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Nonprofits, etc. Part-time pirate. "I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness." -- EB White

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@benjamin_oc Look, man, it's 2020. I am done assuming anything. @benjamin_oc I thought you were simply demonstrating your delicate sensibilities.
Honestly, I cannot even begin to estimate how many times this has happened to me since 2016.What's the difference between undocumented immigrants and Donald Trump? Undocumented immigrants pay taxes. #TrumpTaxes #TrumpTaxReturns
Retweeted by Cherie the MainerThat feeling when you think of a funny thing and you say "Ha ha! I should tell Twitter" so you log on and you see S… watching ranked choice vote opponents pass around memes giving voting instructions to make sure they "don't get…
I think Amy Coney Barrett should be able to have control over her body and live exactly the life that gives her mea…
Retweeted by Cherie the MainerA bit embarrassed it took me 50 #covid19 illustrations to come up with this one. Gotta love our #Maine motto!…
Retweeted by Cherie the MainerLindy West said it best: the wealthy and connected will always be able to (and always will) access safe abortions.…
"Sit down, kids, and let me tell you the story about the year that Florida became FLORIDA..." I the only one who remembers the 2000 election? It took week. WEEKS. There is recent precedence for slow returns… op-ed by @SenAngusKing should be spread far and wide. We might not know the results on Election Night, and tha…
Retweeted by Cherie the Mainer @jclmorgan @robglover2009 Accurate. And why I cannot spend too much time in either. @doryashore I doubt it.
@dashbeckydash I love her. My girl would not do that, but she is the queen of the "this thing is nonsensical and in… @WaltzInExile I think what I love best about my girl's attitude is she's kind of naturally oblivious. It's not cons… forcing myself to sign out of Twitter every day: "There is nothing good in here for you." US Covid-19 mortality rate has finally broken under 3%, which was the original WHO mortality rate estimate back…
Retweeted by Cherie the Mainer @samprout1 During the #MeToo height, a lot of Gen Z women kept responding "You put up with WHAT?!" and it gave me s… daughter expressed an opinion in class only to have it repeated a few minutes later by a boy. She hollered out "… sounded like an excuse because it was, in fact, an excuse. (Comments downthread suggest that he benefited from s… @doryashore Eons ago I interviewed for a job in Sanford and--hand to heart--they said to me "Just because you work… miss art galleries and museums. an art break, Twitter. You deserve it.
Does anyone in Kentucky ever wonder what life would be like if McConnell gave their needs such steadfast focus, devotion, and verve?
Here's how much I have grown since 2016: I now know that any move by Collins to oppose a new justice is simply beca… to see here, just the President of the United States abusing the power of the office to control private bus…
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@dburgessmdi @rosieglow2010 That was also my thought. I have to stand on the front porch if I want an almost-guaran…
Deleted my original RT because I had more to say: this is 100% true, EXCEPT I'd say we've managed to make the gaps… all the other complaints, the biggest actual remote learning issue is that I work until 5 and my kids are d… @engelberger_amy Oh, she was, no doubt. I was laughing at myself, mostly. @doryashore I just got a visual of you huddled under twinkly fairy lights gnawing on an elk haunch. No, no. Don't correct me.Can confirm. Also teas that make you happy and vitamin D. lot of very nice people are telling me to take the hotspot. I probably won't due to logistics, but mostly this tw… @rosieglow2010 We are supposed to only have one more week of remote, so it doesn't really seem worth the bother. Mo… @kldavid I've got two kids and we seem to be okay as long as I don't have an overlapping work meeting. Five would d… day my kids will write a "Coat of Many Colors"-type song about being mocked for having to turn their video off.… my kids teachers just asked if we need to borrow a school hotspot because of freezing issues and I'm feeling od… @mimismartypants I actually feel like this wouldn't be a bad place to wait out the end times.*offer not available in blue states
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@gabzoots Too over everything to even enunciate seems right in line with 90s trends and mindset. @Catriona_Rae "Sir, I'm going to ask that you not judge me at this particular point in our world's history." @agirlandaboy Don't be coming at him with that kind of negativity. @rambleginger I know that logically the only way to bring caring back into our culture is to do it myself and try t… listened to a speech by a young person that was supposed to be inspiring but instead just made me sad that we… @messierobject44 There are multiple problems with Labor Day. 1) Acknowledging its actual history and purpose is no… September need a better holiday so people stop trying to make it October? "Find-your-sweaters-een" or somethin… went through this last year: September is not spooky. Stop trying to make September spooky. You just look ridiculous.Me to the neighbor who already has Halloween decorations out:
