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Teacher, First Gent South Bend, @PeteButtigieg’s husband, @firstdogsSB dad, theater education advocate. Kindness is free - spread it around.

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@LoganBennett95 Love a good book club. I’m a little behind but I just finished “Educated” by @tarawestover and couldn’t put it down. @Shandy556 Hello Tea-nessee!“Those who served in the Afghanistan conflict understand just how hard it is to end a conflict. I thought I was one…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegHello, Tennessee. off @VCP_HQ to my friends @PeteButtigieg and @Chas10Buttigieg today. So proud of the team here and the work…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegToday, Mayor @PeteButtigieg was in Kansas City & took time to meet with @standup_kc workers in the #FightFor15. A…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @depressed_enby Thank you for the warm welcome, Phi. I just ordered your book!KANSAS CITY!!! Wow. Just wow. Thank you for welcoming #TeamPete with 1000 pairs of open arms #Grassroots
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg#KansasCity is on 🔥 at this #PeteForAmerica rally!
Big Little Road Trips with @shortyvoorde Iowa➡️Missouri @Chas10Buttigieg for spending the afternoon with our students at Pride Camp! Our campers have seen first-ha…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @Rodericka17 @TheStefanSmith @Target Let’s do this. and I are off to be honorary camp counselors at @iowasafeschools Pride Camp! We’re talking s’mores,…
SM can rile us up because when something is untrue, or immoral, or hurtful we feel an obligation to right the wrong… don’t have to hit reply. You don’t need to defend anyone. Take a deep breath and take care of yourself first. T… can be tough out there on social media, but if you’re on #TeamPete, please read the PFA Rules of the Road. We ca… the language in question is racist, and you’re looking to describe it, use the following terms: -racist
Thanks for taking good care of him, Iowa! stayed in the closet because I feared losing my family, my friends, and for a long time, truly thought I’d lose m…, as many gather to hear Sunday messages about our responsibility to welcome the stranger, this president is c…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg👏 👏 👏 @kiana_gru @hwan_up10 @PeteButtigieg See you there! you walk to Duane Reade for batteries but toss in a face mask and sour patch kids because self care. #blackout
Loving my brief visit to NYC. Where you at @Lin_Manuel? #blackout asked @PeteButtigieg on the #AxeFiles, which airs at 7 pm ET TONIGHT on @CNN, if his even temperament is a actual…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @cmclymer Ok what was Angela doing?The irony of an article telling you to be yourself and in the same breath telling you to be someone else is *chefs… IN NILES MICHIGAN or NEARBY SOUTH BEND INDIANA: The community is requested at the funeral of a Vietnam veter…
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Make sure you remind someone of their awesomeness today..@PeteButtigieg delivering a little performance art at the @TeatotallerTea, an #LGBTQ-owned tea room in the beautif…
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✅ Team rolls out an incredibly detailed, historic plan that was months in the making ✅ Husband is polling 1st in Io… @wokeuupjess’m proud to share with you the Douglass Plan, our proposal for comprehensively and intentionally dismantling racis…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegWatch this whole answer from @PeteButtigieg on Acosta resigning: "He's got to go. I mean, he has no business in a l…
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🧢 ❤️ @mgroppe @rollcall I thought this quote accurately defined the man and the improbable race: “It shows his commitmen… @Adaripp Can mine just be a snapshot of this gif?
@GoodGuyPete2020 @PeteButtigieg Can’t complain though, because... 🎶 like does he play guitar? 🎶 @Power99Philly That’s not how the world works. It’s not a competition. I sincerely hope you invite a trans woman of… @GoodGuyPete2020 @PeteButtigieg Someone was a litttttle late picking me up from the airport last night. Now it all… @AdamPeters! We’re growing fast and need team members to join this ridiculously talented & fun group of humans making cont…
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Media, for some, is just a silly playground game. People are profiting off of us hating one another.
“...Black women are not just the backbone of the Dem party, but the bone and sinew that is making our democracy who…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @MikeJackBauer Lil Sebastian was a horse! Get out of here with your fake outrage.
My life is better now that I know Sicilian miniature donkeys exist. @NotAshleyHannon 👋
Provincetown overflow crowd, you’re amazing! Thanks for the warm welcome!
