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professional @chesscom player l @anntfkk

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@brianjomiller @viscwtf bro what LOL#VCTEMEA
Retweeted by ch @raptvcom LMAO @ItsZendae @akashio fr @euarctic_ stalking my page with 66 followers 😭😭
@tommyfuks retweet @tommyfuks yes i am actually @1azuree :::::::::'''"????/////// not me @1azuree LMAO gg we play soon more @dreamlighttt @Convertibles @dogbackp6ck twitter griefing me @dogbackp6ck tabbed out of my game mid gun fight to reply to this, u are so good @dogbackp6ck //////??????//????????????????????? @tommyfuks @vsctim @tangobandz LMAO @tommyfuks for apex right @lyxn77 noti @Tokki_GG KK TY @SLE3P7 oh wait nvm i thought u were @1azuree LMAOOOOOOO @SLE3P7 Boy @yoklouds shhhhhhhhhh @cty4lxo K*s
@Amanifwm actual loser πŸ’€ @Hugxdzn 1.5 1600 @llysaki i wanted to do an entire yt video on my journey but my channel is still DELETED πŸ˜€ @akashio nah u can ask any of my friends i've never played apex ranked other than a little bit of arena until now 😭 @1azuree
@dreamlighttt are u proud of me dream @ashpwo Ya @uhkiann default ads @uhkiann 1.5 1600 @froubery 😲 @xr192x ya my aim transfers to other games ig, my movement is still ass tho i gotta get it down @xr192x sup @turbi55 hard to enjoy a game where ive done everything i wanted in it @turbi55 yes @gage1x bro he had open mic on and i heard him screenshot the win screen at the end HAHA he was like 30 he was so nice @realaimer ong i dont even have val installed anymore @anntfkk <3 happy 3 months love @darafps miss racing him in typeracer back in 2017 all day longπŸ₯² @vxrtgo its so good @spookyaddison @tryliife skull emoji @tryliife @spookyaddison this the same girl that kept telling u to k*s etc in ur game a few months back and we were… @mojiwtf Is it out yet
@Nexqal bros fighting for his life in these games @sharkssi i see, ty ty @haqiFPS_YT hi @joyboycs im quitting val for now so ya maybe ill get into it @froubery green man hits red rank letsGOO @redvalo @Nxcklol just play a lot of arena its best prac for that
@Nxcklol @redvalo ^^ hes fun if u just wanna take as many gunfights as possible @1azuree bro i do that shit in minecraft pvp too its such a bad habit @1azuree OH THE ending LMAO thats my csgo habitlife making sense is starting to fall apart
Retweeted by ch
@tommyfuks @anntfkk @ava83484257 yes you do, but there's no noticeable difference above 1600 so don't go changing ur shit to 60 million dpi @anntfkk @ava83484257 fr u SUCK @florscnt this guy always has some of the worst tweets and opinions i've ever read @zeggns @redvalo πŸ’€ @anntfkk u hot
@ilovexanda @xsiv1x Direct Messages. @xsiv1x u ok ?? @snout777 it K makes M me S wanna @cade8k now u can quit for the 50th time πŸ™ @Nexqal @anntfkk bless up @Nexqal @anntfkk atleast i dont pay for boosts on stream by paro 😜 @anntfkk + ratio @anntfkk ur built like kyedaes new potato cam
@Revosect nooooooo @Equolvv i miss you more @vampyrlol never use rsmb @SnoodFN @playlostark also ur literally the nicest person i know why would they be weird to you @SnoodFN @playlostark obsessed freaks
@TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk how u go double negative on raze best map @super_sophia11 5-15 wl ?????????????????? how are u alive @TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk nah im hella washed on it 😭 @TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk i realized skins arent worth ranking up a low elo acc so im just using my drawing tablet on th… @TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk sure send me money @xsiv1x @akaTundra @ElderHQs @akaScares @itsjrawk ..............Fr @itsjrawk how did u already lose ur egirl @ElderHQs oh my god they are back @xsiv1x @kumarawtf i use this one
@connorjaiye W @florscnt so edgy and quirky name πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ @Beasteavy ok @70cobra this the only mf thatd constantly message me @70cobra NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@itsjrawk why selling @TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk unless you have something unique like riot gunbuddy etc @TsuisekiZ @itsjrawk not much different, when it comes to selling skins in val comm the prices all come from the ra… @itsjrawk low rank 765 spent the most you can sell for is 300 max @tommyfuks @j_mmyy Wow same @HaanzeR @threeFPS he lied about being a pro in my dm and said his name was "three" because it was his third alt, h… @tommyfuks Dude
@parowastaken HAHA @NotTaboon idk but it doesn't hurt to keep it open so i wouldn't mess with it too much @gage1x i'm dm limited but ya just keep it open in background @viscwtf i was so sad man @miraixz this wasnt even with accel i forgot to open it today