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@ADovichi @GrlpantsGR @DanCondaxis I'm so annoyed that I missed this gif moment. What the hell Chella!? But yass you two!! @getswish how do I activate with a UK mobile number? The Bank ID form says my number is invalid. @CoreyBrotherson @RASmithPSL @TalesWindrush Yasss @CoreyBrotherson @RASmithPSL @TalesWindrush I'm there. Omg I didn't know you'd both be there lol @CoreyBrotherson @TalesWindrush Well done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Bet you were amazing! @GrlpantsGR @DanCondaxis Awww. Congrats!!! Tales is still alive y'all 👇🏾 @SahilBajaj1997 @SandraMJdev That meant to read *since Samurai Pizza Cats lolThis is thread is pretty shocking. Especially the draining of rivers! @SahilBajaj1997 @SandraMJdev Bee and Puppycat sounds like the best thing since I heard about Night Ninja Pizza Cats (or close to that). @ducklingsmith @acgodliman I love that we've crossed the streams with two different threads to shake our heads at L…
@ducklingsmith If there is Jared Leto shade being thrown, I'm in. @drewtmoffatt I took that from people for like 15 years and now I write for Ubisoft Massive. So fuck those people w… @LackingSaint Mike honey rocking his plaid. Meanwhile, black guys be like... @WJDDrew I'm fine with Tom Cruise. He can Mission Impossible as much as he wants as far as I'm concerned. Has he do… @nachimir Yup. A checked shirt is when they're really pushing the style envelope. Of course the colour thing does… @alicemrendell @ADovichi @Absintheuse The way it should be.
1. Literally just found out there's a Top Gun sequel coming out. 2. Jon Hamm is in it. I repeat. Top Gun with Jon H… @forpush Hopefully, you'll enjoy it then :) It's not bad, just not great.The John Wick films are so gorgeous. The lighting 💗 and framing. He's been run over twice, but he's all good 👍🏾 @forpush Not really worth a cinema ticket. Not bad. Just fine. Feels like they thought of a story to fit the tech,… @cynixy It's a perfectly good measure of character.Holy crap. Thursday's ballet class has killed my thighs and my calves. Me rn @cynixy Why are scientists trying to create a Cronenbergian future? Nobody wants body horror phones. Nobody. @r_demiranda Well, I find you extremely inspiring & insightful. Imposter syndrome is always there. I guess I deal w… @GrlpantsGR I was imagining gangs of thieving cats then @DapsDraws Oof. That's hard to watch. 😔Loved God's Own Country, so adding this to my to watch. @strawhousefilms 💜 @drewtmoffatt I'm so ready for this thread. @drewtmoffatt Omg. Love. This.
We tried to record this week, but our technology didn't play ball. So here's that episode when we talked Hereditar… @WidescreenWknd @annasmithjourno @SoundLabArtist @thomasjvincent @miafilms @steveslater1987 @RoseCButler Thank you… @ElleOsiliWood @AntoniaOsili @eo_trece @genevieveocno Holy shit. You're all gorgeous 😍
@edfear Hah great question 😁 I'll be there.
This is a teacher doing great work 👇🏾 @drewtmoffatt Wow. A hat trick of crotch entrances. together Twitter list that is non-binary creatives working in fantasy and science fiction. Writers, artists…
Retweeted by Chella Ramanan 🍒🇬🇩 @r_demiranda Ikr. It's the best 😁 @r_demiranda You are very good at words. Take heart in that 💜 @sarahlongthorne I would like to see please 🙏🏾
Yup. Looks like I'm watching all 5 seasons again the 99 gif replies. Thank you💜 some meh news today, so falling into the arms of S1 E1 of Brooklyn 99. The best tonic @CashDeCuir @NerdPirates Great news Cash. Congratulations!! @CashDeCuir Don't stop! @LoveAndShalom Dark skinned black women over the 35 doing things other than being grieving mothers. @CashDeCuir forward to being part of this panel @futurefest @costgarduk That's still a choice, in a world that shows bias every second of the day. As is sharing the prize. @Kanaratron @SamuelPartridge Going into Tuesday like... Black woman to win the Booker Prize for literature has to share it with a white woman 🤔 Um okay... And then h… @JennRavenna What exactly do they think has changed "now" to make it better then yesterday?
