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@JuddLegum I thought this more recent ad way more dishonest to say trump sent you an absentee ballot.! Awesome trailer. liberal BS - it's in the same place as trump's plan to beat covid19... believe no poll. Vote. guess this article is misspelling antifa... again? @natbro @matttwood A worthy “technology” investment. @GaryCoby @lansing @NYMag @finkd It’s more transparent then the text spamming @lansing does to pad his numbers. He… @lansing Maybe you can announce the end of text spamming? I enjoy you fleecing @DonaldJTrumpJr - but spamming democ… @bastilleseattle Boo! What an ugly bastardization of that beautiful restaurant. @zanytomato @StrayBombay A case for Twitter edit button... @matttwood See early posts - I have spent the pandemic learning to eat with my non-dominant hand. I can do a whole…"I thought you were done working on your deck with @zanytomato for the @straybombay pitch deck?" There is always s… @IamDeanTate That was... God... feels so long ago. 100 years? A reincarnation before?
I want to cry. This is the worst news from the restaurant scene in Seattle I can think of. Absolutely loved Bastil… @DBulla And nicest part - they just started online ordering - but our house is too far to take softserve home but y… you live in Seattle - one of my favorite restaurants homer on Beacon hill has a new place - Milk Drunk - differe… most compelling case for a PS5 I have seen... @wkerslake He has the problem of not having any character, so he guesses how people will react instead of it having… wearing a mask as a patriotic pride is a great idea. We need to pull together to end this because we have c… @jimrayvaughn @alexqgb For me - i think it is the bigger point that Apple putting it in puts more pressure in gener… @LordsManor If you like hard science sci-fi - maybe? I prefer more social sci-fi so it was good but wore on me a bit in some places. @kimpall ha! but alot of the getting lost in the minutia I found boring. The hard science sci-fi often does that to me.This oddly made me think of the human computers in the three body problem. @ScrapNaturalist He also ignores all the people who spoke out against obama etc etc - strange choice of politics fo… @ScrapNaturalist Yeah, that's what I watched. If we don't help and support this broken horrible man, what does tha… @ScrapNaturalist Why did I search to watch that!?!? What part of my brain do I need to remove to stop doing that... @cliffski Mapped meaning - they aren't taking it down alleys, back roads without lane markers, etc etc - that works… @cliffski And that isn't to say that isn't a achievement in the video - amazing - but true autonomous driving is far off. @cliffski Perfect conditions in known well mapped areas... let's see it handle the country lane's by your house in the snow... @shlykur Well... he has been charging an extra $5k for full self-driving for almost 10 years now so... I think he m… @shlykur But if the cost drops enough and is popular enough to have many people pushing on it - won’t the future be a mix of systems? @cliffski Or we stop driving ourselves except in bad weather... which is well... bad. @cliffski Ah cool, I missed that. But cameras are bad in snow and fog as well... which is one reason I think autono…’t one of Musk’s arguments against lidar was that it wasn’t widespread enough so too expensive and not enough i… @MollyJongFast Is there a volume meter he has to keep above 90 while he talks or the office blows up? @JulieHeyde @DevRelCallum I know it much better than a stone... and every time I hear a Brit talk weight loss it’s in stones. @JulieHeyde @DevRelCallum Stones...Listen to @JoeBiden donald, because he is going to be your president and lead this country, not complain how he is… did pretty great tonight on Toyz 2 by Mogabi Until the tank came on our blimp... our… have moved over to Toyz 2 - an L4D2 mod Stream is starting now - come join us in our steam group to join up. Chat in discord… @SyrupDawgs @willchamberlain @kthorton Shh.. @willchamberlain gets confused by facts.... do you remember your edito… @willchamberlain Really? Dude, the managing editor of your hate rag has so little understanding of US politics he d… @TaePhoenix Let's go smaller... does he know how many states there are? Can he point to a map? @megynkelly You can compare death per million and see how poorly trump did, this isn't a mystery or some subjective… @johntdrake There are many houses. Some house big, some small so many houses, I’ve been invited to all the houses,… Boris has been deemed - not fat - by the vet. Just a “big guy”. Treats on news may change that... @ValveNewsNetwor Yep, which is how I know how bad I am at it... I have to play daily - it's so much muscle memory and practice. @Zoobomb @marc_laidlaw If something would happen I couldn't see a family member for a long time so...We'll jump around in other maps as well - so join the discord and give us some suggestions in the the game-mod forum!Tonight at 8pm PDT - a CSGO community map created by NightGhost1400. He'll be joining us to talk about modding cs:… @marc_laidlaw @Zoobomb I have no met anyone in person since March. No one. @marc_laidlaw @Zoobomb Wait you see people in person - crap checking my mail.