I met Sonia in Carroll, Iowa today. She told me, “you’d probably think I’m crazy opening an acting studio in Steve…❤️ our family to yours, Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 @shortyvoorde I miss her alreadyJust heard this really impressive young military veteran from Indiana speak about increasing opportunities for nati…
Join @PeteButtigieg live here in Sioux City, Iowa for “A New Call to Service” at 5C|6EST @LilyMarsWrites @JoshKrugerPHL CC: @SouthBendFire ❤️Looking for something to listen to while you travel for July 4th? Here is every podcast @PeteButtigieg has appeared…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegThere is a little nugget of @firstdogsSB content coming your way tomorrow and I cannot wait for you to see it. I ha… @andyispleasants @PeteButtigieg Love your positive *Outlook!* ...I’ll show myself out.I am proposing A New Call to Service—a plan to dramatically expand service opportunities across the country. Shapin…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegPete Buttigieg called for expanding service organizations like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, and adding new ones…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @jacobmlevy @PeteButtigieg @ronen_schatsky @crollason_ @RidgeKnapp @addison_jeske @yokorosenbaum @justlefthinking
Just watched the last ten minutes of #WomensWorldCup #USAvENG in the parking lot of the pet supply store so it’s be… does America need teachers? #TeacherTalkTuesday
@shortyvoorde and when you inform the gate agent that they’ve forgotten the chair, again, and they say “You can wai… @Jeremy_Typo @NYCPride Thank you for saying hello. It was nice to meet you! Happy Pride!Celebration is in order for @meiamanthony, @ravenchollins and the #PeteForAmerica investment/grassroots teams. Toge… you to the over 400,000 of you who have invested in this campaign, and who helped us raise over $24,800,000 t…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegThe sun is setting but spirits are high! Still waiting to step off for #NYCPrideMarch #Stonewall50 #WorldPrideNYC w…
Greetings from #worldpride! Don’t get mad, get elected. 🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegA very #ChicagoPride with Team @PeteButtigieg
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg🚨 Today is the last day of the fundraising quarter! 🚨Can you help push #PeteForAmerica to the top? Let’s show folks… @andyispleasants Welcome to South Bend, Andy! We’re happy to have you on #TeamPete!...but I march because equality and acceptance has yet to reach every member of this community. It was trans women… felt history wash over me as I visited #Stonewall last night on the eve of #Pride. Let us not forget that today i…
Happy Friday @petebuttigieg supporters! This is for you! Show Up | Pete Buttigieg via…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg“We are here because we are standing on the soldiers of giants. @PeteButtigieg and I are on this stage because of t…
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50 years after Stonewall and 1 day after crushing it in the first democratic primary debate, a powerful message fro…
Retweeted by Chasten Buttigieg @TylerDotBleuel @VictoryFund @MayorPeteForNY @brooklynsteel Better think up another one! @TylerDotBleuel @VictoryFund @MayorPeteForNY @brooklynsteel In the fall I make a homemade butternut squash/pumpkin/… @theFerminator @PeteButtigieg @benlubeck @JoshKrugerPHL I had a much more visceral reaction to these opinions than I had anticipated.I just got off stage from the first #DemDebate—I hope I made you proud. What is at stake right now is not just the…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegLet’s write a new American chapter.
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegIt's time for a new generation of American leadership. Tonight I'll share my vision for how we'll win the era. I ho…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegYou’re ready, @PeteButtigieg. You’ve got this. I love you. presents a real opportunity for our nation to elect a leader who will run toward, not away from, the toughest…
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Helping Peter pick out a blue tie for the debate’re just getting started. Here we go, P. child fleeing violence should have nothing to fear from the greatest country in the world. We have to fix this.
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegWe've run into @Chas10Buttigieg a few times in the past 24 hours and every time he has a smile on his face. I'd lik…
Retweeted by Chasten ButtigiegHappy Debate Day, #TeamPete! Find your local watch party here👇 #PeteForAmerica
To think there were days I dreamt of fleeing those streets. Days when I walked them feeling invisible and alone. Wh… it wasn’t a parade. Nothing corporate. Nothing to be sold. It was a march. Thousands of people filling the stre… home to attend @upnorthprideTC as a representative of my husband’s presidential campaign is something I’ll ne… cream and phone calls in the unbearable Miami heat? @shortyvoorde is a staffer extraordinaire! Marsha P. and Sylvia to Obergefell, we have many giants and heroes to thanks and celebrate this #Pride as we r…
@WhyKelly2 @ForLibrarians @WeWantPete @Petes4Pete @jodimasters @PeteButtigieg Finished @AlyssaMastro44 earlier this… @ForLibrarians @WeWantPete @WhyKelly2 @Petes4Pete @jodimasters @PeteButtigieg Just finished/still reading: “First W…