler @iggigg @JoeStephenson96 i'm so fucking embarrassedFeels like it’s a good time to remind people of this.
Retweeted by bophades nutsbtw my amazing pal laura has got an insta for her amazing arty projects… FFO linocutting, w…
Retweeted by bophades nuts @folkheron roumd......... @laura_myers i miss u so much boo @OrlaDoherty im 100% gonna treat myself to an hour of vine compilations later @laura_myers car detailing, chiropractors cracking backs, people getting their hair brushed, the usuali appreciate messages ty im okay just tired and feel helpless to help ppl who need it @MostUnfurrowed my “i was browsing etsy for cat stuff not sex stuff” tshirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by my tshirtThe sheer fucking gall. Yet again their pay rise is more than UC for a year. Merry Christmas.
Retweeted by bophades nutsi’m really struggling today folks
Retweeted by bophades nutsShocking lack of #respect from Yeovil Town mascot Jolly Green Giant. No ShirtPoppy® AND smirking during silence. Ch…
Retweeted by bophades nutsshaking with stress atm lol blaze iti hate this fucking country. i despair
the track that has been eluding me the most? fucking cheese landchannelled all my anger into completing two more 3* cups on 150cc mariokartwhateverand we are completely powerless to do anything. karma does not exist because otherwise these waves upon waves of we… upset myself thinking about this time last year when there was the slightest hint of hope, enough for even… the victorians weren’t this fucking are a disgrace and i have half a mind to move back to tamworth just to work on haunting you @ChrisPincherof course pincher’s on here. horrible little worm Tories yet again chose to go against @MarcusRashford appeal to feed hungry children like those in this video.…
Retweeted by bophades nutsi........ qwimt............... 👁👁 @mttmcgrth yessssss mushroom and quorn mince is my go to veggie pie filling it is simply, deliciousfight me in the marketplace of ideas coward @ChrisClarksonMPdick shartson MP @laura_myers @pollyth0mas at least manila seemed to have regret for it in the last allstars seasons she was ontories are scum tories are scum tories are scum tories are scum tories are scum tories are scum tories are scum tor…
Retweeted by bophades nuts @pollyth0mas @laura_myers also raja was ridiculously overrated, the amt of other queens who got chewed out for havi… @laura_myers oh the earlier seasons were absolutely brutal, s3 is possibly the worstisnt ben bradley the one who had to tweet a grovelling apology for making up some nonsense about corbyn @laura_myers at least she got better when she came back... unlike some queens @ghostbiggie james joyce: @ThatChris1209 @mildred_bonk @Boyz_II_Menorah @Tweetgood_Mac wtf all of you @skipssomedays it’s stupid anyways because midlands cities are Good but midlands towns? very bad. it’s always a tow… you splitting the midlands like that tho. for all intents and purposes birmingham and the black country are nor… @Ankaman616 they just cannot comprehend someone caring about something that doesn’t affect them personallygnev up pre-6am cyberbullying tory mps.... king the evil cackle from @OfficialTM_3 at the end of this 🤣😍
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a meaty urologist @franczechsca yesss im on ep 2these kids....... is the spit of hugo from vicar of dibley @jonnyathan oh i know about him alreadyelliot from ET doing one too???? lmaoomg carla gugino doing an english accent in bly manor @franczechsca - when chris evans posted to instaif somone cooks your goose, thats it. youre basically fucked
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Retweeted by bophades nutsSky History today
Retweeted by bophades nuts @Ankaman616 he makes how much? @pipsuxx oh im absolutely shaming myself here dwandy burnham gets some £200 frames and now everyone wants to fuck himrescue duck!!! @franczechsca sorry to say fran but im having such a bad brain day that this has sent me for a loop @franczechsca pee pee poo pooBilly Joel onstage at Madison Square Garden without his glasses
Retweeted by bophades nuts @iggigg @keewa his dad died a fortnight after his birthday (the 16th of the 23rd month)that’s numberwang ! is his inside leg measurement and 16 is the amount of baby kittens he has fostered in his life 😌 villager’s toe beansdignity up on breakfast had a succession of dark chocolate kitkats instead @liambhelm the idea of me taking this bowl to the toilet to slop it down has made me laugh so thankyou. i might jus… feel ill @_etabetapi oh yeah i dont really blame lee mack himself but it’s an insane amount of ignorance/carelessness on the productions partive just left it there because what do i do with it now. down the sink? cant go in the bin. fuck this(tw bugs, contamination) already feel like shit. just want comforting brekkie. bag of oatso simple was torn but i t… @_etabetapi nothing directly, but presenting a show that has a contestant with nazi tattoos on his face so 😬 @liambhelm @angryaboutbikes there is usually someone dealing with clearances on all shows ie brand names and logos… @liambhelm @angryaboutbikes im pessimistic enough to be on the side of “no one noticed or cared to notice” @bushofgoats @gordonmaloney @jewdas 88 is code for HH (heil hitler)“we all love lee mack, the chirpy northerner from the panel shows” “we regret to inform you he —“ @liambhelm @angryaboutbikes surely if he’d had that much of a change of heart he’d get it covered up, i mean i woul… cool that now that corbyn is gone and antisemitism is over, we don't have to worry about having people with…
Retweeted by bophades nutsoh apparently it’s a m e g a e g gwhat to heck is this new glowy raid egg