@bmogilefsky @JoeBiden there... sigh.. .editing... @bmogilefsky @JoeBiden No... there is a moment where Biden is being a politician facing the family but then when th…'t wait to right wing nutjobs on twitter to use this moment to try and paint @JoeBiden as evil for showing real… @ekp Yes, @actblue needs to get better about this. Let us have a global - do not send list. I know the second I gi… of me thinks... who is going to have to clean up this mess? idea the gameplay, but this is beautiful. @hofftv @Fireproof_Barry And another... I miss you man! @Fireproof_Barry You are on my list of people who I accidentally see every year and now with the pandemic... post -… god... i am not ready for this halloween haunted house.... glitch or not - run like hell president, @realDonaldTrump is a wimp and crybaby... Why are alt-right, proud boys, right wing so attracted t… @JenTheRiot @Laurie4change Project much? @Laurie4change @sillyinseattle @laralogan You falsely attribute action of a group vs action of an individual. The… @WalkerEvans @BotValve Bringing back some old school feels...CTRL-ENTER - the devil's keystroke. Seriously, who thought that was a good shortcut for send mail? Sigh...As we look to play a mod tonight - it can be single player, multiplayer, whatever... someone suggested Zandronum.… hell.... MOOD.... @Plzbanme I have two accounts - one personal and one work - but yeah, i know they can see behind the scenes the dup… @Jarrettmmr @Plzbanme Some people use 2 factor auth that way behind the scenes - it's always a balance between expo… @willchamberlain Did Ian suggest to you that the proud boys are actually 5th grade students who got straight As?…'s interesting to watch the growth of troll accounts. They have gone from the 5000 followers 5000 following mom… @Saint_HF @Cr1ynT1me @BT_Justice3 @laralogan I know useless troll accounts, bye bye! @Saint_HF @Cr1ynT1me @BT_Justice3 @laralogan So many sub-10 follower accounts jumping on and attacking me while the… @HaansJob @AOC Join the discord! I try and mix up teams every week. The question is - do you hate brady? Still? @DanielNeedham Ha! You did it first and with a better cut of the song... sigh... @HudsonMarigold @laralogan Well looking at your feed, I guess you didn't fall far from the tree did you? @DavidEllis With you on this... at a loss how people can evil in love.Thursday night means - mod night (8pm PDT) what mods are worth checking out? We play a ton of L4D stuff - but what… know there has been a ton of talk about @aoc and her amazing stream last night, but as I pass 500 followers tonig… so much to @gearbox for helping out keys and that meant I got to play with brand new players... who I think… @Cr1ynT1me @BT_Justice3 @laralogan But I thought when trump says it - words don't hurt? So I am confused...We are live and have one more Risk of Rain 2 key to give out in the stream... sad trump walk reminded me of something... @NY2LATrubs @sillyinseattle @laralogan You aren't even a good troll are you?So @GOPHouse is mad that @JoeBiden paid for a chartered Amtrak train because Amtrak is running out of money? I am… are 45 minutes from playing Risk of Rain 2 and 15 minutes away from giving away some keys to join us. Pop on o…
This is why the republican talking point - the democrats want to lockdown the country is so stupid. We all want th… @BT_Justice3 @laralogan The data is the same if I filter it... do you know what the word filter means? Фильтр... comrade.On a rainy chilly Seattle day, on repeat... @Fin0lita I can barely type I am so stunned...We will start the stream at 8pm (PDT) tonight but if you want to join us - around 7:30 I'll be in our discord serve… @Fin0lita Do not bad mouth cheddar... if I am making toasted cheese - it is cheddar. @f00n BOOOOO! @willsmith @gameism I was watching that stream that night and it was the best laugh i had in a while... it was a ma… Facebook Like the company, not just your account. @hshaban YIKES!Cheddar?