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Sid @chatsidhartha Mumbai, India

@gatsbyjs core team • Full-Stack Developer • Scuba diver • He/Him

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@danabrit @freiksenet ❤️ @Tahoeaussie @E1Goncharov @graphqlasia Ivan! Good to see you 🤗 @_kamlesh_ @graphqlasia @rajoshighosh is the greatest @tsriram @gatsbyjs Hehe yup. Thank you for all your work on that! 🤗
@troutgirl @gatsbyjs Hehe 🤗 @troutgirl @gatsbyjs Haha, my air conditioner stopped working so I was sweating profusely through the entire call 😅If you’re interested in Incremental Builds in @gatsbyjs and have wondered when it’s coming or if it’s coming to OSS… @chatsidhartha @gatsbyjs In case you missed it, here is a pretty cool demo of @gatsbyjs Accessible client routing b…
Retweeted by SidThis is happening in roughly an hour. I’ll be demoing some new (and upcoming) features to @gatsbyjs 📌 Ridiculousl… @jina @siddharthkp @jxnblk @4lpine Thanks, Jina! @jina @siddharthkp @jxnblk @4lpine Ah, I see how that came across 🤦🏻‍♂️ That was insensitive and not particularly… @siddharthkp @jina It hasn’t been recorded yet. A fireside chat with @jxnblk and @4lpine @laurieontech 🤦🏻‍♂️The combination of design constraints, styles, and variants of a visual design system tends to result in something…
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@gatsbyjs @freiksenet @JarmoIsotalo @SchauDustin @wardpeet @Moocar @chrisbiscardi @mipiechowiak @afeno90 @afeno90 Thank _you_ for your great work, Alex! Cheers and hope to see you again soonThis is going to be a fun chat. Join us to see what we've been up to at @gatsbyjs lately! Also happy to answer an… @gatsbyjs @gatsbyjs Featuring @freiksenet @JarmoIsotalo @SchauDustin @wardpeet @Moocar @chrisbiscardi @mipiechowiak @afeno90 was a pretty great year for @gatsbyjs 😊 I wrote a special edition of the Gatsby Gazette that recaps everythin…
@jasonbahl Hahaha I think I hear Rachel holding in her laughterTimeline: I’m looking for a slightly unusual role - I’m looking for an early-career designer who is interested in u…
Retweeted by Sid📣🚨Our next speaker we are excited to announce is @chatsidhartha Senior Software Engineer @gatsbyjs, as a speaker at…
Retweeted by Sid @kdichevjs @afeno90 @JoshWComeau @gatsbyjs @Netlify Looks like @duffn from the Cloud team is tracking it already 🙂 @afeno90 @JoshWComeau @gatsbyjs @Netlify Gatsby Builds does support Netlify as a CDN and we think they do a really… @afeno90 @gatsbyjs @Netlify Haha. No beef at all. We love the folks at @Netlify and both have similar goals! 🙂
@seldo @LeeFisherJr @gatsbyjs Nope! Will go out tomorrow 🙂 @BilalBudhani Setup an hourly consulting call for these meetings and charge your hourly fee
@rauling_g Happy to help! I get paid a monthly salary and that’s pretty much it. Remote often means that the comp…
@rauling_g Before. Subtract roughly 30% for after taxes.No. Instead, please pay for well researched content. This is akin to stealing music.🏫 stop ⏳ linking 🏷 remote 🌎 salaries 💸 to location
Retweeted by Sid @freiksenet I can confirm this is accurate @freiksenet Geographic inequality is the worst 😞 @noampomsky @evnsio 42 @BilalBudhani 😂 @_kamlesh_ @bogas04 Next time they ask, say “Pehle aap”🏫: Self-taught ⏳: 5 years 🏷: Senior Software Engineer 🌎: India (US based company) 💸: $85k
@tlakomy @BilalBudhani @anjanesh @tailwindcss 😂 @BilalBudhani @anjanesh @tailwindcss @tlakomy would be sad to hear that @gregwhitworth I’m heartbroken. I’m so sorry, Greg. God bless you and your family. @jongold Jon @BilalBudhani @tailwindcss 🤗🤗🤗 @BilalBudhani @tailwindcss I’m so proud of you
