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Original and insightful, but never simultaneously.

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Which city is this? Important clue there. @chennaikaran From right to left, because of the pronunciation of the windows are on the left side. The windows get…
Retweeted by Raj @npueu Russian?The problem with me is that when I make a good tweet I privately believe that I should be able to take the rest of the day off.
Retweeted by RajA very truthful map on medieval electricity consumption.
Retweeted by RajThis is not his final form yet!
Retweeted by RajHoly shit the boomer’s Union is clapping back.
Retweeted by Raj“...up to 20 per cent of bushland should be burned annually.” to reduce fuel load.
If we grow more comfortable interacting intimately to our devices, what happens to our human marriages and friendsh…
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Retweeted by Raj👇 BRICS still a thing? @akilan27 Ha, ok.The horse I bet on was so slow, the jockey kept a diary of the trip. — Henny Youngman | | #relax
Retweeted by Raj👇Inspiring. video linked to in this story. footage a few seconds before a 'moving' train hit a 'stationary' one. Which one was moving?👇 fell asleep at the beach and woke up with a hideous tan line.
Retweeted by RajIndia is doomed. Only matter of academic interest is which type of doom will get to us first. @chennaikaran Left to right because people will unconsciously take pics of moving train from that angle only. Forget blur and all
Retweeted by RajAsked a rival dad’s wife if she needed any jars opened before I left.
Retweeted by RajMillenials, centenials.. is there a name for kids born after 2010, 2015... Ma, can you please like or retweet my #ArabTwitter post? #ArabMom: Habibti, I am so busy all the time, no time…
Retweeted by RajThere’s a directory for mobile phone numbers? @Keefarqpaindha Each one of us draws a line at different points. Can’t apply one logic.Can you see the Earth rotating? : I’ve prescribed heparin for your clogged arteries. No patient: No, thanks Doc. I’m vegetarian.Heparin is sourced from the intestinal lining of slaughtered pigs. and murphy work as a team to find lost hooman (max.and.murph IG/FB)
Retweeted by RajDid you tell her about the 12,000 sq ft home you sold in ‘13 that featured 10 bathrooms and a pool/tennis courts. O…
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Japinder’s daughter loves asking questions that are tailor-made for his LinkedIn network 🙄 #MadeUpKidMonday
Retweeted by RajA woman had two chickens. One got sick, so she made chicken soup out of the other one to help the sick one get well…
Retweeted by RajHold the pose.
Retweeted by Raj @MooseAllain My daughter was trapped in a lift between floors with friends once. The firemen eventually prized the…
Retweeted by Raj @chennaikaran Nowhere. It has been perfectly still for the past 1 hour I have been staring at it.
Retweeted by RajBest learning is when you fail 15% of the time.
Retweeted by RajWhat did @capt_amarinder and @ImranKhanPTI talk about the short bus ride together in Kartarpur.. Here's a glimpse
Retweeted by RajTowards the BJP.
Retweeted by RajTowards #Mastodon I think.
Retweeted by Raj @chennaikaran It’s not moving. The picture only represents that moment of time. So in the picture the time stopped…
Retweeted by Raj @SilverDragon017 @chennaikaran @sandygrains Check the image attached. The focus was on bike. Bike and camera was mo…
Retweeted by Raj @chennaikaran The right end is faster...must be the engine end of the train. The left end is slow and approaching t…
Retweeted by RajThermal resistance of clothing is measured using the units of Tog or Clo. Tog being named after a slang term for cl…
Retweeted by Raj @marinamaral2 He was always a colorful person! @LekhakAnurag @SilverDragon017 @sandygrains How do you know the direction of blur? @darshanvmehta1 Did you shoot this pic?Do you apply the laws of Physics (visual Doppler effect, angular velocity), photography principles (blurr, angle),… this illusion of train reversing its direction? @harry_vish Why?Which direction is the train moving? Any guesses?
Retweeted by Raj"Unprecedented" is a word that we are hearing a lot. " rents go up or down. @EcoSenseNow Related: Did 11000 scientists endorse the paper that claimed climate emergency? can’t remember seeing, in recent times, any flight stewards/stewardesses with glasses. Is there a rule they shouldn’t use them?This too. had one job!
Retweeted by RajIf they have disposal issues with the money, I can help.
Is this an advertisement for a tranquil resort or is it some apocalyptic “sea-level is rising” message? all the dice play God. in-depth analysis of the preposterous claim that there is a “climate emergency” or that climate change is…
Retweeted by RajThis is content.
Retweeted by RajBefore and After
Retweeted by RajGreat to see Shakespears Sister back on the scene!
Retweeted by RajToday while cleaning the house, the expensive flower vase fell from my wife’s hand and broke. So after an hour of…
Retweeted by RajAs an editor, I love this :)
Retweeted by RajSomeone needs a stiff talking to about hyphens
Retweeted by RajRT if you can hear the DD jingle.
Retweeted by RajOn her side Greta has the UN, major governments, universities, Hollywood stars, politicians, NGOs, George Soros, al…
Retweeted by Raj#OTD in 1925 my fellow Welshman Richard Burton was born. For those that aren't familiar with his golden voice, her…
Retweeted by RajWhat a preposterous rule. @vipareetabuddhi You mean...👇🏾 not complete till they test out 3-day work week,.... @prabhuferrari Morning to you too, Rajini.👇 great example of technology impacting and improving life. Very happy to hear about how Robotic exoskeletons…
Retweeted by Raj @ndcnn Wonder how many GB of RAM will be required to design such a huge statue.There’s a MLK in each one of us, bursting to come out. But, seriously, this is impressive. Asana, anyone? Will it be different? @Raaga_Suresh More than the solution, I admire the ingenuity of puzzle-setting. If I asked you to express 9/5 in as…
Incredible.👇 the EV adoption estimates are off by >50% just two years out, something is wrong. Also, what kind of assumptio…
Retweeted by Rajpeople don’t understand just how much a billion dollars is. if you made $10/hour and worked for one hundred hours,…
Retweeted by Rajdo you reckon the guy who just put a stack of self help books out w the garbage is doing it bc the books did their job or bc they didn't
Retweeted by Raj @EricTopol @oziadias @NatureMedicine A simple check-list would have helped in this example.Drone Animation in #China feels like Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell Via @evankirstel #Drones
Retweeted by RajIndia’s health minister’s contribution has been advising Delhi residents to protect themselves by eating carrots
Retweeted by RajAir Traffic Kev’s girlfriend asked him to name all the women he’s ever slept with. He probably should have stopped when he got to her name.
Retweeted by RajMane, Saban about to be in the locker room like.... 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Raj @ainvvy :) @Raaga_Suresh Every puzzle need not be hard.Try this. want to be cynical but then you watch Audrey Hepburn's Screentest
Retweeted by RajSource: incredible. @realscientists But why kittens?