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23 people followed me and 4 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @rmsjoonie OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN @ryufIrt Bc he was, like the kid just won’t stop fucking flirting and she literally has a bf and it’s illegal 😭🤚 @gleamyjeons It’s night here but have a great day🥺💗 @avila_cho No no it’s looks fine!! @_bxrbieX_X I’ll pretend that there is no sarcasm present there❤️ @RIVERDIOR @taesbo0ty Yes🧍🏽‍♀️ @gleamyjeons Goodmorning<4 @avila_cho IT LOOKS SO GOODDDD @_bxrbieX_X Ofc Ik I’m amazing no need to thank me🥰🥰 @vantaeccino Goodmorning mish🥺💗 @UTOPIAK00 4 @wg3x_1 Yayyy!!! @mapofthesope613 Yes @_bxrbieX_X HSKDKF it’s okay, you should be glad I’m a forgiving person🙄🤚 @ryufIrt It’s okay I made comments about how a student was flirting with the teacher😃👍 @glimmerkkoo Nothing I don’t have that class anymore (NO BOO YOU👎 /j) @_bxrbieX_X it’s okay now I know how you really feel about me💔 @wg3x_1 She’s is don’t worry😭🤚 @wg3x_1 SHURUIDIF @glimmerkkoo /j @glimmerkkoo SHUT UP I DONT LIKE YOU😭👎 @jvsshkl Ya I was just sending her uwu to annoy her😭 @shiningggukkie HSJDKF😭😭 @_bxrbieX_X cant believe you thought I would illegal things, I can’t believe you think so low of me😔💔 @wg3x_1 OMG NO SHES JOKING SHE DOESNT MWAN IT😭😭 @jvsshkl yes omg yshdkf please she’s very supportive, she just bullies me and I bully her back:P @Riya48790053 Yes you are🧍🏽‍♀️ @shiningggukkie HSJDKFK NO😭😭 @_bxrbieX_X WHY WOULD I FLIRT WITH THE TECAHER OMG THATS PRACTICALLY ILLEGAL😭🤚 @ryufIrt So do I- rip to both of us😔✊ @glimmerkkoo IDK OKAY I JUST ASSUMED BC IT SAID PRIAVTE CHATLooking for new friends 👩🏽‍🦯 @ryufIrt It’s true, I have multiple sources who have proved the statement correct😭🤚 @minyoovgii Never writing stuff in private chat ever again👎 @glimmerkkoo DONT LAUGH AT MY MISERY @_bxrbieX_X Also made a comment about how a student kept flirting with her the whole class so that’s fun:P @minyoovgii NOPE IM SO HAPPY SHE DIDNT @_bxrbieX_X Ik I hate it hereYALL I EVEN MADE A FUCKING COMMENT ABOUT HOW A KID IN THAT CLASS WOUKDNT STOP FLRTING WITH YWACHER @minyoovgii Ya I even said “dude this kid needs to stop flirting with the goddam tecaher so that this class can actual go on”😃👍 @anweshanny7 It is very true @vrmyj6rl Oh I see- @_bxrbieX_X Omg I sweared like every single day in that class🧍🏽‍♀️ @minyoovgii Well considering the amount of times I said fuck in the chat yes yes it is😃 @armsofhobi Same🥰 @daengnamite Same I sweared way too many times😃👍 @jamaisguuk HDJFKF PLWASE OMG😭 @jamaisguuk YA ITS TRUE😭 @DI0RJOONIE Cries @jocelyn_bpbts Im go commit not breathing bye @vrmyj6rl 😭* @vrmyj6rl Yes they can👊 @armsofhobi Yup😃 @jintasthicc Ya😃 @minyoovgii Suddenly not breathing sounds fun @_bxrbieX_X I’m going to jump off a cliff bye-Please I will cry, I’ve literally said I quote “Fuck this shit, this is so fucking stupid and hard, this bitch is… so teachers can see our private chats on zoom?! @multistan_vali CAN U STOP 😭👊 @DarrenT012 They’re a group🪴 @sailorpina Thank you!! @jaja_stany Goodmorning! @hyukdrama Same 🚶‍♀️I now stan twice🚶‍♀️WHO IS HE yes this ones voice yes his voice hehe um I think I’m in love MAN OMG 🧍🏽‍♀️
@koocookiess Noo why are you sad? @koocookiess Yes every single day @DhruviRating Uh- the Ariana grande song where she’s like “ can you stay up all night, fuck me till the daylight” song @jiminscarebear NOOOOO @pjmxlt PLEASE😭😭 @glimmerkkoo I hate it here😭 @Cherryylia MO STFU @jiminscarebear Same:(( @enphinityx Please it got so awkward😭 @vantaeccino Have a great day!!🥺💗Plwase kill me, I just unconsciously started singing 34 + 35 in the car with my dad. And I think he 👊 knows 👊 wha… @jiminscarebear my teacher @gleamyjeons same @koobiekore same:(( @miklvr WAIT where is this from🧍‍♀️ @koobiekore NO NOT JUNGKOOK AND TAEHYUNG CRYING NOOOOplease i will start cryingomg i hope she isn't about to cry @gleamyjeons USDFHJHT-T @multistan_vali i hate it here, i give up bye, take him for all i care, i'll just wallow in my own fucking misery @multistan_vali GIRL- GO BACK TO ZACH OR SMTH🔪 @multistan_vali yes it is @multistan_vali @prodjjkk WELL I DIDN'T KNOWWW @wg3x_1 have a great day<33 @gleamyjeons bring the money im waiting in my car @shiningggukkie ight im waiting @multistan_vali LITERALLY LEAVE HIM ALONE 😭🔪 @koobearlvr @multistan_vali I WISH @koobearlvr @multistan_vali SAN HAS PINK HAIR?!NO HE DIDNT LEAVE HIM ALONE GODDAMN @multistan_vali This all your fault