@lukechesser @unsplash You champs @marcysutton I’m not a manager but I reckon you could confide cross team perhaps? I’m always happy to listen without any judgement ever! 🙂 @khaled_garbaya @kylemathews @mipiechowiak (Courtesy of the wonderful @duffn) @selbekk @kendricklamar I love it. Next up is Big Shot (with Travis Scott) and then the Bitch don't kill my vibe remix with Jay-ZI rediscovered Money Trees by @kendricklamar today and this day has begun on a fun note @chrisbiscardi @kylemathews @mipiechowiak Heh @tsriram @kylemathews @mipiechowiak 💃 @MatchuSaysHi @tesseralis 535e76e8480d82380600ffd119b18be835cad804Today’s random (and probably not very important) achievement: I am now the number 3 contributor on Gatsby after…
@aweary @gatsbyjs 🙏🏼People seem hung up debating performance with @gatsbyjs, but the value proposition is much broader than just good p…
Retweeted by SidI wrote about @GatsbyJS's journey towards accessible client-side navigation on our blog! Learn about the incrementa…
Retweeted by Sid @VivekNayyar09 @tanaypratap In case it helps, we run some cypress tests for @gatsbyjs in CircleCI. Feel free to tak…
@tlakomy @Channel A quote from The Big Lebowski comes to mind Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you 🤷🏻‍♂️ @tlakomy @Channel We have an announcements/decision log channel specifically for thisYesterday in one of the #gatsbydays sessions someone asked how to convince clients/bosses of the importance of auto…
Retweeted by Sid @ZackArgyle Hire me and I’ll tell you
@Brii_toe_knee @gatsbyjs Can’t wait to meet them soon! 🤗 @BilalBudhani Yes @gonsalves_r Oh, wow. Congratulations! 😊 @fynbo_gavin @gatsbyjs That’s @iAWriter 😊
@likeakyleboss @gatsbyjs 🤗Sitting in quaint little café and writing the @gatsbyjs Gazette 2019 recap edition! Reminiscing over everything we… @jongold @rauchg @tailwindcss 😂 @BilalBudhani Ah, the Human Cron Job @tsriram @gatsbyjs Yeah, they’re the best 😊 @anuraghazru @gatsbyjs @tsriram @gatsbyjs Haha. I didn’t make it to the gathering (due to visa trouble) so they missed me and sent me cake 🤗I love my coworkers at @gatsbyjs. They’re the warmest and kindest people I know. Feeling so grateful ❤️
@dan_abramov @matthewcp @kylemathews @dfabu @gatsbyjs Thanks, Dan! @dfabu @slightlylate @gatsbyjs @kylemathews Definitely agree. Doing this in a way that doesn’t break people’s exist… @dfabu @slightlylate @gatsbyjs @kylemathews We’re definitely thinking of partial hydration once that becomes a real… mother read some stuff online about Nigeria not being safe to visit. Please help me convince her that it’s safe!… finally @gregwhitworth This is heartbreaking. I’m so so sorry, Greg. @BilalBudhani Haha yup, so much fun! Thank you 😊
🚀 Tailwind CSS v1.2.0 is now available! Includes support for CSS Grid, transitions, transforms, and tons more 😍 C…
Retweeted by Sid @kentcdodds Tailwind @siddharthkp I was hungry once at 3 am and ate some dog food. Then I invented this phrase.
@wesbos renderable- @satya164 - @shrutikapoor08 - @tadeuzagallo - @olivtassinari - @mosdnk - @ndubien - @mamu_eval -…
Retweeted by Sid @dabit3 @gatsbyjs @NexTjs @rauchg @kylemathews They are indeed! @VivekNayyar09 @Cypress_io @tlakomy Okay, in that case it sounds you’re trying to test how the search filter behave… @VivekNayyar09 @Cypress_io @tlakomy So you want your tests to be as deterministic as possible and have only one pos… @VivekNayyar09 @Cypress_io @tlakomy > sometimes the filter can result in a response and sometimes we can get empty… @tazsingh @davidbailey00 might be interested! @ascorbic 😂
@kylemathews @gatsbyjs @littlecaesars @blocks_ui @bamadesigner @khaled_garbaya @gatsbyjs now has 25 people working full time on OSS! 💃
Retweeted by Sid @aweary I know @danabrit has some great recommendations in this area @danabrit @gatsbyjs You're so supportive, warm and nurturing. We love you! @MaedahBatool @gatsbyjs Yay! Welcome to the team, Maedah!The cat is out of the bag: I am joining @gatsbyjs! 🎉🔥 I'll be working with @jxnblk and @4lpine on open source R&D…
Retweeted by Sid @kylemathews @gatsbyjs @littlecaesars @blocks_ui @bamadesigner @khaled_garbaya @SchauDustin Great ending quote in t…
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