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Writer, Game Developer. Co-founder of @straybombay - a game studio focused on cooperative games. We’re hiring - mail me at or dms are open

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I don't get bored of these... @GabeMoralesVR @tom_forsyth @joewintergreen @OwlchemyLabs @vk2zay We never did this.
When playing @TenChambers 's GTFO... don't prepare, split up, make noise, shoot everything... These are tips for… @GameStop survive until the new console launch? That's the only thing that can give them a speed bump on thei… many good games releasing this week! for the launch of this - the team over at @StressLevelZero are always amazing. brand toys from Japan...
@Shonuffian @JulieHeyde @RebootDevelop It's always about ice cream with you... Julie be good, Ulf is doing this th… @JulieHeyde Poor guy... @JulieHeyde What!!?!? Did you get rid of that hairy guy? @satorudo This would mean they could accept those payments from the xbox store or steam store - so this is big for all developers.On impeachment, the GOP has a con. It is to both obstruct the investigation and then claim insufficient evidence. I…
Retweeted by Chet FaliszekIt looks horrible in any environment. you love puns... this is the game for you. I wonder if this is a unintended consequence of unsupported payment methods (ones that would make 12% untenab… @Spanospy @Xbox @EpicGames Which is why you can't just sweep away a company on one point, it's more complicated than that.One last GTFO tweet for now... but this is built in @unity3d and may be the prettiest Unity game ever. Nice work!… @swoldier13 Join our discord, you will finally have those friends your mom promised you in the 5th grade!This is great to see, I love the breaking down of these artificial barriers. @Xbox is doing a great job of connecti… pretty accurate headline if you haven't been following the launch of this co-op game by @Shonuffian and team. else picking this up? Plan on spending hours tuesday playing... with the lights on... I am a scaredy cat. @NickChubb21 @Browns And the flag was on the Bengals so they run stood.I bet there are a bunch of @facebook and @oculus employees scratching their heads over the finale of Silicon Valley… cool little, I forgot to give you a real stiff arm, so here's one in passing... so good. @nickchubb21 is the best… @ThrownIntoSol @Battlefield Sadly still getting errors in game, can't fetch reports, no post game stats... sigh. @ThrownIntoSol @Battlefield My complete reinstall left me with this problem but following the video worked this time! thanks! And WTF?!?!? @Jim__Partridge @Battlefield Crazy talk
@hannahgamiel Your “city” picked that dude and clothes... @ThrownIntoSol @Battlefield Thanks, I thought I had done that... just ended up deleting everything and downloading now.Getting bummed... for multiple days now, I can't play @Battlefield V - tried repairing, updating, whatever... gues…! @ToddKenreck We are looking too longingly into each other's eyes for me to be comfortable...Some say those 18% are still asleep to this day... @hannahgamiel look at that lumberjack jacket and hat... looks like he found a career in fishing... or living u… @mjmurdoc I miss SAM... @edolnx But emulation will never have that beautiful sound and can you get emulation to sing?If you can't buy a 1541 drive... or really 2 to chain together for those "swap" events... what is the purpose? @leguilloux @alexqgb Gonna back away from this conversation now as well... sorry for having started it. Have a good Sunday. @leguilloux @alexqgb See... this is why this isn't fruitful. You are comparing sales of a commercial unit and the… @leguilloux @alexqgb The previous conversation was on if $5m was an impressive number - for developers it isn't an… @leguilloux @alexqgb Name the successful Magic Leap developer and the experiences that was a must have that sold units? @leguilloux @alexqgb Looking at your timeline, I think you are conflating a bunch of things... like seeding kits an… @leguilloux @alexqgb It is sales... not accounting for seeding by partnership or grants... so it is by definition… someone asked me the rules of the @nfl, I would have to lie and say after 50 years of watching football, I under… @Joey10582 @tomemrich @auradeluxe Yikes... really? @tomemrich @auradeluxe Counter point, Ready Player One had zero positive impact. Utility trumps all else.This confirms this site is nothing but trolls...
Where are all those on the right screaming about free speech? I’m sure Milo, @GOP, @BreitbartNews, @CRNC will all b… @JulieHeyde There’s no simulating that... @ginnybeesly To be fair, 'a reckoning is coming" was a true statement...The question here is do you like Airports or bus stations... dirty dingy bus stations... the future, all cultural meta commentary will be conveyed through ads about ads by people in ads paying for ads…
Retweeted by Chet Faliszek
This is pretty cool. @benz145 @anshelsag Good and valid points...I get why Gmail asks me if I want to switch to the Gmail app on my phone while I am checking my email on my win 10… @Rcmike1234 @StrayBombay Yeah, dusty... one reason we wanted to have the other solution do its own grinding. @gribbly @StrayBombay Nice, your coffee pot solution is our next step...Thanks for the suggestions, @StrayBombay has upped our coffee game... hopefully. do miss her already. cool! @McMullinRC thanks, yeah that one never did it for me. Not sure why now that I look back at it...Is it wrong that I think this is the game I am most excited to play this holiday season? Really need a good transp… @timoni Guess I have some work to do...This now seems obvious to everyone who isn't a single issue NRA voter... the awesome figures in the video with the crap Funko now pukes out onto the world devoid of personality or… @jmarquiso Why live in someone else's time? Create your own! @jmarquiso Dude, time travel. Duh! @crecenteb Why is it a problem? Just become rich and it all solves itself... @crecenteb Yeah, I don't get this taking out a college loan and going into debt, just pay it off up front. It's all so stupid...This is stupid, why aren't people just paying for college from their checking accounts? So much easier... @Bitdefender @Jon4Lakers I'm on team block stupid ads!
This is interesting to officially back people using your IP and extending its reach - nice job @riotgames. pretty good year from Darren... media dump for @NASA's Parker Probe announcement has a bunch of cool videos, this being my favorite. Image #4 (… @JulieHeyde @Shonuffian ALL. TODAY. @def_tech_andrew @amazon @AmazonBusiness It happens... @JulieHeyde @Shonuffian Release all your games Friday! ALL OF THEM! @def_tech_andrew @amazon @AmazonBusiness Yeah, sadly they have our beloved Cheez-Its Spicy... thanksAnd the police made murder a crime... @JulieHeyde @Shonuffian I'll believe he has shipped when he has shipped... @amazon @AmazonBusiness Does anyone have a better place to order bulk snacks? Other stores do not care as many snac… @amazon just confuses me... they kept pushing us to move to a @AmazonBusiness account, cool our bookkeepe… try this nightmare every 20 years... and then forget about security. This leads us to monstrosities like… is great news! Super excited to play this co-op game. Congrats @Shonuffian and team! @Shonuffian @JulieHeyde I've heard that before... @JulieHeyde @adam_orth Shipping kills! @JulieHeyde @adam_orth Or live forever...I hear the words buried and John Walker and I’m 100% behind it! @JulieHeyde Shipping is for losers! @The_Rabbit42 Hey, that’s our go to...Finally some positive Amazon stories, these are must buys for young ones..., really digging this.
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Black Friday was last week. #SavedYouAClick @caravanmalice Sure, dm'ing. @iocat @stiniuk We need to fix that as baseball is the civilized sport of gentle folks... except for the Astros who are just dirty cheaters.So Oculus employees, what response does the LiamBot have for: When the head of @oculus says POC complaining about…, has anyone worked at a company that had to help you sell the evil the company does to your family? Rememb… @JulieHeyde @notsoseriouss @cyceratops She's back from the dead!