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She/her I write/talk about games 🎮 Game writer for @3foldgames @Windrushtales ✒ Podcaster @arguethecast 🎙@GIbiz 100 2018/19⭐ @POCinPlay co-founder ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

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@Mara18181818181 @DarrenCriss His Twitter is fun too :)) @thereturnoftare Where is your friend? I'm not in London btw. I'm in Somerset. @crwilso That's what I always said, but Massive has wooed me with exciting things and lovely people. @crwilso @ScarletCatalie Yup. This. People. I like talking to them, but also don't feel lonely working alone. Makes no sense lol @JeanLeggett It's true. So many more opportunities now. Thanks for the reminder:) @mattdeline @JeanLeggett Yup. I just didn't have the confidence or sense of who I am then. I guess things happen wh… @docsquiddy @ScarletCatalie Oh no. I'm sorry you can't afford treatment. Good luck with coping. Hopefully the other… @docsquiddy @ScarletCatalie I have made an office in a closet, which might help. But even when I worked and lived i… @yourkyotowife Thanks! @crinolinerobot @AustinKelmore Yeah. I have classical music even at home, but didn't know if headphones would seem anti-social in a… @ScarletCatalie That' so funny. I don't get distracted by that stuff at all. @ADovichi That's true. Designated nattering times will help 😄☕️ @kezamacdonald @yourkyotowife Hah ha. Yes, this is probably the ideal. When I did work in an office, I used to get… @yourkyotowife Oh god, yeah! Asking for holiday approval is probably the worst thing. But the flipside is I get a w… @JeanLeggett Christ only just moving into my dream gig in my mid-40s. I feel a conflicted sense of "yay, I made it… @kenwongart Tilda Swinton as the gender fluid angel was perfect. At the time I was pleasantly surprised that Keanu'… might need this when I start work in an office next month. I'm so easily distracted and have spent the last 13 ye… @ImoMellor Btw totally adopting the wiping buttons thing. Can't believe I didn't think of it. @ImoMellor This is iconic. If you're Naomi you can do this and it's fine 😂 My brother laughs at me just for having a face mist on planes! @Machine_Mahin @ImoMellor Private jets are always killing celebs. I get why she might not want to. I suspect the sa… @crinolinerobot Right. Apparently they've arrested someone. @goodyerin Oh no. Nothing is impossible these days. But what a tragedy. @DarqNerdettes @weimingkam That's the worst part. I guess we're lucky the UK is mainly used as a place to not pay taxes. @goodyerin Well that's something.America is terrifying rn. Political activists found dead in the boot of a car is the stuff of regimes not the suppo… @weimingkam @DarqNerdettes Having seen the extent of US acquisitions, I see your problem. Isn't the a competition c… @weimingkam @DarqNerdettes I've boycotted for years. I don't think it's impossible. I didn't know about IMDB though… @rhipratchett @yourkyotowife Completely. I think people on the train are wondering what I'm watching because my face is like 😬
@rhipratchett Pretty paws all round :) @CoreyBrotherson @Comic_Con Urgh 😠 @Zlanier21 Yeah. I guess that's the psychopath thing good at blending in and being charismatic. @Zlanier21 He really did. @CoreyBrotherson @Comic_Con What!!? Charging for luggage long haul!? I guess the days of cheap flights are over. Pr… British countryside looks so gorgeous and golden during a long hot summer 🌾 @CoreyBrotherson @Comic_Con Omg. Nightmare 😱 @CoreyBrotherson @Comic_Con But why? Even Australia didn't take that long.Watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace. It's really good, but yikes gruesome. This guy is chilling. @JonPriceDev @GWRHelp 😂 @ducklingsmith @GWRHelp Totally agree. Tbf the new trains are fab, when they arrive. And glad tidings! They've come… bets on whether my @GWRHelp train will be reduced from 10 to 5 carriages, meaning we all have to leg it zomb… this is so lovely. Black family with 3 sons looking fly af, Chinese family with dad in traditional dress, other… This is unreal 👌🏿🥳 South Bank and there's a graduation thing happening. So lots of grads with parents taking photos along the Thame… @yourkyotowife I didn't see the last two😕 It was on Channel 4 for 1&2. They're just such great characters. @realarvo Even BJ has come out against him, which is bizarre considering his track record. Nothing makes sense anymore.Whoo hoo. There was a seat on the bus. Omw to office leaving do. @moomoomang Nah 😁Can the BBC not call Trump's racist statements "controversial". He's protected by endless privilege, don't extend him any more.
