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sometimes i wish i was a man so i could get away looking below mid @katiieVal noot u @Deathboxes ofc not描きました
Retweeted by savannahGod having a cat is soooooo fun it feels like im being haunted by a sweater
Retweeted by savannah @yinzzzi it’s gross.. @SomeGuy91837 frrr it’s actually so sad LOL @wraithvo YES LOL @zealot_top frrrr i hate it @fvckant ur the next victim @xtraprolific @torylmao ur my next victim @varwix LOL it’s soooo annoying when the number looks grossi said follow i meant unfollow i’m dumb @milkisenjoyer makima’s character is sexy but like design wise reze kinda slaysevery time i hit 1000 following i have to follow someone. the sacrifice @1aidn ya buddyreze kinda badder than makima @1aidn it’s only 9:20 pmboobai hate soup so much it’s disgusting @ttristcn ohhhh i meant like my tweets r the same to everyone else’s i’m dummmmb @ttristcn EVERY OTHER TWEET BYEEEEEEEEE @BLADER0MANCER soooo pretttyy @BLADER0MANCER yes @wackyxz @Cutebruh 😒 @Cutebruh 😒 @coldddx no? @KXTSUIMI ah. @coldddx i will subtweet u til death now @liasxsail what does this mean. @coldddx idk her but if i was her a new phone @miyamuwa LMAOOO it really b like that @coldddx u got 5 likes bro she won’t settle for that @biibiidoo fr i need attention 24/7ok maybe i’m clingy... @foreplay hahaaaaa heyyyyyyyy @iraijapmf i like LIKE u @iraijapmf no way ur my dream girl too @ainz_LoL i need to start hellsing n i love owari no seraph but it’s kindaaaa mid atm @Ghxst_boy_ castlevania is okayyy i need to check out hellsing tho @Than_han_ frrr i need to check out hellsing i love vanitas no carte but only the mangaafter careful consideration i have decided to only exist as a memory
Retweeted by savannah @mothuser fr im pushing that vampire in the sunlight if i’m dying @coldddx i’m actually a fictional character @snhuz NOOO i have the fattest crush on uu @BLADER0MANCER omg whaaa im obsessed w u let’s b friends <3 @raccoonluvr44 LOOOL yeah it’s literal incest 😒 @raccoonluvr44 yea i’m watching it rnnnnnn @raccoonluvr44 yeee it’s alright @coldddx so a CHILD. @nobanoodles it’s so toxic n funny the way they treated that girl LOL @c5sey oh yeah definitely i don’t want a relationship right now i’m gooood working on myself :) @c5sey LOL yeah mine is a joke too definitely totallyi’m actually a dream girl men r just too dumb to see it that’s all @scarI2t cuteee @internetcatgirl nooo uuwhen that vampire just threw her in the pool n she started drowning LOLdiabolik lovers was awful but i lowkey need that shit to happen to me i think it would cure me @fiIuhpina thank u pretty girl <3 @ireadhentai prettttttyy @DonniHue :) @santadinkha be with meeeee @peripheri_ @Magxcalgirl nahh no way 😭 thank u @ryanr020397 thank uu @SpriteOW ok bark then @_bubxa the fit goes harrrrrrd @azelhazell omg no u @iraijapmf i love u moreee @kittenarii omggg ari i was wondering where u were :o ilu @ColdKarma223 yesssssss @bjpoppinn wow cool thanks for that 👍🏼 @evilgirlfrnd mwah @jangmije noo u ^-^ @EvilAizen1 no slytherin @santadinkha iluuuuuuuuu <3 @1aidn ok....bye 🙄 @pixiewisps thank u pretty girl ^-^ @killesther LOL REALLY? i’ll have to do a cosplay ^-^ @zzkylie thank u pretty girl <3 @itzyfan69 wtf twitter hates pretty girls 🙄 @_bubxa no uuu cass @m3iiys lol meileee <3 @havenily SAYS U @okokliv PRETTYYYYYYY @milkisenjoyer always trying out makeup styles thank u my love <3the anime nana is just vivienne westwood propaganda
Retweeted by savannah @kanatouu mwaaah @yinzzzi yesssssss lets goo @tia_graha @santadinkha @mitskeii @RENGARABUSER oh my god whaat
@ethanidc gn @AttoLoL yea @wizitoszn YESSSS U UNDERSTAND @milkisenjoyer ilyyyy @juwulia_moon now @em0cancer noooo ur hoteuggggghhhhhhh @birteqt thank u <3 @okokliv <333 @srrirachha says u ^-^ @gtastripp3r mwaaah