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@Exvver all of them say testing only for people in certain groups and u have to be like 60 or a newborn or work in… the places near me say only certain people can get it 😭can someone explain why im not allowed to get a pcr test in ontario Like why do i have to be a senior or some shit… @zerofwq I LOOKED IT UP SOME PPL GOT IT TWICE IN A MONTH @zerofwq 5i know i shouldnt be able to get it twice in a month but i Fucking hate covid im so paranoid abt getting it again a… all negativei keep taking at home covid tests im so paranoid i’ve gone thru 3 boxes 😭😭😭 @kirarigf_ i want the purple one @kirarigf_ OMG WHICH COLOUR @pastaonflights HIII IVE BEEN OKAY WBU
@pastaonflights MEEEEEE I MISSED Uim alive, rt to help me find my mutuals
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆should i buy iphone 14 pro @cocoimao no but i can tell that u should be minecan u tell that i’m sleep deprived🤓
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆im more ashamed of myself liking white men than my piss kink
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆Uh..
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆ @rellekkuma UR HAIR LOOKSSO CUTE @cinimoroll ok ill d13 @Macolettee IM BETTER AT VAL NOW @jinniewini HUIIIII @LeeRfps hi @kuroromi__ I LUV U @lem0nbb @me1oby Hey lol (reciprocating intentions of esex) @me1oby UUU @Macolettee ILY@IMY
@tiffanyhpham U CUTERLvl 11 valorant player who want me
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆ @mannytries its from the window u can see the fan isn’t spinning @wuvpuppie U R CUTER @mannytries they r both off @anicajxde THANK UUUU @cakeooooo UR CUTER @r66roku U ARE @cestarri Hey Lol @sydvaIo YAYYYY ILY @kirarigf_ HIIIII @bunnyberrry LUV U @bunnyberrry NO THATS YOUmaskfishing
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆ @bunnyberrry HEYYYY LOOOOOLLLLLLLLhey (nervously) my blush as both my blush and eyeshadow is the best idea i’ve ever had @chkdoe do not follow interact @chenpionxy as u should (hey lol im Asian) @TeaganOWO hes not even hiding it it’s on his fucking profile 😭bro is white 💀 @senctie add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cher#soka @cocoimao im going to bedi used to think dnfi meant “do not fucking interact” and i was always like damn thats so aggressive but Slay i guess @cocoimao ur hotter @mannytries LETS GOOOOO @mannytries RETWEET THIS ONE NOT THE EMBARRASSING ONE WHERE I JUMPED UP 😭😭😭When @cherrwr figures out the abilities, she will be a Valorant ranked demon 🫡
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆look @mannytriesLvl 11 valorant player who want me @cocoimao @mannytriesi think i should become jett main @TeaganOWO ez @inucinn :( @inucinn but i no money @inucinn i want reaver one @inucinn cause its in my shop and i want a vandal skinwho wanna buy me glitchpop vandali want Valorant Skins @endrynaphobia ya @endrynaphobia vzalortanyone wanna play Unrated @babagirl hey hottie
@mmilktaeboba I WANT U SO BAD⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。
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@cocoimao YES cher#soka @wyyandere ME ME ME I DO I DO I DOwho want me :P
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆ @everIastfae SO GORGEOUS @minbinfanclub 😞😞😞😞 @minbinfanclub WHENEVER ADD ME cher#soka @Macolettee DID U SEE I GOT 40 20 IN DEATHMATCH!!!! @Macolettee NICOLE I IMPROVED I DONT LOOK AT THE GROUND ANYMORE @nyawnz omg stop im blushing @nyawnz i think this is a Compliment thanks ^_^ @lumbogg cher#soka @lumbogg I JUST GOT OFF @2pluu DID U SEE I GOT 40 20 IN DEATHMATCH @2pluu THX @lumbogg ON GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG @kirarigf_ :3 ily @kirarigf_ cher#soka @phannyfltrlvl 9 valorant Player you guys pls boost this to try and find my old friend named alex? they used to go by riley and we used to talk…
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆guys i won a deathmatch Am i not crazy @xxfawn @vurokiii yes this @me1oby CUTIE╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Retweeted by ⋆ cher ⋆i feel like a dragonwasabi mayo sauce was a bad idea