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Cherie Hu @cheriehu42 Brooklyn, NY

I run the @water_and_music newsletter on music, business & tech ✨ words in many places ✨ writing a book on artists & startups ✨ she/her ✨ Black lives matter

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@ChristenLien @TJenkinsAL @geminitoofly aw thanks so much to you both!! thankfully Olivia and I are already set :)New essay: How Apple Music Fell Behind Apple was the company that revolutionized digital streaming. It was ahead o…
Retweeted by Cherie Hu @mfmusic @TrapitalMedia Thank you so much!!Finding unsigned artists and getting them their first good check which could prevent them from signing a bad deal b…
Retweeted by Cherie HuAlso, many media/content startups can probably make 0.01x the funding of Quibi last 5x the lifespan of Quibi. Just…’s maybe insensitive to make fun of Quibi when many ppl lost their jobs; less wrong to decry the fact that $2 BIL… I say it or did I say it?
Even with $2B in funding, Quibi could not survive more than six months. As @cheriehu42 wrote in May, Quibi's journ…
Retweeted by Cherie Hufeel like celebrities treated Quibi the way writers do airline/luxury magazines: fat check AND no one will ever not…
Retweeted by Cherie Huanyone here an expert at creating custom Discord bots??? especially for tasks like event RSVPS, feedback/applicatio… @treyals @thehundreds yesssssssI ended up going to bed before AOC even finished streaming and she went on for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. The i was killed by @AOC in among us within the first five minutes.
Retweeted by Cherie Hu😱😱😱 you’re winning:
Retweeted by Cherie HuAlso shoutout @mxmtoon the special musical guest in this game!AOC says vote early on Among Us AND in real life 🙏🙏🙏
Retweeted by Cherie HuAOC and Toast what a pairing :D :Dfor 👏 the 👏 culture 👏
Retweeted by Cherie HuVery pleased to make my @water_and_music debut with a story about how indie labels are navigating viral TikTok succ…
Retweeted by Cherie Hu(1/2) 🤍 today is the launch of our WOOFA JOOFA JUICE CLUB : an in-browser online rpg (mobile doesn't work yet sry!)…
Retweeted by Cherie HuShared equity institutions/albums/publications: Jazz ensemble co-ordinates so that everyone gets a solo supported h…
Retweeted by Cherie Hu @pennyfractions !!!!! the literal opposite of taking a risk lolFriendly reminder that if you’re a Black journalist, editor, or content creator interested in creating a digital pu…
Retweeted by Cherie Hu @brnkwrth @eli_enis @water_and_music 🤩 Thank you so much Matt!! So happy you were able to be a part of this piece tooSo excited to share the latest @water_and_music article from @eli_enis, which dives into an underrated perspective… @adreadpirate oh wow that makes sense but the lag is so ironic in this case — ty for sharing!! @dariusjagjag @TurntableReport @jennpelly @missbarton @laurasnapes @lizpelly Wow thank you so much Darius! :)announcing TikTok startup pitch: duet this video pitching your startup 👉
Retweeted by Cherie Huthis short post is the ONE exception, but their example is just one small label/catalog so you can't generalize it… how literally no article published in the past year about something along the lines of "how TikTok pays/suppor…
Every #1 debut on Hot 100 this year in their first 8 weeks
Retweeted by Cherie Hu @HendoSlice good point re: the licensing... I guess I'm thinking of who owns the production as well as the fan data… @daityamgmt Category 2 -> live communication experiences with fans (e.g. album release parties, VIP meet-and-greets… @daityamgmt (e.g. for Billie Eilish's paid livestream this weekend — I presume her label would want a cut of that r… @daityamgmt so I kind of put virtual music experiences into two categories: - properly produced concerts — which ne… just announced a free 24-hour music video channel, with exclusive premieres every Friday at 12pm ET.…
Retweeted by Cherie Huhalf baked prediction: the rise of virtual and in-game concerts will lead to the resurgence of 360º label dealsKevin Richardson, a member of the Exonerated Five, will be the recipient of the first honorary undergraduate degree…
Retweeted by Cherie Huspent today going through >60 applications for @water_and_music columnists from so many talented writers and people…
For anyone seeking some in-the-weeds industry reading this weekend... The latest @water_and_music article goes into…
expect many more music producers to join the NFT world and experiment with crypto in a tangible way in the near fut… @WALASIA @DJmag Thank you! :)Print preview of my first music x gaming column @DJmag! 🎮 @JKirkwoodly yes I just came across this today!! thank you @elite_gz suuuuper interesting in terms of the connection between playlists/tags responding to subcultures vs the o… @keyinfluencer Yep should be available in the next week or so! @marcuskdowling Thank you Marcus!! :) @esqfowlkes Thanks so much Karl!! 🙏Almost 250 people joined our (+@RuncieDan) webinar on big tech music strategies today!!! Including my mom!!!!!! Th…
@averyhpierce Oh I somehow missed this, thank you!dear music twitter, I have a n00b question... is "hyperpop" a term that is genuinely supported and used by, and ori… @kaitlinmaud Lol I'm so glad this resonated with you!! :) @danideahl @verge Yea it’s interesting how little has changed in this area since your first piece!! Of course there… at 5pm ET, @RuncieDan and I will be hosting a FREE webinar about music strategies at big-tech companies, incl… @codybrown Thanks Cody!!! @3LAU @SuperRare_co @Blockparty @niftygateway Thank you so much!!I spoke with @3LAU about how he's applying drop culture to digital music, selling $78K worth of rare art on… @RobertBLevine_ @water_and_music @TylerH Yepyep the piece addresses the lack of an international legal standard on this front!