@Kanaratron is a free beach? All beaches should be free. @GrlpantsGR Pattinson and Kravitz! Yass! They better do catwoman right. They've been fucking that up ever since Mic… was beautiful, but devastating. I can't do these films anymore. It's too raw. I'm all about the Coogler/Jordan partnership though. @GaryJKings It's beautiful. I've been putting it off because trauma.Only black directors cast Octavia Spencer right.'s film is Fruitvale Station. Yeesh. Michael B Jordan is heartbreaking in this. Love the pacing. @soundswilde @AngelosLH Ikr. Watching on a loop is the only way.Best thing I've seen all day. Sound required! @ElleOsiliWood They're not recorded but DMing. @miss_s_b Thank you for noticing that 💜 Yup. I also hate basically reading what's on the slides without offering anything extra.Kind words about the Blade talk I did on Friday 🤗 #WidescreenWeekend @miss_s_b Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it. I was the only intro person with slides and felt like a massive n… @SorceressOfFilm @SamiraAhmedUK @RogerHighfield @WidescreenWknd @mediamuseum @SoundLabArtist @SorceressOfFilm @SamiraAhmedUK @RogerHighfield @WidescreenWknd @mediamuseum @SoundLabArtist So much to see. Loved… @nachimir @VictorOjuel Omg. That's even worse. Queue merge. @SamiraAhmedUK @RogerHighfield @SorceressOfFilm @WidescreenWknd @mediamuseum I saw your Love Me Or Leave Me intro.… @VictorOjuel Yeah, basically 50% of bags were pulled. It was a nightmare :/ @RogerHighfield @WidescreenWknd @mediamuseum @SamiraAhmedUK @SorceressOfFilm Thanks for having me. Had a really gre… @SamiraAhmedUK @RogerHighfield @SorceressOfFilm @WidescreenWknd @mediamuseum So sad I missed this!! I was introing… @GrlpantsGR Yup. End. Move along people.
Over the days of travel I've been watching Snowpiercer. This is a weird ass film. It looks great, but there are so… @GrlpantsGR Good luck! @derElbi @clelba_star That's good to know 👍🏾Over the days of travel I've been watching Snowpiercer. This is a weird ass film. It looks great, but there are so… @DiegoATLAW On a plane. 3 trains to get here and an hour through security. All good though. @darbotron Hah ha. Amazing! The panic on the first bite. And no cutlery! I haven't had beans since I got to Sweden. @chris_goodyear Urgh. And everyone is still way cheerier! Good views though. @s3rioussam Hah ha. It's tough being a gater with all these clothes being rendered willy nilly without a care. Manchester airport security is mayhem. The staff are efficient as possible in a space that's too small. Can we… @realarvo Nope. 30mins on one.Today's journey involves 4 trains and a plane. 3 trains to get from Bradford to Manchester airport. appreciate people who smell good on public transport. Perfumed angels brightening our days @GaryJKings Oh ffs. I'm not going down this rabbit hole. Taking a term out of context to make you feel it applies t… @WriterNewcombe @magpies_pod Wow. His ig is amazing 😯 @s3rioussam Dead or Alive is on there. I mean I've lost touch with the series but... @AmeliaLKD "Put on some deodorant and slay for days!" is my new mantra @ducklingsmith Ah. I didn't know it's only in one place. Ref. Murder on the Orient Express - the film was okay, bu…
@ducklingsmith @WidescreenWknd What's the worst thing? You're gonna have to spell this outAll set for last film of my @WidescreenWknd Couldn't resist Pulp Fiction on film. was awesome. But I think Mahershala has the cheekbones to pull it off. Perfect successor. next film is Murder on the Orient Express. Also on celluloid. Getting a G&T for this one. @WidescreenWknd @barefootmatthew That makes sense. to see Doris Day in Love Me or Leave Me @WidescreenWknd Don't think I've seen it. Excited to see it in 35m…