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@haleylan @jeffyauu @sanholobeats thank u jeff ps. pls mod haley @sanholobeats my chat not working but pls send this song to me after @kwonmakesmusic @tak_kamihagi i swear it has the best crunch levels, tastes so good too @umru_ i’m actually mad at u for letting me see this @kwonmakesmusic @tak_kamihagi try the eggo’s cereal @Joe_Hamlin 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @mitchcb741 my work thanks u too @sacr3dcycl3s very cool! @maybeitspierre thx thx @flipboitamidles lmk @pumpkiim lmao @caraa_30 this makes me so sad and so happy at the same timemusic is so fucking crazy lol it’s so cool wow
Retweeted by chet porter @NHunterThompson type in music on googleyou should check it out if u haven't yet @darkspidersweb kinda love the salt tbh @lonewolf12711 i think about it sometimes @Sweekuh damn. it’s getting bigger @mvmblez fuckkkk i’m sooooooo excited @RajPlusA thank u** dammit @RajPlusA the k u @Babylonian listen palvery cool and beautiful, but maybe could’ve been smaller. sometimes scares me how deep and big it is. also kinda wi… is so fucking crazy lol it’s so cool wow
@andrew__marcus @pazpaz aw jeez @awonderland who is shenew mix is now on youtube for everyone to listen to
Retweeted by chet porter @everdaydreaming @ninthparallel ninth swag @JaiWolfx ❤️ @zanderhammer17 @Nick_at_nite95 @SheridanS175 🥺🥺🥺 (me aside, sunday is stacked tbh) @decibalduke legend @ninthparallel !!!!! @Robotaki it made my day so much better seeing you and other friends in the chat 🥺 i didn’t even tell anyone to pop inPRESENTING DIGITAL MIRAGE FESTIVAL SET TIMES (PST) APRIL 3-5 JUST ADDED SEVEN LIONS + MORE BROADCASTING SETS ON…
Retweeted by chet porter @sarhearn @optiuh lol @timmy_mctimmy hahaha 🙏🏻 @healywonderland lmfaoooo greg porter @eokeefe21 lorde - ribs (ryan hemsworth remix) @808sanddcsportz lmfao @alyssajune_ awwwwwww 🥺 @Penguinkittens @awonderland @odesza wow my favs!!! @motti @pienar legend @pienar @pienar one sec!!!! @pienar no it’s real !!!!omg rustie teasing new music he is going to save us all
@sweatyboi11 @odesza lmfao @underd0ge @ForeignFam @odesza threw in a nightcore classic lolIntermission Broadcast Mix 002 is up now! @chetporter absolutely crished it ☺️ Listen here on your favorite platfo…
Retweeted by chet porter @underground_ag :) @caylynniepooh feel betterpretty accurate actually, could’ve been real @manilakilla @ForeignFam @odesza it’s the only way to go outside rnnew mix is now on youtube for everyone to listen to @joscharame LMAOi just spit out my coffee u see it👀 @ithinkitsaDanny np x @markgomez24 sooooo good @chillshorts57 hahaha oh god @JulianStaniewsk dam...odesza/foreign family asked me to be the first person to make a mix for their new weekly mix series (sick), it prem…
Retweeted by chet porter @ithinkitsaDanny hey @sweatyboi11 @madeon i’m not really sure what else is similar besides us both having a beard hahaha, his hair is wa… @itzRafaelBichez april fools is cancelled this year @jycarjizzy not yet, i’ve only been playing for 2 days lmao and harrison only got it the day before me, we’ll get one soon tho i can feel it @porterrobinson LOL @ooomila free!!!!! (rare) @Penguinkittens april fools is cancelled this year @itzRafaelBichez 100% free on this rare occasionodesza/foreign family asked me to be the first person to make a mix for their new weekly mix series (sick), it prem… @dmuoasl are so many games that shaped me but these are the first that came to mind, wish i could list more… @awonderland sorry i was playing cod. just listened sounds good
@PaulMiller1313 @Staceybuzz2013 yep 😑 i’m sure some internet kid is gonna do it thoughapril fools is tomorrow, i predict at least one youtuber gets cancelled because they post a vid calling their mom t… @torimcfadden @TeamBandL i’m down! @Penguinkittens @TeamBandL it won’t really be similar to what the tour would’ve been, i’m still saving that stuff f… @TeamBandL i’m honestly more excited to watch this than i am to be a part of it hahaha i can’t wait to see everyone’s sets @Nocashvalue_ @jorgethepute i don’t have cash app cause i’m not american, will have to give you actual cash next time i see u @chetporter
Retweeted by chet porter @sanholobeats 😔 i miss being in your arms
@DonDiablo lmfaooooooooooo @itsmedoublez wonderful lmk what happens @rvirts never forget @JazzyJPrime @PaulMiller1313 didn’t come off rude at all! also, if it makes you feel better, i’m 27 and i already f… @edmtrash @markgomez24 😳 @PaulMiller1313 haha this was june 2019 i think? i play music! @andrewyangstan @peterberkman it’s truei was social distancing way before it was cool and mainstream @ZacharyBiss <333 @pienar @awonderland 🥺 @Babylonian lmfao @dmuoasl hahaha“bummed” feat. @awonderland out now
Retweeted by chet porter @0utofplace he be flippin @AndreVanNguyen @manilakilla we must quarantine from each other @outlier981 behind glass @GRRLmusic i’ve almost beaten it already i think hahahaha i’ve been playing so often. the ice level is soooo sick