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cool illustrator, printmaker, garfield sympathiser.

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MYSTICAL MAGICAL MATHS SPOOKY EDITION! Friday 30th of October! Live on Instagram at 6pm I will be magically creatin…
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@oralking666 These are all the same posseIf anyone has seen any interesting non-corona stories in the news lately please send them my way so I can illustrate them for a thingThinking about the dream I had last night where one of my brothers accidentally left a trampoline out in a storm an…
My house is incredibly quiet so I might stick on an interview with Bill Hader to feel somethingI like the idea of using images of Godzilla as risograph print examples, I just think it would be neat
Retweeted by CheeseIf the folks @Airbnbdesign want to ‘demistify’ this, they can email us at we’re wary of…
Retweeted by CheeseIt’s that time of year again...
Retweeted by Cheese @ciaraisfabbb Seriously evasive dumplings wtf it’s been months @ciaraisfabbb We’ll get u a kebab some day Ciara don’t worry. When this all blows over @ciaraisfabbb The grass is always greener 😭 @ciaraisfabbb Can’t believe you’re near the beach the only thing in my 5K is Passion 4 FoodWithout downloading any new pictures, where are you mentally?
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@DrawBoySeanie Yes! Last line of the movie too, just a final reminder like “I’m so glad we’re reunited, thanks to this big virgin nerd” @sophhhhp I walked past that building in Phibs yday and it was so hard not to go into Kung Fu BuffetIf you need me I’ll be here wondering why there are about 50 kids doing rugby training three times a week across from my houseSeeing some difficult takes today on freelance stuff and I have a lot on right now to be stressin me out, so I am i… @bitnch I think it’s a good idea! Makes it easier for them, and also if they get an eye infection or anything you w… not believe I am off on a bank holiday with full license to do absolutely nothing and I’m going for a run @flounge_girl If you can tidy things away, or switch up the space in any way, that generally helps.
Watched Hocus Pocus and carved this boi pal have you got a filter
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Counting Other Peoples Money
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@Fearganainm People don’t live like this! Stop the world I’m getting off!!I hate it I HATE IT. WHO WANTS THIS. Who wants to be left with an open container filled with two pounds on Nutella?… @ParamitePies Did u write it did u do it
We have waited millennia for this moment, but we are happy to finally announce that we will be airing in the UK as…
Retweeted by Cheese @infinityonhi Thanks! He’s slowly getting back to normalAND, if you think of whinging to me about the restrictions, how you think it’s all blown out of proportion, or any… had one very bad asthma attack that made things look like they might go pear shaped there for a bit, and he spen… should say, and I don’t like to get too serious on here, but my dad caught the virus there a few weeks back. He i… @ParamitePies Omg I just watched this the other week and I’m like ???????? @emma___flynn 2021Stone Cold Steve Austin is living the life I want, in the middle of nowhere hanging out w his dogs, occasionally pl…
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Retweeted by CheeseMad how many people care about suicide rates all of a sudden.
Retweeted by CheeseIf you need me I'll be watching the drumming in this over and over
@ParamitePies Yeah it’s mad rite. I also think moustaches are a little hard to draw. It might look like my mouth is… I still don’t draw myself with a moustacheSeven months on from getting home from Canada and my moustache is more powerful than everHaving a bit of a .. day, u kno??Sounds obvious I know but an easy way to support artists is to like and share their posts on social media, it costs…
Retweeted by Cheese @ThatBradyDude I play it at the start and the endPhysically I am here but spiritually I am queuing up 5 songs on the jukebox in the Glimmer Manonly reading shit like this for new lockdown
Retweeted by Cheese @Falx_53 I just hate those click bait ones about the worlds most best worst fattest cheeseburger or something get it AWAY FROM ME
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My 65 yr old dad was assaulted on the #luas from Tallaght this morning at around 08.45 near Smithfield. He got punc…
Retweeted by Cheese @BrandonLand_ Ah it’s just some cowboy, nothin anyone is gonna go and use for anything but dude I’m fuckin watching themSomeone copying your work is some kinda feelin I’ll tell you that for free brotherRisograph Printing and Graphic design are essential services, btwI hate food videos. I hate them so much. I hate th @meggygou Hi yeah you doNice to see that people are big dumb idiots only we could have seen this coming
Retweeted by CheeseGoing for a run in the rain directly after cycling home please say a prayer for me @ConchuirORiain! A Book! Coming soon from @cicadabooks, for anyone who’s ever had trouble getting out the door first thing, it…
Retweeted by Cheesehappy 13th birthday to none pizza with left beef
Retweeted by CheeseSuperstar @CheeseNolan @/cnr_nln on insta. Conor's shrug pin is my forever mood. I saw one of his totes in the wild…
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Okay here we go!! A thread of independent and local artists/creators worth considering if you are looking for some…
Retweeted by CheeseThank u @ciaraisfabbb ! Have a look at this thread to see some cool things by cool ppl
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Nancy By Ernie Bushmiller
Retweeted by CheeseFrustrated with art. Now taking applications for people willing to listen to me ventWent to Tiger to feel something thereBeyond the Mat is on Netflix prompting me to watch it for the hundredth time, and you should too+ a poster for adam melchor at the hotel cafe 💎 #sosfest
Retweeted by CheeseHaving a terrible time into a new home
Retweeted by Cheesehow it started how it ended
Retweeted by Cheese @annafooda So!!! Good!!!How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Cheese @hexxem I’m taking a break to play the FIFA 18 World Cup game, after which I will resumeThe kind of day where you draw an arm and then consider an alternative career for an hour. I could be a barista.Having one of those days where you finally have time to draw but have sadly forgotten entirely how to draw anything at all#BREAKING: Nphet recommends Level 5 restrictions for entire country for six weeks
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35 mins into Nightmare on Elm Street before realising that’s Johnny Deppnice to know some one cares about me....
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Retweeted by CheeseWhen ur friend has just left but they forgot their tambourine and toad hear a noise at night
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Retweeted by CheeseIn face of a second wave on Covid-19 people are worried because this government has: 🚨Cut the Pandemic Unemploymen…
Retweeted by CheeseI have regular conversations on how to pronounce gouachethis is what a typical gen z's instagram post looks like
Retweeted by Cheese @neirbhiseach Thank uuuuuangry daddy goes chop chop 🚪
Retweeted by CheeseDoes anywhere in Dublin have lil pumpkin carving kits??Called home to see my son there. He missed me"This lad will eat anything; Lego, birds, hair... You name it"
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Do My Posts Help You? Am I A Good Person? Do You Think Im Nice
Retweeted by CheeseLiterally can not afford to take time off this year: I am open to long term projects, editorial, publishing, poster…
Retweeted by CheeseI really needed this today
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Retweeted by CheeseHow it started: How it's going:
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