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chase. @ChaseSabadaba virginia tech

skeleton from florida || VT’23 lol || he/him || music over at @starfishdotmp3

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me: I just need to meet new people! i’ll branch out what could go wrong! me 4 weeks later: @hurtlessmp3 mentally ill hotel stays! @johndenverfan hey!!! hey!!!!!!
also spotted shelby handles of birdhouse @cowboybetty it might work that liked this tweet smells like the sex wax car air freshener thing @HoesChiMinh thought I wouldn’t see this bc it’s a quote,,, come over @stori_stromboli so true queen
hardline / words by julien baker, found photos from antique shops in seattle + kansas city, disassembled self portr…
Retweeted by chase. @Prestonlastname this took me abt 4 seconds but a solid riff nonetheless. 5.5/10the pteranodon speaks to me the most 😔tag yourself as the predatory flying dino that would pick you up to feed to its young if they were still alive
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Authoritarian US Regime Arrests Whistleblower Who Accused State Officials of Covering Up Extent of the Pandemic
Retweeted by chase. @shorespun boxer and what’s your pleasure🤩 @dinosaursinIove not taking advice from a gleek @graceIand_too she needed to be warmed.fatherhood has been alright. zelda and i have our ups and down, but we love watching aot together. well I watch and… NOT BUY XLR CABLE!!!! FR!!!
Retweeted by chase. @bergamotperfume new hand habits!! @mooopsy omg lunch! @stinkywittlerat i’m also doing this rn
@joehughesiii answer me!!!the angry birds cast is surreal
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Retweeted by chase. @freebowling man,she like the way I do my nails
Retweeted by chase.savanah smiles :) 🍋
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@anjianie go bestie!! @stinkywittlerat later❤️bleached my hair and now i look like this pit alt @bearstancebear ty kingmusic production friends how do you make the white noise/background hiss from vocal mic go away? this can be during…
@FrancisUnderSky record dishwasherwhen you’re scraping ice off ur subaru and it lands in ur birks :( @mckrodney 🤝
@blonded808s this genre is called YA Newsblessed song inbound @stori_stromboli spotify! @benthebeanstalk this was the most intense 50 seconds of my life @hippiepowers2 when.NEW MELODY BOT THRASHER genuinely love the color orange in any capacity
ice story morning @anjianie thanks bestieperhaps a winter hike is in order
Retweeted by chase.VIDEO : Julien Baker - “Hardline” (directed by Joe Baughman) from ‘Little Oblivions’, out…
Retweeted by chase. @seuIgisun see i do it for both reasons bc @mohamhumadi is always asking me toi like ppl who both hate themselves with a burning passion and think they could effortlessly surpass god at the exact same time
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@alyssaraetho what. @mckrodney might put an ocean and a river between everything myself and home idk tho @alyssaraetho so truewell
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Here is a compilation of the domestic terrorists being arrested to “Layla” #Goodfellas #CapitolRiot #airportarrest
Retweeted by chase. @socc3rgur1ie SNOUGH @johnhasnocons costco in charlotte NC. she was 19 dollars. @FrancisUnderSky also did my first listen this week 🤨 @mohamhumadi risk taking 🤭🤨 @rlbbailey glass breaking @intim305 fuckwhat does it mean
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Retweeted by chase. @anjianie I turn 100K harvests every week and 150K in animals products I can teach you the waystardew players iykyk @MelodyBot3456 me sneaking to the kitchen to eat at 3am @shorespun I see turn out the lightsvirginia has two theme parks. one is barely themed at all while the other is made up of european countries and cele…
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14 years later🤍🤍 @teenzofdenial never forgetalmost time for my once daily tweet @ghsttwn need both these images expeditiously
You can cook a chicken by slapping it at 3725.95 mph, an impossible task by any human means. If you do succeed howe…
Retweeted by chase. @isamontana00 the latter❤️various things I will take back to VA with me story in 3 Acts:
Retweeted by chase.The FBI pulling up on MAGA meemaw/aunt tifa in about a week
Retweeted by chase. @freebowling of course this was the first song you played god I want one @ohcompassion it’s def ratata or fossorat
@jessieuvino so true queenfounded by colonists, established by genocide, built upon slavery, sustained by incarceration, in service to the we…
Retweeted by chase. @FrancisUnderSky did my first listen this week too 😍don’t need to see any more “2021 is bad” jokes as if our reality isn’t the results of decades of direct effort to reach this exact momenti wonder if they keep the blue lives matter bumper sticker up after this
Retweeted by chase.always. always the ones from florida
Switched to Fox News to see what the conversation for that half of America and the first thing I heard was “Unlike…
Retweeted by chase. @BryceRoper deleteworld heritage tweet
Retweeted by chase.Extremely important in the next few weeks to elevate people who predicted exactly what's happening and systematical…
Retweeted by chase.2016: Don’t call him a fascist, do you have any idea how hysterical you sound? 2020: The gigantic violent mob is…
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