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You aren’t paying an artist for how long it takes to complete a project, you pay them for the finished product. If…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @_Flynnski I love these glasses so muchSomething about this set reminds me of the bright colors of the reef, brimming full of fish and wildlife. Maybe I'm…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿"Oh Sophie, your hair is just like starlight." #ghibliredraw
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Police fire tear gas into a peaceful protest of George Floyd’s murder but stood like the goddamn Queen’s Guard when…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Shooting stars *:・゚✧✨ #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿I don't remember seeing tear gas when the lockdown protesters came to govt buildings with rifles and shoving cops a…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @daniellesylvan Coven is my favorite season. I loved Hotel too but could not get through Roanoke and, obviously, Cu… @skeletongyaru @ThatCmonster @hellosarahjean this is targeted harassment and I am blocking all of u
The most underrated Disney princess
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿I have been using photoshop for like 15 years and at this point I have just accepted I will never remember that lay… @ThatCmonster @skeletongyaru also @lurnings pls help I am being bullied here on twitter dot com please come collect ur bbeg @ThatCmonster @skeletongyaru caitlin has a request for u and u onlyI get a lot of emails asking about commissions that I have to turn down, as I'm just too busy with my regular work.… wallpapers and a few other things on Patreon~ I will probably be able to start mailers up again for my $10+… not a real artist until you paint like the old masters. do you sit naked in a cave fingerpainting horses on t…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @ProZD @2K omg what this is awesome and I'm stealing all of itLmao my friend just asked if I want to watch buffy with her help me I'm being consumed by vampiresA midsummer's dream.
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Tried watching AHS: Cult last night and could barely get through two episodes. I think maybe it'd have been more be… @GraceKraft I had the pirate/treasure themed one and I was obsessed with it omg✨🌿🌱☘️✨
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿late night animal crossing doodles 🍎🍐🍊🍒🍑 spring is here and I wish I could go out and enjoy it with dear friends 💔…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Peaceful island life ✨
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿
I just can’t smile back anymore
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @bunnydanshi Yeah exactly, people on this site have worms in their brains I stg @JennRavenna People don't understand that adults are allowed to like... buy nice things for themselves. It boggles… need a new couch and this bullshit just makes me want to get one even harder LMFAO @albinwonderland No if you spend any money at all to get a new couch or something you are officially the 1% and you… @Shattered_Earth these people need to stop fucking boasting their WEALTH on twitter dot com. only billionaires can… @lurnings @MattieVvv Lmfao "how dare you spend money you earned to decorate your home"People on this website really think if you put time and effort into decorating your home in a pleasing way you’re s… @lurnings UWU IF YOU HAVE INTERIOR DESIGN SKILLS UR A PIECE OF SHIT UWUWUWUW I wish 98% of the people on on this we… makes me sad that people think “eat the rich” means “attack an artist who works their ass off and decorates thei…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @clammyheart Lmfao these people. Ignore and block. They’re literally either stupid or just jealous that they don’t… development art by Aurélien Predal for Moominvalley (2019–), dir. Steve Box, Gutsy Animations
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @lurnings I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of my outfit for twinning purposes I’m the worst"THE ARTIST'S HOUSE" ft. Joanne Fleming Design.
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿How come only the villagers I love ask to leave. No, Julian, you're never leaving this island. @LargeTransBitch LMAO @PuccaNoodles WOW IM SORRY PPL ARE THE WAY THEY ARE wthAlso reminder, because I see people saying "these trump states," Maryland is a very blue state. :')Lmao as someone who grew up going here, this literally does not even surprise me. classic ocean city D&D character has devolved into a druid who actually has no idea how to deal with animals at all. she tried to f…
As a death historian, I feel like I'm going *mad* watching the United States stumble through a mass death event, pu…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Kyoto 6pm 💖
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿A good thread.
