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Writer, Game Developer. Co-founder of @straybombay - a game studio focused on cooperative games. We’re hiring - mail me at or dms are open

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Naming games is hard and I have no idea if this name matches the game - but I love the name. @MayorOfHotdog There's lots of paranoia and pain until that kicks in...That strange feeling of relief when you realize you still know how to do something... @GeneralJeevicus Dude, when you look that good - you are going to be fine.This crab has our light fixture! @cujothekitten Exactly! It is also saying - only American made apps can exist. @QuantumCatYT Nope, just those two apps.Promises promises... of - it targets two apps. Tiktok and WeChat. Or another way to frame it. If you work in tech you should be o…
seed... see... seed... edit... sigh.Would be great if those employees who "spoke out" by taking a day off did a little more. The algorithms to see divi… @dougnorthcook @marc_laidlaw knows about my fear of clippy....When you are working too long and you see windows 10 everywhere... this would be hell. @RaveofRavendale - you can't retweet this - you are talking now.... I feel bad for every speaker having to watch themselves... @Plzbanme @Official_GDC It is - but they don't link to the online even anywhere!A good talk is kicking off @RaveofRavendale from @nomorerobotshq talking about Wishlists... @Official_GDC - am I just missing it or does your site not have a - here is the conference go? Just a register… is amazing. you are eating Cheetos Mac n’ Cheese - you’ve given up in such a spectacular way that I have to respect you. heard @BarackObama revoked the 2nd amendment and put gun owners in stockades... Gun owners are the stupidest peo… Oh Oh! The perfect game for my mood - Rain On Your Parade by @UnboundCreation has a demo out today! I am total… you understand - none of this happened and none of this is true plus the hack was done by an idiotic 16 year old… @DeniseFafette @HuffPostPol Yeah, it's great to see this but it is always oddly specific as in - they also did this…
@technosucks I think you mean FACEBOOKHuh, current trump ad playing on Facebook... @clearcyka @ZPostFacto You can always choose your vendor which is the first step. When I ran sites we hand picked t… @ZPostFacto I do like that they try and play the enlightened part while all of their ads under the article are sexist BS...I always like to listen to @zanytomato speak because she is so smart, it makes me smart to work with her. Right?… can sing better than any bird in our yard... @MMMMOlson @EmilyG Seen it! it is the most compelling 4 hour documentary I know...
@GregRicey @giantsquidgirl The sprouts are what makes it look fancy... @GregRicey Remove the ham and we had the same lunch - like if we were hanging out at GDC and eating an old dry sand… @DistantGiant Agreed. @scslug @Official_GDC Thanks! One of these days! @VrDevBrad That actually makes sense. @samred @Official_GDC Every meal must have a buyer - except breakfast. If I am in a breakfast meeting I have failed in another way.But... but... how does he balance jumping with that pack on his back!!!?!?! Looks great. day of @Official_GDC and I'm paying for my own lunch... I failed this year.Ah man... Cleveland news but Dick Goddard was My Weatherman growing up. He loved football, woolybears, and animals… do love Nolan not having any of it... the only batter who ever thought ahead was Izzy Alcantara.… @ZPostFacto To be fair, it is the cause of so much evil. @games_gothic Excuse me little hateful boy? Go fuck off you ignorant little child. @JulieHeyde We regret it every day... @27thCharacter Yeah, compare that to Obama when he had to talk about something tough like school shootings etc - t… are either against science or against trump. This isn't even conjecture of some theory, this is a simple under…
When you want to sleep in the sun but now it’s too sunny... @JulieHeyde Good thing is - you have lots of time to calm down before I see you again in about 5 years at the rate… understand these words, I understand the meaning but yet still... huh? @zach_wendt @CMDannCA @SkarredGhost Well played... I am not the expert as he so... I am looking to learn. @JulieHeyde Looks like it... ;) @mamamonkey Ha!When they may have skimmed my linkedin page a bit too quickly... year old single developer's first game. I love that tools today can unlock talent and ability to create somethin… this one on Bill Gates or 5G? @Dregtheplauge This video is insanely stupid.Box o cat... chunky style.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @hshaban And that is saying that as a last gasp. This shouldn’t be happening in the first place. @hshaban Yeah this is such BS to remove a competing independent platform... MS should buy it and then spin it out on its own. @Dregtheplauge Oh god this tired uninformed bs. Sandberg must be overjoyed with her pr blitz. @adambromell @sidebargames Yeah I get it. I hope it all works out. Stay safe on the trip.
@adambromell @sidebargames I am sad. @Hong_Kong_2020 I’m going to regret this but... huh?So much this. So much dismissal because TikTok is that dancing app while ignoring what this means to all apps. And… think if Facebook had optimized their engagement algorithms for happiness and laughter instead of depression,… UK... you always try and make us feel better by showing how you too are stupid AF... I guess Neil doesn't wear… cats are letting me down, they just run when I play the piano., woke someone... Youth' cover of Superstar was used in Juno... for good reason, amazing version. then just makes me mad I also forgot the amazing Husker Du cover of 8 miles high... did I forget that System of Down's best song is a cover of The Metro? @gameism You think like the Russian space program. If one engine might fail, let’s include 16... @gameism @redlamp @MLBONFOX @estellatse Oh god. It’s so bad.And back safely, this is awesome. Glad we are back to launching people into space... is a great example of the tech I was talking about - it's not even consistent and a home run is hit and the en… one always gets me - I was an IATSE casual working monster of rock in the akron rubber bowl and Metallica play… @allenmmurray Yeah, how she delivers it - so earnest....@MLBONFOX overlaying an empty stadium with previous crowd shots is horrible They hired no one who works with hum… @ErikRobson It's complicated but if we don't have rules to imaginary games - what are we? Animals? @CaptainBinky So goodWhich then makes me realize I have forgotten - maybe because it is so much greater than the original - Johnny Cash'… makes me think of Social Distortion's Ring of fire... then if we are going to mention fleetwood mac related - The Ataris boys of summer is a great cover. bought this house because of this window ledge in my office being big enough for the cats... best move. I can never mention that song without linking to the original because Stevie Nicks... goes into their cover of Landslide as well. this Smashing Pumpkin cover of Dancing In the Moonlight -Billy Corgan just speaks to my teen years... covers that change your understanding of the song - oh wait - Hey Ya isn't happy? @ErikRobson In this game I tend to stay away from instrumentals but that's really good. @ErikRobson Nice, similar to the original in some ways but she takes it more fragile.And then there are remixes... one of my favorites would be Suzanne Vega's tom's diner. My favorite live was some speedcore band doing 80 songs like Wicked Games in a bar in Minsk... so much wei… Mark - Heart Shaped Box Power is a tie... Wonderwall could arguably be the top.... Kids - Everlong covers... (fan of someone who makes the song their own) Ministry Lay Lady Lay @imrejele In a store? With other people?!?! @kimpall It has to at least look like its coming from your head, not just placed on top. @natetphelps @SwiftOnSecurity That’s awesome! We should have you two join our play tester pool for our new thing...…