100%. I would not discount the GOP romanticization of the late 1950s and early 60s, either. sterilization is a horrifying human rights violation historically linked to white supremacy and genocide. I…
Retweeted by Cherie the MainerThis seems fine. @MegglesP Poor buddy. My kiddos definitely got them more at that age than they do now...when they are actually grow…
@gabzoots Ultimately, we're all just rats in a maze. At least we don't have the creepy tails? @Swistle I have an email half written in my head already. You just let me know if you need it. @gabzoots I should follow this up by saying: even if I got the exact neuro-explanation wrong, there is a definitely… @gabzoots I may mangle the science here because I'm too lazy to doublecheck, but I *believe* seeing new messages/no… @grace134 You do have a gift, especially for someone who appears to be relatively calm and non-drama-seeking on the internet.In today's episode of "This Timeline is Weird," our heroine must interrupt her workday multiple times to help her f… @grace134 I don't love that this keeps happening to you but I do enjoy how you seem to attract work crazy wherever… day I assign some individual small household chore to my children. I couldn't think of one today for my son,…
@gabzoots It's okay. I laugh about it, too. The list of things I have killed that others consider bomb-proof: cacti… @gabzoots Growing things. I joke about it and I keep trying, but truly. I have no instinct for it at all and even w… @CelesteLipp I adore her always and forever.Mine would be 70% Patty Griffin lyrics, 20% EB White quotes, and 5% randomized, capitalized screeching.
Update: brother-in-law on the ground in California, not yet active as his group tries to acclimate. Going from sea…
Here's a fun thing I'm sure parents around the country are experiencing: one of my children displays challenging be… it makes you very, very angry as well, you can donate to pay off these insane fees here: brings forth the fury in me. @JamesxMyall Were they measuring the success of some sort of tourism campaign? Those are some pretty good across-the-board increases. @grumpymartian Look, I'm not saying what you're going through is worth it for the wildlife watching opportunities,… @grace134 $10 says he has completely misunderstood what is actually happening in that classroom, too. @grace134 It's fair to have concerns about this structure. But as soon as you pull the "half the year off" card you… there is a god, this is their work being done. @melissa_schober So far I've had to run tech support every day. I'm very worried about families without this abilit… @Heidibobeidi Finally put that together after homeroom. Thankfully we have one set of wireless headphones in our ho… would be no Muslim Ban today if not for the choices made then. Hard to imagine a more complete erasure of his…
Retweeted by Cherie the Mainer @messierobject44 Their first PE class was a scavenger hunt so they had to run around the house. I personally would… 4 of remote learning and the boy's headphone jack has gone. So now our options are to listen to his classes whi…
America, we are so lost. We are lost on more levels than I can even comprehend. northern New England energy here
Retweeted by Cherie the Mainer @jonniker Sweet Sunny. She absolutely knew she was loved. Thank you for sharing her with us all these years.Lethal white boys get to be boys forever.
Retweeted by Cherie the Mainer @grumpymartian Thinking about you. How are you holding up? @rambleginger Actually, for media literacy it's entirely possible he was on it to find examples. I'd say keep an ey… @trailnorth Always.True story: my very first Twitter avatar was Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, back when I was scared of being even vaguely…*kicks 2020 right in the balls* @plathitude Lordy, the snob bit. When I was in sixth grade we moved back to Maine and the teacher asked where we'd… also makes me regret all the times I've been offended when people tell me they initially found me snobbish, off-… daughter has inherited my natural reserve and so far in this 30 minute online class she has done nothing but sta… @Catriona_Rae OMG. 6,000 makes me hyperventilate a little bit.Him: "I'll show her how it feels to be left out of puzzle-doing!" Me: "I don't think this is going to go the way you think it is..."There are currently two 1,000 piece puzzles happening in my house: one on the coffee table that my daughter won't l…
This is absolutely bananas.
So inspiring to read. More of this in more places, please. @grumpymartian Ugh, ugh, ugh. Thinking of all of you out west.*points at this thread* @TiffanyBond @mikeshepherdME I still collect bacon grease and sometimes leave it on the stove. I once made an old m… @TiffanyBond @mikeshepherdME Exactly, yes. Sugar is also kept in the fridge because of ants. Florida: if the heat d…