@JodieAzhar 😍💖💖💖 @JamieOgle Yup. I've used my PS1 (to play Vib Ribbon) more recently than I have my PS3. But I didn't know you can p… @yourkyotowife Love that show. Did they cancel it? It was soooo gooood! @AustinKelmore Hah ha. Solidarity makes it better @JamieOgle Yeah but PS1 is such a cute little machine with its flappy lid. Plus can you get Vib Ribbon on PS3? And I've got a DDR mat. @AustinKelmore Thanks. I'm such a dufus🙄🙏🏾When you're going to London tomorrow and realise you forgot to book your bus out. I have my return by train. So I… @GaryJKings That's so cool. If I didn't use fountain pen I'd totally want one for writing in the dark without the n… @AustinKelmore @RecklessAthena That's what I suddenly realised. Poor PS3. But now I have another thing to get rid of 😩 @shynra @mummyblogger I'm so happy you read it. Thanks for letting me know 😊 @AustinKelmore Same. All the good PS3 games are on PS4. That makes PS1, Dreamcast and PS4 my best combo. Plus GBA with Golden Sun. @CasualEffects Yeah. I have 2 dreamcasts. Bringing the Japanese one. Might pass on the PAL one or leave in loft. An… and PS1 are definitely coming with me. 360 has found a new home. But is there any great need to keep a PS… @docsquiddy @GriddleOctopus @origamikid @lunar_werewolf Yup. I had the soundtrack on tape. Basically introduced me to really cool 60s music like White Room. @blackgirlgamers What!? Is this real or a fan fever dream? @lunar_werewolf @crinolinerobot I don't know. I lived in Holland then, where it was a massive show. Nobody in the U… @chris_goodyear Right. It was like - is that it!? And when she gets cut off they just upgrade from halls to an amaz… @origamikid What's going on? Venom is not a good film. How could anyone think that it is? I'm confused @matthewgibbs I want to see it. I didn't think Hereditary was good so I'm hoping Midsommar hits better notes for me.Tour of Duty
@chris_goodyear Watched that Friday. Not good. And the mum's overreaction was so wtf. I thought it played like a Ha… @EscoBlades @MartieLillycrop @ossianboren @netflix Or try...not sci fi 😄 @edfear Yeah best. Sturdy. Two pin feels like you're sticking a couple of wires in the wall😬 @MartieLillycrop @SamMGreer Yup. They were still poking about in that gunky hole in the basement and I was done. @SamMGreer That's exactly how I felt end S1. They expected me to tune into S2 in order to get the answers they fail… @MartieLillycrop @ossianboren @netflix The OA is great. Haven't watched S2 yet @SamMGreer That show never worked for me from a narrative perspective. The end of S1 was a real eye roll moment. Be… recommendations for my friend? Sci-fi on Netflix
@DannyT Jerk chicken @briecode Jim Jarmusch films. Night on Earth (one of my favourites ever) and Mystery Train (one of the story thread… @briecode Queer Eye. Not a fiction but definitely has a narrative structure. Richard Linklater films. Boyhood. Bef… @englishscribe 3rd one is surely no Nathan Drake @Ebony_aswift I just found out when I went on Letterboxd. Well I guess they did a good job on translating Harry Sty… @chloelupi_ I know. I had to Google to check. Wtf 😂 @JeanLeggett Wow! 7 years 😱 @JeanLeggett Good luck. Hope it goes/ went well. I'm in the middle of packing so feel your pain. I've got 3 or sta…
I could sum up After by describing it as a fictional Harry Styles stuck in a badly written not raunchy Dangerous Li… It ended. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish something significant had happened. Selma Blair is in it and… and music. But I still can't get past the fact that he's called Hardin. just did this Grace Kelly shot but with him, which is a nice bit of female gaze. And he used a condom 👍🏾 I think we're getting to hear why he's complicated. It's not a great story tbf. Wasn't worth the wait. Another musical interlude 🙄So many montages convincing us they're in love. And we keep hearing that "he's complicated" but sulking isn't compl… @KamSage Oh no. I'm sorry 😔 oh no @docsquiddy I think he's probably really posh because his third name is Fiennes. And I think they've told him to be… @constancef Thanks. Have replied:) @chasinglux Hello. Games journo/dev/writer and part of @pocinplay @docsquiddy It's hilarious because he's not complicated or bad. He just wears black and tries to be profound by say…