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @3cmit Omg a hahah this is kind of precious but yeah they’re for adults or at least teenagers 😭😂also every day I become more and more convinced that nobody on this site actually knows what a pedophile is, despit… @3cmit Yeah it’s fucking disturbing. Also children don’t dress the way adults do, even if adults are wearing cute j… have been telling people who wear pastel and cute j-fashion/lolita fashion things like this since forever,… @3cmit THIS CANNOT BE REAL I HATE THIS SITE @lurnings @ProZD french toast and pan are not the same what is wrong with u. do not disrespect pan ever again @lurnings @ProZD you forgot pan. do you even like me @lurnings its ok...we can still...have goth dnd @ProZD mapo tofu kraft macaroni and cheese kimchi fried rice w spam sesame bagel with plain cream cheese taiyaki soft serve mcchicken @albinwonderland @ProZD truffle brie is so fucking good jesusthis was supposed to be hot goth summer, what am I gonna do with all these goth summer outfits I had planned【MARBLE】 エンブレムタイ付きタックブラウスワンピース+レースリボン飾りチュール入りレイヤードスカート 別タイ付きのタックデザインのブラウスワンピースに、パニエが縫い込まれたレイヤードスカートをコーディネート…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @PuccaNoodles I liked the first 4 seasons and didn't feel like i missed much by stopping LMAO @loveliestlor It's horrid and awful. She experienced targeted online harassment and it's just disgusting that peopl…
Part of our unhealthy relationship with work in our, particularly American, society is the idea that everyone natur…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿Important:
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @Trungles We started watching last night,it is great @ProZD @hamesatron @oni_hat embrace the evil @ProZD @hamesatron @oni_hat he feels so villainous are you suuure hes the MCWater Nymph 🧜‍♀️ she lives in a pond and doesn't have a fish tail so we'll call this #mermay-adjacent.
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i keep forgetting what we do in the shadows is a show. but i'm already consuming one vampire media right now. How many vampires is too manyUpdate: they had a daughter!!!! It didn’t go well. (I am about 1/3 through the book). @albinwonderland My whole timeline is exploding with joy and I’m so happy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭The people who think children wearing bullet-proof backpacks to schools with metal detectors and armed guards, wher…
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @megturney I love her. She and Kiki are my island OTPLet the party begin. A new season of Tuca and Bertie is coming to Adult Swim in 2021. @aliwong @TiffanyHaddish
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿The tuca & bertie news has added 10 years to my lifeHAPPY FRIDAY :)))))))))))))))))))))))) TUCA & BERTIE IS COMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @megturney I was so upset when I made a reservation there one time for like, 11:30? and they weren't doing breakfas…'t believe I took all those times I got stuck on pirates (which is virtually any time I have ridden it) for gran… I ever again get to be immensely disappointed after buying a mickey pretzel even though they always taste bad… I miss Disneyland so much. Will I ever again experience the thrill of checking the app and seeing some ride hav…
Milkshakes/with ice cream is my fav idea so far so I will experiment and keep you posted @anyanorrington well, we are married, so his problems become mineHey guys, just asking, for no reason, but if you theoretically had like, say, 100 pop tarts in your home, all of a… architecture.
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @artofserenawu @Ad_am_aral I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. This photo is quite powerful though.I started reading Interview with the Vampire (at the request of my D&D group who is bullying me for not being cultu…
@MikeLuckas I think they're just doing like beta testing so only some people have it @Misfortuneee ahahaha thank you, i trythis is my "i have 5 minutes before i have to do real work" drawing but i may do an actual redraw sometime lmaoso many people are drawing usagi looking cool but we all know this is what she truly looks like, at all times, and… @Kate_Farina whooaaaa what!i'm tired of the "enemies to lovers ships send a bad message and are morally wrong" thing that keeps cropping up. h…
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Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @ProZD @amberbladejones we're going to have so many pop tarts because of your antics that you bet your ass I'm trying this @ProZD I don't think I ever ate one toasted until I was an adult and someone was like, why don't you toast them. st… @ProZD @PuccaNoodles im laughing so hard marie what the helleggdog in japan
Retweeted by 🍓 anne marie 🌿 @ProZD oh good now I can share my reaction from when I got the email confirmation for this delivery order haven't drawn anything except art for our d&d campaign in like weeks. I consider art of my own character(s) a bit… @3cmit @Misfortuneee LMAO THIS IS THE BEST
twitter who is the most ideal disney heroine and why is it Megara