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angie 🌙 @charmwitch Los Angeles

illustrator & VFX artist 🇵🇷 ►Webcomic ► FFXIV ► @lulumilumi | email:

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@tuyoki oh I love the baby crawl
@BlackBookHou Thank you!!! @sinjitsu_itiro Conan!!!!!!! @sinjitsu_itiro Am I crazy like is the guy on the right not actually a person I feel like I remember this @pumpkinlumpin what a little chungusthank christ @savvyliterate
@savvyliterate oh.......... that's... hm..... well, you do you, Dela...ware. Wait, but if he's named Penn... isn't… @leninliker1990 just stares at the ground... this was on purpose. @NikkiNanka it's just such a circle!!! imagine if a state was a perfect circleMy aunt just told me she lives in Delaware and I genuinely had no idea where Delaware was anyway now I know and why… are you like this!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @marinscos it's true, you're not wrong. You should say it. @ItsMeRagan they're all under the same moon.. werewolves, all of them @Safaia she's running into the kitchen !!!!!!!! @magicmeows @pumpkinlumpin she is very ground based she doesn't like jumpingI'm in a half-hour long meeting and Sasha is being SO bad. She is just being so rowdy and there's nothing I can do about it.Oh.[hades] death approaches #HadesGame
Retweeted by angie 🌙Phasmophobia is down the servers are truly haunted
Every time I pass by a Maserati I think, I don’t know what this car is, it’s probably with more than my lifeFour pages from a 1999 Electronic Boutiqe catalog
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @contrappasta_ lmfao you only asked if there was another way to get it besides Eureka!!! ;_; @makkutokyo すてき!!先月、棚が壊れたときに発見した(落下してきた)グランディアのキャラ絵。 セガサターン版の広告ポスター用の原画だと思います。 たしかフィーナとスーも一緒にあったはずなのですが行方不明です。
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @contrappasta_ You can buy it off the marketboard! @feralphoenix just makes her smallerSamantha (Thinking of redesigns)
@ButIAmHome SMOKIN'leave room for Cerberus ☺️ #Thanzag
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @Linka13 I could never rank it would just be S Tier Ash and everyone else @Linka13 Oh god @fezdrop Who are the beastie boysMy neighbor’s “Skeleton Zoom” display rules.
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @HesperaSmith @Cammiluna I had no idea.... @BradyHartel Yeah!!! @_zellyn You’re not wrong??? This isn’t a shitpost!!? You’re not wrong!!!!! @XainZero HE’S THERE...’m sorry was j supposed to know that the Michelin Star system for restaurants and the Michelin tire man are the SAME COMPANY @BrianLeeWow Lmao hey that shits important!!! I’m glad you’re able to do it. :) im hoping to move there soon too @BrianLeeWow Oh dang!! It’ll be nice to have your stuff in Japan huhMy clinic will close if we can’t turn away poor people :(((((((This shit is so infuriating voting. I feel like i lost years of my life lol
I'm doing the quest for Rachel Sanctuary in order to unlock Nameless Island in Ragnarok Online, and boy, this is de… #Hades #HadesGame #HadesFanArt
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@jomerian the screen ones can definitely die, I know a few people who have had the same problem... mine kind of jus… @jomerian I think the quality of life with an ipad is really fun!!! I definitely work faster now, but I'm also burn… do you mean Hades’ House isn’t one giant office building? #hadesgame
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @mooogs_ yeah! You just join groups and fight dumb shit together, and you level!#HadesFanArt #Hades 형제들 애기때 소풍갔었으면 좋겠다.
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @enenkay YEAH!!! WE SHOULD!! I'm playing tonight with my raidgroup but we shouldn't goo too long :3c @enenkay Ohhh!!!! I would love to play w you some day!!!!!
@tuyoki yeahhhhhhhhh I gotta do some today too. AHHHHH"Quite unexpected for you to wait for me down here" #HadesGame #HADES
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @PomPomThymine the full outfit feels like soo much but the jsk (I think that's the jumper right?) could work..worms in my brain #thanzag
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You ever just make like, sounds in the kitchen that worry your roommate but you're just trying to take a sip of kom… @TieTuesdayLP Please put up your dukes against the ghostdead by daylight phasmophobia
Retweeted by angie 🌙"YOU CAN'T EVEN USE fire against DIABLOS! You have to use ICE! You FOOL!"「あのねっ」
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @portia_bartel wow fck that @ReynardMiri No worries!!! Thank you so much! I’ve only been to El Paso and that’s because I needed to go to New Mexico lol @ReynardMiri don't worry I know Nothing about Texas so this is funi posted these on my other account but thought i'd share it here too! i started playing #HADES and it's been a fa…
Retweeted by angie 🌙퇴근하고 죔씩 만졋던거
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @JoJo_irl Thank you!!!!!!! If I go I want to be excited lol @FoamBuiltBot Oh nice my partner is part Filipina so we would love to try that!!!! @FoamBuiltBot All over bc if i visit it’ll be to make it fun !! Thank you!!! @airismile I wanna make sure I can take Ruby out if I gotta visit lmao @airismile KyattMy father and brother now both live in Houston, Texas. I know nothing about Houston. In the future If I ever visit…
What is wrong with you @L0rdoftheThings understandable please continueholy shit erin lmfaojust a buncha #thanzag meme redraw shitposting of these two bein insufferable around the House
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @MahouPoint my university is always like this, I remember waiting in registration for eight hours one day - it's ju… you're wondering my school does not send official transcripts to students. it's the biggest pain in the ass. als… YES BUT CAN YOU MAKE SURE IT'S OFFICIAL- "YES IT'LL BE OFFICIAL IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH TOD…, she comes back, says my name, because she got my paperwork and the conversation was just, loud and very fa… off hold, I explained the situation, she told me to email it to her. I write her email, I am typing out the… AGAIN I get sent back to the Bursar's office, even though the Transcript paperwork is on the Registration Offi… finally call the school, 12 times, to get through to someone. The first time, it's the Bursar's office Director.… me tell you the Ordeal it is to order Transcripts for my University in Puerto Rico. I have tried to fax them tw… @lita426t I use dropbox!#thanzag #hadesgame 小年轻谈恋爱还是很可爱的
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @kinomatika A RABBITToday's Sasha ("a level beyond old man")
Retweeted by angie 🌙death approaches ✨ #thanzag #hadesgame #hadesfanart
Retweeted by angie 🌙no thoughts brain too full of thanzag #hadesgame #hades
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@LadyKrile @spacebonjour Oh I beat GrimGrimoire I don't believe... there are routes? I'm pretty sure you just get t… @mishacak3s Misha wow the book looks so 3D on my phone screen???? @Justice_Dono waoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'd' never know what's going on in THIS brain with how cute I dressSome job quest NPCs. #FFXIVART #FFXIV #FF14
Retweeted by angie 🌙🌸 Petal Crash is OUT NOW! 🌸 Crash blocks together in this brand new floral fantasy puzzler, now available for PC,…
Retweeted by angie 🌙 @fybostar I am kawaii @honkittyhonk Yeahhh boyy!! maybe I'll fantasia Lulumi to look like Ume for a bit I haven't felt like doing the sto… @honkittyhonk I loveee u Honk