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Televisa presenta... ♒️☀️♓️🌙♏️⬆️🇵🇷 *she/her but YOU may call me princesa* Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Also I watch too much TV.

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in case y'all want a source on the Ventura County government budget (the sheriff is conducting the 'search' for Nay… I can't believe they really were like oh wow we've searched for 6 whole hours gosh k bye see y'all in the AM l… exactly did they suspend the search for Naya Rivera, though? Because it GOT DARK? Was there no room in Ventura… @bjday4 probably a licensing and branding management deal thru the sports division is now live and there will be an update on Friday 7/10
Retweeted by cherriI’m so glad her son was found safe and I’m hoping she was found by another boat and is being cared for. I don’t wan… @mimamsic Thank you, I’m still learning how to read my chart so i panicked for a moment lol @mimamsic If i have libra in my 12th house and nothing in my 6th does that mean i basically cannot be fixed?And say things like “i was very mature as a teenager & thought i was dealing with the same” and “I’m sorry for trea… you for this. It resonated and really makes sense for my situation. I so appreciate u, as always. You have a… @SilverSwan111 I claim it, i receive it, and i thank you 💜✨ @MaiteOficial 😂😂😂 @MoonbaeGoddess Should i reach out to her one last time or leave it alone permanently @YoungJazzyHo Check out “always a bridesmaid” on Netflix, she starred in it @EvaMcGreggor @AHWAmySedaris TBHTHEY ARE DETAINING PEOPLE WHO WERE LOOKING FOR ASYLUM IN FACILITIES RAMPANT WITH COVID. THIS IS AMERICA.…
Retweeted by cherri @ReignOfApril The problem is, we’d be looking for justice to be served from a system we already established is unju… @thejournalista Kari desperately needs to learn how to proofread her own shit before coming for anyone else’s writi… you don’t rt, you’ll be broke by next month
Retweeted by cherriSay hello to the new Batwoman! @CWBatwoman
Retweeted by cherriAmy’s got competition tonight! Chris Linnseed (the wonderful @paulwdowns) is Mindfeast. Are you prepared?…
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@ponchohd 😂💜💕😭🥰😉 eh...i guess lol @SJ_Galvez Social media/digital marketing manager from NYC here - please let me know if there’s anything i can be of assistance with! @thalia 😂😂devante, pac, larenz and bumper without hesitation"Please scream inside your heart" basically sums up 2020
Retweeted by cherri @CallEtter @riicearonii @prince_bronx @TheBaddestMitch Practically none of those photos were taken when those women… for the time my sister Facebook messaged me and began with “as u know, grandma is in a coma“ I very much di… is nothing that irritates my soul more than being told a family member is dying via text message @chanceeee__ YesI want to be loved loudly. deeply. purely. genuinely.
Retweeted by cherri @LeeBruh_Greene fine @lexee4_ i'm so grateful for the clarity this mercury retrograde has provided me. on so many levels, in so many ways. th… @lexee4_ she's a piece of shit but i was referring to someone else @lexee4_ no.i just had a very intense manifestation session btw. my soul is at peace because i know how life is going to go in the near of those "the show villain"/"the real villain" tweets just came across my TL and...accurate but you're missing… @LeeBruh_Greene i'm just saying...issa party @LeeBruh_Greene i know why @Marcy_Singer You after reading your replies:🚨Attention @TelevisionAcad voters!!🚨Reminder to please vote Season 3 of @AHWAmySedaris for Outstanding Variety Sket…
Retweeted by cherri @wholiloleme Nor do i. But it’s also just the fact that none of us are privy to her actual records - so at this poi… @wholiloleme I think what fans are hoping for is that there will be enough of a public backlash that will require h… @TEYANATAYLOR Love u for this. Well not just for *this* but yeah 💜
@TastefullyNasty Interesting @TastefullyNasty Is it all comments or like the retweeted with comment jawns? Because i feel like those weren’t cou… thread. All of it. your voice heard! #VOTE ✔️ via @RockTheVote
Retweeted by cherriRepeat after me: I already have everything within me to become the person I want to become. Nobody and nothing ca…
Retweeted by cherriwelp. @CashApp #cashappbellionaire $youlovecherri @KirkWrites79 Congratulations!5:25am. Watching the painted babies sequel on YouTube I have a conference call at 10am What is sleepso exactly the same thing he did when he announced he was running years ago at the VMAs, then. there is literally an Anahí gif for EVERY mood. just used my email address to sign up on a sugar baby website and...thanks? @DancesWithTamis that concept would explain so much @Xlomotion69 😂😂 I’m ready! I think. @Xlomotion69 I’m not watching it yet but i saw the preview for her new series on Netflix that comes out next week l…
well this took a turn gotta do two (possibly three) for all of my first names but this first one is pretty legit @netflix @TeeJ_Mac the prices on diapers and formula on this show are what made me rethink having kids @pinkremains @LeeBruh_Greene this is insanely beautiful and i, in the lowest of keys, want to commission one from… @gangstaGURRY Anytime love. @gangstaGURRY Do u need to talk? @WERUNAPOL0GETIC Everyone needs and deserves a break. Please don’t be so hard on yourself.Although idk if I’m ready for maite in love scenes 😂 want to watch NOW 😂💕 @groundedessence it's my pleasure! @groundedessence I appreciate u too, and am so excited for your site launch!!y'all...the agate. THE AGATE!! sooo pretty and also might be useful since everything is in retrograde and the world… M. Martin isn't out here tweeting fucked up transphobic shit because she's too busy being queer and fostering h…
Retweeted by cherri @Marcy_Singer He once pissed his pants at the sight of his own mother so...yes @MissyElliott i'm so tired of keeping the faith and getting slapped down by life's exhausting. imma keep trying though @pulte i'd like to be a recipient of such a giveaway moment loltracking my order so i know when i need to get up and put clothing on so i don't scare the shit out of the deliverypersonu know what...lemme delete that before the stans come for me. even though it's absolutely 1000% true
@danielleisback_ ...23. lordJust Beyoncé ejercicio de hoy fue la máquina elíptica mientras veía RBD hecho en España: 45 minutos y ~ 300kcal. ¡comienza l… @OctoberGenius @MichellCClark more like Jollof rice-a-roni, with a glass of Fresca on the side @DancesWithTamis I mean...the gas i pass would probably kill whoever’s shoulders i was sitting on before COVID had… @jemelehill beyonce is as italian as i am thincan y'all just block JKKKRowling already? @_danizuko basically!!! @JustChefMack 💜💜💜 Whitney in heaven right now watching this: @JanetJackson I wish i believed this harder @pulte Notification squad!I’m going to give $1,000 tonight to someone random who retweets this tweet by 8pm (must be following me so I can dm you if you win)
Retweeted by cherria cyanide margarita ma’am! Un-break this country and whatnot! only candidate for president named Kanye West in the FEC database for 2020 at the moment is a Green Party candi…
Retweeted by cherriDon’t be shy... Enter to win! Shipping is free in the US, international people please join! I only ask you cover sh…
Retweeted by cherri @pulte Liked! @pulte Hoping you finally see me and that i might win - i could so use that. Notifications have been on forever
@IrongirlNadia @JLabAudio Turkey hot dogs 😋JULY GIVEAWAY: for a chance to win 1 of 10 BT earbuds with 20hr battery life, 1) follow @IrongirlNadia @JLabAudio,…
Retweeted by cherri2:22 💫 The right relationships are finding you. Stay open.
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