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Rank 1 Shaco NA s6-s10. Welcome to the backflip kingdom. business email:

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@justxria @KarasMaii I don’t want to flex but I kill raptors in 6 seconds @KarasMaii I died 3 times early game but I somehow was ahead in cs and evolved into blaziken @KarasMaii Kayn is weak. did I do it right I’m a kayn player now aha sup ladies @CircusJg 😭😹🤣 no I don’t get it @oElementz Ap ad runes song and social security if you don’t mind @Duskade Most league players aren’t playing in master+ where I expect you to respect information your jungler is providingITS OKAY TO BE BAD. ITS NOT OKAY TO FORCE YOURSELF INTO THE ROLE OF LOSS CONDITION. LISTEN TO YOUR JUNGLER.Recently feel like every match as jungle is just decided by if my teammates listen and it’s pissijg me off stop ego… to a warded/pinged gank should be bannable
@Wingsofdeathx Idk a timeout was generous half the time I ban people just for having negative vibes lmao @Wingsofdeathx It’s weird how viewers act as if streamers need justification for banning them @JurassiqLoL I think duo in diamond is a must for any role it’s too coinflippy @Infernodan It starts with the streamers. @Infernodan It is but that doesn’t mean every high elo content creator has to give in to the idea of mindless smurfing. @CaptainFlowers So sad what the content creation meta has becomeNormalize streaming high elo games normalize a competitive atmosphere anyone can win in d4 fuck your YouTube content let’s fix the server @NotTheDondi Glad to hear you’re alright man @royalwinsmid im a perfect player and every loss is team difference. i have never been out jungled and i never will…
@tigriukelol I like your gamer tag how’d you come up with it ? Also kaisa has a singular 8 in her name and it’s on… @SyrobeNA 3 game sample size means something good tweet syrobe. @Command_Attack When I say the game is over if I get that lead it’s not because my role is broken but because I am… @Command_Attack But u can say that about any role if my laners moved there and I get a lead it doesn’t mean much if… @gnofieB_hpoT @SyrobeNA I thought he was like d2-master then I realized I’d never seen him other than Twitter so I… @RiotBallerina Dog2 Kelly combo was way too wholesome I couldn’t tilt if I tried @RiotBallerina Miss ur positive vibes lmk if u ever tryna come back to the aram warmups @Pr0Sing @lolYisus @Cloud9 I meant like like my original tweets random replies don’t count 😡 @Masterfiends Get off Twitter dude you got a 2 for 1 waiting on you @Command_Attack I was back from base with a pickaxe vs 0 item eve and no summ enemy bot lane. 0 universe where we c… @Command_Attack I tracked her correctly and was punished for it even tho this is her overstay we had first move by… @Command_Attack This was some mental gymnastics. Eve technically “won jungle” because her laners were trying to wi… @SyrobeNA an entertaining streamer with face cam/commentary while not having my mood reliant on the skill of my teammat… @KarasMaii Must be nice I was still on my first @KarasMaii Wait did you hear me say that on stream or
@bobqinXD @Cloud9 @TFT @redbullgaming @ggDoA @Frodan @Khroen HAHAHAHAH @chaseshaco @TFT @redbullgaming @ggDoA @Frodan @Khroen chaseshaco tweeting anything not a backflip
Retweeted by Chase @Cloud9 @TFT @redbullgaming @ggDoA @Frodan @Khroen Alright now that one seemed intentionally hurtful @Frodan @Cloud9 @TFT @redbullgaming @ggDoA @Khroen Felt violent after solo q @FPFiora Only option at this point is to allow shaco to start the game with a duskblade @lolYisus @Cloud9 i rly thought i was about to take my first ratio to that braindead tweet HAHA @ttv_Slavatik i concur. @lolYisus @Cloud9 wait this is incredible HAHA congrats bossman @KarasMaii thats a cap its only a matter of time before i give up cya in a few weeks @KarasMaii id rather die to raptors than stoop that low @Cloud9 @TFT @redbullgaming @ggDoA @Frodan @Khroen c9 tweeting about a TFT patch @KarasMaii you can have early season buddy ill gap you as usual when it matters L9 @KarasMaii kayn one trick not even being rank 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝😝🤡🤡🤡 @ttv_Slavatik cool ap or ad @CircusJg idk my autopilot stream acc is higher than my tryhard acc its so bizarre how many unplayable coinflips th… 11 @ttv_Slavatik ? Elaborate if u don’t mind @Ecclipse2 its really not i have approach velocity adn they have nothing i catch eve 100% guaranteed at least 2 killsour jungle is just gapped idk what to tell you @S7usie @Veigar_v2 I’m such a goofball 😭😭🤣🤣😁 @Veigar_v2 Ohhhhhhh 🤣🤣🤪😭what even is the point of covering ur map ? i get that enemies cant see it so they cant ghost, but if u cant see it… @ForestWithin @Razleplasm I like how it looks memey when I legit just rq that shit HAHA @ForestWithin @Razleplasm @Velleka_ @lauriedere @CircusJg I told you that in confidence @ForestWithin @Razleplasm Never been on a team before what’s up guys @Vakin_jg Seems rly fucking fun and the skill cap is infinite since I’m you have to be able to use every enemies kit @Vakin_jg His kit feels like old aatrox ft sylas @LORDEXXXXXXXXED I used to 🥺 @nZk_CroC Idk my bot lane is freezing but down in cs so it’s fine+10 dmg vs the world @lauriedere Really awesome tweet
@macawcaw123 Alright @almondpepsi I am the minority of psychotic 5d chess game masters @iwashedurdishes See like I feel like ur memeing but I just get this question so much it’s so bizarre. Well which s…’ll be on in a few hours was recently given +10 dmg on his backstab therefore I have decided to quit streaming forever to avoid being… @RitaLeeLoL The 2/3 that hate seraphine love kayn viego. That is what I mean @lauriedere @CircusJg handle this please I’m very busyPain and DANDELIONS 🥰🤪Im not even mad it’s just funny how easy it is to appeal to 90% of league players with two personalitiesHello edgy eboys and cat girls. Welcome to your never ending demographic. @Shacloner Ofc I’d prefer a lot of things but we shouldn’t complain +10dmg @rangerzxd But they aren’t acknowledging that everyone ran it because it had the best active in the game as a Tiama… @rangerzxd The point of it was probably to move assassins away from the item and solidify it as bruisers only - tal… @Shacloner Id take either over backstab now but previous backstab was 100% better than current @Shacloner The cool down based backstab did like 2x your auto dmg and you could perma reset it with the bug lol @Shacloner Back stab revert would’ve been poggers. @Shacloner Took you an hour to find that HAHA I miss old backstab the most @Scafelol Nah he’s an outlier for sure it’s just some weird case of transfer or boosted or something his mmr has to… @Scafelol I had that handmaiden guy and he solo lost the game idk how he’s matching jn d2 d1 @tigriukelol @MarkYetter @RiotSupport Please do not fix the karthus q bug @Shacloner I’m pretty sure it’s mainly bugged for noobs specifically @ProjectLiteral HAHAHAHAHAH NOOB U GET NOTHINGIf shaco does more damage from behind how come I don’t one shot their whole team? I’m always behind..gaming my heart out females please watch @JakkuZakku_24 The better jungler doesn’t force a bad fight for a crab @Limitless727 I wonder if he realizes that this indirectly nerfs every meta bruiser champ not just kayn anyways @ebrixton1 For every win there’s an unplayable game where 3 laners ego and don’t listen when I tell them where the… @FComment134 Yeah but like what if it happened @Redixer_Sahara because its my job to stream and ill lose viewership lol im talking about my main anyways idc about my stream accs @supermetroidlol Flip* @supermetroidlol It’s not worth it I have 5 accounts with better mmr than my main lol I’m not playing tilted it’s j…
@Cloud9 The other 9 players @ShendingFad Unfortunately it’s the only way to match hecarim olaf lillia in terms of skirmish power/clear speed