@satumma @taxxess @water_and_music @TylerH Yeah this is crucial: if an A.I. music creation tool is just that — a to… @choi_clint @water_and_music @TylerH never thought to compare it to video games but that actually makes a lot of sense!! @taxxess @water_and_music @TylerH Also a main point of the article is that because there's no legal standard across… @taxxess @water_and_music @TylerH Different platforms take different approaches. For example: Google Magenta does n… you use A.I. to generate a new song with the mere push of a button, who owns that song? To my surprise, it's o… @kuklinskiii @RJBee_2 Yes hence developing + connecting! @_davidturner_ Oops lol. But this piece should already be out there!!! @RJBee_2 New — assume they are releasing their first ever single tomorrowAre there any good articles/writeups about how people are approaching artist development *right now*? Like how shou…’ve been thinking about this tweet a lot lately and really do think this is gonna be a *huge* problem as the world…
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@mgoldenbarnes Aw thank you Marcus!! 😊 @stuartdredge I wish....What is your personal maximum threshold for number of Zooms per day?
I did a fun interview with the Compound Writing community a few weeks back, and this is a great thread summarizing… friends at @water_and_music are looking for 2 new weekly columnists to expand their cutting edge coverage & ana…
Retweeted by Cherie HuEditors who still have a commissioning budget: I've run a group for (mainly UK) culture writers since 2014 & I want…
Retweeted by Cherie HuThe viral TikTok music of this era will someday be an oldies radio station that plays by default whenever Gen Z get…
Retweeted by Cherie Hufor all the excitement about technological innovation in the music industry it's unfortunate to the point of comica… 1000th time this has happened to me: I follow only one artist named UMI on @Spotify (@whoisumi), but the servic…
It would have meant a lot to me as a kid in the eighties to know Eddie Van Halen was half-Asian. And Southeast Asi…
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Next Thursday 10/15, I'm co-hosting a webinar with @cheriehu42! Can't wait. We're breaking down the music strategi…
Retweeted by Cherie HuThis is the energy the music industry needs
Super excited to be co-hosting a conversation next week with @RuncieDan that will put a microscope to music and big… didn't realize God is Chinese
Retweeted by Cherie HuIT’S STILL THEREThere’s a fly on his head!!!!!!!!!!!!Pence’s stance on climate: Taxes @mattmedved The only way to stay sane through all this“There was a time when our country believed in science” oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesPence just told Harris “stop playing politics with people’s lives” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPence saying they have "always" told the American people the truth is just a whopper of a lie.
Retweeted by Cherie HuKamala’s face right now is my face at 2020.
I tried my best @MicahSingleton super interesting model and you have a new subscriber — congrats Micah! @gabeAppleton thank you and yes please do!eventually, there will be a Water & Music website. in the meantime I wrote a lil one-pager with some more backgroun…
Just published Pt 1 of a two-part mega-analysis for @water_and_music about the multiple forms that music media cons…
Retweeted by Cherie Hu @TM_Brown @water_and_music Wow thank you so much!!! :) @tonicaudiolabs @water_and_music Penske bought it back last year